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Fri Mar 21 17:11:43 2014 UTClccn-n801235420.00Presentation of the gold medal of the International Benjamin Franklin society to Leonard W. Labaree : ... on the occasion of the 38th annual meeting of the Society at New York, N.Y. January 21, 19610.431.00Labaree family papers,32123675Leonard_Woods_Labareen 80123542504093Labaree, Leonard W.Labaree, Leonard W. 1897-Labaree, Leonard W. (Leonard Woods), 1897-Labaree, Leonard Woodsラバレーlccn-n79043402Franklin, Benjamin1706-1790lccn-n91077521Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n80113005Willcox, William Bradford1907-1985edtlccn-n81083506Oberg, Barbaraothlccn-n50006799Bell, Whitfield J.(Whitfield Jenks)edtlccn-n2004063983Poor Richard Club (Philadelphia, Pa.)lccn-n80034012Rogers, Bruce1870-1957lccn-n94031070Pforzheimer Bruce Rogers Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n50041619Andrews, Charles McLean1863-1943lccn-nr96025053American Historical AssociationAlbert J. Beveridge Memorial FundLabaree, Leonard Woods1897-1980BiographyHistorySourcesRecords and correspondenceTextbooksJuvenile worksFictionUnited StatesFranklin, Benjamin,StatesmenGreat BritainPolitical scienceColoniesWoolman, John,MaximsQuakersCivilizationColonies--AdministrationConservatismInventorsScientistsPrintersAuthors, AmericanPennsylvaniaEducationConnecticutPenn, William,ClergyAutobiography (Franklin, Benjamin)Connecticut--MilfordPine, Frank Woodworth,Coad, Oral Sumner,BiographyLibrariesAmerican literatureAmerican diariesConduct of lifeLabaree, Leonard Woods,DiplomatsSeymour, Charles,Society of Friends--DoctrinesYale UniversitySociety of FriendsChristian lifeChristian life--Quaker authorsReligionChristian biographyPublic officersUniversities and colleges--FacultyShorthand--PitmanAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)AutobiographiesWomen--EducationFamiliesSeymour, George Dudley,PresidentsFarrand, Max,18971980192219261930193119331934193519371942194319441945194719481949195119531955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197219731974197519761977197819791980198219831984198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992001200320062008200910744178470BE302.6.F7ocn000174764ocn002719230ocn002071339ocn174446113ocn299466142ocn174446135ocn174446173ocn174446141ocn264651230ocn174446212ocn186429702ocn082990972186129ocn000424721book19640.28Franklin, BenjaminThe autobiography of Benjamin FranklinHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyFictionTextbooksSourcesRecords and correspondenceWritten ostensibly as a letter to his son William, the autobiography offers Franklin's reflections on philosophy and religion, politics, war, education, material success and the status of women+-+3303455585155526ocn000310601book19570.39Franklin, BenjaminThe papers of Benjamin FranklinHistoryBiographyThis volume covers the five-month period ending January 20, 1783, when Britain signed preliminary articles of peace with France and Spain, and Britain and the United States declared a cessation of hostilities, effectively ending the American Revolution+-+K584565585130824ocn000498963book19300.53Labaree, Leonard WoodsRoyal government in America; a study of the British colonial system before 1783129836ocn002724883book19480.56Labaree, Leonard WoodsConservatism in early American historyHistory12028ocn000424724book19560.37Franklin, BenjaminMr. Franklin : a selection from his personal lettersRecords and correspondence8992ocn000423549book19640.33Andrews, Charles McLeanThe colonial period of American historyHistory"I have approached the subject from the English end, from the land whence the colonists came and of which they were always legally a part, and have broadened the scope of my inquiry to include all England's colonial possessions in the West that were founded in the seventeenth century. I have done this because I believe that final conclusions must always rest upon the experiences England had with all, not a part, of her colonies. That some of these colonies remained British while others became American does not, historically speaking, enter in as a determining factor."