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Fri Mar 21 17:11:20 2014 UTClccn-n800101950.25John Donne and the seventeenth-century metaphysical poets /0.520.90The rehearsal transpros'd, or, Animadversions upon a late book intituled, A preface, shewing what grounds there are of fears and jealousies of popery39381003Andrew_Marvelln 800101953927258043382A. M. (Andrew Marvell), 1621-1678M., A. (Andrew Marvell), 1621-1678Marvel, Andrew, 1621-1678Marvell, André, 1621-1678Marvell, AndrewProtestant, 1621-1678Rivet, André 1621-1678Rivetus, Andreas, 1621-1678Rivetus, Andreas 1621-1678 PseudonymRivetus junior Andreas 1621-1678マーヴェルマーヴェル, アンドルーlccn-n79069876Donne, John1572-1631lccn-n78081910Spenser, Edmund1552?-1599lccn-n50017154Crashaw, Richard1613?-1649lccn-n80032825Herbert, George1593-1633ctblccn-n78095532Milton, John1608-1674lccn-n50026718Donno, Elizabeth Story1921-edtlccn-n50045128Lord, George de Forest1919-comedtlccn-n80021762Vaughan, Henry1621-1695lccn-nr2004015637Margoliouth, H. M.(Herschel Maurice)1887-edtlccn-n79092622Petrarca, Francesco1304-1374Marvell, Andrew1621-1678Criticism, interpretation, etcPoetryBiographyRecords and correspondencePortraitsControversial literatureIllustrationsHistoryBibliographySourcesMarvell, Andrew,English poetry--Early modernEnglandGreat BritainDonne, John,Crashaw, Richard,Intellectual lifePoets, English--Early modernSpenser, Edmund,RenaissanceHerbert, George,Church and stateMilton, John,Fall of manPastoral poetry, EnglishCountry life in literatureEnglish poetryInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Erotic poetry, EnglishFeminism and literatureNarrative poetry, EnglishPetrarca, Francesco,TechniqueCivilization, ModernSex in literatureEnglish poetry--Italian influencesDissenters, ReligiousAdam--(Biblical figure)Eve--(Biblical figure)Bible.--GenesisHistory of Biblical eventsElegiac poetry, EnglishVaughan, Henry,Metaphysics in literatureCromwell, Oliver,English literature--Early modernGeography in literatureCartographyMaps in literatureMarlowe, Christopher,Raleigh, Walter,Religion in literaturePolitics and literatureNedham, Marchamont,Carew, Thomas,Marvell, AndrewTraherne, Thomas,Christian poetry, English--Early modernVaughan, Henry,Friendship1621167816341645164816491650165416551657166016651666166716721673167416751676167716781679168016811682168416871688168916921694169616971698170217031709171017111712172017251726173017361741174517481749175117541760177217731776178017891790179117921793179518001801180618081810181318201827182918311832183418351838183918401843185318551857186218661870187118721873187418751876187718781880188118821885189018921895189718981900190119041905190819121918192019211922192319241925192719281929193119321934193619371939194019411942194419461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013765429392651821.4PR3546ocn003102077ocn725591775ocn185626889ocn725066873ocn185517376ocn725101179ocn725065026ocn074754184ocn830723432ocn462538080ocn256565381ocn258190127ocn724442988ocn724443051ocn864638743161382ocn049293007book18900.50Marvell, AndrewPoems of Andrew MarvellPoetry81751ocn000654941book19720.29Marvell, AndrewThe complete poemsHistoryPoetry"This edition of Marvell's complete poems is based on a detailed study of the extant manuscripts, with modern translations provided for Marvell's Greek and Latin poems. It also includes a chronology, further reading, appendices, notes, and indexes of titles and first lines, with a new introduction by Jonathan Bate."--BOOK JACKET+-+486779596532476251ocn012417002book16720.90Marvell, AndrewThe rehearsal transpros'd, or, Animadversions upon a late book intituled, A preface, shewing what grounds there are of fears and jealousies of poperyControversial literatureAn answer to Bishop Samuel Parker's preface to "Bishop Bramhall's Vindication of himself and the episcopal clergy." Marvell's work was in turn answered by Richard Leigh in "The transproser rehears'd, or, The fifth act of Mr. Bayes's play."72410ocn123279421com20030.37Marvell, AndrewThe prose works of Andrew MarvellAndrew Marvell (1621-78) is best known today as the author of a handful of exquisite lyrics and provocative political poems. In his own time, however, Marvell was famous for his brilliant prose interventions in