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Fri Mar 21 17:13:06 2014 UTClccn-n790434590.07American poetry : the twentieth century0.340.56To the Life of the Silver Harbor Edmund Wilson and Mary McCarthy on Cape Cod61553881Edmund_Wilsonn 79043459276879Uilson, Ėdmund 1895-1972Vilson, EdmondṾilson, Edmund, 1895-1972Вильсон, Эдмунд, 1895-1972וילסון, אדמונד, 1895־1972إدموند ولسون، 1895-1972ولسون، إدمون، 1895-1972ウィルスン, エドマンドウィルソン, エドマンドlccn-n79006871Fitzgerald, F. Scott(Francis Scott)1896-1940lccn-n82005021Dabney, Lewis M.annedtcrelccn-n79018725Edel, Leon1907-1997auiedtlccn-n78078534Hemingway, Ernest1899-1961lccn-n80001431Dos Passos, John1896-1970othlccn-n79063665Winters, Yvor1900-1968lccn-n83133101Castronovo, Davidcomlccn-n79039544Agee, James1909-1955lccn-n79151500Wharton, Edith1862-1937lccn-n79034264Rukeyser, Muriel1913-1980Wilson, Edmund1895-1972Criticism, interpretation, etcNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcDiariesFictionHistoryRecords and correspondenceBiographyAnecdotesLove storiesUnited StatesWilson, Edmund,Authors, AmericanCriticsLiteratureAmerican literatureLiterature, ModernFitzgerald, F. Scott--(Francis Scott),American Civil War (1861-1865)CriticismMotion picture industryDead Sea scrollsCalifornia--Los Angeles--HollywoodCalifornia--Los AngelesSocialismCommunismHistory--PhilosophyHemingway, Ernest,American poetryCivilizationMan-woman relationshipsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Intellectual lifeLincoln, Abraham,Lanier, Sidney,Stowe, Harriet Beecher,Lee, Robert E.--(Robert Edward),Sherman, William T.--(William Tecumseh),Grant, Ulysses S.--(Ulysses Simpson),Chopin, Kate,Wharton, Edith,Iroquois IndiansAuthorsSymbolismHistoriographyBaldwin, James,Warren, Robert Penn,Catton, Bruce,Suburban lifeNew York (State)--New York--ManhattanSex customsMiddle classIntellectualsRussian languageRussian literatureJames, Henry,McCarthy, Mary,Language and languagesTravelKipling, Rudyard,1895197219001902190619121913191519161917191919221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013943677882742BPS3545.I6245ocn000261916ocn003549388ocn006417415ocn000685948ocn001904647ocn003358413ocn001126017ocn000874183ocn001311841ocn007635291ocn417940507ocn462203954ocn469622457ocn468262735ocn444788205ocn440020905ocn456398138ocn463875028ocn743018976ocn460423777ocn865925254ocn186681844ocn186608444ocn463523413ocn459058316Authors, American3186137ocn001393789book19310.35Wilson, EdmundAxel's castle; a study in the imaginative literature of 1870-1930Criticism, interpretation, etcEdmund Wilson's landmark work - the book that helped to establish his reputation as one of this century's foremost literary critics - traces the development of the French Symbolist movement and its influence on six modern writers: William Butler Yeats, Paul Valery, T.S. Eliot, Marcel Proust, James Joyce, and Gertrude Stein+-+7274709285302194ocn000255317book19400.37Wilson, EdmundTo the Finland station; a study in the writing and acting of historyHistoryBiographyPresents a critical and historical study of European writers and theorists of Socialism in the one hundred fifty years leading to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and discusses European socialism, anarchism, and theories of revolution+-+9885265406282048ocn000269476book19620.28Wilson, EdmundPatriotic gore; studies in the literature of the American Civil WarHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcIncludes material on Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom's cabin, the Battle hymn of the Republic, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, William T. Sherman, Frederick L. Olmstead; Mary Chesnut, John S. Mosby, Robert E. Lee, Alexander H. Stephens, Sidney Lanier, Albion W. Tourgee, George W. Cable, Kate Chopin, Thomas Nelson Page, Ambrose Bierce, and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, among others+-+410768848523841ocn042290811book20000.07The Library of AmericaAmerican poetry : the twentieth centuryContains over 1500 poems by more than 200 well-known American poets, including Langston Hughes, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Robert Frost, and Wallace Stevens+-+2326658336218735ocn000710640book19520.35Wilson, EdmundThe shores of light; a literary chronicle of the twenties and thirtiesCriticism, interpretation, etc218275ocn000806741book19290.50Wilson, EdmundThe wound and the bow : seven studies in literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcThe Wound and the Bow collects seven wonderful essays on the delicate theme of the relation between art and suffering by the legendary literary and social critic, Edmund Wilson (1885-1972). This welcome re-issue - one of several for this title - testifies to the value publishers put on it and to a reluctance among them ever to let it stay out of print for very long. The subjects Wilson treats - Dickens and Kipling, Edith Wharton and Ernest Hemingway, Joyce and Sophocles, and perhaps most surprising, Jacques Casanova - reveal the range and dexterity of his interests, his historical