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Fri Mar 21 17:07:14 2014 UTClccn-n791273780.13Skin : an owner's manual : what your skin does for you & what you need to do for it /0.270.63Not dead yet : a long, strange trip from doctor to patient and back /233130219Rob_Buckmann 79127378358907Buckman, Rob, 1948-2011Buckman, Robertバックマン, ロバートlccn-n00088091Gallop, Ruth1943-lccn-n87851926Martin, John(Rev.)lccn-n81074401Cleese, Johnlccn-n92800834Kason, Yvonnelccn-n84200394Sabbagh, Karllccn-n99835944Dear, Wendylccn-n99040241Howard, Nigel1958-lccn-n00004114Whittaker, Terezalccn-n99034714McLaughlin, Chris1948-viaf-273707073Charlish, AnneBuckman, RobPopular worksHistoryInterviewsBiographyCancerDeath--Psychological aspectsTerminal care--Psychological aspectsHelping behaviorPhysician and patientInterpersonal communicationBad newsBereavement--Psychological aspectsPatients--PsychologyHealingTerminally ill--PsychologyAlternative medicineMedical parasitologyReligion and ethicsTerminal careHypertensionIrritable colonCerebrovascular diseaseCancer--TreatmentDepression, MentalAsthma in childrenDiabetesBreast--CancerMenopause--Hormone therapySkinSkin--Care and hygieneCancer--DiagnosisCerebrovascular disease--Patients--CareCerebrovascular disease--Patients--Home careConsumer educationAsthma in children--Patients--CareGriefHypertension--PreventionDepression, Mental--TreatmentCancer--Psychological aspectsCancer--Patients--Family relationshipsCommunication in medicineSelf-care, HealthBuckman, RobPhysiciansEnglandAuthors, EnglishTerminally illCerebrovascular disease--PatientsInterviewsHypertension--TreatmentCommunicationEthicsBreast--Cancer--TreatmentHumanistic ethics19482011197619781979198019821983198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072010201120139613344642616.994BF789.D4193732ocn018742129book19880.21Buckman, RobI don't know what to say : how to help and support someone who is dyingBiographyPresents specific guidelines for offering practical help to a dying friend or relative+-+5757824215104513ocn036675936book19950.22Buckman, RobWhat you really need to know about cancer : a comprehensive guide for patients and their familiesPopular worksProvides information for patients and their families on the basic facts about cancer and the general principles of treatment, with additional information about specific kinds of cancer, definitions of medical terms, answers to commonly asked questions, further readings and references, and other sources of help+-+984003653565622ocn025409168book19920.56Buckman, RobHow to break bad news : a guide for health care professionals+-+16499365356378ocn031514412book19930.39Buckman, RobMagic or medicine? : an investigation of healing & healersModern medicine is one of the most successful branches of science, with a distinguished history of conquering many of the twentieth century's deadliest diseases. Yet today people are turning in record numbers to alternative therapies that have little or no scientific basis. Herbalists, homeopaths, crystal therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and countless other unconventional practitioners are enjoying thriving businesses. What accounts for this flight from reason in the face of hard evidence that medical doctors do a better job of treating disease and alleviating suffering than their alternative counterparts? In Magic or Medicine? Dr. Robert Buckman and Karl Sabbagh offer a response to this question by critically evaluating both alternative and conventional medical approaches to patient care. Drawing on some of the earliest written medical sources as well as their own investigations into current alternative therapies, the authors argue that healing has always been partly the science of clinical treatment (medicine) and partly an art (magic). Medicine may make the patient get well, but often it is magic that makes the patient feel well. With all the pressures under which they work, modern medical doctors often neglect the magic in their dealings with patients. Alternative therapists, however, frequently offer nothing but magic. Buckman and Sabbagh look closely at the claims made for both medical science and alternative treatments and discover a gap between the promises and the reality of each approach. Magic or Medicine? is a fascinating exploration of healing in the late twentieth century and vital reading for anyone concerned about the effective delivery of health care+-+87908858853245075ocn051843514book20020.27Buckman, RobHuman wildlife that lives on usPopular worksIn Human Wildlife, Dr. Robert Buckman takes readers on a safari through the human body, pointing out the long-term residents, the itinerant visitors, the