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Thu Oct 16 18:02:41 2014 UTClccn-n790545070.31The works and correspondence of David Ricardo /0.590.94Nuove lettere di Antonio Gramsci con altre lettere di Piero Sraffa /7397238Piero_Sraffan 79054507287643Sraffa, P.Sraffa, P. 1898-1983Sraffa, P. (Piero)Сраффа, П 1898-1983بييرو سرافا، 1898-1983スラッファ, ピエロlccn-n78095325Ricardo, David1772-1823lccn-n84003133Roncaglia, Alessandro1947-lccn-n86860915Potier, Jean-Pierre1949-lccn-n80006921Marchionatti, Roberto1950-lccn-n80128620Cozzi, Terenziolccn-n80014413Dobb, Maurice(1900-1976)ctbedtlccn-n79004113Keynes, John Maynard1883-1946auiedtlccn-n79054039Hume, David1711-1776lccn-n78049647Lichtenstein, Peter M.1944-lccn-n83233138Mainwaring, Lynn1949-Sraffa, PieroHistoryConference proceedingsRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcSraffa, PieroEconomicsEconomistsItalyClassical school of economicsMarxian economicsPrinciples of political economy (Malthus, T. R.)Keynesian economicsRicardo, David,ValueIndustriesTreatise of human nature (Hume, David)PricesCapitalismRadical economicsMacroeconomicsUncertaintySchumpeter, Joseph A.,Minsky, Hyman PInternational financeMonetary policyMarx, Karl,CapitalKeynes, John Maynard,Economics--MethodologyComparative economicsNeoclassical school of economicsInstitutional economicsVeblen, Thorstein,TaxationIS-LM model (Macroeconomics)Weintraub, Sidney,Robinson, Joan,Kaldor, Nicholas,Robertson, Dennis Holme,--Sir,Harrod, Roy,RadicalismProduction (Economic theory)Equilibrium (Economics)PhilosophySchucht, Giulia,Gramsci, Antonio,CommunistsSchucht, TatianaSoviet UnionSupply and demandMathematicsEquilibriumMalthus, T. R.--(Thomas Robert),Great Britain189819831920192519261932193719381951195219531955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201411816285905330.153HB109.S73ocn010572050ocn000371742ocn001923050ocn002674317ocn028226477ocn009824011ocn491006594ocn491006611ocn045716918ocn490041216ocn799866268ocn255776793ocn247555543ocn248266900ocn797245035ocn185597343ocn186499894ocn8246342068112ocn084145437file20010.50Marchionatti, RobertoPiero Sraffa's political economy a centenary estimateA century after his birth, this volume presents a re-assessment of the life and work of Piero Sraffa, one of the great economists of the twentieth century+-+697977069576589ocn010572050book19510.56Ricardo, DavidWorks and correspondence. edited by Piero Sraffa, with collaboration of M.H. Dobb+-+948557670532473667ocn003951647book19600.66Sraffa, PieroProduction of commodities by means of commodities; prelude to a critique of economic theory2973ocn000371742book19380.59Hume, DavidAn abstract of A treatise of human nature, 174029224ocn001923050book19380.74Hume, DavidAn abstract of A treatise of human nature, 1740 : a pamphlet hitherto unknown17710ocn018682201book19890.79Essays on Piero Sraffa : critical perspectives on the revival of classical theoryCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings16811ocn043285250book19700.47Sraffa, PieroProduction de marchandises par des marchandises : prélude à une critique de la théorie économique885ocn299360634book19750.66Sraffa, PieroEcrits d'economie politique7515ocn005530743book19600.39Sraffa, PieroWarenproduktion mittels Waren : Einleitung zu einer Kritik der ökonomischen Theorie7222ocn797779095book19600.84Sraffa, PieroProduzione di merci a mezzo di merci : premesse a una critica della teoria economica7017ocn769048322book19520.35Ricardo, DavidThe works and correspondence of David Ricardo+-+94855767053246018ocn769043921book19510.31Ricardo, DavidThe works and correspondence of David Ricardo+-+94855767053245514ocn769048338book19520.33Ricardo, DavidThe Works and correspondence+-+94855767053245515ocn769048267book19520.33Ricardo, DavidThe works and correspondence of David Ricardo+-+10503767053245313ocn769045141book19520.31Ricardo, DavidThe works and correspondence of David Ricardo+-+10503767053244612ocn769045142book19520.35Ricardo, DavidThe works and correspondence of David Ricardo+-+1124240135424ocn797294147book19860.86Sraffa, PieroSaggi4013ocn769043924book19520.31Ricardo, DavidThe works and correspondence of David Ricardo+-+9485576705324368ocn769045143book19730.33Ricardo, DavidThe works and correspondence of David Ricardo+-+9485576705324366ocn017107978book19860.94Gramsci, AntonioNuove lettere di Antonio Gramsci con altre lettere di Piero SraffaRecords and correspondence177014ocn049569928file20000.39Roncaglia, AlessandroPiero Sraffa his life, thought, and cultural heritageHistoryBiographyThis book studies Sraffa's relations with Gramsci, Keynes and Wittgenstein, as well as providing an authoritative