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Fri Mar 21 17:05:08 2014 UTClccn-n801262990.06American science fiction and fantasy writers /0.151.00Keith Laumer121640202Andre_Nortonn 80126299506741North, Andrew, 1912-2005North, Andrew 1912-2005 PseudonymNorth, Andrew pseud.Norton, A.Norton, Alice Mary.Norton, Alice Mary, 1912-2005Norton, Alice Mary ca. 1912-2005Norton, André.Norton, Andre, 1912-2005Norton, Andre Alice, 1912-2005Norton, Andre Alice, pseud.Norton, Andrew.Norton, Andrew 1912-2005Nortone, E. (Endrū), 1912-2005Weston, Allan.Weston, Allen, 1912-2005Weston, Allen, pseud.Weston, Robert, 1912-2005Нортон, Алиса Мэри 1912-Нортон, АндреНортон, Андре 1912-Нортон, Андре, 1912-2005Нортон, АндрэНортон, Андрэ, 1912-2005Нортон, Эндрю 1912-Нортон, Эндрю, 1912-2005ノートン, アンドレcontainsVIAFID/273780250North, AndrewcontainsVIAFID/58161084Norton, Alice MarycontainsVIAFID/9047068Weston, Allenlccn-n85039370Lackey, Mercedeslccn-no95032563McConchie, Lyn1946-lccn-n93092485Miller, Sashafast-1124882Solar Queen (Imaginary space vehicle)lccn-n88275315Smith, Sherwoodfast-1134138Storm, Hosteen (Fictitious character)lccn-n78086036Bradley, Marion Zimmerlccn-no99015184Rabe, Jeanlccn-n90695319Griffin, P. M.(Pauline M.)lccn-n80067045May, JulianNorton, AndreFictionFantasy fictionJuvenile worksBibliographyHistoryFantasy fiction, AmericanElvesMagicWitch World (Imaginary place)FantasyTime travelYoung womenScience fictionRuwenda (Imaginary place)Labornok (Imaginary place)WizardsSistersScience fiction, AmericanKidnappingTripletsTwinsSmellDragonsGreat BritainRevengeAtlantis (Legendary place)PrincessesBrothers and sistersHuman-alien encountersAnimalsNorton, AndreFantasy fiction, AmericanUnited StatesWomen and literatureFantasy fiction--AuthorshipScience fiction--AuthorshipScientistsAuthors, American--BiographyMurdock, Ross (Fictitious character)Fantasy fictionSpace and timePlagueLife on other planetsZelazny, RogerOhioLiteratureIndividualism in literatureWitchesInheritance and successionCatsPropheciesFictionAshe, Gordon (Fictitious character)Authors, AmericanFox, Travis (Fictitious character)Good and evil19122005193419371938194219441946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320141016448102612813.52PS3527.O632ocn000866627ocn000673010ocn001133415ocn001133403ocn035125567ocn001133438ocn186071805ocn028562139ocn073741674ocn073741569ocn720454971ocn720454695ocn720454697ocn720454739ocn720354115ocn073741834ocn073892329ocn073892393ocn163835388ocn842397506ocn842397566ocn691923819195328ocn020933096book19900.15Bradley, Marion ZimmerBlack TrilliumFictionThree infant princesses receive the mystically protective Black Trillium at birth and learn to use their strengths and conquer their weaknesses to withstand the dangers that face them+-+2425478005140823ocn032087225book19950.14Norton, AndreElvenblood : an epic high fantasyFictionFantasy fictionA fantasy adventure of two young people in Elvenbane, a land of humans, dragons, shapechangers and other fantastic creatures. The land is ruled by oppressive lords who have the power to remold a person's body or mind. By the authors of Elvenbane+-+7390037685324127312ocn049403669book20020.13Norton, AndreElvenbornFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanThe reclusive elvenlord Kyrtian finds himself caught in the conflict between some of the powerful elvenlords and their rebellious sons and embarks on a quest to find the Great Portal, his own missing father, and the secret of his origins+-+1109137685125139ocn045420156book19580.08Norton, AndreTime traders ; [Galactic derelict]Juvenile worksFictionIn two related adventures, Ross Murdock travels in time to Britain in 2000 B.C. to uncover the base from which Russians are gathering weapons, then investigates an alien spaceship wrecked in North America during prehistoric times+-+870468621511616ocn027068828book19930.15Norton, AndreGolden trilliumFictionKadiya journeys into the swamps of Ruwenda to seek her destiny among the Oddling swamp dwellers whose army she once led+-+104510800510279ocn023941047book19910.15Norton, AndreThe elvenbane : an epic high fantasy of the Halfblood chroniclesFictionBorn in the desert to an exiled concubine and raised by dragons, Shana becomes a wizard of extraordinary power and leads a rebellion against the cruel elven empire ruled by her father+-+602660763510268ocn056686468book20040.14Norton, AndreThree