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M.(Nikolaĭ Mitrofanovich)1879-1955Lefschetz, Solomon1884-1972Conference proceedingsHistoryBibliographyTopologyDifferential equationsGeometry, AlgebraicStabilityNonlinear mechanicsOscillationsNonlinear control theoryAlgebraic topologyLefschetz, Solomon,Graph theoryFeynman integralsElectric networksPicard-Lefschetz theoryMathematicsSoviet UnionDifferential equations, NonlinearControl theoryMathematical optimizationLaSalle, Joseph PHyperspaceLyapunov stabilityCritical point theory (Mathematical analysis)MathematiciansNonlinear oscillationsLi︠a︡punov, A. M.--(Aleksandr Mikhaĭlovich),Veblen, Oswald,Princeton University.--Department of MathematicsGeometry, DifferentialUniversities and colleges--FacultyChurch, Alonzo,Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler,Moore, R. 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Lefschetz2316ocn013761140book19860.90Lefschetz Centennial ConferenceThe Lefschetz Centennial Conference : proceedings of the Lefschetz Centennial Conference held December 10-14, 1984Conference proceedings141ocn122700216book19870.37Lefschetz Centennial ConferenceThe Lefschetz Centennial Conference : proceedings of The Lefschetz Centennial Conference held December 10-14, 1984Conference proceedings41ocn220127627book19870.27The Lefschetz centennial conference : Proceedings of the Lefschetz centennial conference held December 10-14, 1984.Conference proceedings22ocn317620750book20080.47Wess, MarkComputing topological dynamics from time seriesThe topological entropy of a continuous map quantifies the amount of chaos observed in the map. In this dissertation we present computational methods which enable us to compute topological entropy for given time series data generated from a continuous map with a transitive attractor. A triangulation is constructed in order to approximate the attractor and to construct a multivalued map that approximates the dynamics of the linear interpolant on the triangulation. The methods utilize simplicial homology and in particular the Lefschetz Fixed Point Theorem to establish the existence of periodic orbits for the linear interpolant. A semiconjugacy is formed with a subshift of nite type for which the entropy can be calculated and provides a lower bound for the entropy of the linear interpolant. The dissertation concludes with a discussion of possible applications of this analysis to experimental time series11ocn063277412mix1.00Whitney, HasslerOral history interview with Hassler WhitneyWhitney talks about his year in Princeton, 1931-1932, as a National Research Council Fellow. In particular he talks about James W. Alexander and Solomon Lefschetz and about the social atmosphere in Fine Hall. Tucker contributes some of his recollections about Alexander and the dedication ceremony at Fine Hall, and he compares the mathematical community at Princeton with that at Harvard and Chicago. Whitney tells how an incident with Charles Morrey led him (Whitney) to write an important paper11ocn056476548art1999Lefschetz, SolomonBiography11ocn063277404mix1.00Tucker, Albert WOral history interview with Albert W. TuckerPeriodicalsTucker tells how the journal Annals of Mathematics, which was begun in 1884 by a professor of mathematics at the University of Virginia, became a Princeton publication, with J. H. M. Wedderburn and later Solomon Lefschetz doing most of the editing. Tucker also describes the editorial policies of Lefschetz. Other journals that Tucker talks about are Journal of Symbolic Logic and Annals of Mathematical Statistics. He describes in some detail--having had himself the leading role in the story--how Annals of Mathematical Studies came into being and how it developed11ocn866253160book20141.00The influence of Solomon Lefschetz in geometry and topology : 50 years of mathematics at Cinvestav11ocn063283817mix1.00Tucker, Albert WOral history interview with Albert W. TuckerTucker begins by talking about the professors, including assistant and associate professors, at Princeton in 1930. He tells most about James Alexander, Alonzo Church, Luther Eisenhart, Solomon Lefschetz, and H. P. Robertson. Other faculty members Tucker talks about at some length are Einar Hille, Morris Knebelman, T. Y. Thomas, and Oswald Veblen11ocn019525544mix1.00Vandiver, Harry SchultzVandiver, H.S., PapersArchivesThe collection documents the career of H.S. Vandiver. Vandiver was an authority on Fermat's last theorem, and his papers contain material collected