irritating vandals, and the ruthless invaders, carefully distinguishing between helpful friends, harmless acquaintances, and lethal foes. By turns funny, amazing, and alarming, Human Wildlife is an endlessly fascinating journey through our own private biospheres+-+31592365353384ocn050124262book20020.47Buckman, RobCan we be good without God? : biology, behavior, and the need to believe+-+892474820630412ocn042413336book19990.16Buckman, RobWhat you really need to know about high blood pressurePopular works+-+60425821353004ocn444336979book20100.56Buckman, RobPractical plans for difficult conversations in medicine : strategies that work in breaking bad news+-+K2004365352786ocn046431663book20000.16Buckman, RobWhat you really need to know about irritable bowel syndromePopular works+-+20983759363242755ocn043851365book20000.17Buckman, RobWhat you really need to know about caring for someone after a strokePopular works+-+63735821352662ocn070670509book20060.18Buckman, RobCancer is a word not a sentence : a practical guide to help you through the first few weeksPopular works+-+99872590062427ocn046847243book20000.17Buckman, RobWhat you really need to know about living with depressionPopular works+-+30883759363242327ocn042603094book19950.17Buckman, RobWhat you really need to know about caring for a child with asthmaPopular works+-+32425821352185ocn042421380book19990.17Buckman, RobWhat you really need to know about living with diabetesPopular works+-+K14258213521011ocn046431674book20000.16Buckman, RobWhat you really need to know about breast cancerPopular works+-+85883759363242017ocn042413335book19990.17Buckman, RobWhat you really need to know about hormone replacement therapyPopular works+-+13425821351981ocn042707983book19990.13Buckman, RobSkin : an owner's manual : what your skin does for you & what you need to do for itPopular works+-+77355502061702ocn123113327book20070.14Buckman, RobCancer is a word, not a sentencePopular works+-+23190725551051ocn801167087book20130.14Martin, John DI can't stop crying : grief and recovery : a compassionate guideThe death of someone close can result in feelings of overwhelming grief, but society expects people to recover from loss as quickly as possible Martin and Ferris reveal grief as a painful but necessary process to go through in order, ultimately, to recover from the loss of a loved one847ocn030119480book19940.56Buckman, RobS'asseoir pour parler : l'art de communiquer de mauvaises nouvelles aux malades : guide du professionnel de santéPour de nombreux professionnels de santé, la tâche d'annoncer de mauvaises nouvelles constitue la partie la plus difficile de leur travail. Les nouvelles peuvent porter sur un état où il y a risque d'une issue mortelle (cancer, sida), d'invalidité (sclérose en plaque, polyarthrite rhumatoïde) ou, tout simplement, de conséquences gênantes (herpès génital). Mais, jusqu'ici, ni les études médicales ni celles menant aux autres professions de santé n'ont eu le souci de préparer leurs élèves à faire face à des situations de ce type. C'est en vue de combler cette lacune que Robert Buckman et Yvonne Kason ont écrit ce livre. Ils énoncent, dans un langage simple et intelligible, les principes de base qui doivent présider à la communication de mauvaises nouvelles, principes réunis dans une méthode, ou protocole, qui se laisse facilement assimiler. Au coeur de ce protocole se trouvent les compétences d'écoute et de dialogue. Enfin les réactions des parents et des proches du malade ainsi que de celle des membres de l'équipe médicale sont étudiées191ocn040535287book19990.27Buckman, RobNot dead yet : the unauthorized autobiography of Dr. Robert BuckmanBiography+-+2911070385121ocn043284242book20000.63Buckman, RobNot dead yet : a long, strange trip from doctor to patient and backBiography+-+291107038511ocn317871968visu20040.33Without God a humanist's personal storyHistoryBiographyInterviews"Dr. Robert Buckman lives without God everyday. He is a humanist. Religion, spirituality and ethics are explored as Dr. Buckman examines how we can find a moral compass without seeking supernatural intervention. Many influential thinkers ... discuss ... how they live a contented, secular life, what motivates them and how they feel they will come to a place of peace just before the ultimate end. Interviews with neurologists and anthropologists reveal recent research on the "belief gene" which may or may not hardwire the brain to accept things on faith. Humanists believe in free thought, reason and the scientific method. These tenets are compared with the faith and dogma of several belief systems."--Container+-+9840036535+-+9840036535Fri Mar 21 15:31:27 EDT 2014batch26007