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Fri Mar 21 17:12:14 2014 UTClccn-n791415480.17Charlie Finley : the outrageous story of baseball's super showman /0.390.76Differing visions : dissenters in Mormon history /34671725n 79141548372787Launius, Roger D.lccn-n83043097Hallwas, John E.lccn-n78087581United StatesNational Aeronautics and Space Administrationlccn-n85130819McCurdy, Howard E.lccn-n82051051Logsdon, John M.1937-edtlccn-n81109916Lear, Linda J.1940-lccn-n80126055Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saintslccn-n88117006Smith, JosephIII1832-1914nc-smithsonian institutionSmithsonian Institutionlccn-no2004113017Johnston, Andrew K.(Andrew Kenneth)1969-lccn-n99253057Ulrich, BertramillLaunius, Roger D.HistorySourcesBiographyPictorial worksArtInterviewsChurch historyCriticism, interpretation, etcUnited StatesExploration of outer spaceOuter spaceAstronauticsIllinois--NauvooMormonsAstronautics--International cooperationAeronauticsFlightAeronautics--Technological innovationsMissouriIllinoisBaseballPresidentsSpace roboticsRobotsReorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsSmith, Joseph,--III,ProphetsSpace sciencesGeneralsUnited States.--National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationSpace vehicles in artSpace ships in artCassidy, Duane H.,Armed Forces--OfficersUnited States.--Air ForceAirlift, MilitaryLeadershipTransportation, MilitaryAstronautics and stateOakland Athletics (Baseball team)Baseball team ownersFinley, Charles Oscar,Executive powerAstronautics--Public opinionSpace stationsMormon ChurchArtificial satellites, RussianLaunch vehicles (Astronautics)RocketryMormon Church--Controversial literatureControversial literatureChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsDissenters, ReligiousMormons--Civil rightsAstronautics--Social aspectsMexican War (1846-1848)Military campaignsPoliticians1954197619781979198019821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201415491149328387.80973QB500.262ocn468594221ocn837168778ocn443351036ocn823849888ocn829407687ocn829401516ocn829408435ocn829398676ocn829406480ocn829406648166614ocn037567235book19980.27Launius, Roger DFrontiers of space explorationGives an overview of space exploration during the twentieth century; includes information on the development of rocket technology, the Mir space station, the Mars Pathfinder mission, and other related topics+-+9314478685153310ocn048139613file19990.33Launius, Roger DInnovation and the development of flightHistoryI sin beskrivelse af flyvningens historie og udvikling, relaterer forfatteren udviklingens indflydelse på samfundet, politik og kulturer, f.eks i omtalen af relationerne imellem lufthavne, byer og industri i takt med udviklingen af flyindstrien+-+394628030532414015ocn044962453file19950.39Hallwas, John ECultures in conflict a documentary history of the Mormon War in IllinoisHistorySourcesCultures in Conflict offers students of history an invaluable source of documents regarding the history of the Mormon presence in Illinois. Few local histories are so academically sound.-Illinois TimesHallwas and Launius have compiled and written the most balanced and thorough account yet of the events and circumstances that led to the forced Mormon exodus from Nauvoo following the mini civil war that erupted in Illinois during the 1849s+-+813667923532412567ocn056424917file20020.37Launius, Roger DSeasons in the sun the story of big league baseball in MissouriHistoryPresents the history of the major league baseball teams that have called Missouri home from 1876 to 2001, from St. Louis's first league, the Brown Stockings, to Kansas City's Negro World Series-winning league, the Monarchs, to the state's National League champions, the Cardinals+-+02371717353248504ocn032508919book0.53Exploring the unknown : selected documents in the history of the U.S. civil space programHistory+-+163863516575712ocn126228919book20070.47Launius, Roger DRobots in space : technology, evolution, and interplanetary travel"Given the near incomprehensible enormity of the universe, it appears almost inevitable that humankind will one day find a planet that appears to be much like Earth. This discovery will no doubt reignite the lure of interplanetary travel. Will we be up to the task? And, given our limited resources, biological constraints, and the general hostility of space, what shape should we expect such expeditions to take?" "In Robots in Space, Roger Launius and Howard McCurdy tackle these seemingly fanciful questions with rigorous scholarship and disciplined imagination, jumping comfortably among the worlds of rocketry, engineering, public policy, and science fantasy to expound upon the possibilities and improbabilities involved in trekking across the Milky Way and beyond. They survey the literature - fictional as well as academic studies; outline the progress of space programs in the United States and other nations; and assess the current state of affairs to offer a conclusion startling only to those who haven't spent time with Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke: to traverse the cosmos, humans must embrace and entwine themselves with advanced robotic technologies."