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Thu Oct 16 18:01:17 2014 UTClccn-n790888770.06John Jay /0.560.88The Federalist on the new constitution,49254995John_Jayn 79088877321258Che-shih, Yüeh-han 1745-1829Citizen of New York 1745-1829Džei, Džon 1745-1829Džej, Džon.Dzheĭ, Dzhon 1745-1829Ǧāy, Ǧūn 1745-1829Gay John 1745-1829Jay.Jay, J.Jay, J. 1745-1829Jay, J. (John), 1745-1829Jay, JohnJay, Juan 1745-1829Джей 1745-1829Джей, Джон 1745-1829Джэй 1745-1829ジェージェイ, Jlccn-n79021633Hamilton, Alexander1757-1804edtlccn-n80067022Madison, James1751-1836edtlccn-n79006848United StatesSupreme Courtlccn-n79072876Ellsworth, Oliver1745-1807lccn-n79018086Morris, Richard B.(Richard Brandon)1904-1989edtlccn-n85363433Hamilton, John C.(John Church)1792-1882edtlccn-n80039712United StatesContinental Congresslccn-n80067096Marshall, John1755-1835lccn-n50009033Pellew, George1859-1892lccn-n83158516Ball, TerenceedtJay, John1745-1829SourcesRecords and correspondenceHistoryConstitutionPortraitsTreatiesUnited StatesJay, John,Constitutional lawConstitution (United States)Political scienceConstitutional historyStatesmenJudgesUnited States.--Supreme CourtEllsworth, Oliver,Hamilton, Alexander,Madison, James,American Revolution (1775-1783)Diplomatic relationsFederalistNew York (State)FranceMarshall, John,Cushing, William,Vergennes, Charles Gravier,--comte de,Rutledge, John,Great BritainPolitical questions and judicial powerAlliancesVirginiaPennsylvaniaMassachusettsFinanceFinance, PublicLincoln, Abraham,Webster, Daniel,Jefferson, Thomas,Clay, Henry,Adams, John Quincy,Washington, George,Franklin, Benjamin,Hancock, John,Adams, Samuel,Seward, William Henry,HomesConstitutionsSlaveryNeutralitySlavery and the churchLibertyWomenRevolution (France : 1789-1799)Slavery--Controversial literatureBiographyFederal government174518291773177417751776177717781779178017811782178317841785178617871788178917901792179317941795179617971798179918001801180218041805180618081809181018121813181618171818181918221825182618311833183418371840184118421843184518461847184818501851185218531854185518561857185818611862186318641865186618671868186918701871187318741875187618801881188218831885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021904190519061907190819091911191219131914191519161917191819201921192219231924192619281929193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194519471948194919521954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014573298182324342.73KF4515ocn327655373ocn439159307ocn0822450624492127ocn040644947file18640.70Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist : a commentary on the Constitution of the United StatesConstitutionSourcesBeing a collection essays written in support of the Constitution agreed upon September 17, 1787, by the Federal Commission+-+91320202853768110ocn045276484book17880.37Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist.HistoryConstitutionSources"No competing edition of The Federalist offers nearly as much help in grasping Publius's arguments in defense of the new but unratified United States Constitution of 1787 as this new annotated edition by J. R. Pole. Essay by essay - with ample cross-references and glosses on 18th-century linguistic usage - Pole's commentary lays bare the intellectual background and assumptions of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay; explicates and critiques The Federalist's central concepts, rhetorical strategies, and arguments; and points up the international, national, and local facts on the ground relevant to Confederation Era New Yorkers, the constituency to which The Federalist was originally addressed."--BOOK JACKET+-+0337240135225456ocn002396476book18980.47Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist; or, The new ConstitutionConstitutionSources+-+1936235195215272ocn060721789file18100.84Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist on the new Constitution, written in 1788ConstitutionPortraitsSources203343ocn000986198book18880.31Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist; a commentary on the Constitution of the United States, being a collection of essays written in support of the Constitution agreed upon September 17, 1787, by the Federal conventionConstitutionSourcesFilm prespared from an original 1937 Modern Library Edition. Boards are leather. Endpapers marbled, Edges gilded, spine stamped in 22 karat gold. A real showpiece for your library186856ocn681713364file18020.88Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist on the new constitutionConstitutionSources+-+6564229306181913ocn056131031file20030.35Hamilton, AlexanderThe FederalistEach is sytematically cross-referenced to the other, and both to the appended Articles of Confederation and US Constitution, making the reader acutely aware of the cut and thrust of debate in progress. The distinguished political theorist Terence Ball provides all of the standard series editorial features, including brief biographies and notes for further reading, making this the most accessible edition ever of a classic of political thought in action."--BOOK JACKET+-+K501536705111152ocn060721781file18630.86Dawson, Henry BThe Foederalist a collection of essays, written in favor of the new Constitution, as agreed upon by the Foederal convention, September 17, 1787ConstitutionEssays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay under pseudonym of "Publius."93625ocn060726021file18940.79Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist and other constitutional papersConstitutionSources+-+506233020684945ocn187302963file17790.77United StatesA circular letter from the Congress of the United States of America to their constituentsHistory7761ocn038964138book19980.29Taylor, Quentin PThe essential Federalist : a new reading of the Federalist papersSources"Published for the Center for the Study of the American Constitution."+-+051761094576121ocn002480433book18900.74Jay, JohnThe correspondence and public papers of John JayHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence6565ocn007275540book19610.29Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist papers : a collection of essays written in support of the Constitution of the United States : from the original text of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay"A collection of essays written in support of the Constitution of the United States."