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Thu Oct 16 17:59:02 2014 UTClccn-n790815370.20The best of the best American poetry /0.390.95A.R. Ammons, a bibliography, 1954-1979 /39390699A._R._Ammonsn 79081537314078Ammons, A. R.Ammons, A. R. 1926-2001Ammons, Archie Randolph.Ammons, Archie Randolph 1926-2001lccn-no2010203172Rich, Adrienne Cecilelccn-n79109040Ginsberg, Allen1926-1997lccn-n79023350Lowell, Robert1917-1977lccn-n78091524Warren, Robert Penn1905-lccn-n79142591Berryman, John1914-1972lccn-n79032880Plath, Sylvialccn-n79006870Eliot, T. S.(Thomas Stearns)1888-1965lccn-n79095151Vendler, Helen1933-lccn-n79076730Jarrell, Randall1914-1965lccn-n79054316Auden, W. H.(Wystan Hugh)1907-1973Ammons, A. R.1926-2001InterviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryRecords and correspondenceAmerican poetryAmmons, A. R.,PoetryRich, Adrienne,Bishop, Elizabeth,Ginsberg, Allen,Lowell, Robert,Merwin, W. S.--(William Stanley),Auden, W. H.--(Wystan Hugh),Jarrell, Randall,Plath, SylviaNemerov, HowardMoore, Marianne,Cummings, E. E.--(Edward Estlin),O'Hara, FrankBerryman, John,Eliot, T. S.--(Thomas Stearns),Stevens, Wallace,Dickey, JamesPoets, AmericanLevertov, Denise,Ashbery, John,Kinnell, Galway,Duncan, Robert,Brooks, Gwendolyn,Wright, James,Koch, Kenneth,Fitzgerald, Robert,Wilbur, Richard,Baraka, Amiri,Warren, Robert Penn,Themes, motivesProphecies in literatureMerrill, James,Self in literatureNature conservation in literatureNatural historyBerry, Wendell,Environmental protection in literatureSnyder, Gary,Nature in literatureEcology in literaturePoeticsMyth in literatureReligious poetry, AmericanIntellectual lifeSouthern StatesPrayer in literatureRitual in literatureUnited States19262001195519561958196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201428385444744811.54PS3501.M6ocn008841879ocn268662106ocn058458188ocn268674199ocn041904070ocn256804097ocn772104966ocn063905781ocn256804119ocn013865918ocn855185367ocn762173031ocn842235697ocn469664070ocn861504283ocn808375203ocn725478178ocn72547819115799ocn000357121book19720.29Ammons, A. RCollected poems, 1951-1971A reissue of a body of work spanning two decades from one of our most treasured poets+-+9746788485154121ocn000227645book19550.35Ammons, A. RSelected poemsA.R. Ammons's new selection of his work once again, as the critic Harold Bloom wrote of the earlier edition, 'makes available the very best of him.' To the 'visions of clarity and terror' in that volume the poet now adds the most important poems from his three books published since. The resulting collection is the essential starting place for new readers, the quarry for those familiar with his work. Among the new poems is 'Easter Morning.' which the critic Helen Vendler called 'a classic poem, a revelation+-+4148588485106515ocn027222205book19930.30Ammons, A. RGarbageHe asks what place poetry and language might have in this vast system and finds startling correspondences: "our language is something to write home about; / but it is not the world: grooming does for / baboons most of what words do for us." Never has the dreadful sundry of this world inspired such beauties of thought and expression. Already the subject of intense discussion following its partial publication in American Poetry Review, Garbage is A. R. Ammons's finest long poem since Tape for the Turn of the Year (1965). (Both poems were composed on adding machine tape.) It reaffirms the estimate of his work delivered on the presentation of the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry for 1981 for Lake Country Effect, that he "stands in the tradition of Wordsworth, Emerson, and Whitman," creating poetry "remarkable for its radiant density of argument and feeling."+-+98576884853249886ocn002874179book19770.31Ammons, A. RThe snow poems+-+12199584853248609ocn000279642book19650.37Ammons, A. RCorsons Inlet : a book of poems+-+281995848584212ocn000898121book19740.39Ammons, A. RSphere : the form of a motion+-+25686884858054ocn000118192book19710.37Ammons, A. RBriefings : poems small and easy+-+11789584857985ocn003072066book19770.28Ammons, A. RThe selected poems, 1951-1977A collection of short poems written by A.R. Ammons between 1951 and 197779810ocn006579644book19770.31Ammons, A. RA coast of trees : poems+-+660555848532475811ocn033403407book19960.29Ammons, A. RBrink road : poemsWith characteristic economy, A. R. Ammons writes that "Brink Road lies off NY 96 between Candor and Catatonk." This upstate stretch of road provides the title for his new collection, its very name suggesting the sense, found in many of these poems, that we