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Thu Oct 16 17:55:59 2014 UTClccn-n791089300.26Contemporary poets /0.380.59The moderns; an anthology of new writing in America,39371896Amiri_Barakan 79108930340838Amiri BarakaAmiri Baraka 1934-....Baraka, Ameer, 1934-Baraka, Ameer 1934-2014Baraka, Amīr, 1934-Baraka, AmiriBaraka Amiri 1934-....Baraka, Amiri 1934-2014Baraka, Amiri, ImamuBaraka, Imamu AmearBaraka, Imamu Ameer, 1934-2014Baraka, Imamu Amiri.Baraka, Imamu Amiri, 1934-2014Baraka-Le Roi Jones, AmiriBaraka-Le Roi Jones Amiri 1934-....Baraka-Le Roi Jones, Imamu AmiriBaraka-Le Roi Jones Imamu Amiri 1934-....Barakah, Amīr, 1934-Barakah, Amīr 1934-2014Imamu Amiri BarakaImamu Amiri Baraka 1934-....Imamu Amiri Baraka 1934-2014Imamu Amiri Baraka-Le Roi JonesImamu Amiri Baraka-Le Roi Jones 1934-....Jones, Everett 1934-2014Jones, Everett L. (Everett LeRoi), 1934-Jones, Everett LeRoiJones Everett LeRoi 1934-....Jones, Everett LeRoi 1934-2014Jones, Everett Leroy.Jones, Everett Leroy 1934-2014Jones, Le RoiJones Le Roi 1934-....Jones, Le Roi, 1934-2014Jones, LeRoiJones, LeRoi, 1934-Jones, LeRoi 1934-2014Jones, Leroy.Jones, Leroy, 1934-Jones, Leroy 1934-2014Le Roi, Jones 1934-2014LeRoi JonesLeRoi, Jones 1934-2014بركة، أميري، 1934-ジョーンズ, リロイlccn-n79076619Baldwin, James1924-1987ivelccn-n50010027Ellison, Ralphlccn-n80036620Wright, Richard1908-1960lccn-n79047629Bishop, Elizabeth1911-1979lccn-n79043450Dickey, Jameslccn-n80014956Hughes, Langston1902-1967lccn-n50041281Brooks, Gwendolyn1917-2000prflccn-n87920894Neal, Larry1937-1981edtlccn-n84180754Harris, William J.1942-edtlccn-n79023350Lowell, Robert1917-1977Baraka, Amiri1934-2014Criticism, interpretation, etcPoetryBiographyFictionDramaHistoryMusicBaraka, Amiri,African AmericansAfrican Americans in literatureAmerican literature--African American authorsUnited StatesAmerican poetryJazzEllison, RalphAmerican literatureBaldwin, James,African Americans--MusicAfrican Americans--Intellectual lifeWarren, Robert Penn,Wright, Richard,Ashbery, John,African Americans--Politics and governmentX, Malcolm,American fictionAfrican American musiciansBrooks, Gwendolyn,RevolutionariesVonnegut, KurtAuthors, AmericanWright, James,Wilbur, Richard,Levertov, Denise,Dickey, JamesDuncan, Robert,American drama--African American authorsBishop, Elizabeth,Hughes, Langston,Race relationsBlues (Music)American dramaBlacks in literatureUpdike, JohnBowles, Jane,Styron, William,O'Connor, FlannerySinger, Isaac Bashevis,Taylor, Peter,Hemingway, Ernest,Cozzens, James Gould,Welty, Eudora,Porter, Katherine Anne,Malamud, BernardRoth, PhilipBurroughs, William S.,Lawrence, D. H.--(David Herbert),McCarthy, Mary,19342014195419551958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320148074910882581818.5409PS3552.A583ocn004195488ocn068133765ocn175167681ocn313394728ocn728543279ocn312760534ocn329181111ocn073335418ocn500734022ocn463531315ocn082952955ocn747801616ocn807270633ocn704564270ocn664826014ocn754808653ocn424506756ocn823252520ocn691504946ocn691529062ocn079896847ocn047791863ocn312513482ocn669924465ocn694866456ocn658854319ocn688557151ocn654329915ocn044523688ocn226315379ocn036237997ocn003756217ocn469344670ocn085026249ocn424506756ocn037006033ocn079896847ocn691956710ocn691956713ocn805063822ocn762198844ocn762198850ocn761996283ocn761996294ocn762198883ocn762198885ocn762197510ocn654329915ocn840838384ocn285279299ocn063189965ocn035211619ocn571079243ocn461927854ocn694014177ocn767018044ocn220151103ocn066525215ocn724110888ocn852399368286095ocn000190018book19630.29Baraka, AmiriBlues people; Negro music in white AmericaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcMusicExamines the history of the Negro in America through the music he created+-+K929363315245759ocn000275667book19670.31Baraka, AmiriBlack musicCriticism, interpretation, etcMusicDiscusses modern jazz movements and musicians, including Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Cecil Taylor, Eric Dolphy, Archie Shepp, and Sun-Ra+-+8849088846203833ocn000285192book19640.31Baraka, AmiriDutchman and The slave, two plays+-+3935673315167529ocn000269812book19680.30Baraka, AmiriBlack fire; an anthology of Afro-American writingThis collection of literary works documents and captures the social and cultural turmoil of the 1960s' Black Arts Movement. Many of the contributors became prominent, nationally and internationally. Others receded into the cultural landscape. But their collected works presents a manifesto to bring about change in Black thought and action, generated from a Black aesthetic+-+0485329206148346ocn002360266book19610.47Baraka, AmiriHome; social essaysThe author, poet, playwright, and composer documents the racial politics of America between 1960 and 1965 in a collection of essays on urban life, boxing, black sexuality, Harlem, and the Cuban revolution+-+9219088846148122ocn022911399book19910.30Baraka, AmiriThe LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka reader+-+9255075106324143311ocn233283657book20090.37Baraka, AmiriDigging : the Afro-American soul of American classical musicCriticism, interpretation, etcPublisher description: For almost half a century, Amiri Baraka has ranked among the most important commentators on African American music and culture. In this