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Fri Mar 21 17:14:23 2014 UTClccn-n791258910.10Independence the struggle to set America free /0.290.63A wilderness of miseries : war and warriors in early America /71427522John_E._Ferlingn 79125891357443Ferling, John.Ferling, John, 1940-Ferling, John E.Ferling, John Ernie 1940-lccn-n79105675Adams, John1735-1826lccn-n79089957Jefferson, Thomas1743-1826lccn-n86140996Washington, George1732-1799lccn-n79063202United StatesArmylccn-n79045178United StatesContinental Armynp-garrett, jackGarrett, Jacknrtlccn-n85024826Galloway, Joseph1731-1803lccn-n79021633Hamilton, Alexander1757-1804lccn-no94018831Recorded Books, Inclccn-n92050296Dietz, NormannrtFerling, John E.BiographyHistoryMilitary historyBibliographyJuvenile worksUnited StatesPolitical scienceAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)Adams, John,GeneralsPresidentsJefferson, Thomas,Washington, George,Presidents--ElectionUnited States.--ArmySoldiersStatesmenUnited States.--Continental ArmyGreat BritainGalloway, Joseph,American loyalistsHamilton, Alexander,Political and social viewsIndians of North America--WarsMP3 (Audio coding standard)Generals--Biography19401971197619771980198819891992199319941996200020012002200320042005200720082009201020112012201320141925044208BE330ocn462802328290816ocn054959849book20040.27Ferling, John EAdams vs. Jefferson : the tumultuous election of 1800A history of the presidential campaign follows the clash between the two candidates, Adams and Jefferson, and their different visions of the future of America, the machinations that led to Jefferson's victory, and the repercussions of the campaign+-+1622160465280419ocn051511252book20030.29Ferling, John EA leap in the dark : the struggle to create the American republicHistoryThe author revisits a truly revolutionary period in American history, chronicling the battles over allegiance, philosophy, leadership, and ideas that surrounded the birth of the American republic+-+6974060465248316ocn085898929book20070.27Ferling, John EAlmost a miracle : the American victory in the War of IndependenceHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyDescribes the military history of the American Revolution and the grim realities of the eight-year conflict while offering descriptions of the major engagements on land and sea and the decisions that influenced the course of the war+-+7676360465183824ocn023693384book19920.32Ferling, John EJohn Adams : a lifeBiographyBibliographyBetter than any other full-scale biography to date, Ferling's book places Adams in the context of his swirling times and makes clear why he deserves our admiration for his apolitical courage and stubborn independence. John Ferling's masterful John Adams: A Life is the most comprehensive single-volume biography of the man who succeeded George Washington in the presidency and shepherded the fragile new nation through the most dangerous of times. Drawing on extensive research, Ferling depicts a reluctant revolutionary, a leader who was deeply troubled by the warfare that he helped to make, and a fiercely independent statesman+-+7516378685157922ocn016833555book19880.29Ferling, John EThe first of men : a life of George WashingtonBiography"Written by John Ferling, one of America's leading historians of the Revolutionary era, The first of men offers an illuminating portrait of George Washington's life, with emphasis on his military and political career. Here is a riveting account that captures Washington in all his complexity, recounting not only Washington's familiar sterling qualities--courage, industry, ability to make difficult decisions, ceaseless striving for self-improvement, love of his family and loyalty to friends--but also his less well known character flaws. Indeed, as Ferling shows, Washington had to overcome many negative traits as he matured into a leader. The young Washington was accused of ingratitude and certain of his letters from this period read as if they were written by "a pompous martinet and a whining, petulant brat." As commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, he lost his temper more than once and indulged flatterers. Aaron Burr found him "a boring, colorless person." As president, he often believed the worst about individual officials. Ferling concludes that Washington's personality and temperament were those of "a self-centered and self-absorbed man, one who since youth had exhibited a fragile self-esteem." And yet he managed to realize virtually every grand design he ever conceived. Ferling's Washington is driven, fired by ambition, envy, and dreams of fame and fortune. Yet his leadership and character galvanized the American Revolution--probably no one else could have kept the war going until