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Fri Mar 21 17:06:23 2014 UTClccn-n791037320.28Joseph Stella's symbolism /0.490.97Chaim Gross : watercolors, drawings & sculpture /17363436n 79103732335779lccn-n82043224Stella, Joseph1877-1946lccn-n50011728Trumbull, John1756-1843lccn-n2001154312Colombardo, Gernandoctblccn-n50014455Wittkower, Rudolfothedtlccn-n79023216Fordham Universitylccn-n50005457Baur, John I. H.(John Ireland Howe)1909-1987lccn-n79089695Baskin, Leonard1922-2000lccn-no97054643Betussi, Giuseppeactive 16th centurync-cataio battaglia terme italyCataio (Battaglia Terme, Italy)lccn-nr93035972Zelotti, Gian Battista1526-1578Jaffe, Irma B.Exhibition catalogsBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryCatalogsPictorial worksArtConference proceedingsArt, AmericanStella, Joseph,Art, American--Italian influencesUnited StatesArt, Baroque--Jesuit influencesSculptorsBaskin, Leonard,Art, ModernArt, Italian--InfluenceItalian poetryWomen and literaturePoets, ItalianItalian poetry--Women authorsItalyWomen poets, ItalianPaintingMural painting and decoration, ItalianHistory in artMural painting and decoration, RenaissanceItaly--Battaglia TermeMannerism (Art)Betussi, Giuseppe,Obizzi familyCataio (Battaglia Terme, Italy)Zelotti, Gian Battista,Symbolism in artTrumbull, John,PaintersMunn, Charles Allen,Fordham UniversityArtArkansas--Little RockTapestryWall hangingsAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)AmericaInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Public opinionEuropeCivilization--American influencesPublic opinion, EuropeanDiscoveries in geographyColumbus, ChristopherPainting, AmericanMary,--Blessed Virgin, SaintWhitney Museum of American ArtHuman figure in artGross, Chaim,Hausman, Fred,New York (State)--New York1960196519661968197019711972197519761980198319841986198819891991199219931994200120022003200620072008893140141759.13ND237.S685ocn419610824ocn797924898ocn312329682ocn441027043ocn756982227ocn557702197ocn492588938ocn185955418ocn468909869ocn249075239177616ocn000142616book19700.50Jaffe, Irma BJoseph StellaCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExhibition catalogsOm den italiensk-fødte, amerikanske kunstner, Joseph Stella (1877-1946)10875ocn001229525book19750.33Jaffe, Irma BJohn Trumbull, patriot-artist of the American Revolution10145ocn045731611file19890.47The Italian presence in American art, 1760-1860Exhibition catalogsAnnotation10027ocn044964512file19910.37The Italian presence in American art, 1860-1920Like a magic potion, Italianita has seeped through the stream of American aesthetic consciousness ever since Benjamin West stepped onto Italian soil in 1760. The first period of this artistic phenomenon was investigated in The Italian Presence in American Art, 1760-1860 and the book at hand thus continues this intellectual exploration in its development during the following sixty years. Those decades between the Civil War and World War I brought to a climax the growing sense of American continental nationhood, and this strengthened perception of national identity was reflected in American art. A synthesis was achieved in which American values and images were fused with the great tradition flowing from its Italian source. Among the themes that arise from this examination of the role that Italy played in shaping American art is first and foremost the struggle to resolve the issue of what American art ought to express: our European heritage or our cultural independence. This question penetrates to the heart of the most widely debated topic in present-day American culture - multiculturalism. The reader may well find previously unconsidered relationships between our past and present, and may be led to reconsider problems posed by the conflicting needs of unity and diversity in our nation. Other themes that appear in these essays deal with the development of American wealth and its role in influencing the taste of the period, and with feminism. In these pages it will be noticed how very closely American art mirrors the American Experience. While all art reflects the cultural context in which it is created, the nature of American art, predominantly Romantic-Realism, makes the link between idea and image particularly visible. What becomes evident is that "the Italian presence" was almost never a simple matter of direct influence; rather it was an experience for American artists that afforded them, above all, insight and inspiration. Italy was America's muse+-+198046030532478026ocn000376001book19720.59Bjurström, PerBaroque art: the Jesuit contributionConference proceedings6215ocn005353681book19800.39Jaffe, Irma BThe sculpture of Leonard BaskinBiography5949ocn001958361book19760.47Jaffe, Irma BTrumbull : the Declaration of Independence4426ocn048469219book20020.66Jaffe, Irma BShining eyes, cruel fortune : the lives and loves of Italian Renaissance women poetsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCD contains: Readings of selected poems from text+-+153677873543011ocn171613345book20070.70Jaffe, Irma BZelotti's epic frescoes at Cataio : the Obizzi sagaHistory"The immense castle at Cataio, about thirty-five miles from Venice, was built between 1570-1573. Its six palatial rooms contain an extraordinary series of frescoes painted in 1572 by Battista Zelotti (ca. 1526-1578), a master whose work was often taken to be that of his near-contemporary, Veronese. For centuries, this artistic treasure, its creator, and the castle it graces, had all but fallen through the cracks of history; the castle itself was opened to visitors only a few years ago." "Now, art historian Irma B. Jaffe has peered through those cracks to help us discover the cycle of forty frescoes that record the heroic deeds of the Obizzi family from the middle ages to the beginning of the Renaissance." "In this first, full-color guide to the frescoes, Jaffe provides a fascinating study of their Mannerist compositions and iconography. Fresco by fresco, room by room, she also illuminates the meanings of the ceiling decorations that serve as brilliant visual metaphors of the events depicted in the frescoes on the walls below. This lavishly illustrated, beautifully designed book is an essential addition to the literature of Mannerist painting, and an invaluable resource for students, teachers and scholars."--BOOK JACKET+-+67927787354195ocn029518085book19940.28Jaffe, Irma BJoseph Stella's symbolismCriticism, interpretation, etcHere are 35 of Stella's greatest works beautifully reproduced in color, showing the full diversity and expressive breadth of this great visionary painter1833ocn048051947book20010.79Favata, Daniel CJohn Trumbull : a Founding Father of American ArtExhibition catalogsExhibition of the John Trumbull drawings from the Charles Allen Munn Collection, held by the Fordham University Libraries+-+18167787351412ocn010711114book19830.70Arkansas Arts Center FoundationSelections from the permanent collection of the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation : textCatalogs1242ocn000625136book19680.79American tapestriesExhibition catalogs1072ocn019000053book19880.84Stella, JosephJoseph Stella, the tropics : [exhibition] October 1-29, 1988Exhibition catalogs686ocn002186060book19750.73Jaffe, Irma BJohn Trumbull : five paintings of the Revolution : [catalogue of an exhibition held at the] Wadsworth Atheneum, HartfordHistoryArtPictorial worksExhibition catalogs564ocn025587492book19910.94Imagining the New World : Columbian iconographyExhibition catalogs192ocn030322488book19930.70Jaffe, Irma BJoseph Stella's Madonnas and related work : March 5-April 10, 1993Exhibition catalogs91ocn028314966book19930.88Stella, JosephJoseph Stella's Madonnas and related workArtExhibition catalogs81ocn018797761book19660.47Hausman, FredHausman : "the human pattern" : showing at the Bodley Gallery, 787 Madison Avenue, New York City, September 20-October 2Exhibition catalogs81ocn041280019book19840.97Gross, ChaimChaim Gross : watercolors, drawings & sculptureExhibition catalogs+-+1980460305324+-+1980460305324Fri Mar 21 15:25:06 EDT 2014batch16906