brilliant assemblage of his writings on music, the first such collection in nearly twenty years, Baraka blends autobiography, history, musical analysis, and political commentary to recall the sounds, people, times, and places he's encountered. As in his earlier classics, Blues People and Black Music, Baraka offers essays on the famous--Max Roach, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane--and on those whose names are known mainly by jazz aficionados--Alan Shorter, Jon Jang, and Malachi Thompson. Baraka's literary style, with its deep roots in poetry, makes palpable his love and respect for his jazz musician friends. His energy and enthusiasm show us again how much Coltrane, Albert Ayler, and the others he lovingly considers mattered. He brings home to us how music itself matters, and how musicians carry and extend that knowledge from generation to generation, providing us, their listeners, with a sense of meaning and belonging+-+9062075705132824ocn000047882book19690.39Baraka, AmiriFour Black revolutionary plays, all praises to the Black manDrama"These four one-act plays deal with the African-American experience of today. Their central elements are love and hatred echoed in violently explosive words, actions, thoughts and metaphor. The sum total of three hundred years of contained fury, they are powerful statements about the real meaning of white oppression of black people. In their militancy and anger, they perfectly express the mood and frustrations of black America and are as relevant today as when they were first publicly performed. This edition contains a foreword by playright, novelist, journalist and lecturer Lindsay Barrett, who has also made widely acclaimed radio and TV programs on jazz, the arts and African cultural matters."--Publisher description+-+5055809625125215ocn000167084book19670.47Baraka, AmiriTalesFiction112133ocn000285337book19650.53Baraka, AmiriThe system of Dante's HellFiction105523ocn000711112book19640.50Baraka, AmiriThe dead lecturer; poemsPoetry98013ocn038031958book19950.28Baraka, AmiriTransbluesency : the selected poems of Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones (1961-1995)Starting with a Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note, and including many out-of-print and limited edition chapbooks and broadsides, Transblusency: The Selected Poems of Amiri Baraka concisely illuminates Baraka's almost single-handed renovation of both the nature and form of post-WWII African American literature, and his profound influence on a generation of poets of all ethnic backgrounds+-+286513310691312ocn008954101book19830.35Baraka, AmiriConfirmation, an anthology of AfricanAmerican women90929ocn000020888book19630.53Baraka, AmiriThe baptism & the toilet86418ocn004195488book19630.59Baraka, AmiriThe moderns; an anthology of new writing in AmericaShort fiction by William Eastlake, Edward Dorn, Douglas Woolf, Paul Metcalf, John Rechy, Michael Rumaker, Robert Creeley, Fielding Dawson, Hubert Selby, Jr., Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, LeRoi Jones, Diane di Prima, and Russell Edson78115ocn000049470book19690.50Baraka, AmiriBlack magic: Sabotage, Target study, Black art; collected poetry, 1961-1967Poetry77212ocn000210488book19710.53Baraka, AmiriRaise, race, rays, raze: essays since 196577019ocn000563326book19610.59Baraka, AmiriPreface to a twenty volume suicide note; [poems]Poetry75612ocn033807571visu19950.50W.E.B. Du Bois a biography in four voicesHistoryBiographyFour prominent African-American writers each narrate a period in the life of the sociologist and author W.E.B. Du Bois, and describe his impact on their work. They chronicle Du Bois' role as a founder of the NAACP, organizer of the first Pan-African Congress, editor of Crisis, a journal of the black cultural renaissance, and author of a series of landmark sociological studies. Anathematized during the McCarthy years, Du Bois immigrated to Ghana, the first independent African state, where he died71710ocn005219671book19790.35Baraka, AmiriSelected poetry of Amiri Baraka/LeRoi JonesPoetry20118ocn010045633book19830.28Baraka, AmiriThe autobiography of LeRoi JonesBiographyA fuller version of the author's autobiography, without the cuts made by a previous publisher, details his life through 1974, and explains the development of his Black Nationalist views and his embrace of Islam and Marxism+-+768770100619691ocn000533639book19730.28Kazin, AlfredBright book of life: American novelists and storytellers from Hemingway to MailerCriticism, interpretation, etcAn assessment of American fiction from 1940 to the present, that stresses the literary character and interests of the major writers that have emerged in this period18981ocn000269402book19680.27Margolies, EdwardNative sons; a critical study of twentieth-century Negro American authorsCriticism, interpretation, etcAlso includes material on W.E.B. DuBois, Charles Waddell Chesnutt, James Weldon Johnson, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Langston Hughes, Jean Toomer, Claude McKay, and Countee Cullen16151ocn000269880book19650.29Stepanchev, StephenAmerican poetry since 1945: a critical surveyCriticism, interpretation, etcAlso includes material on Charles Olson, Robert