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Thu Oct 16 18:03:23 2014 UTClccn-n790700470.00Doroga v 3000 god : sbornik rasskazov ; Propavshiĭ laĭner : roman /0.191.00Frederik Pohl Papers,80169724Harry_Harrison_(writer)n 790700473028635140247Boyd, Felix.Boyd Felix 1925-2012Charteris, Leslie.Dempsey, Hank.Dempsey Hank 1925-2012Dempsey, Henry Maxwell.Dempsey, Henry Maxwell 1925-Dempsey, Henry Maxwell, 1925-2012Harrison, Harry H.Harrison, Harry Maxwell.Harrison, Henry Maxwell, 1925-2012Harrison Júnior, Harry H.Harrisson, HarryHarrisson Harry 1925-2012Jr., Harry H. HarrisonГаррисон, Гарри 1925-Гаррисон, Гарри, 1925-2012ハリスン, ハリーハリスン, ハリイハリソン, ハリイfast-892140DiGriz, James Bolivar (Fictitious character)lccn-n79060640Aldiss, Brian W.(Brian Wilson)1925-comedtlccn-n96075430Holm, Johnlccn-n88621878Fleischer, Richardprfdrtlccn-n50049280Robinson, Edward G.1893-1973prfactlccn-n50010861Stover, Leon E.lccn-n80015727Metro-Goldwyn-Mayerprolccn-n88034562Turner Entertainment Colccn-no00041757Seltzer, Walter1914-2011prolccn-n88172144Peters, BrockactHarrison, Harry1925-2012FictionHistoryDramaBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcFilm adaptationsScience fictionHumorous storiesBibliographyAdventure storiesDiGriz, James Bolivar (Fictitious character)Science fiction, AmericanScience fictionGreat BritainNew York (State)--New YorkOverpopulationUnited StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)International relationsVikingsHarrison, Harry,Middle AgesCampbell, John W.,--Jr.--(John Wood),Authors, AmericanAldiss, Brian W.--(Brian Wilson),Science fiction--AuthorshipArtificial intelligenceDinosaursDiplomatic relationsPoliceBill (Fictitious character : Harrison)Interpersonal relationsPopulationImaginary historiesHuman beingsFilm adaptationsImaginary wars and battlesHellAmerican fictionHeroesAdventure storiesCrimes against humanityBirth controlCivilization, MedievalDystopiasInterplanetary voyagesFictionHuman-alien encountersLife on other planetsFantasy fictionClarke, Arthur C.--(Arthur Charles),Time travelSpace warfareManned space flightWells, H. G.--(Herbert George),Space coloniesFood additivesMurderDetective and mystery storiesCannibalism192520121956195719581960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014439545681771813.54PS3558.A667ocn000945803ocn002989820ocn002408660ocn002634186ocn001563980ocn001916603ocn001283699ocn004988856ocn003440643ocn004153090ocn004509376ocn154236901ocn028085335ocn592280084ocn297979871ocn320356273ocn417554926ocn691864382ocn691545510ocn676624718ocn691934755ocn691660232ocn691675662ocn831208208ocn720455027ocn847547923ocn464028890140520ocn010694856book19840.18Harrison, HarryWest of EdenFictionThe saga of two cultures fated to struggle for control of the earth: the Yilane--cold-blooded intelligent reptiles and the Tanu--warm-blooded humans+-+0865598925116221ocn013793954book19860.17Harrison, HarryWinter in EdenFiction"Book two in the West of Eden trilogy." A young hunter, Kerrick, launches a defense for mankind when a new ice age threatens Earth and the dinosaurs attempt to reconquer human territory+-+0647698925109319ocn017766390book19880.16Harrison, HarryReturn to EdenFictionDepicts the final, decisive battle between humanity and the intelligent descendants of dinosaurs that began in "West of Eden" and "Winter in Eden."+-+292879892599138ocn002562180book19650.20Harrison, HarryBill, the galactic heroFictionBill, a farmboy on an agricultural planet, is recruited to be a space trooper. Bill isn't much of a soldier, but a lucky shot gets him proclaimed a hero+-+739705020532496343ocn166390161book19650.21Harrison, HarryMake room! make room!Fiction"In a future New York City groaning under the burden of 35 million inhabitants, detective Andy Rusch is engaged in a desperate and lonely hunt for a killer everyone has forgotten. For even in a world such as this, a policeman can find himself utterly alone ..."