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Fri Mar 21 17:04:24 2014 UTClccn-n801093700.00Author's hour0.331.00Economic theories and human values /120149415George_Gildern 80109370490140Gilder, George.Gilder, George, 1939-Gilder, George F., 1939-Gilder, Jerzy.ギルダー, ジョージlccn-n80067040Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )lccn-n82014822Chapman, Bruce Kerry1940-lccn-n79003041Mead, Carverlccn-nr2003034363Faggin, Federico1941-lccn-n2004155315Foveon (Firm)lccn-no2008178930Blackstone Audio, Inclccn-n00107062Richards, Jay Wesley1967-lccn-n88274457Kurzweil, Raylccn-n98065546Riggenbach, Jeffnrtlccn-no99075695Dauzat, Pierre-EmmanuelGilder, George F.1939-Case studiesHistoryUnited StatesEconomic historyCapitalismEconomic policyWealthEntrepreneurshipCapitalists and financiersSex customsLoveSex roleFamiliesInteractive computer systemsInteractive videosDigital televisionTelecommunication--ForecastingMicroelectronics industryMicroelectronics--Social aspectsRapeNew York (State)--AlbanyRacismSupply-side economicsPovertyDivorced menBachelorsArtificial intelligencePolitical scienceRepublican Party (U.S. : 1854- )Electronic digital computersDigital electronicsCalifornia--Santa Clara Valley (Santa Clara County)Cell phonesPhotography--Digital techniquesHigh technology industriesVisual perceptionComputer visionIsraelArab-Israeli conflict--Economic aspectsEconomics--Political aspectsEthnic relations--Economic aspectsAntisemitism--Economic aspectsInformation theory in economicsTelematicsTechnology and civilizationComputersEconomic developmentFaggin, Federico,Mead, CarverFoveon (Firm)EconomicsGilder, George F.,193919611966197319741975197619781980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032005200620072008200920102012201313953114320330.122HB501ocn760873603268931ocn006709177book19800.29Gilder, George FWealth and povertyExamines how the government can increase prosperity and curtail poverty through unfettered entrepreneurship to give the country's poor economic vigor and opportunity+-+2597063006163019ocn021282664book19900.35Gilder, George FLife after television+-+1038858485128313ocn010849968book19840.29Gilder, George FThe spirit of enterprise107411ocn019980944book19890.32Gilder, George FMicrocosm : the quantum revolution in economics and technologyContains accounts of the latest inventions and portraits of the leading scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs in today's technology+-+K740526215103110ocn044446597book20000.28Gilder, George FTelecosm : how infinite bandwidth will revolutionize our worldProposes that a revolution of high-speed, high-powered networks, not limited to the capacity of the PC, will enable users to transmit information at an exponentially higher rate+-+858453931584413ocn000754636book19730.39Gilder, George FSexual suicide79411ocn013497309book19860.29Gilder, George FMen and marriageThis book examines the loss of the family unit and the well-defined gender roles it used to offer and how this loss has changed the focus of our society. Poverty, for instance, can result from the destruction of the family when single parents are abandoned by their lovers or older women are suddenly divorced because society approves of the husband's new, younger girlfriend. Gilder claims that men will only own up to their paternal obligations when women lead them to do so and that this civilizing influence, balanced with proper economic support, is the most important part of maintaining a productive, healthy, loving society. He offers a concrete plan of action for rebuilding the family in America. His solutions challenge readers to return to these roles and reestablish those family values which were once so crucial in staving off the ills that plague our country. --from back cover+-+29994373357189ocn003751070book19780.47Gilder, George FVisible man : a true story of post-racist AmericaCase studies+-+00190630065424ocn001032363book19740.47Gilder, George FNaked nomads; unmarried men in America4736ocn026159980book19840.39Gilder, George FRecapturing the spirit of enterprise+-+16570630064695ocn000382933book19660.50Gilder, George FThe party that lost its head4253ocn057373777book20050.29Gilder, George FThe silicon eye"George Gilder has covered the wizards of high tech for twenty-five years and has an insider's knowledge of Silicon Valley and the unpredictable mix of genius, drive, and luck that can turn a start-up into a Fortune 500 company. The Silicon Eye is a narrative of some of the smartest - and most colorful - people on earth and their race to transform an entire industry."