--T.p54521ocn060721962file17870.84Jay, JohnAn address to the people of the state of New-York on the subject of the Constitution, agreed upon at Philadelphia, the 17th of September, 178735218ocn065354226file17950.82Hamilton, AlexanderA defence of the treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation entered into between the United States of America & Great Britain as it has appeared in the papers under the signature of CamillusTreaties35019ocn065354297file17960.82Harper, Robert GoodloeAn address from Robert Goodloe Harper, of South Carolina, to his constituents containing his reasons for approving of the treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation with Great Britain : to which is annexed, a letter from Governor Jay to the author printed from the originalHistoryTreaties31421ocn060720930file18400.74Hamilton, AlexanderO FederalistaConstitutionSources+-+260561631432428715ocn062828545file17880.84Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist a collection of essays, written in favour of the new Constitution, as agreed upon by the Federal Convention, September 17, 1787. : In two volumes. Vol. I[-II]2583ocn060720929file18870.86El Federalista escrito en 17882522ocn060720928file18680.86Madison, JamesEl Federalista artículos sobre la constitución de los Estados Unidos, escritos en 178821106ocn011677013book19850.23Morris, Richard BWitnesses at the creation : Hamilton, Madison, Jay, and the ConstitutionIllustrates how the Constitution was debated, amended, and ratified through the persuasive support of these three men190542ocn000367294book18900.50Pellew, GeorgeJohn JayBiographyExamines the life and work of statesman and diplomat John Jay+-+299095642515255ocn060126958file20030.47Brecher, Frank WSecuring American independence John Jay and the French allianceHistoryBiographyBrecher explores the controversial diplomacy by which the United States separately brought to a de facto close its War of Independence against the British, leaving its one ally, France, in the lurch. He focuses on the two dominant, ostensibly allied peace negotiators, John Jay and Vergennes+-+K640788685152238ocn060713962book18550.82Flanders, HenryThe lives and times of the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of the United StatesBiography13175ocn262733638file20070.31Harrington, Matthew PJay and Ellsworth, the first courts justices, rulings and legacyHistoryBiographyCovers the first two Supreme Courts and how they laid the groundwork for the modern-day Court+-+369325120612744ocn031410093file19950.56Casto, William RThe Supreme Court in the early republic : the chief justiceships of John Jay and Oliver EllsworthHistoryAn insightful look at the first Supreme Court and the controversies that surrounded the judicial body+-+38858552063249887ocn058592264book20050.25Stahr, WalterJohn Jay : founding fatherBiography"John Jay was a central figure in the early history of the American Republic. A New York lawyer, born in 1745, Jay served his country with the greatest distinction and was one of the most influential of its Founding Fathers. In the first full-length biography for almost seventy years, Walter Stahr brings Jay to life, setting his astonishing career against the background of the American Revolution." "Drawing on substantial new material, Walter Stahr has written a portrait of both the public and the private man. It is the story not only of John Jay himself, the most prominent native-born New Yorker of the eighteenth century, but also of his engaging and intelligent wife Sarah, who accompanied her husband on his wartime diplomatic missions. This biography presents Jay in the light he deserves: as a major Founding Father, a true national hero and a leading architect of America's future."--BOOK JACKET+-+64236917359114ocn001137932book0.53Jay, JohnJohn JaySourcesRecords and correspondenceConsists chiefly of previously unpublished papers in the collections of Columbia University Libraries89316ocn000345462book18330.74Jay, WilliamThe life of John Jay : with selections from his correspondence and miscellaneous papers85810ocn000424884book19350.56Monaghan, FrankJohn Jay : defender of liberty against kings & peoples, author of the Constitution & governor of New York, president of the Continental Congress, co-author of the Federalist, negotiator of the peace of 1783 & the Jay Treaty of 1794, first chief justice of the United StatesBiography7633ocn000426550book19670.63Morris, Richard BJohn Jay, the Nation, and the Court6883ocn263408638book20090.21Chadwick, BruceTriumvirate : the story of the unlikely alliance that saved the Constitution and united the nationCase studiesThe gripping story of three Founding Fathers--Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay--who battled their own independence-loving people and created a united America+-+318667759651516ocn060714070file18400.74Renwick, Henry BLives of John Jay and Alexander HamiltonPortraits4772ocn000452031book19680.53Smith, Donald LJohn Jay; founder of a state and nation4135ocn060721142book18870.82Whitelock, WilliamThe life and times of John Jay secretary of foreign affairs under the confederation and first chief justice of the United States : with a sketch of public events from the opening of the revolution to the election of JeffersonHistoryBiography33513ocn000849878book18980.59Hubbard, ElbertLittle journeys to the homes of American statesmenCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography3241ocn038504301book20010.06Kallen, Stuart AJohn JayJuvenile worksBiographyDescribes the life and political career of the man who was a delegate to the First Continental Congress, one of the authors of "The Federalist," and first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court+-+68650122062342ocn000226083book19710.53Jay, JohnThe correspondence and public papers of John Jay, 1763-1826SourcesRecords and correspondence23320ocn367804806book18500.82Jay, WilliamReply to remarks of Rev. Moses Stuart, lately a professor in the theological seminary at Andover on Hon. John Jay : and an examination of his Scriptural exegesis, contained in his recent pamphlet entitled, "Conscience and the Constitution"Controversial literature2231ocn044118277book20010.06Powell, PhelanJohn Jay : first chief justice of the Supreme CourtJuvenile worksBiographyCompelling portraits of American history's most notable male and female leaders. Includes informative sidebars, interesting and easy-to-understand content. Complements school curriculum. Profiles the New York lawyer who became a diplomat to gather aid and support for the American Revolution, and later served as the new nation's first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court+-+5424056425+-+K501536705+-+K501536705Thu Oct 16 15:31:55 EDT 2014batch61084