hands for ScorpioFictionKidnapped and left to die in the underground Dismals as part of a plot to shift a balance of power, the triplet daughters of a border lord use their telepathic powers to uncover a secret that may help save their people+-+89195801259916ocn041580598book19990.14Norton, AndreWind in the stoneFictionFantasy fictionIn a fantasy land, a tyrant impregnates a slave to have a son and perpetuate his tyranny. Unknown to him, the slave also gives birth to a twin sister who is hidden in a forest. One day she will lead the oppressed against the tyranny+-+67512453859628ocn038898129book19980.14Norton, AndreScent of magicFictionA sword-and-sorcery adventure featuring Willadene, a scullery maid who can literally smell good and evil. She is hired by a duke to use her gift to save the duchy from an evil power+-+523124538595116ocn032013294book19950.17Bradley, Marion ZimmerTiger burning brightWhen the city state of Merina is conquered by an emperor, its ruling women go underground to continue the struggle. The dowager queen, Adele, disappears into a temple, the ruling queen, Lydana, becomes a peddler of beads, and Shehyra, heir to the throne, joins the gypsies. A tale of feminine deception+-+65189633159186ocn034319464book19960.16Norton, AndreThe warding of Witch WorldFictionThe final installment of a series which began 33 years ago with Witch World. Shortly after the gates of this world are opened to other worlds, Evil takes advantage and now the inhabitants of this world must unite to battle it and save Good+-+941851199590210ocn040305570book19990.16Norton, AndreThe shadow of AlbionHistoryFictionA 19th century romantic fantasy in which orphan Sarah Cunningham wakes up from an accident to find everyone believes she is the Marchioness of Roxbury. The novel describes the way Sarah copes with her new persona+-+72791376859016ocn166290763book20070.14Norton, AndreDragon mageFictionShilo realizes that she is lucky to be taken in by her grandparents after her father dies<U+2013>but life above an antique store in Slade's Corners, Wisconsin is not exactly the place a teenage girl wants to be. One day while going through boxes from her father's boyhood, she comes upon an old set of dragon puzzles, each missing pieces. When she mixes the sets she completes a single dragon puzzle that combines all of the others, and is whisked away to ancient Babylon where she must continue the duties of her father's legacy as a servant to the dragon and a savior of the world+-+04016801258886ocn058604915book20050.14Norton, AndreSilver may tarnishFictionFantasy fictionIn a Witch World adventure, Lorcan makes a stand in the dale of the maiden Meive, where together they hope to create a safe haven for those who have lost land or kin during a devastating war+-+42815801258745ocn064289139book20060.14Norton, AndreA taste of magicFictionFantasy fictionYoung Wisteria draws on all of her magical abilities, which link her to the mysterious powers of nature, as she ventures into the wilderness seeking revenge on the nobleman who had destroyed her village and killed Lady Ewaren+-+52706801258596ocn050645444book19990.13Norton, AndreAtlantis endgame : a new time traders adventureFiction"In Earth's future, when time travel has become possible, the Time Patrol is the top secret government agency that protects Earth's past, so that our history will not become corrupted by invaders from either our future or from other worlds. For many years, Murdock, Ashe, and other members of the Time Patrol have contended with threats to our time continuum, one more deadly than the alien Baldies, who hate other high-tech civilizations and want to destroy Earth." -- Jacket+-+377403768584610ocn044046745book20000.15Norton, AndreTo the king a daughterFiction"All is falling into place for the power-hungry Queen Ysa, who will stop at nothing to ensure the continuation of her line. Her expertise in the dark arts all but guarantees her success, and the wooden rings of royalty have transferred themselves to her hands of their own accord. Nothing and no one escapes her notice or her wrath." -- Jacket+-+51882376858358ocn056194811book20050.13Norton, AndreThe duke's balladFictionFantasy fictionGifted young witch Aisling returns from exile in disguise to prevent her power-hungry brother, Kirion, from continuing his reign of cruelty and