interpretation of his main work Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities+-+K18546857511064ocn232161336file19910.50Potier, Jean-PierrePiero Sraffa, unorthodox economist (1898-1983) a biographical essayHistoryBiographyThis is the first intellectual biography of Sraffa and it details his working relationship with thinkers as diverse as Gramsci, Keynes, Wittgenstein as well as discussing the genesis of his major works+-+00363485754683ocn009196754book19830.66Lichtenstein, Peter MAn introduction to post-Keynesian and Marxian theories of value and priceHistory4031ocn010277502book19840.77Mainwaring, LynnValue and distribution in capitalist economies : an introduction to Sraffian economicsHistory2723ocn029520763book19930.82Dymski, GaryNew perspectives in monetary macroeconomics : explorations in the tradition of Hyman P. MinskyThe book's overall contribution advances thinking in four interrelated areas: how financial factors play a central role in establishing the pace and direction of real investment; how financial fragility emerges through endogenous market practices; how money and credit are generated endogenously through financial market activity rather than simply through prior saving and central bank interventions; and how financial markets are an important site of inter- and intra-class conflict, especially as manifested through the policies of central banks and other important governmental institutions2611ocn018072477book19880.70Steedman, IanSraffian economics2482ocn003893203book19780.84Näslund, BertilNeo-Ricardian theory, with applications to some current economic problems2122ocn013334954book19840.82Ricardo, Marx, Sraffa : the Langston memorial volume1874ocn041380478book20000.84Critical essays on Piero Sraffa's legacy in economicsThis collection offers a critical assessment of the published works of Piero Sraffa, one of the leading economists of the twentieth century, and their legacy for the economics profession. The topics covered explore Sraffa's interpretation of the classical economists; his theory of value and distribution; his critique of partial and general neoclassical equilibrium theory; his focus on the problem of capital; and his critique of Hayek's monetary overinvestment theory of the business cycle. Specific issues investigated include intertemporal general equilibrium theory and the capital problem; the probability of reswitching; Ricardo, Malthus, and the corn model; and the meaning and implication of the capital controversy+-+24353067051861ocn031867315book19950.82Heterodox economic theories : true or false?1772ocn016681554book19860.77Fine, BenThe Value dimension : Marx versus Ricardo and SraffaHistory1345ocn043903503book20000.50Marchionatti, RobertoPiero Sraffa's political economy a centenary estimateA century after his birth, this volume presents a re-assessment of the life and work of Piero Sraffa, one of the great economists of the twentieth century+-+69797706951263ocn144219119book20070.84Sraffa, PieroSraffa or an alternative economicsConference proceedingsThis book shows how Sraffa's theoretical contributions could be pursued in new directions, in effect providing an alternative paradigm to the postclassical economic theory and challenging the persistent dominance of widespread economic culture based on that theory+-+95436558751244ocn022451245book19910.77Hodgson, Geoffrey MartinAfter Marx and Sraffa : essays in political economyHistory1201ocn025833323book19920.74Piero Sraffa (1898-1983)1013ocn235172672book20080.84Leeson, RThe Keynesian traditionHistoryBiographySourcesThis volume examines the process by which Keynes' message got interpreted and re-interpreted and thus separated into a Left and a Right political-economic stream. Archival evidence is used to shed a fresh light on many of the controversies (and colourful characters) of the Keynesian tradition+-+8514948596704ocn690904512book20040.86Gehrke, ChristianSraffa and modern economicsExploring the relevance of Sraffa's thought for modern economics and written by an array of internationally respected contributors, this book is an invaluable tool for all those studying the history of economic thought+-+6444070695592ocn023115942book19900.74Ötsch, WalterDas Sraffa-Paradoxon : das gemeinsame Konsistenz-Problem der neoklassischen und Marxschen Gleichgewichtstheorie451ocn220722328book19890.74Sawyer, Malcolm CThe challenge of radical political economy : an introduction to the alternatives to neo-classical economicsHistory+-+4943574385422ocn051922617book20020.74The legacy of Piero Sraffa+-+2489915936+-+6979770695+-+6979770695Thu Oct 16 15:39:27 EDT 2014batch33218