--Jacket+-+96937884853746ocn796355103book20120.24Gilder, George FWealth and poverty : a new edition for the twenty-first centuryGilder compares America's current economic challenges with her past economic problems-- particularly those of the late 1970s-- and explains why Obama's big-government, redistributive policies are doing more harm than good for the poor. He makes the case that supply-side economics and free market policies are-- and always will be-- the answer to decreasing America's poverty rate and increasing her prosperity3054ocn807025294book20130.21Gilder, George FKnowledge and power : the information theory of capitalism and how it is revolutionizing our worldOne of the twentieth century's defining economic minds proposes a new theory on how capitalism produces wealth and how the American economy can regain its vitality and growth3051ocn368029054book20090.23Gilder, George FThe Israel testGilder reveals Israel as a leader of human civilization, technological progress, and scientific advances. He postulates that Israel is a crucial battlefield for capitalism and freedom in our time+-+30812553451069ocn049614239book20000.24Gilder, George FTelecosm : the world after bandwidth abundance+-+7290578925773ocn050723532book20020.39Are we spiritual machines? : Ray Kurzweil vs. the critics of strong AI+-+4890138145764ocn020533733book19810.50Gilder, George FRichesse et pauvretéCe livre passe pour être la "bible" du président Reagan. L'économiste américain Gilder fournit des réponses au vitriol aux grandes questions suscitées par la situation économique: les plus grandes entreprises sont-elles encore à l'origine d'innovations technologiques de pointe? Créent-elles des emplois? Faut-il les nationaliser pour sortir de la crise? La guerre contre la pauvreté peut-elle être gagnée par la redistribution des revenus et la surimposition des riches? L'Etat patron peut-il combattre efficacement l'inflation? Il juge passéiste la pensée socialiste et archaïques les économistes de gauche. L'avenir, pour lui, c'est le capitalisme684ocn501313636file20000.12Gilder, George FTelecosm how infinite bandwidth will revolutionize our worldThe Computer age is over. After a cataclysmic global run of thirty years, it has given birth to the age of the telecosm--the world enabled and defined by new communications technology. To seek the key to great wealth and to understand the bewildering ways that high tech is restructuring our lives, look not to chip speed but to bandwidth. Bandwidth is exploding, and its abundance is the most important social and economic fact of our time683ocn744288290book20120.24Gilder, George FThe Israel test : why the world's most beseiged state is a beacon of freedom and hope for the world economyHistoryIn this book, George Gilder asserts that widespread antagonism toward the current state of Israel springs from, like anti-Semitism everywhere, envy of superior accomplishment. Israel's sudden rise as a world capitalist and technological power, he argues, stems in part from the Jewish ""culture of mind"" and in part from Judaism itself, which,?perhaps more than any other religion, favors capitalist activity and provides a rigorous moral framework for it." Critics of Israel?in the U.S., in the surrounding countries of the Middle East and in Western European nations that are facing socialis121ocn042898369book19980.79Gilder, George FSpeaking of George GilderQuotations+-+299013814531ocn017482535book19871.00Rettew, PhyllisEconomic theories and human values21ocn012090561book19840.47Dawson, Nelson LLouis D. Brandeis, George Gilder and the nature of capitalism11ocn032293195book19940.47Elliott, Stephen MGeorge Gilder's moral sources of capitalism01ocn605910350com2009Author's hourInterviewsA book release party featuring Senior Fellow George Gilder and his book "The Israel Test."+-+8584539315+-+8584539315Fri Mar 21 15:32:30 EDT 2014batch20431