for a book on this subject. Correspondents include A.A. Albert, E.T. Bell, R. Bellman, G.D. Birkhoff, S.G. Bourne, R. Brauer, L. Carlitz, A. Church, H.S.M. Coxeter, L.E. Dickson, H.H. Hasse, I.M. Herstein, S. Lefschetz, D.N. Lehmer, E.H. Moore, C.A. Nicol, E.L. Post, B.L. van der Waerden, and A.L. Whiteman. Material includes correspondence (about 2350 items), research notes, bibliographies, lecture notes, notebooks, drafts of publications, reprints, and photographs11ocn019525331mix1.00Moore, R. LMoore, R.L., PapersCollection documents the career of R.L. Moore (1882-1974) at the University of Texas (1920-1974), with a small amount of material concerning his doctoral studies at the University of Chicago11ocn159940392art19320.10Cattell, James McKeenLefschetz, Prof. S(olomon) : 190 Prospect St, Princeton, N. J11ocn063297204mix1.00Tucker, Albert WOral history interview with Albert W. TuckerTucker talks about growing up as the son of a Methodist minister in Ontario, Canada, and about his education (4 different high schools, the University of Toronto, and Princeton University). He talks at some length about his years as a graduate student at Princeton and describes many of the faculty members, including Luther Eisenhart, Solomon Lefschetz, J. W. Alexander, and Oswald Veblen. Tucker tells of the beginnings of the Institute for Advanced Study11ocn074213905mix1.00Princeton UniversityDepartment of Mathematics Oral History Project recordsHistoryThe collection consists of written transcripts of 42 interviews with surviving faculty and students of the mathematics community in Princeton in the 1930s. Also included among the interviews are 3 written contributions. Most of the discussion focuses on the institutional and social context of the development of an eminent mathematical research and graduate education center, and on the personalities and biographies of the individuals involved. Information about technical accomplishments within mathematics are only peripherally considered. Common topics include reasons for coming to Princeton, assessments of the educational and research programs, and the effects of the Depression and the European political situation on academic life11ocn063306961mix1.00Tucker, Albert WOral history interview with Albert W. TuckerTucker describes mathematics in Princeton in the late 1930s and during the years of World War II. Topics include: personnel and personnel changes at the Princeton University Mathematics Department and the Institute for Advanced Study School of Mathematics; Solomon Lefschetz as the leader of the mathematical research program at the university; the later careers of James Alexander and Oswald Veblen; active mathematical research areas at Princeton; the move of the Institute for Advanced Study to Flud Hall in 1939; the impact of the physical separation of the Institute and university mathematics programs; teaching of mathematics to military personnel during the war11ocn063309556mix1.00Tucker, Albert WOral history interview with Albert W. TuckerHistoryTucker talks about J. W. Alexander, his family background, his education, and his personality. Two other topologists that Tucker talks about are Solomon Lefschetz (who introduced the word "topology" into English) and R. L. Moore (who visited Princeton in the 1930s). Tucker recounts his experiences with Marston Morse, first when Tucker was a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard, and later after Morse accepted a position at the Institute for Advanced Study. Then Tucker describes Oswald Veblen and Alonzo Church, and discusses his interest in the history of matrix algebra11ocn038092633book19971.00Teodorescu-Frumosu, Mihail AntonioMathai-Quillen formalism and Lefschetz theory11ocn019525496mix1.00Wilder, Raymond LouisWilder, Raymond Louis, papersHistoryArchivesThe papers document the career of Raymond Louis Wilder01ocn086146202mixWiener, NorbertPapersThe collection includes extensive files of Wiener's writings, published and unpublished. Copies of articles he wrote while in Cambridge and Germany reflect his transition from philosopher to mathematician. His later writings record his collaborative work with colleagues and students. Included in the collection is the unpublished Dynamics of the Nervous System, by Wiener and Rosenblueth, as well as his other books, lectures, speeches, articles, and book reviews. Copies of writings by others are also included in the collection+-+4570045355324+-+4570045355324Fri Mar 21 15:16:26 EDT 2014batch35285