grasp, his learning, and his intellectual curiosity. Wilson's essays did not give rise to a new body of literary theory nor to a new school of literary criticism. Rather, he animated or reanimated the reputations of the artists he treated and furthered the quest for the sources of their literary artistry and craftsmanship+-+1436696735217684ocn000291457book19000.47Wilson, EdmundMemoirs of Hecate CountyFictionThe long-suppressed memoir of sexual fantasy in a small town explores the quiet suburban world where sexual desire is in the air, focusing on the humorous story of a man caught up in several love affairs at once+-+3845265406194632ocn000017454book19550.28Wilson, EdmundThe Dead Sea scrolls, 1947-1969HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc193368ocn000268005book19590.33Wilson, EdmundApologies to the IroquoisWith a study of ' The Mohawks in high steel' by Joseph Mitchell. First publ. 1949189559ocn001150534book19550.31Wilson, EdmundThe scrolls from the Dead SeaThe story of a young Bedouin goatherd who found some dark oblong objects, which turned out to be a series of scrolls178737ocn000288135book19580.37Wilson, EdmundThe American earthquake; a documentary of the twenties and thirties170135ocn000964373book19470.39Wilson, EdmundClassics and commercials: a literary chronicle of the fortiesCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+7211709285169952ocn003549388book19310.32Fitzgerald, F. ScottThe crack-up, with other uncollected pieces, note-books and unpublished letters; together with letters to Fitzgerald from Gertrude Stein, Edith Wharton, T.S. Eliot, Thomas Wolfe, and John Dos Passos; and essays and poemsBiographyNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcRecords and correspondenceTells the story of Fitzgerald's sudden descent at age thirty nine from a life of success and glamor to one of emptiness and despair, and his determined recovery. This revealing collection of essays and letters renders the tale of a man whose personality still charms us all and whose reckless gaiety and genius made him a living symbol of the Jazz Age+-+0297676635164146ocn000327475book19480.50Wilson, EdmundThe triple thinkers : twelve essays on literary subjectsCriticism, interpretation, etcAnecdotes+-+3778609285158723ocn000253151book19390.33Wilson, EdmundThe bit between my teeth : a literary chronicle of 1950-1965Criticism, interpretation, etcThis book, with its companion volumes "The shores of light" and "Classics and commercials", provides a chronicle of the literary world in America and Europe from the twenties to the present156910ocn000415290book19720.29Wilson, EdmundA window on Russia : for the use of foreign readersCriticism, interpretation, etc144747ocn003210875book19410.23Fitzgerald, F. ScottThe last tycoon : an unfinished novelFictionLove storiesContents include a foreword by Edmund Wilson+-+2810366965324133123ocn000158285book19700.31Wilson, EdmundUpstate; records and recollections of northern New YorkDiariesRecords and correspondence+-+4449710635120414ocn004834334book19790.35Nabokov, Vladimir VladimirovichThe Nabokov-Wilson letters : correspondence between Vladimir Nabokov and Edmund Wilson, 1940-1971BiographyRecords and correspondence116413ocn000668189book19730.37Wilson, EdmundThe devils and Canon Barham; ten essays on poets, novelists and monstersCriticism, interpretation, etc18978ocn001358170book19750.28Wilson, EdmundThe Twenties : from notebooks and diaries of the periodBiographyDiariesNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcThe distinguished American writer-critic's personal views of and reflections on the places, events, and people of the roaring decade, gathered and edited from his notebooks and journals15906ocn758390031com20110.33Blight, David WAmerican oracle the Civil War in the civil rights eraHistoryDavid Blight takes his readers back to the centennial celebration of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation to determine how Americans then made sense of the suffering, loss, and liberation that had wracked the United States a century earlier. --from publisher description+-+000395921515035ocn002695148book19770.33Wilson, EdmundLetters on literature and politics, 1912-1972Criticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondence14713ocn614555703file20030.39Berman, RonaldFitzgerald-Wilson-Hemingway language and experienceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcIn this study, Ronald Berman examines the work of the critic/novelist Edmund Wilson and the art of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway as they wrestled with the problems of language, experience, perception and reality in the "age of jazz."