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Thu Oct 16 17:51:17 2014 UTClccn-n790932750.10The idea factory [Bell Labs and the great age of American innovation] /0.521.00A Handbook of child safety133679516n 79093275325542American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Bell laboratoriesAT & [and] T Bell LaboratoriesB.T.L.Bell LaboratoriesBell Labs.BTL.containsVIAFID/147796987AT & T Bell Laboratorieslccn-n80014461American Telephone and Telegraph Companylccn-no2012042657Gertner, Jonlccn-n83053097Fagen, M. D.edtlccn-n83053098Schindler, G. 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These were an experimental collaboration between 10 New York based artists and 30 engineers from Bell Laboratories. "Archival material has been assembled into ten films, each of which reconstructs the artist's original work and uses interviews with the artists, engineers and performers to illuminate the artistic, technical and historical aspects of the work. Open score by Robert Rauschenburg is the first film to be released in a series that will bring to life a historic moment in contermporary art history"--Container1494ocn000564315book19410.88Harper, Augustus EverdellRhombic antenna design1361ocn003501730rcrd19760.79Dodge, CharlesIn celebration Speech songs. The story of our livesMusical settingsCombinations of traditional instruments with tapes and electronically-generated sounds. The story of our lives is an operatic dialogue for synthetic voices1172ocn022511591book19900.70Telecommunications transmission engineering1151ocn000599045book19710.94Bell Telephone LaboratoriesImpact; a compilation of Bell System innovations in science and engineering which have helped create new industries and new products1123ocn007267211rcrd19790.70Early hi-fi wide range and stereo recordings made by Bell Laboratories in the early 1930's1001ocn035748940rcrd19950.79Guttmann, NewmanThe historical CD of digital sound synthesisComputer music: Guttmann: The Silver Scale / Pitch Variations / Pierce: Stochatta / Variations In timbre And Attack / Sea Sounds / Eight-Tone Canon / Mathews: Bicycle Built For Two / Numerology / The Second Law / Masquerades / Internat.Lullaby / Tenney: Dialogue / Lewin: Two Studies / Ferretti: Pipe And Drum / Trio / Randall: Mudgett751ocn002160739book19620.56Nesbitt, E. AFerromagnetic domains; a basic approach to the study of magnetism661ocn216168839file0.59American Telephone and Telegraph Company. <New York, NY>AT & T technical journalPeriodicals14696ocn733230713book20120.23Gertner, JonThe idea factory : Bell Labs and the great age of American innovationHistoryIn this first full portrait of the legendary Bell Labs, journalist Jon Gertner takes readers behind one of the greatest collaborations between business and science in history. Officially the research and development wing of AT & T, Bell Labs made seminal breakthroughs from the 1920s to the 1980s in everything from lasers to cellular telephony, becoming arguably the best laboratory for new ideas in the world. Gertner's riveting narrative traces the intersections between science, business, and society that allowed a cadre of eccentric geniuses to lay the foundations of the information age, offering lessons in management and innovation that are as vital today as they were a generation ago. -- Publisher description+-+337857940611613ocn010726681book19840.30Bernstein, JeremyThree degrees above zero : Bell Labs in the information ageHistoryCovers the work of these scientists: Ronald L. Graham, Bela Julesz, Mitchell Marcus, Russel Ohl, Addison White, Phil Anderson, Suzanne Nagel, David Thomas, Robert Wilson, Arno Penzias9112ocn001341900book19750.39Mabon, Prescott CMission communications : the story of Bell LaboratoriesForschungsanstalt ; Geschichte ; Fernmeldetechnik, elektrische Nachrichtentechnik, Informationstechnik ; Gedenkfeier, Jubila╠łum3513ocn000123348book19710.66Morton, J. AOrganizing for innovation; a systems approach to technical management3052ocn011629005book19840.39Bell Telephone LaboratoriesA history of engineering and science in the Bell System : communications sciences (1925-1980)History2811ocn010327767book19830.39Bell Telephone LaboratoriesA history of engineering and science in the Bell System : physical sciences (1925-1980)History1642ocn001839734book19710.86Saarinen, EeroBell Telephone Corporation Research Laboratories, New Jersey, 1957-62 : Deere & Company Headquarters Building, Illinois, 1957-631602ocn001164855book19710.93Bode, Hendrik WSynergy: technical integration and technological innovation in the Bell system1581ocn000363431book19720.26Gregor, ArthurBell Laboratories; inside the world's largest communications center1321ocn008962009book19820.88United StatesOversight : H.R. 5158--Telecommunications Act of 1982 : hearing before the Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, second session, June 9, 1982903ocn005152813book19790.96Bell Telephone LaboratoriesBell Laboratories innovation in telecommunications, 1925-1977History905ocn793005681rcrd20120.10Gertner, JonThe idea factory [Bell Labs and the great age of American innovation]HistoryHighlights achievements of Bell Labs as a leading innovator, exploring the role of its highly educated employees in developing new technologies while considering the qualities of companies where innovation and development are most successful652ocn435419686book20100.27Reich, Eugenie SamuelPlastic fantastic : how the biggest fraud in physics shook the scientific worldBiographyThis work presents an investigation of a scientific discovery that was revealed to be fraudulent by a journalist with a unique insight into the case. Schon's discovery of a plastic that worked as a superconductor was noted as a scientific triumph before revelations that his discoveries were fake+-+5938715875511ocn008344998book19810.93Bell Telephone LaboratoriesImpact : a compilation of Bell System innovations in science and engineering that have led to the creation of new products and industries, while improving worldwide telecommunications441ocn004009101book19440.97Graf, DonConvenience for research262ocn000738321book19710.88Friis, Harald TSeventy-five years in an exciting worldBiography"Harald Friis's vignettes covering youth and his career at Bell Telephone Laboratories are pleasant reminders and inspiring lessons to many of us who were privileged to sit at Haralds' feet and absorb his wisdom for our future use. The casual reader of these autobiographical sketches will learn of the impact of a very wise man on the people and problems of research. In actuality his influence extended far beyond the people who worked directly with him. The waves he generated washed shores far from the Holmdel laboratory he created and led."--Foreward61ocn181459247book20050.63Espahangizi, Kijan MalteExperimentalsysteme, Erinnerungskulturen und die transatlantische Quantenrevolution : die "Entdeckung der Materiewellen" und die Bell Telephone Laboratories (1925-27)History31ocn732862788book19580.47Bell Telephone LaboratoriesThe story of the transistor : ten years of progressHistory31ocn011057941book19621.00A Handbook of child safetyHandbooks, manuals, etc21ocn008765997book19811.00United States patent digest, 1980, Bell Labs+-+3378579406Thu Oct 16 15:05:59 EDT 2014batch28293