are ever in transition from one state of mind or feeling to another, and always on the edge of revelation. The more than 150 poems in Brink Road date from 1973 to the present and none has previously appeared in book form. They deal with Ammons's lifelong concerns with language, mortality, and the beauties and impersonal forces underlying the natural world with the elegance, wit, and ruminative gravity that are his signature qualities as a poet. The concluding work, "Summer Place," is a long poem that demonstrates his mastery of this form as it unfolds the quotidian events of the poet's summer vacation+-+02406884857351ocn800030713book20130.20The best of the best American poetry100 poems selected by Robert Pinsky that represent each volume in The best American poetry series7057ocn001322940book19750.37Ammons, A. RDiversifications : poems+-+596995848532469411ocn007923995book19820.33Ammons, A. RWorldly hopes : poems+-+60367884856076ocn008667726book19820.30Ammons, A. RLake effect country : poems+-+09565884853246067ocn000099197book19700.50Ammons, A. RUplands : new poems+-+858895848532460015ocn020827461book19900.30Ammons, A. RThe really short poems of A.R. AmmonsFilled with sharp irony and passionate insight, the more than 100 poems in this collection span the career of one of the deans of contemporary poetry. Ammons makes you laugh and forces you to think. ... New readers of poetry as well as those with an active interest in lyric verse will love this volume.-Booklist+-+952375848559814ocn035831112book19970.35Ammons, A. RGlare"I reject the North because it is not / my native ground, and I reject the / South because it rejected me, and I / reject European clutterment because / we fought to put that ocean between / us. I identify with no sort or kind: / I am by myself."+-+314595848558510ocn000193959book19660.39Ammons, A. RNorthfield poems5835ocn056924691book20050.28Ammons, A. RBosh and flapdoodle : poemsA collection of poems written by A.R. Ammons over a six-week period in 1996 that explore age, illness, and death+-+504378848532451810ocn015661347book19870.47Ammons, A. RSumerian vistas : poems+-+607958848532417491ocn005353570book19800.30Vendler, HelenPart of nature, part of us : modern American poetsCriticism, interpretation, etcA collection of book reviews and essays on more than forty modern American poets+-+012901921512034ocn593246463file19960.50Ammons, A. RSet in motion essays, interviews, and dialoguesInterviewsSet in Motion includes essays, reviews, and interviews as well as a selection of A. R. Ammons's poems, with commentary from the author about their inspiration and effects. He takes up the questions that have been central to American poetry over the last forty years and connects them to the larger enterprise of living in a difficult, changing world. At a moment when the arts are under attack, Ammons reminds us of the crucial role poetry plays in teaching us to recognize and use sources of understanding that are irreducible to statement+-+K85115729511661ocn013424073book19860.26Bloom, HaroldContemporary poetsCriticism, interpretation, etcCritical essays on the works of twenty-eight modern American poets+-+74529022357622ocn003481170book19780.50Holder, AlanA.R. AmmonsCriticism, interpretation, etc6332ocn011916210book19860.30A.R. AmmonsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+25719022354633ocn050960726book20030.70Halpern, NickEveryday and prophetic : the poetry of Lowell, Ammons, Merrill, and RichCriticism, interpretation, etc"The everyday is what the prophetic poet focuses on, that is what fills him with rage, that is what he wants to transform." "Everyday and Prophetic is the first book to describe and analyze at length the complex relationship between the prophetic voice and the everyday voice in postwar and contemporary American poetry. Halpern demonstrates the ways in which the tension between these voices is centrally important to poetry and argues that focusing on this crucial relationship will allow readers to describe more accurately and precisely the inner operation of an enormous variety of poems. After a comprehensive introduction, Halpern offers extended readings of the work of Robert Lowell, A.R. Ammons, James Merrill, Adrienne Rich, Jorie Graham, and Louise Gluck, presenting readers with a fresh and original context in which to see their work and to understand postwar and contemporary American poetry as a whole." "Halpern traces the complex relationship between the everyday and prophetic voices, arguing that their failure or success in the poem determines whether the reader is rewarded with sharp disappointment or tremendous excitment."