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Thu Oct 16 17:57:37 2014 UTClccn-n790954780.00[Biographical information on Thomas Henry Huxley]0.560.98Huxley, who advanced human progess 100 years : the story of the man who fought the battle for evolution /285162239n 79095478327713Geksli, T. G., 1825-1895He, Xuli, 1825-1895Hexuli, 1825-1895Huxley, Professor (Thomas Henry), 1825-1895Huxley, T. H. (Thomas Henry), 1825-1895Huxley, Thos. H. (Thomas Henry), 1825-1895赫胥黎, 1825-1895lccn-n50044804Clodd, Edward1840-1930lccn-n80038441Spencer, Herbert1820-1903lccn-n78095637Darwin, Charles1809-1882lccn-n79089631Wallace, Alfred Russel1823-1913lccn-n87138098Busk, George1807-1886trlnp-scott, w rScott, W. R.sgnlccn-n85822229Kölliker, Albert1817-1905np-spencer, herbwert$1820 1903Spencer, Herbwert1820-1903lccn-n2001062537Internet Archive (Firm)lccn-n2009054023Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress)Huxley, Thomas Henry1825-1895ClassificationHistoryScience--PhilosophyCrayfishEvolution (Biology)ZoologyEvolutionHuxley, Thomas Henry,Spencer, Herbert,ScienceApesEthnologyHuman beings--OriginIndo-EuropeansAnimalsPhilosophyDarwin, Charles,Wallace, Alfred Russel,Indo-AryansHistologyAnatomy, ComparativeSkullBiologyIndo-IraniansTechnical educationAnimal flightEducationLocomotionGreat BritainAnimal mechanicsCrustaceaReligion and sciencePriestley, Joseph,NaturalistsWorking class--EducationBiology--Study and teachingHumanismMedicineHeartEducation--PhilosophySenses and sensationAnimal locomotionFlightAristotleNatural selectionChristianity--OriginEducation, HumanisticZoroastrianismCosmologyJesus ChristClassical educationCrayfish--Anatomy182518951844185418591860186318641866186818691870187118721877187818801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189719021903190419061907190819091910191119141915192119221927192919321933194319461956196119681969197219731974197719782001200820092011584346262501Q174.H94ocn458012396182037ocn049294502file18810.30Huxley, Thomas HenryScience and culture"The Addresses, Lectures, and Essays gathered together in this volume have appeared at intervals during the past seven years, and I can give no better reason for republishing them in their present form, than the fact that three earlier collections of a similar nature have been received with favour, and, indeed, have not yet ceased to be in request"--Book. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)96739ocn000693982book18800.70Huxley, Thomas HenryThe crayfish; an introduction to the study of zoologyThis Web site is an on-line version of a report by T.H. Huxley, F.R.S., that takes visitors into an introduction of the zoology of the crayfish. With 82 illustrations found through the text, visitors will learn about the natural history of the crayfish--it's physiology, morphology, distribution and aetiology47820ocn000432893book18630.37Huxley, Thomas HenryOn the origin of species; or, The causes of the phenomena of organic natureSubtitled A Course of Six Lectures to Working Men", On the Origin of Species highlights Thomas H. Huxley's gift for translating complex scientific theories into lucid language for laypeople without sacrificing accuracy in this case, Darwin's theory of evolution as described in his Origin of Species , which engendered enormous interest, criticism, and curiosity upon publication+-+878179900547524ocn004913261book18940.63Huxley, Thomas HenryMan's place in nature and other essays24511ocn003686118book18690.84Huxley, Thomas HenryAn introduction to the classification of animalsClassification20513ocn002699995book18640.90Huxley, Thomas HenryLectures on the elements of comparative anatomy. On the classification of animals and on the vertebrate skullClassification20212ocn055122967book18630.88Huxley, Thomas HenryOn our knowledge of the causes of the phenomena of organic nature : being six lectures to working men, delivered at the Museum of practical gellogy874ocn008236132book0.93Kölliker, AlbertManual of human histology711ocn703936862file20010.33Huxley, Thomas HenryOn the Relations of Man to the Lower Animals711ocn703936858file20010.33Huxley, Thomas HenryOn Some Fossil Remains of Man651ocn703937058file20010.31Huxley, Thomas HenryOn the Method of Zadig592ocn703935984file18770.31Huxley, Thomas HenryOn the Study of Zoology581ocn703935985file20010.30Huxley, Thomas HenryOn the Advisableness of Improving Natural Knowledge403ocn009496213book18680.97Pettigrew, James BellOn the mechanical appliances by which flight is attained in the animal kingdom376ocn020254979book19220.94Huxley, Thomas HenryA liberal education284ocn006676804book19080.79Huxley, Thomas HenryTwelve lectures and essays245ocn027979936book18870.96Huxley, Thomas HenryAddress delivered by Professor Huxley at a meeting held in the town hall, Manchester, Nov. 29th, 1887241ocn009504404book18710.96Moss, Edward LawtonOn the anatomy of the genus Appendicularia with the description of a new form232ocn009461704book18590.97Huxley, Thomas HenryOn the anatomy and development of Pyrosoma216ocn037117965book18850.95Huxley, Thomas HenryTechnical education and other essays viz., the biological sciences and medicine, Joseph Priestley, sensation and the sensiferous organs, certain errors attributed to AristotleHistory63925ocn004712405book18970.82Clodd, EdwardPioneers of evolution from Thales to Huxley : with an intermediate chapter on the causes of arrest of the movementHistoryBiography92ocn013082976book19290.98Nash, J. VHuxley, who advanced human progess 100 years : the story of the man who fought the battle for evolutionHistoryBiography21ocn767951371book[Biographical information on Thomas Henry Huxley]21ocn703971545book19460.86Dawson, Warren RThe Huxley papers : a descriptive catalogue of the correspondence, manuscripts and miscellaneous papers of the Rt. Hon. Thomas Henry Huxley, P.C., D.C.L., F.R.S., preserved in the Imperial College of Science and Technology, LondonCatalogsBibliography+-+8781799005+-+8781799005Thu Oct 16 15:47:00 EDT 2014batch17128