-- Author's preface, v. 185112ocn000174764book19350.63Labaree, Leonard WoodsRoyal instructions to British colonial governors, 1670-1776HistorySources1627ocn021723404book19770.73ConnecticutThe public records of the State of Connecticut ... : with the journal of the Council of Safety ... and an appendixHistorySources1403ocn000370943book19330.63Labaree, Leonard WoodsMilford, Connecticut; the early development of a town as shown in its land recordsHistory733ocn680532571file19740.76ConnecticutThe public records of the state of Connecticut published in accordance with a resolution of the General AssemblyHistorySources609ocn257362959book19620.37Franklin, BenjaminJuly 1, 1753, through March 31, 1755HistorySourcesRecords and correspondence568ocn257362285book19630.37Franklin, BenjaminApril 1, 1755, through September 30, 1756HistorySourcesRecords and correspondence568ocn257362290book19630.37Franklin, BenjaminOctober 1, 1756, through March 31, 1758HistorySourcesRecords and correspondence+-+0201555585324438ocn257362942book19610.37Franklin, BenjaminJanuary 1, 1745, through June 30, 1750HistorySourcesRecords and correspondence428ocn174446113book19610.37Franklin, BenjaminThe papers of Benjamin FranklinHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence+-+28015555853244110ocn058645300book19650.37Franklin, BenjaminThe papers of Benjamin FranklinHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence+-+73015555853243810ocn058645319book19690.35Franklin, BenjaminThe papers of Benjamin FranklinHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence377ocn174446243book19670.35Franklin, BenjaminThe papers of Benjamin FranklinHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence+-+7611555585324366ocn174446453book19700.33Franklin, BenjaminThe papers of Benjamin FranklinHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence+-+2268655585324331ocn257362777book19730.37Franklin, BenjaminJanuary 1 through December 31, 1770+-+114065558532411ocn083600478art19260.10Williams CollegeLeonard W. Labaree11ocn024270343mix18331.00Labaree, BenjaminBenjamin Labaree papersHistoryLetter from Labaree to James Gillespie Birney, Huntsville, Ala., discussing the Manual Labor School and the colonization of slaves; and notes made by Labaree's grandson, Leonard, on Labaree's meeting with Birney11ocn702169162mix1.00Kent, ShermanSherman Kent papersThe papers consist of correspondence, writings, research notes, teaching materials, clippings and other printed material, photographs, and memorabilia which document the personal life and professional career of Sherman Kent. The papers highlight Kent's student years and teaching career at Yale and his lifelong research in French history. Kent's career in intelligence is also represented in these papers, though they contain no official records from the O.S.S. or the C.I.A11ocn702153253mix1.00Andrews, Charles McLeanCharles McLean Andrews papersHistoryThe papers consist of correspondence, research files (including notes, transcripts, and photocopies of historical documents), writings, photograph albums, and memorabilia relating to the personal life and professional career of American historian Charles McLean Andrews; his wife, Evangeline Walker Andrews; and other family members. More than half the correspondence is between family members. Charles Andrews's education and early career are detailed in correspondence with his parents, wife, and sisters. Evangeline Andrews's correspondence with her parents; her sister, Ethel Walker Smith; her husband; and her children concerns her Bryn Mawr activities, travels, historical and theatrical interests and writing, and the activities of family members. The correspondence also chronicles the development of the Ethel Walker School. Charles McLean Andrews's professional correspondents include former students, co-authors, fellow historians, librarians, and archivists. The professional correspondence is overwhelmingly incoming and reflects more of the correspondents' careers and activities than those of Andrews. Research and writings files detail Andrews's historical interests11ocn702167141mix1.00Labaree familyLabaree family papersThe principal figures in these papers are Benjamin Labaree and his wife, Eliza Paul Capen Labaree. Their papers consist of courtship letters and other correspondence (1831-1835), his autobiography written in 1879 and five of her school notebooks compiled while she was at the Ipswich Academy (ca. 1829-1830). Also in the papers is a sketchbook by James McIntosh, and a collection of family letters (1917-1919) edited by Leonard Woods Labaree and abridged by Rachel Capen Schauffler11ocn702153532mix1.00Notestein, WallaceWallace Notestein papersHistoryThe paper consist of correspondence, writings, printed material, notes, speeches, and other papers of Wallace Notestein, historian, teacher, author, and Sterling Professor of English History at Yale from 1928-1947. The bulk of the papers consist of letters received by Notestein from other historians, scholars, writers, students, and publishers and relate largely to academic and professional matters, to politics, and to his personal life01ocn173485554book1969Mr. Franklin01ocn173483384book1961International Benjamin Franklin SocietyPresentation of the gold medal of the International Benjamin Franklin society to Leonard W. Labaree : ... on the occasion of the 38th annual meeting of the Society at New York, N.Y. January 21, 1961+-+2801555585324+-+2801555585324Fri Mar 21 15:15:17 EDT 2014batch25699