--Back cover+-+20336801258199ocn000662070book19730.26Astounding; John W. Campbell memorial anthology7719ocn002095564book19750.29Hell's cartographers : some personal histories of science fiction writersCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography76711ocn034722062book19960.15Harrison, HarryThe Stainless Steel Rat goes to hellFictionOutlaw Jim diGriz searches for his wife, abducted while returning from a trip to heaven, a search that takes him to hell where he meets man-eating devils. The setting is a planet from where you can visit heaven+-+88151376857605ocn028708849book19940.16Harrison, HarryThe Stainless Steel Rat sings the bluesFictionOutlaw Jim DiGriz infiltrates a prison-planet at the head of a unit masquerading as a band. If he succeeds to recuperate a valuable artifact, he will receive the antidote to the poison implanted in him as punishment for his crimes. If not, he dies+-+076145800575717ocn024627242book19920.18Harrison, HarryThe turing option : a novelFictionAdventure storiesTuring Option is written by Harry Harrison who is also the author of Deathworld, Make Room! Make Room! (filmed as Soylent Green), the popular Stainless Steel Rat books, and many other famous works of SF. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied+-+750476596532473710ocn041565129book19990.15Harrison, HarryThe stainless steel rat joins the circusFictionScience fictionSlippery Jim DiGriz, the galaxy's greatest thief and con artist, infiltrates a circus to solve a series of interstellar bank robberies. He has been hired as a sleuth by the bank owner, a 40,000-year-old billionaire+-+29841376857127ocn052803018visu19730.21Fleischer, RichardSoylent greenFictionDramaFilm adaptationsEn l'an 2022, à New York, un policier enquête sur l'assassinat d'un directeur d'une usine de nourriture synthétique70014ocn016224396book19830.17Harrison, HarryThe Stainless Steel Rat gets draftedFictionSlippery Jim diGriz, alias the Stainless Steel Rat, the galaxy's greatest thief and con artist, returns in his most devilish caper yet. DiGriz is strenuously fighting boredom on a ritzy pleasure planet when his beloved wife disappears while visiting the Temple of Eternal Truth, an enigmatic institution that promises its patrons a sneak peek at Heaven--for a price+-+325827800568714ocn028332437book19930.15Harrison, HarryThe hammer and the crossHistoryFictionIn an alternate history, Britain in 865 is faced with a conflict between the invading Vikings and the native kings, between the followers of the Norse gods and the Church+-+739870763566412ocn050065002book20010.15Harrison, HarryStars & stripes triumphantHistoryFiction"For the two countries that share a language and a heritage, the conflict began at the dawn of the U.S. Civil War. Just as America was+-+K28459098566420ocn004984834book19780.19Harrison, HarryThe stainless steel rat wants youFictionSlippery Jim diGriz, also known as the Stainless Steel Rat, must save Earth from loathsome, mind-sucking aliens+-+984956772532465110ocn471819161book20100.14Harrison, HarryThe Stainless Steel Rat returnsFictionScience fictionHumorous storiesJames Bolivar "Slippery Jim" DiGriz, Special Corps agent, master con man, interstellar criminal (retired), is living high on the hog on the planet of Moolaplenty when a long-lost cousin and a shipful of swine arrive to drain his bank account and send him and his lovely wife, Angelina, wandering the stars on the wildest journey since Gulliver's Travels. In this darkly satiric work, Harry Harrison bring his most famous character out of retirement for a grand tour of the galaxy. The Stainless Steel Rat rides again: a cocktail in his hand, a smile on his lips, and larceny in his heart, in search of adventure, gravitons, and a way to get rid of the pigs+-+069978012564510ocn034029883book19960.15Harrison, HarryKing and emperorHistoryFictionAn alternate-history novel circa 800 AD whose hero is King Shef, ruler of Northern Europe. He illuminates the Dark Ages with cultural and technological innovations while battling Byzantium, the Moors and the Holy Roman Empire. By the author of The Hammer and the Cross+-+K74103768564414ocn038879187book19980.15Harrison, HarryStars & stripes foreverHistoryFictionAn alternate Civil War in which, following an incident at sea, British troops from Canada invade the United States to help the Confederacy. Subsequently they attack the Confederacy, whereupon North and South join forces to drive them out. Quebec gains its