--Jacket+-+65982644753244132ocn040734918book19990.70Scigaj, Leonard MSustainable poetry : four American ecopoetsCriticism, interpretation, etcFocusing on the work of A. R. Ammons, Wendell Berry, W. S. Merwin, and Gary Snyder, America's foremost ecopoets, Scigaj explores each poet's depth of involvement in nature and his ability to use ordinary language that models biocentric ways of seeing nature. Just as a sustainable society does not depreciate its resource base, so a sustainable poetry does not restrict interest to textuality+-+05767686353943ocn028150717book19930.70Schneider, Steven PA.R. Ammons and the poetics of widening scopeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcWalt Whitman, in his 1855 Preface to Leaves of Grass, asked: "Who knows the curious mystery of the eyesight?" Over a century later, Ammons declares that "there is no finality of vision." Ammons's exploration of the expansive possibilities of sight and science enables him to extend the American visionary tradition into the late twentieth century. As a poet Ammons is not only keenly introspective but also intensely observant of the natural world. Schneider suggests that this inward and outward movement of observation in Ammons's work helps to explain why critics have identified him as both a poet of the mind and a poet of nature. This intersection of self and cosmos yields for Ammons a poetry of heightened consciousness of its own processes and forms3932ocn000223782book19650.56Ammons, A. RTape for the turn of the yearPoetry3691ocn038090958book19980.77Kirschten, RobertApproaching prayer : ritual and the shape of myth in A.R. Ammons and James DickeyCriticism, interpretation, etcApproaching Prayer is a critical study in a mythopoeic mode of two of the most distinguished southern poets of the second half of the twentieth century - A. R. Ammons and James Dickey. Not a comparative study in the traditional style, this work explores two lines of separate inquiry into how each writer employs myth and ritual in creating his art. Kirschten finds that, although Ammons and Dickey differed radically in emotion, method, and format, their poetry shares ancient ceremonial strategies that require close comparison with a plurality of religious traditions+-+02977625352891ocn036892747book19970.74Critical essays on A.R. AmmonsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+99955383252851ocn057124440book20050.56Considering the radiance : essays on the poetry of A.R. AmmonsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+04440584852612ocn039605926book19990.84Complexities of motion : new essays on A.R. Ammons's long poemsCriticism, interpretation, etc"This volume gathers new essays on A. R. Ammons's long poems by many of the most influential critics of contemporary American poetry, including Helen Vendler, Marjorie Perloff, and Willard Spiegelman. It will serve for years to come as an important critical text on a vast body of work by one of the most prolific and innovative practitioners of the long poem in post-World War II American poetry. Complexities of Motion, then, is a collection of new critical articles on the entire range of Ammons's longer poems, beginning with Tape for the Turn of the Year (1965) and culminating with Glare (1997)."--BOOK JACKET+-+17928138351341ocn859431629book20130.86Ammons, A. RAn image for longing : selected letters and journals of A.R. Ammons, 1951-1974 : Ommateum to Sphere : the form of a motionRecords and correspondence523ocn013186195book19800.95Wright, Stuart TA.R. Ammons, a bibliography, 1954-1979Bibliography451ocn026402613book19910.82Reichardt, UlfriedInnenansichten der Postmoderne : zur Dichtung John Ashberys, A.R. Ammons', Denise Levertovs und Adrienne RichsCriticism, interpretation, etc313ocn050791771rcrd20020.93New music seriesMusical settings284ocn466660846book20090.86Marcinkiewicz, PaweĊ‚The rhetoric of the city : Robinson Jeffers and A.R. AmmonsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+K002406818143ocn049057517book19970.31Poetry criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyPresents literary criticism on the works of poets of all nations, cultures, and time periods. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, reviews, diaries, newspapers, broadsheets, pamphlets, and scholarly papers81ocn033243503book19940.93Durczak, JoannaTreading softly, speaking low : contemporary American poetry in the didactic modeCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+9746788485+-+9746788485Thu Oct 16 15:41:24 EDT 2014batch36132