Duncan, Robert Creeley, Denise Levertov, James Wright, Robert Bly, John Ashbury, James Dickey, Alan Dugan, LeRoi Jones, Louis Simpson, William Stafford, and May Swenson15586ocn434595849file20090.47Muyumba, Walton MThe shadow and the act black intellectual practice, jazz improvisation, and philosophical pragmatismCriticism, interpretation, etcThough often thought of as rivals, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, and Amiri Baraka shared a range of interests, especially a passion for music. Jazz, in particular, was a decisive influence on their thinking, and, as The Shadow and the Act reveals, they drew on their insights into the creative process of improvisation to analyze race and politics in the civil rights era. In this inspired study, Walton M. Muyumba situates them as a jazz trio, demonstrating how Ellison, Baraka, and Baldwin's individual works form a series of calls and responses with each other. Muyumba connects their writings on+-+187900177515511ocn026398951book19930.29The Columbia history of American poetryCriticism, interpretation, etcFrom Ann Bradstreet and Edward Taylor to Philip Levine and Charles Wright, this comprehensive general history of American poetry examines the American epic, Transcendentalism, the Modernists, the Fugitives, the Beat poets, the confessional poets, and all those in between+-+118325687514871ocn000120117book19700.33Gibson, Donald BFive Black writers : essays on Wright, Ellison, Baldwin, Hughes, and Le Roi JonesCriticism, interpretation, etcMany aspects of the style and thought of these five writers are discussed together with a general consideration ofthe social responsibility of the writer11991ocn000058228book19690.39Bigsby, C. W. EThe Black American writerCriticism, interpretation, etc11914ocn191934744file19950.53Olaniyan, TejumolaScars of conquest/masks of resistance the invention of cultural identities in African, African-American, and Caribbean dramaCriticism, interpretation, etcThis original work redefines and broadens our understanding of the drama of the English-speaking African diaspora. Looking closely at the work of Amiri Baraka, Nobel prize-winners Wole Soyinka and Derek Walcott, and Ntozake Shange, the author contends that the refashioning of the collective cultural self in black drama originates from the complex intersection of three discourses: Eurocentric, Afrocentric, and Post-Afrocentric. From blackface minstrelsy to the Trinidad Carnival, from the Black Aesthetic to the South African Black Consciousness theatres and the scholarly debate on the (non)exist+-+505945046511661ocn013424073book19860.26Bloom, HaroldContemporary poetsCriticism, interpretation, etcCritical essays on the works of twenty-eight modern American poets+-+745290223511115ocn006815852book19800.37Brown, Lloyd WAmiri BarakaCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Amiri Baraka10987ocn000795316book19710.47Hudson, Theodore RFrom LeRoi Jones to Amiri Baraka: the literary worksCriticism, interpretation, etc10002ocn003869259book19780.35Baraka, AmiriImamu Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones) : a collection of critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etc9193ocn039045165book19990.50Woodard, KomoziA nation within a nation : Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) and Black power politicsHistoryBiography+-+22097325358451ocn001218466book19750.50Klinkowitz, JeromeLiterary disruptions : the making of a post-contemporary American fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc8431ocn020319775book19900.37Melhem, D. HHeroism in the new Black poetry : introductions & interviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviews7843ocn002621003book19760.50Benston, Kimberly WBaraka : the renegade and the maskCriticism, interpretation, etc7776ocn046678205book20010.53Watts, Jerry GafioAmiri Baraka : the politics and art of a Black intellectualHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcAmiri Baraka, formerly known as LeRoi Jones, became known as one of the most militant, anti-white black nationalists of the 1960s Black Power movement. An advocate of Black Cultural Nationalism, Baraka supported the rejection of all things white and western. He helped found and direct the influential Black Arts movement which sought to move black writers away from western aesthetic sensibilities and toward a more complete embrace of the black world. Except perhaps for James Baldwin, no single figure has had more of an impact on black intellectual and artistic life during the last forty years+-+38284296357743ocn003842744book19780.50Sollors, WernerAmiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones : the quest for a "populist modernism"Criticism, interpretation, etc7736ocn020133612book19900.27Jones, HettieHow I became Hettie JonesBiographyHettie Jones presents an intimate memoir of her life--from her middle-class Jewish family in Queens to her marriage to the controversial black poet LeRoi Jones and her search for her own artistic voice. Infused with the passion of the late 1950s and early 1960s, this memoir is a deeply moving look at the spirit of the artist and the birth of an era+-+8149867535+-+K929363315+-+K929363315Thu Oct 16 15:39:27 EDT 2014batch63516