--Jacket+-+43523365356755ocn017300439book19880.33Launius, Roger DJoseph Smith III : pragmatic prophetHistoryBiography+-+30601570756508ocn029028807book19940.33Launius, Roger DNASA : a history of the U.S. civil space programHistory6234ocn262886279book20090.21Launius, Roger DSmithsonian atlas of space explorationHistoryPictorial worksTraces the history of space exploration from Ptolomy and Copernicus to the space shuttles and Mars missions of today, and explains the geography of space flight and the ways in which space travel was shaped by Cold War politics+-+61701061555026ocn038930568book19980.20Launius, Roger DNASA & the exploration of space : with works from the NASA art collectionHistoryArtAn overview of the history of NASA and its role in modern space exploration, accompanied by sketches and paintings from American artists+-+51415210063874ocn040450574book19980.53Cassidy, Duane HGeneral Duane H. Cassidy, Commander in Chief United States Transportation Command and Commander in Chief Military Airlift Command : an oral history : Air Force joint and business careersHistoryInterviews3785ocn035990418book19970.66Spaceflight and the myth of presidential leadershipIn Spaceflight and the Myth of Presidential Leadership, ten contributors present compelling arguments and analyses that shed new light on the power and leadership of the nation's presidency and on the space program. Setting the tone for the collection, Roger Launius and Howard McCurdy maintain that the nation's presidency had become imperial by the mid-1970s and that supporters of the space program had grown to find relief in such a presidency, which they believed could help them obtain greater political support and funding. Subsequent chapters explore the roles and political leadership, vis-a-vis government policy, of Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush+-+57811570753243741ocn462908267book20100.17Green, G. MichaelCharlie Finley : the outrageous story of baseball's super showmanHistoryBiographyA profile of the colorful former owner and general manager of the Oakland A's describes the tuberculosis that ended his athletic ambitions, his contributions to the team's historic wins, and the contradictory personality that led to his controversial team breakdown+-+90926275353647ocn050718891book20030.21Launius, Roger DSpace stations : base camps to the starsExplores the history of space stations, from their early concepts to the present+-+35769833063093ocn032311213book19960.56Kingdom on the Mississippi revisited : Nauvoo in Mormon historyHistoryChurch history+-+99491570753243069ocn042955324book20000.63Reconsidering Sputnik : forty years since the Soviet satelliteHistory+-+18717520542765ocn049873630book20020.63Launius, Roger DTo reach the high frontier : a history of U.S. launch vehiclesHistoryBeskriver den historiske og teknologiske udvikling inden for det amerikanske rumprogram med fokus på de store løfteraketter+-+20977686352672ocn028420454book19940.76Differing visions : dissenters in Mormon historyCriticism, interpretation, etcWhitmer is cast in a new light here, in a selection that emphasizes his disenchantment with Joseph Smith's increasing power and his belief that the church was moving counter to Whitmer's understanding of what religion should do+-+34157570753242443ocn036969652book19970.73Launius, Roger DAlexander William Doniphan : portrait of a Missouri moderateBiographyAlexander William Doniphan (1808-1887) - Missouri attorney, military figure, politician, and businessman - is one of the most significant figures in antebellum Missouri. From the 1830s to the 1880s, Doniphan was active in a variety of affairs in Missouri and held firm to several underlying principles, including loyalty, hard work, the sanctity of the republic, and commitment to Christian charity. However, the key to Doniphan's importance was his persistent moderation on the critical issues of his day. Alexander William Doniphan will be of interest to academic specialists and general readers alike, especially those interested in Mormon studies, Missouri history, military history, and western history+-+67866717352414ocn434492063file20070.70Dick, Steven JSocietal impact of spaceflightHistory+-+2546535165324+-+3946280305324+-+3946280305324Fri Mar 21 15:12:30 EDT 2014batch21654