+-+632768263514594ocn005942714book19800.28Wilson, EdmundThe thirties : from notebooks and diaries of the periodBiographyDiariesNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcIn Wilson's journal of the 1930's the narrator moves from the youthful concerns of the Jazz Age to his more substantial middle years, exploring the decade's plunge from affluence and exploring the tenets of Communism. His personal life is also amply represented, from his marriage to Margaret Canby and her subsequent death to various erotic episodes with unidentified women13964ocn000291466book19560.39Wilson, EdmundA piece of my mind; reflections at sixty13346ocn009042214book19830.29Wilson, EdmundThe forties : from notebooks and diaries of the periodBiographyDiariesNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcContains primary source material+-+608360928512967ocn000170180book19680.37Berthoff, WarnerEdmund WilsonCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography11744ocn000228086book19650.47Paul, ShermanEdmund Wilson; a study of literary vocation in our time11127ocn000075270book19700.39Frank, Charles PEdmund WilsonHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Edmund Wilson11032ocn013558830book19860.28Wilson, EdmundThe fifties : from notebooks and diaries of the periodBiographyDiariesNotebooks, sketchbooks, etc+-+313906928532410892ocn000522652book19670.37Wilson, EdmundA prelude : landscapes, characters and conversations from the earlier years of my lifeBiographyFor contents, see Author Catalog10804ocn060360384book20050.29Dabney, Lewis MEdmund Wilson : a life in literatureBiographyFrom the Jazz Age through the McCarthy era, Edmund Wilson stood at the center of the American cultural scene. In his youth a crucial champion of the young Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Wilson went on to write classics of literary and intellectual history, reportage, and criticism that have outlasted many of their subjects. Wilson documented his unruly private life--a formative love affair with Edna St. Vincent Millay, a tempestuous marriage to Mary McCarthy, and volatile friendships--in openly erotic fiction and journals, but Dabney is the first biographer to integrate the life and work. Dabney traces the critic's intellectual development, from small-town New Jersey gentry to America's last great renaissance man, a commentator on everything from the Russian classics to Native American rituals to the Dead Sea Scrolls, and shows why Wilson has remained--in his cosmopolitanism and trenchant nonconformity--a model for young writers and intellectuals.--From publisher description+-+776866928510566ocn031609594book19950.29Meyers, JeffreyEdmund Wilson : a biographyBiographyWilson's life was as interesting as his books and, in its own way, as romantic and chaotic as Fitzgerald's. He lived in bohemian poverty in the 1920s and '30s, suffered a nervous breakdown and the tragic death of his second wife, had three other wives (including Mary McCarthy), attracted an astonishing number of beautiful mistresses (including Edna St. Vincent Millay), and was a compulsive chronicler of his own sexual adventures+-+66666906359883ocn025873567book19930.28Wilson, EdmundThe sixties : the last journal, 1960-1972DiariesNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcart, thought, and public affairs, the pull of his personal and cultural past is strengthened by the sense of his approaching end. Witnessing his own foibles and the ironies of human nature, expressing feeling more deeply than he often had in his journal, he writes his account of this decade with a concentration undiluted by other large-scale projects. The extraordinary personal record begun in another pivotal period in American life, with The Twenties, comes to a fitting+-+79001792857713ocn010301060book19840.39Castronovo, DavidEdmund WilsonHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc7706ocn823388618com20080.56Wilson, Reuel KTo the Life of the Silver Harbor Edmund Wilson and Mary McCarthy on Cape CodBiographyThe Cape as evoked and experienced by a legendary literary couple+-+38620193067323ocn773944125file20120.56Berman, RonaldFitzgerald's mentors Edmund Wilson, H.L. Mencken, and Gerald MurphyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFitzgerald & rsquo;s Mentors is a fresh and compelling study of F. Scott Fitzgerald & rsquo;s intellectual friendship with Edmund Wilson, H.L. Mencken, and Gerald Murphy. Fitzgerald was shaped through his engagements with key literary and artistic figures in the 1920s. This book is about their influence & mdash; and also about the ways that Fitzgerald defended his own ideas about writing. Influence was always secondary to independence. Fitzgerald & rsquo;s education began at Princeton with Edmund Wilson. There Wilson imparted to Fitzgerald many ideas about education and literary values, among t7313ocn000191542book19710.53Kriegel, LeonardEdmund WilsonHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc7081ocn037721313book19980.31Hardwick, ElizabethSight-readings : American fictionsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyDiscusses Edith Wharton, Margaret Fuller, Gertrude Stein, John Cheever, John Updike, Philip Roth, Joan Didion, Richard Ford, Katherine Anne Porter, Edmund Wilson, Norman Mailer, Mary McCarthy, Elizabeth Bishop, Nadine Gordimer, Djuna Barnes, and Henry James+-+9276500285+-+4226658336+-+4226658336Fri Mar 21 15:45:18 EDT 2014batch66971