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Fri Mar 21 17:06:02 2014 UTClccn-n801252100.14The story of Washington, D.C0.281.00Why Judge Cacheris's position on "confidential sources" is unconstitutional /147748465n 80125210432270505727KNBCN.B.C. NewsNational Broadcasting.National Broadcasting Co.National Broadcasting Company.National Broadcasting Company, inc. NBC NewsNational Broadcasting Company International.National Broadcasting Company. NBC News.NBC International.NBC News ProductionsNBC4WNBClccn-no2003057097Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm)lccn-no2005057562Films Media Grouplccn-n80071044Brokaw, Tomcrpausrpthstnrtlccn-no95055790New Video Grouplccn-no96037384History Channel (Television network)lccn-n81112494NBC Television Networklccn-nr92019436Arts and Entertainment Networklccn-no2001012643Salomon, Henry1917-1958ausprolccn-n80050398National Broadcasting Companyprdlccn-n87927320Hyatt, Donald B.NBC NewsHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives‡vAmericanPeriodicalsCriticism, interpretation, etcDocumentary television programsUnited StatesWorld War (1939-1945)Sea controlTelevision broadcasting of newsMeet the press (Television program)International relationsAssassinationKing, Martin Luther,--Jr.,African American civil rights workersPolitical sciencePress and politicsJournalism--Social aspectsJournalistsNBC NewsCivilizationTravelTwain, Mark,Presidents--ElectionAuthors, AmericanFrontier and pioneer lifeUnited States, WestIraq War (2003-2011)Electronic news gatheringChinaChina--BeijingForbidden City (Beijing, China)ArtQing Dynasty (China)United States.--CongressElectionsWorld politicsPresidentsArt museumsMusée du LouvreFrance--ParisManners and customsBrokaw, TomRace discriminationSocial movementsRace relationsUnited States.--NavyWashington (D.C.)Father and childCivil rights movementsAfrican Americans--Social conditionsCollective behaviorPolitical activistsAfrican AmericansRacism--Study and teachingSouthern States1900193919451950195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132516911001469791.4572D811.A2ocn026471924ocn746010060ocn8008193838933ocn037831720book19980.24Ball, RickMeet the press : fifty years of history in the makingThis history of Meet the Press, the longest-running network television show, includes behind-the-scenes stories, little-known anecdotes, and excerpts from the show's transcripts from its start in 1947 through April 1997+-+49611952558892ocn002005016book19670.39American white paper: United States foreign policy8542ocn226866502visu20080.18King go beyond the dream to discover the manHistoryBiographyForty years after Martin Luther King's assassination, newsman Tom Brokaw, takes viewers through the extraordinary life and times of America's civil rights visionary. Go beyond the legend to portray the man, the questions, the myths, and the relevance of Dr. King's message in today's world6784ocn053042824visu20030.19Victory at seaDocumentary television programsThe most famous historical war series ever made. A sweeping record of the naval battles of World War II+-+11520521253245394ocn040806845visu19990.16Brokaw, TomThe Greatest generationPersonal narratives AmericanThey were the men and women who came of age during the Great Depression and the Second World War: individuals who paved a path through hardship and struggle and went on to build the nation we know today. Theirs are stories of families who fought their way to economic stability; women whose roles changed forever; citizens who learned to reconcile a national purpose with their individual needs. Together they built modern America4265ocn001330810book19650.39NBC NewsSomehow it works; a candid portrait of the 1964 Presidential electionThis tells all about the 1964 presidential election with it emotions, campaign fights, etc., using both text and numerous large photos3885ocn052367611visu19900.18Mark Twain's AmericaHistoryBiographyOver 1,000 period photos eloquently reveal Mark Twain's rich and varied life. The story spans his career as prolific writer, Mississippi riverboat pilot, drama critic, publisher, and world traveler, while at the same time mirroring the rise of America from frontier days to world power+-+71262254253243793ocn052757350book20030.18Operation Iraqi freedom : the inside storyBook's pictures taken from NBC news footage during the first 22 days of the Iraq War in March-April 2003. DVD presents highlights of NBC's coverage+-+34059259253324ocn030338047visu19900.19The real WestHistoryA story of the American West, using vintage photographs and new material. Tells about the hardship, hunger, failure, and murder, the wild fun of gold rushes, the cow towns, and the peace officers who were cowards. Describes an army whose task it was to vanquish a people fighting for its homeland and worthless men who have become heroes on television2993ocn018757401visu19870.21The Forbidden CityHistoryExplores the history and culture of China as reflected in the art and architectural treasures of the Forbidden City2902ocn003459218book19610.32NBC NewsMemo to JFK from NBC News2882ocn002196444serial0.28Picture book of the yearHistoryPeriodicals2743ocn000475115book19660.28NBC NewsThere was a President2631ocn026471924visu19920.19Portraits of American presidentsHistoryBiographyDepicts the history of the United States through three stages of the American presidency, as a new nation, in national struggle, and as a world power2552ocn061325863visu20010.18A golden prison the LouvreCharles Boyer takes us on a tour of the Louvre. He discusses its history, describes the rulers who acquired the great collection of art through the centuries, points out the changes which have been made in the structure of the building, and explains that French civilization can be surveyed through the history of the Louvre+-+47789441063242415ocn709677050visu20040.35Let freedom ring moments from the civil rights movement, 1954-1965HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyDespite the colossal and continuing legacy of America's