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Thu Oct 16 17:49:42 2014 UTClccn-n790433910.10Rhees, Pres. Rush : University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y0.591.00Civil Service Reform Association records,107026198Rush_Rheesn 79043391276812Rhees, R.lccn-n79032058Wittgenstein, Ludwig1889-1951othcrelccn-n50010283Phillips, D. Z.(Dewi Zephaniah)othauiedtlccn-n94071264Von der Ruhr, Marioedtlccn-n79064560Anscombe, G. E. M.(Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret)trledtcrelccn-n79065752Wright, G. H. von(Georg Henrik)1916-2003edtcrelccn-n78080924Weil, Simone1909-1943lccn-n50015789Winch, Peteredtlccn-n79021578Kenny, Anthony1931-trllccn-n50017266Barrett, Cyriledtlccn-n80026783Waismann, FriedrichRhees, Rush1905-1989BiographyMiscellaneaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcSoftwareMathematics--PhilosophyLogic, Symbolic and mathematicalWittgenstein, Ludwig,Weil, Simone,Grammar, Comparative and generalInferenceSemantics (Philosophy)Language and languages--PhilosophyDiscourse analysisReligionPhilosophyPhilosophersGermanyCertaintyÜber Gewissheit (Wittgenstein, Ludwig)Golden bough (Frazer, James George)MythologyMagicSuperstitionChristianityPhilosophy and religionRhees, Rush,EthicsEthical problemsPhilosophy, AncientPre-Socratic philosophersDialogues (Plato)Religion--PhilosophyAustriaReligion and ethicsBelief and doubtAestheticsPsychologyFreud, Sigmund,Language and languages--Religious aspectsAct (Philosophy)Intention (Logic)Philosophy, ModernMathematicsLodge, Henry Cabot,--Jr.,Roosevelt, Eleanor,United States.--Post Office DepartmentJohnson, Robert LHewitt, Abram S.,United States Civil Service CommissionNational Civil Service Reform League (U.S.)Schurz, Carl,United States Employment ServiceRoosevelt, Franklin D.--(Franklin Delano),Language and culture19051989191019311932194519521956196319641966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020122013201412680196844192B3376.W563ocn002579823ocn000639500ocn000884312ocn001067097ocn004808881ocn002270676ocn001148369ocn000284879ocn029748090ocn461757667ocn185555963ocn880488089ocn185643416ocn185643434ocn186410299ocn246815025ocn468026110ocn462774892ocn800031428ocn072306640ocn720486600ocn720486590ocn719106672ocn720486611ocn719106701ocn076578010ocn721169916ocn320498899ocn06992687217146ocn045733570file19990.33Rhees, RushDiscussions of Simone Weil+-+4279996425139652ocn004530344book19560.63Wittgenstein, LudwigRemarks on the foundations of mathematicsParallel dual language text (German and English)+-+2215827175101923ocn001416102book19750.53Wittgenstein, LudwigPhilosophical remarksThis work contains the seeds of Wittgenstein's later philosophy of mind and of mathematics. He analyzes generality in and out of mathematics, and the notions of proof and experiment. He also dicusses both behaviorism and the verifiability principle+-+058646681597917ocn047010124book19980.50Rhees, RushWittgenstein and the possibility of discourse"Four years after the publication of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations, Rush Rhees, one of Wittgenstein's literary executors and closest friends, began writing reflections on the masterpiece he had helped to edit. In these previously unpublished writings, Rhees offers an original critique of Wittgenstein's analogy between language and games. The volume constitutes a major contribution not only to Wittgenstein scholarship, but also to philosophical debates about the possibility of discourse, and to why conversation is central to that possibility." "For the second edition, D.Z. Phillips has inserted as a preface Rhees' article, 'The Fundamental Problems of Philosophy', first published in 1994. This paper gives a clear picture of Rhees' view of the distinctive nature of philosophical questions and of the character shown in a deep pursuit of them. Secondly, Phillips has included as an additional appendix, some of Rhees' reflections on Wittgenstein, his teacher. The book's index has also been extensively enhanced."--BOOK JACKET+-+661771670576824ocn000070786book19700.63Rhees, RushDiscussions of Wittgenstein+-+374915003665168ocn000884312book19690.66Wittgenstein, LudwigPhilosophische GrammatikSoftwareComputer version of Wittgenstein's Philosophische Grammatik, with Folio VIEWS text management program for PCs63181ocn000639500book19640.66Wittgenstein, LudwigPhilosophische Bemerkungen. Aus dem NachlassComputer version of Wittgenstein's Philosophische Bemerkungen, with Folio VIEWS text management program for PCs60915ocn005888026book19800.63Wittgenstein, LudwigLudwig Wittgenstein, personal recollectionsBiography51016ocn000028405book19690.66Rhees, RushWithout answersMiscellaneaFirst published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company+-+839368069543122ocn050004617book20020.74Rhees, RushWittgenstein's On certainty : there-- like our lifeCriticism, interpretation, etc"In explicating this text, and demonstrating its continuity with Wittgenstein's earlier work, Rhees has done a great service that will be of profound interest to students and scholars of Wittgenstein for generations to come. Rhees's comments are introduced by D. Z. Phillips, who writes a substantial and illuminating afterword that discusses current scholarship surrounding On Certainty, and its relationship to Rhees's work on this subject."