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Thu Oct 16 17:52:48 2014 UTClccn-n801046440.00Stability of Thin-Walled Unstiffened Circular Cylindrical Shells under Nonuniformly Distributed Axial Load0.751.00An epitome of the chrono-thermal system of medicine; in a metrical letter addressed to J.W. Cox16074650n 80104644lccn-n80107397Pellens, Mildredlccn-n80104651Terry, Charles E.1878-lccn-n79073647Grob, Gerald N.1931-lccn-no98112872CSIROLand and Waternp-varcoe, j c rVarcoe, J. C. R.viaf-91442952Chittleborough, D. J.lccn-n79100614University of Adelaidelccn-no91007987Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation (Australia)nc-university of california livermore$lawrence radiation laboratoryUniversity of California, LivermoreLawrence Radiation Laboratorylccn-n80009491Horton, W. H.Cox, J. W.HistoryArmies--OrganizationIndustrial organizationManagementOrganizational behaviorOrganizationMovement, Psychology ofAbility--TestingDrug abuse--PreventionUnited StatesOpium abuseOpiumDrugs--Law and legislationCocaSoil chemistrySoils--Carbon content--MeasurementSouth Australia--Adelaide (Region)Watershed managementNuclear reactors--CoresAirplanes--Ramjet enginesNuclear reactors--Design and constructionNuclear propulsionRockets (Aeronautics)--Ramjet enginesSouth AustraliaSoils--AnalysisLandscape assessmentBridges--TestingStrains and stressesMedicine, ChronothermalCocaine abuseCocaineSoilsVictoriaMichigan--DetroitDrugsShells (Engineering)Loaders (Machines)Waterlogging (Soils)GroundwaterBuckling (Mechanics)Drainage1931193419481951195419611962196519691971198019811984199219981999200820131162537302.35HD31ocn800026096ocn800026097384ocn006708341book19800.93The Epidemiology of drug addiction : three studies, 1924-1926History204ocn011224586book19310.95Terry, Charles EReport on the legal use of narcotics in Detroit, Michigan, and environs for the period July 1, 1925 to June 30, 1926, to the Committee on Drug Addictions112ocn726800053file19620.74Cox, J. WTory II-A mechanical and aero-thermodynamic design84ocn855741005book19340.84Cox, J. WManual skill41ocn223349059com19990.47Varcoe, J. C. RMeasurement and treatment of phosphorus and carbon subsoil movement41ocn223348986com19990.47Varcoe, J. C. RMeasurement and treatment of phosphorus and carbon subsoil movement41ocn473906915book20080.77Hassard, JohnDisorganization theory : explorations in alternative organizational analysisOrganizational analysis has moved in a number of directions since its origins in mainstream theories of positivism and functionalism. This challenging new book sets out an alternative agenda for the field, discussing existing critical discourses, whilst exploring a selection of emerging ideas and arguments. Addressing a series of key epistemological, conceptual and methodological issues, "Disorganization Theory" is designed to encourage reflexive thinking on the part of the reader. Influenced by critical philosophies of deconstruction and discourse, the book not only offers insight into established debates surrounding, for example, postmodernism and actor-network theory, but also brings forth new insights in the field: mimesis, consumption, retrospection, decoration, governmentality, and fluidity theories are all discussed. Written by an international team of leading organizational theorists, this book is an important and contentious addition to the literature. It is an ideal companion for students and researchers working in the fields of advanced organization and management theory, and critical management studies41ocn223349198com19990.47Varcoe, J. C. RMeasurement and treatment of phosphorus and carbon subsoil movement31ocn010203897book19510.96Scott, M. BA further study of the behavior of floorbeam hangers22ocn017454595book19650.47Horton, W. HThe stability of thin-walled unstiffened circular cylindrical shells under nonuniformly distributed axial load21ocn123294052book19650.96Stanford UniversityEffect of test machine extensional rigidity on the initial buckling load for unreinforced circular cylindrical shells in axial compression21ocn560127829book1954Cox, J. WStatistical Studies of Polar Radio Blackouts. (Reprinted from Canadian Journal of Physics.)21ocn271864590book19980.47Characterisation of six soil profiles at the MLA SGSKP site at Vasey, Vic22ocn227658751book1965Cox, J. WStability of Thin-Walled Unstiffened Circular Cylindrical Shells under Nonuniformly Distributed Axial LoadThe report presents an experimental study of the stability of thin-walled circular cylindrical shells under nonuniformly distributed axial compression. Two techniques are given. The first is based on singla tests of many specimens; the second, on many tests on a single specimen. The results are in excellent agreement. They demonstrate that such shells buckle when the stress at any point on their surface reaches the critical value for uniform axial compression. (Author)11ocn879394422book1961Cox, J. WGod manifesting Himself : a study of some central elements in the theology of F.D. Maurice11ocn829151451book1998Cox, J. WSeepage interceptor drains for reducing waterlogging and recharge to saline groundwater : final report11ocn800026096book1962Cox, J. WBrief van J.W. Cox aan Wilhelmus Johannes Maria Antonius Asselbergs (1903-1968)11ocn227622896book1984Chemiluminescence and Laser Fluorescence Study of Several Mg(1S,3Po) Oxidation Reactions. On the MgO Dissociation Energy11ocn227658550book1969Effect of Test Machine Extensional Rigidity on the Initial Buckling Load for Unreinforced Circular Cylindrical Shells in Axial CompressionThe report presents the results of two series of tests which were made to investigate the commonly accepted criterion of instability for shell bodies. This criterion, as generally postulated, states that the total potential energy must be the same before and after buckling. It is an analytical consequence of this contention that the critical load at constant end shortening must be greater than at constant stress. Thus, there should be a difference between tests made in rigid and flexible machines. The experiments recorded provide very strong evidence that this is not so. In the research reported, no evidence of machine influence on initial buckling conditions could be found. (Author)11ocn800026097book1962Duinkerken, Anton vanBrief van Wilhelmus Johannes Maria Antonius Asselbergs (1903-1968) aan J.W. Cox21ocn014845889book18561.00Moore, Benjamin ThomasAn epitome of the chrono-thermal system of medicine; in a metrical letter addressed to J.W. Cox11ocn558991324visu0.10Rule, LloydBosworth-Sullivan stock exchange J.W. Coxhead, Jr., J.F. TonerMen sit in the offices of Bosworth, Sullivan & Company, Inc., a brokerage firm located in Denver, Colorado. Men, identified as J.W. Coxhead, Jr. and J.F. Toner sit on opposite sides of a large desk. A man behind them talks on the phone. A large board behind them lists stock pricesThu Oct 16 15:26:30 EDT 2014batch12589