the master stroke at Yorktown--and helped the fledgling nation take, and survive, its first unsteady steps. This superb paperback makes available once again an unflinchingly honest and compelling biography of the father of our country"--Provided by publisher+-+K37149523514938ocn043118302book20000.28Ferling, John ESetting the world ablaze : Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and the American RevolutionHistoryBiography"Setting the World Ablaze is the story of the three men who, perhaps more than any others, helped bring the United Sates into being: George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. Braiding three strands into one narrative, John Ferling brings these American icons down from their pedestals to show them as men of flesh and blood, and gives us a new understanding of the passion and uncertainty of the struggle to form a new nation." "Setting the World Ablaze shows in detail how these conservative men - successful members of the colonial elite - were transformed into radical revolutionaries, and in doing so, it illuminates not just the special genius of these three leaders, but the transformation of His Majesty's colonies into the United States."--BOOK JACKET+-+045986046512348ocn259266770book20090.24Ferling, John EThe ascent of George Washington : the hidden political genius of an American iconBiographyEven compared to his fellow founders, George Washington stands tall. Our first president has long been considered a stoic hero, holding himself above the rough-and-tumble politics of his day. Now historian John Ferling peers behind that image, carefully burnished by Washington himself, to show us a leader who was not only not above politics, but a canny infighter--a master of persuasion, manipulation, and deniability. In the War of Independence, Washington used his skills to steer the Continental Army through crises that would have broken less determined men; he squeezed out rivals and defused dissent. Ending the war as a national hero, Washington "allowed" himself to be pressed into the presidency, guiding the nation with the same brilliantly maintained pose of selfless public interest. Ferling argues that not only was Washington one of America's most adroit politicians--the proof of his genius is that he is no longer thought of as a politician at all.--From publisher description+-+8019641406107310ocn057009954com20040.12Ferling, John EAdams vs. Jefferson [the tumultuous election of 1800]"It was a contest of titans: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two heroes of the Revolutionary era, once intimate friends, now icy antagonists locked in a fierce battle for the future of the United States. The election of 1800 was a thunderous clash of a campaign that climaxed in a deadlock in the Electoral College and led to a crisis in which the young republic teetered on the edge of collapse. Adams vs. Jefferson is a gripping account of a true turning point in American history, a dramatic struggle between two parties with profoundly different visions of how the nation should be governed."+-+65395846967216ocn676728672book20110.21Ferling, John EIndependence : the struggle to set America freeHistoryTraces the political disputes that surrounded America's 1776 Declaration of Independence, offering insight into the views of Parliament sympathizers and colonists who stayed loyal to Britain+-+53554635167214ocn003088790book19770.53Ferling, John EThe Loyalist mind : Joseph Galloway and the American RevolutionBiography6083ocn826322983book20130.21Ferling, John EJefferson and Hamilton : the rivalry that forged a nationHistory"A spellbinding history of the epic rivalry that shaped our republic: Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and their competing visions for America... The decade of the 1790s has been called the 'age of passion.' Fervor ran high as rival factions battled over the course of the new republic-- each side convinced that the other's goals would betray the legacy of the Revolution so recently fought and so dearly won. All understood as well that what was at stake was not a moment's political advantage, but the future course of the American experiment in democracy. In this epochal debate, no two figures loomed larger than Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Both men were visionaries, but their visions of what the United States should be were diametrically opposed. Jefferson, a true revolutionary, believed passionately in individual liberty and a more egalitarian society, with a weak central government and greater powers for the states. Hamilton, a brilliant organizer and tactician, feared chaos and social disorder. He sought to build a powerful national government that could ensure the young nation's