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Fri Mar 21 17:12:48 2014 UTClccn-n791208000.37James and John Stuart Mill : father and son in the nineteenth century /0.710.96James Mill, filosofo radicale : analisi della mente e scienza politica nell'Inghilterra del primo Ottocento /49286530James_Milln 79120800352431Burke, William.Mill, J.Mill, Jakob 1773-1836Mill, JamesMill, Santiago, 1773-1836밀, 1773-1836.ミル, ジェームズlccn-n79007044Mill, John Stuart1806-1873othhnrctbedtlccn-n79040051Bentham, Jeremy1748-1832lccn-n79114258Stephen, Leslie1832-1904lccn-n50010240Mazlish, Bruce1923-lccn-n50024349Bain, Alexander1818-1903othannctbedtlccn-n50034164Burston, W. H.edtlccn-n85060884Hamburger, Joseph1922-lccn-n50036390Wilson, H. H.(Horace Hayman)1786-1860edtlccn-n80039737Cobbett, William1763-1835lccn-n50012256Thompson, William1775-1833Mill, James1773-1836HistoryBiographyConference proceedingsNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcCriticism, interpretation, etcSourcesMill, James,Mill, John Stuart,Political scienceGreat BritainUtilitarianismEconomicsBentham, Jeremy,Freedom of the pressLawPsychologyIndiaInternational lawBritish Occupation of India (1765-1947)Education--PhilosophyPhilosophersFathers and sonsEducationWomen's rightsGovernment, Resistance toCommerceMuslimsHindusCivilizationCobbett, William,TolerationTravelFranceEnglandEast India CompanyCorn laws (Great Britain)Hartley, David,PhilosophyPhilosophy, EnglishEthicsWomen--Social conditionsPrisonsColoniesVoting registersValueCatholic emancipationWest, Edward,--Sir,Rae, John,Joplin, T.--(Thomas),United StatesIrelandIntellectualsSpence, WilliamCobbett, WilliamMackintosh, James,--Sir,Monitorial system of education17731836179618001804180518081809181218171819182018211822182318241825182618271828182918301831183218351836183718391840184418451846184818491853185418581859186418671868186918701873187418781881188218851900190219071908191119121913191519161919192019231925192919311933193619371938194019451946194719481949195019551957195919601961196319651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620082009201020112013195583241380192HB161ocn310575449ocn606025144ocn606033005ocn064054817ocn839306050ocn797253787ocn0036583961602102ocn000167986book18210.79Mill, JamesElements of political economy1407118ocn001091630book18170.76Mill, JamesThe history of British IndiaHistory+-+9227753566116936ocn000493663book18240.73Mill, JamesEssays on government, jurisprudence, liberty of the press and law of nationsHistory1055112ocn000362256book18290.70Mill, JamesAnalysis of the phenomena of the human mind"This book is an attempt to reach the simplest elements which by their combination generate the manifold complexity of our mental states, and to assign the laws of those elements, and the elementary laws of their combination, from which laws, the subordinate ones which govern the compound states are consequences and corollaries. The phenomena of the Mind include multitudes of facts, of an extraordinary degree of complexity. By observing them one at a time with sufficient care, it is possible in the mental, as it is in the material world, to obtain empirical generalizations of limited compass, but of great value for practice. When, however, we find it possible to connect many of these detached generalizations together, by discovering the more general laws of which they are cases, and to the operation of which in some particular sets of circumstances they are due, we gain not only a scientific, but a practical advantage; for we then first learn how far we can rely on the more limited generalizations; within what conditions their truth is confined; by what changes of circumstances they would be defeated or modified"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)+-+536415003670631ocn000022558book19310.66Mill, JamesJames Mill on educationHistory+-+203186670559321ocn000168338book19660.66Mill, JamesSelected economic writings+-+832053769645010ocn060719555book18370.79Mill, JamesThe principles of toleration41710ocn023694245book19920.70Mill, JamesPolitical writingsSourcesThe key writings of the author of the Declaration of Independence are presented here in a clear and accessible format. The texts are supported by a concise introduction, suggestions for further reading and short biographies+-+03923867054104ocn000372021book19600.70Mill, John StuartJohn Mill's boyhood visit to France; being a Journal and Notebook written by John Stuart Mill in France, 1820-21Notebooks, sketchbooks, etc36920ocn065235835com18080.90Mill, JamesCommerce defended an answer to the arguments by which Mr. Spence, Mr. Corbett, and others, have attempted to prove that commerce is not a source of national