independence+-+288459098564314ocn003475040book19610.19Harrison, HarryAdventures of the stainless steel ratFictionThe Stainless Steel Rat, The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge, The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World+-+47795569955422ocn192073394visu20070.21Fleischer, RichardSoylent greenFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIn an apocalyptic future, after the head of the company that makes a much-needed source of food called Soylent Green is murdered, a detective tries to uncover the reason for the murder and discovers the secret ingredient of Soylent Green5413ocn020422827book19900.50Stover, Leon EHarry HarrisonCriticism, interpretation, etc131ocn471948740visu20090.20Soylent green Time machine ; Forbidden planet ; 2001, a space odysseyDramaFilm adaptationsWhen a New York detective discovers the secret behind a new food product, he becomes the target of government agents; a scientist finds a future divided by above- and below-ground humanoid species; a team of astronauts seek out the members of a lost expedition; an astronaut equipped with a super-intelligent computer seeks the source of an artifact found on the moon+-+504123469632491ocn809854325visu20090.152001, a space odyssey Soylent green ; Forbidden planet ; The time machineDramaFilm adaptationsTime machine: a scientist finds a future divided by above- and below-ground humanoid species+-+504123469632481ocn051254176book20020.63Tomlinson, PaulHarry Harrison : an annotated bibliographyBibliography+-+865906230632ocn315630256book19890.77Benson, GordonHarry Maxwell Harrison, a stainless steel talent : a working bibliographyBibliography31ocn032014984book19970.10Tomlinson, PaulThe work of Harry Harrison : an annotated bibliography & guideBibliography21ocn056800906book20000.22Harrison, HarryStalʹnai︠a︡ krysa poet bli︠u︡zFiction11ocn864536173visu20090.10Greatest classic films collection . Les grands classiques du cinémaDramaFilm adaptations11ocn865165408book19730.47Goddard, JamesHarry Harrison interviewed11ocn889324087book20141.00Harrison, HarryHarry Harrison! Harry Harrison!Biography"Recollections of one of the grand masters of science fiction, on his storied career as a celebrated author and on his relationships with other luminaries in the field. This memoir is filled with all the humor and irreverence Harry Harrison's readers have come to expect from the New York Times bestselling author of the uproarious Stainless Steel Rat series. This also includes black and white photos spanning his sixty-year career"--11ocn767880905book20100.10Harrison, HarryZolotie Godi Stal'noi krisiFictionScience fiction11ocn051833945book2002Harrison, HarryDoroga v 3000 god : sbornik rasskazov ; Propavshiĭ laĭner : roman11ocn858076846visu20090.10Turner Classic Movies greatest classic films collectionFictionFilm adaptationsWhen a New York detective discovers the secret behind a new food product, he becomes the target of government agents; a scientist finds a future divided by above- and below-ground humanoid species; a team of astronauts seek out the members of a lost expedition; an astronaut equipped with a super-intelligent computer seeks the source of an artifact found on the moon+-+504123469632411ocn427333006book19650.92Biamonti, FrancescoHarry Harrison : bibliographia (1951-1965)Bibliography11ocn140942031art1988Weinberg, Robert EHarrison, Harry11ocn056903508mix0.47Harrison, HarryHarry Harrison collectionPublished and unpublished manuscripts, and correspondence relating to Harry Harrison's career as a writer, editor, and critic11ocn849528153mix1.00Pohl, FrederikFrederik Pohl PapersCorrespondence (1934-1968); manuscripts by Pohl and others (1947-1965); legal and financial papers (1917-1964); and published material. Correspondents include Forrest J. Ackerman, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Judith Merril, Clifford Simak, and others. In addition the collection features a large selection of fanzines11ocn849528034mix1.00Cogswell, Theodore RTheodore R. Cogswell papersCorrespondence and writings, including plays, poems, and short stories01ocn045312346book19990.10Harrison, HarryPlaneta prokli︠a︡tykhFiction+-+8815137685+-+8815137685Thu Oct 16 15:37:31 EDT 2014batch48758