--BOOK JACKET+-+342056059638226ocn004776737book19790.66Wittgenstein, LudwigRemarks on Frazer's Golden bough+-+007483254532437338ocn001067097book19740.56Wittgenstein, LudwigPhilosophical grammar : part I, the proposition, and its sense, part II, On logic and mathematicsWittgenstein wrote this book during 1932-1934 - the period just before he began to dictate the Blue Book. In Part I he discusses the notions of "proposition," "sense," "language," "grammar"; what "saying something" is, what distinguishes signs form random marks or noises. Must we start with "primary" signs which need no explanation? In what sense have we a general concept of proposition or of language? The phrases "family of cases" and "family similarities," which the Investigations use, are here; and comparison brings out what is special in the later development. But although it is close to the Investigations at some points, and to the Philosophische Bemerkungen at others, the Philosophical Grammar is an independent work and discusses much that is not in either of them. It is Wittgenstein's fullest treatment of logic and mathematics in their connection with his later understanding of "proposition," "sign," and "system." In Part II he writes on logical inference and generality - criticizing views of Frege and Russell and earlier views of his own, developing his conception of "law of a series" and of "...and so on" - leading to his discussion of mathematics, which fills two fifths of the volume: the ideas of "foundations of mathematics," of cardinal numbers, of mathematical proof, and especially of inductive or recursive proofs (with reference to Skolem), which he treats to a depth and extent beyond anything he said of them elsewhere+-+975097570534113ocn009968910book19840.70Recollections of Wittgenstein : Hermine Wittgenstein--Fania Pascal--F.R. Leavis--John King--M. O'C. DruryBiography3106ocn035068203book19970.77Rhees, RushRush Rhees on religion and philosophy+-+25691067052469ocn019846094book19890.77Wittgenstein : attention to particulars : essays in honour of Rush Rhees (1905-89)+-+84498576853242438ocn040762666book19990.82Rhees, RushMoral questions"Rush Rhees questions the viability of moral theories and the general claims they make in ethics. He shows how one can both be concerned with knowing what one ought to do while recognizing that one's answer is a personal one. These insights, arrived at in a distinctive style, characteristic of Rhees, are then applied to issues of life and death, human sexuality and our relations to animals. To recognize why philosophy cannot answer such questions for us is an affirmation, not a denial, of their importance."--BOOK JACKET+-+70087776851843ocn054374545book20050.77Religion and Wittgenstein's legacyHistory"In this collection, distinguished Wittgenstein scholars examine his legacy for the philosophy of religion by examining key areas of his work: Wittgenstein's Tractatus; Frazer's 'Golden Bough'; and the implications of his later philosophy for the understanding of religion. Assessments are also provided of the philosophical and theological reception of his work. The collection provides an invaluable resource for graduate and undergraduate teaching of Wittgenstein in relation to religion."--BOOK JACKET+-+K1348190251746ocn053469916book20030.90Rhees, RushIn dialogue with the Greeks+-+943481902514611ocn026910676book19710.63Wittgenstein, LudwigLeçons et conversations : sur l'esthétique, la psychologie et la croyance religieuse14213ocn029748090book19750.56Wittgenstein, LudwigRemarques philosophiques141ocn019425963book19000.92University of RochesterThe inauguration of Rush Rhees, LL. D., as president of the University of Rochester, October eleventh, nineteen hundred, Rochester, N.Y21ocn457688071mix20090.47Gonzales, Francis RRhees, the unity of language and religious beliefCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn050398180book20020.47Agolia, Anthony TelesePrivate language considerations11ocn064072874mix1.00Civil Service Reform Association (New York, N.Y.)Civil Service Reform Association recordsThe papers include many letters from Congressmen on federal legislation. Also, material on civil service during the Spanish-American War (1899-1901); manuscripts of speeches by Elliot H. Goodwin on civil service reform (1906-10); a League study on civil service in the Philippines (1901); correspondence with Woodrow Wilson and others about appointments in the consular and diplomatic services (1913-26); letters and reports on Albert S. Burlson's administration of the Post Office Department; League research reports on patronage scandals, including the cases of William E. Pulliam (1913), Thomas E. Rush (1913), and Ruskin McArdle (1918); letters and reports on the unionization of federal employees (1910-26); and minutes and letters of the "Committee of Seventy" about the 1894 N.Y.S. Constitutional Convention11ocn164829383art19320.10Cattell, James McKeenRhees, Pres. Rush : University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y+-+4279996425+-+4279996425Thu Oct 16 15:38:51 EDT 2014batch30449