security and drive it toward economic greatness. Jefferson and Hamilton is the story of the fierce struggle-- both public and, ultimately, bitterly personal-- between these two titans. It ended only with the death of Hamilton in a pistol duel, felled by Aaron Burr, Jefferson's vice president. Their competing legacies, like the twin strands of DNA, continue to shape our country to this day. Their personalities, their passions, and their bold dreams for America leap from the page in this epic new work from one of our finest historians" -- from publisher's web page5456ocn017951618book19880.59The World turned upside down : the American victory in the War of IndependenceHistoryEach essay in the book seeks to answer the question "Why did America win the revolutionary war?"+-+92700786853244976ocn005706410book19800.63Ferling, John EA wilderness of miseries : war and warriors in early AmericaMilitary history+-+284577868532422711ocn311749932rcrd20090.13Ferling, John EThe ascent of George Washington the hidden political genius of an American iconBiographyFounding Fathers expert and best selling historian John Ferling reveals a new side of George Washington, a masterful politician and clever infighter who concealed his fervent desire for the presidency with the virtuous image of a patriotic war hero+-+94466655962194ocn026719725book19930.50Ferling, John EStruggle for a continent : the wars of early AmericaHistoryMilitary historyAmerica's origins are inextricably linked to warfare. In Struggle for a Continent, John Ferling tells the complex story of conquest and survival not only in the encounters between European settlers and the native peoples of North America, but also the North American wars among the great powers of Europe to win hegemony in America. While Professor Ferling's unflinching narrative recounts the heroism, anguish, terror, treachery, and barbarism of early American warfare, it also carefully addresses questions such as: the difference between the nature+-+31430473351025ocn712623041rcrd20110.10Ferling, John EIndependence the struggle to set America freeHistoryFrom the bestselling author of The Ascent of George Washington comes a brilliantly rendered narrative of the epochal struggle in Congress that culminated in American independence+-+K717517096682ocn056673566rcrd20040.12Ferling, John EAdams vs. JeffersonIn 1800 the nation was struggling to its feet amidst an array of threats from foreign governments and a host of constitutional struggles. Against this backdrop, President John Adams, an elite, strong-willed Federalist, set to square off against his vice president, Thomas Jefferson, a populist Republican381ocn831225194file20030.33Ferling, John EA leap in the dark the struggle to create the American republic324ocn744538417com20040.13Ferling, John EAdams vs. Jefferson the tumultuous election of 1800In 1800 the nation was struggling to its feet amidst an array of threats from foreign governments and a host of constitutional struggles. Against this backdrop, President John Adams, an elite, strong-willed Federalist, set to square off against his vice president, Thomas Jefferson, a populist Republican152ocn857578172file20130.16Ferling, John EJefferson and Hamilton the rivalry that forged a nationHistory11ocn269368029mix0.47Ferling, John EJohn E. Ferling, (1940 - )HistoryJohn E. Ferling, professor of history emeritus at the University of West Georgia, has authored nine books and numerous articles dealing with Colonial America. Among these books are The Loyalist Mind: Joseph Galloway and the American Revolution (1977), A Wilderness of Miseries: War and Warriors in Early America (1980), The World Turned Upside Down (1988), The First of Men: A Life of George Washington (1988), John Adams: A Bibliography (1994), Setting the World Ablaze: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and the American Revolution (2000), A Leap in the Dark: The Struggle to Create the American Republic (2003), John Adams: A Life (1992), Adams vs. Jefferson: The Tumultuous Election of 1800 (2004), and Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence (2007). His book A Leap in the Dark won the Fraunces Tavern Book Award as the year's best book on the American Revolution. Dr. Ferling has also appeared in several television documentaries devoted to the American Revolution and the Early Republic. The papers in this collection begin near the outset of Ferling's teaching career at Lutcher Stark High School in Orange, Texas and extend through his teaching career at Morehead State University in Kentucky 1965-1968, West Chester State University in Pennsylvania 1970-1971, and West Georgia College (now University of West Georgia) 1971- 2004+-+6974060465+-+6974060465Fri Mar 21 15:30:19 EDT 2014batch23164