murder+-+370098012582418ocn000868135book19740.08Norton, AndreIron cageJuvenile worksFictionA young boy who has been in the care of a simple tribe of intelligent animals he calls "The People" has to decide between his loyalty to them and his need to be among his own kind8198ocn024629399book19900.13Norton, AndreThe mark of the catFictionHynkkel, commanded by his father to travel into the unknown as a test of survival, journeys to a cave where he will enter the secret world of the cat2712ocn005264521book19800.70Schlobin, Roger CAndre Norton, a primary and secondary bibliographyBibliography691ocn005902028book19790.28Yoke, Carl BRoger Zelazny and Andre Norton, proponents of individualismCriticism, interpretation, etc372ocn649939267com20100.10Bankston, JohnAndre NortonJuvenile worksBiographyBiography of science fiction and fantasy writer Andre Norton+-+5731869516291ocn032666920book19940.76Schlobin, Roger CAndre Norton, a primary and secondary bibliographyBibliography+-+6913180645281ocn003789750book19690.28Norton, AndreSecret of the lost raceFiction121ocn001999374book19740.92Turner, David GThe first editions of Andre NortonBibliography102ocn021941083book19890.73Andre Norton : fables & futuresCriticism, interpretation, etc84ocn028428943book19910.70Stephensen-Payne, PhilAndre Norton, grand master of the witch world : a working bibliographyBibliography31ocn797296807book19990.06Datnow, ClaireAmerican science fiction and fantasy writersCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksThis book describes the lives and careers of ten influential writers in science fiction and fantasy, including Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Madeleine L'Engle, Ursula K. Le Guin, and others+-+754565112531ocn019403672book19790.19Ohio authorsCriticism, interpretation, etc31ocn056320952book19920.81Norton, AndreDa zdravstvuet Lord Kor! Koshachʹim vzgli︠a︡dom. Predtechi : povesti21ocn007074611book19660.92Wilbur, SharonAndre Norton : her life and writing with an analysis of her science fiction and an annotated bibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography11ocn007660786book19801.00Hensley, Charlotta CAndre Norton's science fiction and fantasy, 1950-1979 : an introduction to the topics of philosophical reflection, imaginary voyages, and future prediction in selected books for young readers11ocn008263816book19601.00Lofland, Robert DAndre Norton, a contemporary author of books for young people11ocn018899109book19651.00Eklund, TimAn interview with André NortonInterviews11ocn849527728mix1.00Laumer, KeithKeith LaumerArchivesCorrespondence (1945-1968); typescript drafts and manuscripts of articles, novelas, novels, and short fiction; and memorabilia, including calendars (1963-1967), juvenilia, photographs, and sketches11ocn811642246book19980.10Contemporary authors. a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television and other fieldsBio-bibliography+-+K18571232511ocn849527330mix1.00Ackerman, Forrest JForrest J Ackerman PapersPapers of the American science fiction author, editor, agent, collector and fan. Correspondence, 1930-1967, includes fan mail; communications with other writers including Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Andre Norton, and others; correspondence with book and film companies. Files, 1951-1967, contain personal financial records and material on various organizational affiliations. Manuscript material, 1962-1969, includes that of Ackerman and others for whom he acted as agent. Published material, 1933-1967, relates to science fiction and includes catalogs, work lists, booklets, clippings, and references11ocn699816156visu20050.47Fast forward contemporary science fictionInterviewsProgram includes: a review of 20,000 leagues under the sea (translator, Walter James Miller) by Colleen Cahill; a review of Sugar: a little snow fairy (distributed by Pioneer Entertainment) by anime reviewer Marianne Petrino; an in memoriam tribute to Andre Norton by John Pomeranz; and an interview with science fiction author Connie Willis by host Mike Zipser, in which she discusses her novels To say nothing of the dog and Passage, as well as the forthcoming novel All clear11ocn032250825book19950.47Beebe, Diana MThe quest for harmony with the other in Andre Norton's young adult literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+1109137685+-+1109137685Fri Mar 21 15:21:33 EDT 2014batch60963