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Thu Oct 16 18:00:36 2014 UTClccn-n791137930.06The silver cow : a Welsh tale /0.070.28Making woodcuts /62107493Warwick_Huttonn 79113793345582ハットン, Wハットン, ウォリックハットン, オーウィックlccn-n79055718Cooper, Susan1935-fast-1157297Trojan horse (Greek mythology)np-jonah$biblical prophetJonah(Biblical prophet)lccn-n79058331Moses(Biblical leader)fast-1023481Minotaur (Greek mythology)fast-1149949Theseus (Greek mythology)lccn-no2014083772TheseusKing of Athensviaf-133274307Adam(Biblical figure)lccn-n82025264Eve(Biblical figure)fast-1058362Persephone (Greek deity)Hutton, WarwickJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionBiographyFairy talesHistoryFolkloreFairy talesGermanyPicture books for childrenPrincessesWalesScotlandBible.--Old TestamentChildrenMythology, GreekTrojan WarTrojan horse (Greek mythology)Jonah--(Biblical prophet)Moses--(Biblical leader)Bible stories, English--JonahMinotaur (Greek mythology)Theseus (Greek mythology)Seals (Animals)IrelandFranceBible stories, English--GenesisEve--(Biblical figure)Adam--(Biblical figure)CreationChildren's storiesPersephone (Greek deity)Perseus (Greek mythology)Gorgons (Greek mythology)Medusa (Greek mythology)Cyclopes (Greek mythology)Odysseus (Greek mythology)FairiesKings and rulersMagicHuntersPrincesQueensWealthDelugeNoah--(Biblical figure)SleepChinaBedtimeWood-engraving--TechniqueTalesBible stories, EnglishSleeping Beauty (Tale)Bible stories, English--ExodusNoah's arkBible.--Genesis1939199419641972197319741976197719791981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996200520121566450129EPZ8.1.C7863ocn017776022ocn021078509ocn029185168ocn020219035ocn023079775ocn022002369ocn016941387ocn032882978ocn566299508ocn026692403ocn43892863116928ocn008708984book19830.06Cooper, SusanThe silver cow : a Welsh taleJuvenile worksFictionA young Welsh boy is rewarded for his beautiful harp playing with a silver cow, the gift of the magic people living in the lake. The cow makes his family rich but when his father becomes greedy the magic people take their revenge+-+476062431512951ocn024064875book19920.06Hutton, WarwickThe Trojan horseJuvenile worksA retelling of how the Greeks used a wooden horse to win the ten-year-long Trojan War+-+179050431511756ocn013493877book19860.06Hutton, WarwickMoses in the bulrushesHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyFictionRetells the Old Testament story of how the baby Moses was saved from death by the Pharoah's daughter11508ocn009758150book19830.06Hutton, WarwickJonah and the great fishJuvenile worksRetells the Biblical story of how a man was swallowed up by a great fish10636ocn014369073book19860.06Cooper, SusanThe selkie girlJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionA retelling of the legend from British coasts and islands in which a man falls in love with a beautiful seal girl and forces her to live on land and be his bride+-+854850431510413ocn019128833book19890.06Hutton, WarwickTheseus and the MinotaurJuvenile worksRecounts how Theseus killed the monster, Minotaur, with the help of Ariadne+-+K8295043159366ocn011157646book19850.06Hutton, WarwickBeauty and the beastJuvenile worksThrough her great capacity to love, a kind and beautiful maid releases a handsome prince from the spell which has made him an ugly beast9085ocn015014829book19870.06Hutton, WarwickAdam and Eve : the Bible storyJuvenile worksRetells the Biblical story of God's creation of the world and the subsequent disobedience of Adam and Eve7675ocn005674754book19810.06Hutton, WarwickThe nose treeJuvenile worksBecause of their kindness to a small, ugly man who come to their forest campfire one night, three down-on-their-luck soldiers are each rewarded by a special gift6831ocn028632153book19940.06Hutton, WarwickPersephoneJuvenile worksRetells the Greek myth in which Persephone must spend six months out of every year below the Earth in Hades+-+25515043156764ocn017776022book19880.06Moser, BarryThe tinderboxJuvenile worksFictionFairy talesWith the help of a magic tinderbox, a soldier finds a fortune and pursues a princess imprisoned in a castle+-+13095043156231ocn025411530book19930.06Hutton, WarwickPerseusJuvenile worksRetells the Greek myth in which the hero Perseus beheads Medusa, the most horrible of the Gorgons+-+00105043156142ocn021078509book19900.06Cooper, SusanTam LinJuvenile worksA retelling of the old Scottish ballad in which a young girl rescues the human knight Tam Lin from his bondage to the Elfin Queen+-+60505043155692ocn031285759book19950.06Hutton, WarwickOdysseus and the CyclopsA retelling of how Odysseus and his companions outwit the giant one-eyed Cyclops and escape from his cave+-+81855343155545ocn004490726book19790.07Hyman, Trina SchartThe sleeping beautyJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionFairy talesEnraged at not being invited to the princess' christening, the wicked fairy casts a spell that dooms the princess to sleep for one hundred years4905ocn002837598book19770.06Hutton, WarwickNoah and the great floodJuvenile worksBiographyAn interpretation of the familiar Bible story using a simple text based on the King James version4354ocn029185168book19940.06Chang, Margaret ScroginThe cricket warrior : a chinese taleJuvenile worksIn order to save his family, a Chinese boy turns into a fighting cricket and becomes the emperor's champion+-+30515043153401ocn020219035book19900.06Sage, JamesTo sleepJuvenile worksFictionA mother explains to her child why it's time to go to sleep3355ocn001287515book19730.28Hutton, WarwickMaking woodcuts978ocn065465824file19850.06Hutton, WarwickJonah and the great fishJuvenile worksJonah disobeys the Lord, and a great fish is sent to swallow him up in this well-known story from the Bible+-+1790504315+-+1790504315Thu Oct 16 15:59:06 EDT 2014batch14935