wealth35430ocn000242821book18080.66Mill, JamesCommerce defended3277ocn000487601book19550.63Mill, JamesAn essay on government28719ocn065355382file18240.88Mill, JamesEssays on I. Government, II. Jurisprudence, III. LIberty of the press, IV. Prisons and prison discipline, V. Colonies, VI. Law of nations, VII. EducationHistory27933ocn065307113book18350.86Mill, JamesA fragment on Mackintosh being strictures on some passages in the dissertation by Sir James Mackintosh, prefixed to the Encyclopedia BritannicaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+44641500362474ocn000238214book18040.79Mill, JamesAn essay of the impolicy of a bounty on the exportation of grain, 180418917ocn065253377file18230.84Mill, JamesÉlémens d'économie politique1509ocn065252149file18220.90Mill, JamesElementos de economia politica1497ocn065253144file18240.88Mill, JamesElemente der Nationalökonomie14611ocn065246598file18210.90Mill, JamesThe article Government, reprinted from the supplement to the Encyclopædia Britannica+-+58940445961457ocn065256034file18300.92Mill, JamesOn the ballot from the Westminster review for July, 1830178540ocn004208453book19000.66Stephen, LeslieThe English utilitariansHistory+-+616339173511826ocn001057087book19750.37Mazlish, BruceJames and John Stuart Mill : father and son in the nineteenth centuryBiographyThe story of James and John Stuart Mill is one of the great dramas of the 19th century. In the bitter yet loving struggle of this extraordinarily influential father and son, we can see the genesis of the revolution of Liberal ideas--about love, sex and women, wealth and work, authority and rebellion--which ushered in the modern age. In this work, the result of more than a decade of research and reflection, psychohistorian Bruce Mazlish reveals the self-made utilitarian philosopher who, in the age's most celebrated educational experiment, tried to shape his son in his own image (and induced one of the age's best-documented nervous breakdowns); the stern proponent of birth control who fathered nine children; and the sexually ambivalent son who "lived" with another man's wife for almost twenty years. Then there is the strange story of the two Harriers--the unmentioned wife and mother, and the "other Harriet," the adored "mistress" and eventual wife of John--and of how each Harriet played a different role in making John into the century's leading male champion of women's rights.--From publisher description7086ocn000234110book19630.59Hamburger, JosephJames Mill and the art of revolution70516ocn000371724book18820.63Bain, AlexanderJames Mill, a biographyBiography"This book is a biography of the life and times of the philosopher and historian James Mill." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)50623ocn000497135book19150.66Davidson, William LPolitical thought in England, the utilitarians, from Bentham to J.S. MillHistory5024ocn000675951book19730.63Burston, W. HJames Mill on philosophy and education46112ocn000104233book18250.76Thompson, WilliamAppeal of one half the human race, women, against the pretensions of the other half, men, to retain them in political, and thence in civil and domestic, slavery; in reply to a paragraph of Mr. Mill's celebrated "Article on government."History4185ocn002238230book19760.73Centenary Conference James And John Stuart Mill. [1973. Toronto.]James and John Stuart Mill : papers of the centenary conferenceConference proceedings2431ocn020757009book19900.86Wilson, FredPsychological analysis and the philosophy of John Stuart Mill1352ocn014520422book19720.81Fenn, Robert AJames Mill's political thought1344ocn000827444book19360.92Mill, John StuartTwo letters on the measure of value1185ocn065275907com18270.92Smith, LevesonRemarks upon an essay on government by James Mill, Esq published in the Supplement to the Encyclopædia Britannica1109ocn016772650book18810.70Spencer Bower, GeorgeHartley and James Mill1093ocn024009541book19910.73James Mill (1773-1836), John Rae (1796-1872), Edward West (1782-1828), Thomas Joplin (1790-1847)History1066ocn002141035book18810.86Spencer Bower, GeorgeDavid Hartley and James Mill421ocn002572330book19590.90Cumming, IanJames Mill on education291ocn017099287book19610.88Cumming, IanUseful learning : Bentham's Chrestomathia, with particular reference to the influence of James Mill on BenthamHistory172ocn027978901book19080.93Müller-Wernberg, KarlJames Mill und die historische methode161ocn047222908book20010.96Bucchi, SergioJames Mill, filosofo radicale : analisi della mente e scienza politica nell'Inghilterra del primo OttocentoHistory164ocn697743945com18740.81Ribot, ThEnglish psychology :History+-+0392386705+-+0392386705Fri Mar 21 15:53:45 EDT 2014batch41023