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Joseph Goebbels was Hitler's closest friend, the creator of modern propaganda and the intellectual of the Nazi party. This is the story of the man and the politician." Huntting+-+406221803610582ocn001967986book19760.27Reimann, ViktorGoebbels10457ocn000383933book19720.28Heiber, HelmutGoebbelsBiography9756ocn000405602book19650.53Bramsted, Ernest KohnGoebbels and National Socialist propaganda, 1925-19458571ocn000169738book19640.47Zeman, Z. A. BNazi propaganda5826ocn001269423book19620.53Goebbels, JosephThe early Goebbels diaries, 1925-1926Biography5486ocn461895813book20090.47Thacker, TobyJoseph Goebbels : life and deathHistoryBiography"This book is an insightful new biography of Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister of the Third Reich and one of the most important and troubling figures of the twentieth century. The first account to use all of Goebbels' surviving diaries, it sheds new light on his personality, private life and political convictions, as well as his relationship with Hitler"--Provided by publisher+-+04337758755173ocn062896471book20060.22Epstein, LeslieThe eighth wonder of the world : a novelHistoryFictionWhen Benito Mussolini announces a worldwide competition for a monument to celebrate his victory over Ethiopia, the winning design is an almost unimaginable mile-high tower, La Vittoria, created by the famed American architect, Amos Prince. In his struggle to bring this modern Babel to completion in the face of every conceivable obstaclei̮ncluding Mussolini's wavering support and loss of power, and the vicissitudes of a world warP̮rince will losehis family, his native country, and perhaps even his mind+-+75076054064195ocn068045724visu20040.23The Goebbels experimentHistoryBiographyTake a glimpse at the toxic mind of Joesph Goebbels, Hitler's henchman who was an enigmatic genius. The filmmakers allow Joesph to speak for himself (in the voice of Kenneth Branagh) via the extensive diaries that he kept from 1924-194541611ocn003690686book19480.50Riess, CurtJoseph Goebbels, a biographyHistoryBiographyBIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY: HISTORICAL, POLITICAL & MILITARY. Curt Riess was a Jewish Berlin journalist who fled to the USA in 1936. He was a noted war correspondent and returned to Germany in 1945 to witness the collapse of the Third Reich. Towards the end of 1945 he worked day and night on this biography, and a year later was able to benefit from the discovery of the Goebbels diaries, which were edited by his friend Louis Lochner. Riess said to Lochner 'Goebbels to me is the most outstanding man of the Nazi regime, not even barring Adolf Hitler himself'. Riess rendered a real service by meticulously putting together, in a readable and graphic way, the story of one of the most fascinating, albeit vilest, characters of the twentieth century. Goebbels is bound to have his permanent place in history, even as Mephisto has his in mythology4087ocn061478304book20050.63Kallis, Aristotle ANazi propaganda and the Second World WarHistory"The book examines the organisation, agency, strategy and output of Nazi propaganda during 1939-45, showing that a 'totalitarian' centralisation of resources remained elusive because of the overall 'polycratic' operation of the National Socialist system. It re-defines the benchmarks for assessing the effectiveness of propaganda and underlines the gap between 'totalitarian' intentions and the far more complex reality in which Nazi propaganda was conducted during the war. Through an analysis of the strategies employed across the board of propaganda devices (press, radio, cinema) the book shows that Nazi wartime propaganda succeeded in integrating the 'national community' against its enemies but failed in becoming a 'totalitarian' mechanism of information and perception-shaping. It also had limited impact on those factors that decided the outcome of the war."--BOOK JACKET+-+26074485963451ocn043952162book20000.06Roberts, JeremyJoseph GoebbelsHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyRelates the life of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and his role in formulating Hitler's policy of exterminating the Jewish people+-+64588487353292ocn028887960book19940.76Lemmons, RusselGoebbels and Der AngriffHistoryBiographyThe Berlin newspaper Der Angriff(The Attack), founded by Joseph Goebbels in 1927, was a significant instrument for arousing support for Nazi ideas. The paper not only secured National Socialism's continued existence, it also provided Goebbels, future propaganda chief of the Third Riech, a powerful new Weapon. Berlin was the center of the political life of the Weimar Republic. Goebbels became an actor upon this frenetic stage in 1926, upon becoming Gauleiter of Berlin's Nazis. He energized the movement, making the Nazi party a political force to be reckoned with, but a ban on the party in May 1927 left it in a state of disarray. His founding of Der Angriff enabled Goebbels to continue spreading his message of hate. Focusing on the period from 1927 to 1933, a time the Nazis later called "the blood years," Russel Lemmons examines how Der Angriff was used to promote support for Nazism. Violent anti-semitism permeated the pages of the newspaper, and the Jews became the scapegoat for all of Germany's, and the world's, problems. Some of the most important propaganda motifs of the Third Reich first appeared in the pages of Der Angriff. Horst Wessel, murdered by the German Communist Party in 1930, became the archetypal Nazi hero; much of his legend, a major chapter in Nazi mythology began on the pages of Der Angriff. Other Nazi propaganda themes - the "Unknown SA man" and the "myth of resurrection and return" - made their first appearances in this newspaper. How could the Germans, seemingly among the most cultured people in Europe, hand over their fate to the Nazis? As this book demonstrates, Der Angriff had much to do with the rise of National Socialism in Berlin and the cataclysmic results+-+93936686352763ocn007283534book19780.33Goebbels, JosephThe Goebbels diaries, the last daysHistoryBiographyDiaries2407ocn002986080book19380.66Goebbels, JosephMy part in Germany's fightHistoryBiographyDiaries2265ocn002909039book19620.70Heiber, HelmutJoseph Goebbels+-+0433775875+-+0433775875Fri Mar 21 15:43:15 EDT 2014batch69626