civil rights era, the movement is often best understood through the historical moments in which it took place. This NBC News program presents original coverage from frontline correspondents and camera teams at work during critical junctures in America's battle for racial equality. Hosted by NBC anchor Lester Holt, the video examines the Greensboro sit-ins; the Freedom Rider phenomenon; the efforts by, in support of, and against black students entering southern schools and universities; the March on Washington; and other events and initiatives2381ocn060038530visu20050.17The greatest generation with Tom BrokawHistoryPersonal narratives AmericanThey came of age during the Great Depression, fought to preserve freedom in World War II and went on to build modern America. Oridinary men and women whose everyday lives of duty, achievement and courage gave us the world we have today. GI's, Sailors, Airmen and Marines share their personal stories and experiences2245ocn033257733visu19900.20Life in the thirtiesHistoryA documentary film portraying life in America during the 1930's. Includes scenes showing social and economic trends, and the events and personalities that attracted the attention of the average person1931ocn026823758visu19920.14The story of Washington, D.CHistoryA video tour of Washington, D.C., focusing especially on the District's history1912ocn047920529visu20010.15Father's day now & foreverPersonal narratives AmericanThe stories of four families still affected by the experiences of their fathers during World War II6712ocn023461999book19910.28Frank, ReuvenOut of thin air : the brief wonderful life of network newsHistoryBiography2992ocn001444419book19630.59National Broadcasting CompanyThe longest night1903ocn682895693book20120.59Mascaro, TomInto the fray : how NBC's Washington Documentary Unit reinvented the newsHistoryThe revolutionary transformation of documentary television and the news in war, culture, and environmental preservation+-+02002424063241052ocn004593257book19790.76Pearce, AlanNBC News Division and the economics of prime time accessPearce, Alan: The economics of prime time access. Prep. for the Federal Communications Commission. 1973. II, 137 S., app982ocn012134067book19840.92Kaplar, Richard TEconomic forecasts, election years, and the media : a content analysis of the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, and NBC News401ocn002066004book19610.73National Broadcasting CompanyStand by: NBC news191ocn020339017book19500.90Schechter, A. AThe reminiscences of A(bel) A(lan) SchechterHistory93ocn006218598book19720.93Pearce, AlanNBC news division : a study of the costs, the revenues, and the benefits of broadcast news52ocn020101024visu19830.47NBC in Lebanon a study in media misrepresntationHistoryCriticism of NBC News ̓coverage of the war in Lebanon in 198241ocn005237551book19630.47NBC NewsHuntley-Brinkley convention & election almanac31ocn050901925book20010.47Ray, CharlesThe life of a network newsreel cameramanBiography+-+458157624532ocn697957402com20000.92Wetzel, RoyRoy Wetzel June to October, 2000BiographyInterviews cover Wetzel's life as an broadcast journalist, and his bequest to the University of Michigan Library of his collection of papers and tapes about American presidential elections (1952-1990)31ocn021048654book19841.00LaRouche, Lyndon HWhy Judge Cacheris's position on "confidential sources" is unconstitutionalTrials, litigation, etc31ocn040896382book19910.92Ramírez, John JosephTelevision news and the political economy of disinformationHistory31ocn022895878book19820.88Okotie, Atutumama HA critical analysis of the rhetoric of CBS, ABC, and NBC television news coverage of the Nigerian Civil WarHistory21ocn038686076book19760.96NBC NewsStarting from scratch; the invention of the television documentary, NBC news, 1950-197521ocn053143048mix19700.92Huntley, ChetToday Show interview of Chet HuntleyHuntley responds to questions on the day of his retirement from NBC News. He talks about the beginnings of the Huntley-Brinkley newscast, journalistic criticism of political leaders, his future, and his Big Sky project22ocn042276655book19951.00Philpott, Jeffrey SFrom "major malfunction" to "pulling us into the future" : rhetorical transformation and the reconstruction of public coherence in immediate public responses to the explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger21ocn053142991mix0.92Tributes to Chet Huntley on the occasion of his deathTapes consist of reports of the death of Chet Huntley by various national newscasters, with comments on his life21ocn057732834mix0.92Huntley, ChetChet Huntley Papers 1920-1977Biographical information; personal and professional correspondence; scripts written for his radio and television projects, speaking engagements, and news commentary projects; press clippings, primarily spanning his years with NBC; obituaries published in diverse outlets; an extensive photographic collection; a small sampling of news and documentary broadcasts; and some three-dimensional memorabilia. The collection includes extensive information regarding Huntley's role with the Big Sky resort. Writings include several articles Huntley wrote for magazines and essay collections as well as extensive materials relating to The Generous Years, an autobiographical account of his Montana childhood. Subject files reflect Huntley's varied research interests and clipping files consist of newspaper and magazine articles about Huntley, published throughout his professional career and after his death. Big Sky materials include written proposals, correspondence with potential investors, development blue prints, promotional materials, and press clippings. Audio-visual materials include an extensive photographic collection, a small sampling of news and documentary broadcasts, and a few audiotape recordings. Mounted artifacts range from bronze sculptures to framed awards, from appreciation plaques and medals to oversize certificates+-+4961195255+-+4961195255Fri Mar 21 15:58:49 EDT 2014batch42369