the major issues of the Restoration, religious toleration, and what he called arbitrary as distinct from parliamentary government. This is the first modern edition of all Marvell's prose pamphlets, complete with introductions and annotation explaining the historical context. Four major scholars of the Restoration era have collaborated to produce this truly Anglo-American edition. --Yale University Press72251ocn000798856book19270.59Marvell, AndrewThe poems and letters of Andrew MarvellPoetrySourcesRecords and correspondence6671ocn011262217book19850.59Wilcher, RobertAndrew MarvellCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+677227670565914ocn000160378book19680.53Marvell, AndrewComplete poetry5783ocn004835042book19790.63Andrew Marvell : essays on the tercentenary of his deathCriticism, interpretation, etc56010ocn000983777book19720.37Marvell, AndrewThe complete English poems53528ocn065330457book16770.90Marvell, AndrewAn account of the growth of popery and arbitrary government in England more particularly, from the long prorogation of November, 1675, ending the 15th. of February, 1676, till the last meeting of Parliament, the 16th. of July, 1677HistoryControversial literature52727ocn000231886book18720.70Marvell, AndrewThe complete works of Andrew Marvell5249ocn000195883book19710.66Marvell, AndrewThe rehearsal transpros'd, and The rehearsal transpros'd, the second part48922ocn000479312book19520.66Marvell, AndrewThe poems of Andrew Marvell printed from the unique copy in the British Museum, with some other poems by him48034ocn012366927book16810.84Marvell, AndrewMiscellaneous poemsPoetry47110ocn052041012book20030.66Marvell, AndrewThe prose works of Andrew Marvell+-+008445558541614ocn012771629book16660.90Marvell, AndrewNew advice to a painter, &cPoetry40825ocn012771759book16730.88Marvell, AndrewThe rehearsall transpros'd the second part : occasioned by two letters, the first printed by a nameless author, intituled A reproof, &c. : the second letter left for me at a friends house, dated Nov. 3, 1673, subscribed J.G. ...HistoryControversial literature3966ocn005851941book19790.63Craze, MichaelThe life and lyrics of Andrew MarvellCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+150717888539311ocn000642847book19640.70Marvell, AndrewThe Latin poetry of Andrew Marvell36628ocn012351089book16740.88Milton, JohnParadise lost : a poem in twelve booksHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliographyPoetryPortraitsIllustrations17812ocn000291479book19680.31Lord, George de ForestAndrew Marvell; a collection of critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etc16404ocn048139817com19980.35Stephens, DorothyThe limits of eroticism in post-Petrarchan narrative conditional pleasure from Spenser to MarvellHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcPetrarch imagined that the hopeless but pure love of a woman could lead a man to heaven. In sixteenth-century England Edmund Spenser wrote poetry in the Petrarchan tradition while flirting with a very different kind of feminine image, creating a new form of eroticism to which later writers responded+-+491581670514637ocn050640178com19780.50Donno, Elizabeth StoryAndrew Marvell the critical heritageCriticism, interpretation, etcThe Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on major figures in literature. Each volume presents contempoprary responses to a writer's work, enabling students and researchers to read the material themselves+-+2089468575146115ocn001140798book19640.37Bennett, JoanFive metaphysical poets: Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, Crashaw, MarvellCriticism, interpretation, etcExplains and analyzes five seventeenth-century poets with verse illustrations in order to awaken a ... in metaphysical poetry+-+3387456705141012ocn000359095book19640.37Hyman, Lawrence WAndrew MarvellCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Andrew Marvell13346ocn000249268book19650.56Legouis, PierreAndrew Marvell : poet, puritan, patriotBiography12698ocn000349311book19500.53Wallerstein, Ruth CStudies in seventeenth-century poeticCriticism, interpretation, etc11802ocn013270384book19860.25Bloom, HaroldJohn Donne and the seventeenth-century metaphysical poetsCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides a representative selection of criticism available on some of the principal 17th-century English poets+-+522190223511649ocn000333976book19520.59Marvell, AndrewThe poems and letters of Andrew MarvellPoetrySourcesRecords and correspondence11398ocn320775710com20070.53Smith, Donald KimballThe cartographic imagination in early modern England re-writing the world in Marlowe, Spenser, Raleigh and MarvellHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcWorking from a cultural studies perspective, author D.K. Smith here examines a broad range of medieval and Renaissance maps and literary texts to explore the effects of geography on Tudor-Stuart cultural perceptions. He argues that the literary representation of cartographically-related material from the late fifteenth to the early seventeenth century demonstrates a new strain, not just of geographical understanding, but of cartographic manipulation, which he terms, "the cartographic imagination."+-+4571019025112810ocn000442322book19660.59Leishman, J. BThe art of Marvell's poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc10199ocn191028496file20070.56Worden, BlairLiterature and politics in Cromwellian England John Milton, Andrew Marvell, Marchamont NedhamHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"This book, by the pre-eminent historian of Cromwellian England, offers a fresh approach to the political lives of the two great poets of the Puritan Revolution, John Milton and Andrew Marvell. Blair Worden shows how differently their writing reads when its involvement in epochal events is historically reconstructed. We trace the responses of the two men to the execution of King Charles I; to the experience, unique in English history, of republican government; to the failure of that experiment; and to the rule of Oliver Cromwell, whose ascent, at the expense of king and parliament alike, inspired ambivalent sentiment in Milton and Marvell. Both authors underwent intensely felt changes of allegiance between the regicide and the Restoration. First we follow Marvell's gradual and painful transition from royalism to Cromwellianism. Then we examine Milton's entry into politics under the Commonwealth and the revisions of his perspective that followed it. We watch his difficult and disillusioning relationships with the successive regimes of the Interregnum, and view his engagement, in immortal poetry, with the collapse of Puritan rule. Our third author is Marvell's and Milton's common literary partner, and their colleague in government service at Whitehall, the political thinker and pioneering journalist Marchamont Nedham, whose writing shares and illuminates the preoccupation of the two more famous writers with the debates and dilemmas of that volatile era."--Jacket+-+663587446510021ocn000057335book19690.53Martz, Louis LohrThe wit of love: Donne, Carew, Crashaw, MarvellCriticism, interpretation, etc9941ocn003609611book19780.39George Herbert and the seventeenth-century religious poets : authoritative texts criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryThis volume presents the major works of five poets--George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, Andrew Marvell, Henry Vaughan, and Thomas Traherne. While most of the selections are religious poetry, the important secular verse of Marvell and Crashaw is also included. Eighty poems by Herbert have been selected form The Temple, and two early poems from Issak Walton's Lives are also included+-+79074584859884ocn000123337book19700.53Cullen, PatrickSpenser, Marvell, and Renaissance pastoralCriticism, interpretation, etc92714ocn000359154book19400.59Bradbrook, M. CAndrew MarvellCriticism, interpretation, etc8744ocn003932914book19780.53Hunt, John DixonAndrew Marvell : his life and writingsBiography8393ocn000057275book19700.56Berthoff, Ann EThe resolved soul; a study of Marvell's major poemsCriticism, interpretation, etc8386ocn001185899book19580.53Press, JohnAndrew MarvellCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography8274ocn000075169book19700.56Friedman, Donald MMarvell's pastoral artCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+6772276705+-+6772276705Fri Mar 21 15:30:19 EDT 2014batch64932