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Hayek, Friedrich A. von (Friedrich August) 1899-1992

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Most widely held works by Friedrich A. von Hayek
The road to serfdom : text and documents by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

448 editions published between 1942 and 2021 in 14 languages and held by 5,923 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Classic work in political philosophy, intellectual and cultural history, and economics. Originally published in 1944, it was seen as heretical for its passionate warning against the dangers of state control over the means of production. The author was a co-winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics in 1974 and was a pioneer in monetary theory and the principal proponent of libertarianism in the twentieth century
The constitution of liberty by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

185 editions published between 1959 and 2020 in 8 languages and held by 3,369 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

From the $700 billion bailout of the banking industry to president Barack Obama's $787 billion stimulus package to the highly controversial passage of federal health-care reform, conservatives and concerned citizens alike have grown increasingly fearful of big government. Enter economist and political theorist F.A. Hayek. This book is a statement on the ideals of freedom and liberty, ideals that he believes have guided -- and must continue to guide -- the growth of Western civilization. Here Hayek defends the principles of a free society, casting a skeptical eye on the growth of the welfare state and examining the challenges to freedom posed by an ever expanding government -- as well as its corrosive effect on the creation, preservation, and utilization of knowledge. In opposition to those who call for the state to play a greater role in society, Hayek puts forward an argument for prudence. Guided by this quality, he demonstrates that a free market system in a democratic polity -- under the rule of law and with strong constitutional protections of individual rights -- represents the best chance for the continuing existence of liberty
The pure theory of capital by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

89 editions published between 1941 and 2019 in 6 languages and held by 1,794 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Bibliographical foot-notes. Bibliography: p. 441-449
Individualism and economic order. [Essays] by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

121 editions published between 1948 and 2018 in 6 languages and held by 1,789 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this collection of writings, Nobel laureate Friedrich A. Hayek discusses topics from moral philosophy and the methods of the social sciences to economic theory as different aspects of the same central issue : free markets versus socialist planned economies. First published in the 1930s and 40s, these essays continue to illuminate the problems faced by developing and formerly socialist countries
The sensory order : an inquiry into the foundations of theoretical psychology by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

73 editions published between 1952 and 2020 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,594 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

F.A. Hayek (1899-1992) was one of the leading voices in economic and social theory, but he also wrote on theoretical psychology, including in the landmark book The Sensory Order. Although The Sensory Order was not widely engaged with by either psychologists or social scientists at the time of publication, it is seen today as essential for fully understanding Hayek's more well-known work. The latest addition to the University of Chicago Press's Collected Works of F.A. Hayek series, The Sensory Order and Other Writings on the Foundations of Theoretical Psychology pairs the book, originally published in 1952, with additional essays related to The Sensory Order's key themes, including a student paper from 1920 in which Hayek outlined the basic ideas he fully developed in the 1952 book. Rounding out the volume is an insightful introduction by editor Viktor Vanberg that sketches out the central problems Hayek was grappling with when he wrote The Sensory Order and the influential role this early thinking on theoretical psychology would play over the next six decades of his career. The book also features ample footnotes and citations for further reading, making this an essential contribution to the series
Capitalism and the historians : essays by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

53 editions published between 1954 and 2010 in 3 languages and held by 1,521 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The views generally held about the rise of the factory system in Britain derive from highly distorted accounts of the social consequences of that system--so say the distinguished economic historians whose papers make up this book. The authors offer documentary evidence to support their conclusion that under capitalism the workers, despite long hours and other hardships of factory life, were better off financially, had more opportunities and led a better life than had been the case before the Industrial Revolution
Law, legislation and liberty : a new statement of the liberal principles of justice and political economy by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

105 editions published between 1955 and 2022 in 3 languages and held by 1,494 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"In this essential entry in The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek series, political philosopher Jeremy Shearmur collates Hayek's three-volume opus Law, Legislation and Liberty in a single, critical volume. His synthesis is a feat of more than just format: Shearmur has produced a critical translation of the myriad contradictions and shortcomings of the original volumes, supplementing it with footnotes and translations from the original German that bring the text to new life and relevance. These three volumes constitute a scaling-up of the framework offered in Hayek's famed The Road to Serfdom: Volume 1, Rules and Order, espouses the virtues of classical liberalism; Volume 2, The Mirage of Social Justice, examines the societal forces that undermine liberalism and its capacity to induce "spontaneous order"; Volume 3, The Political Order of a Free People, proposes alternatives and interventions against the emerging anti-liberal movements, including a rule of law that resides in stasis with personal freedom"--
The counter-revolution of science : studies on the abuse of reason by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

85 editions published between 1948 and 2008 in English and Spanish and held by 1,385 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

La influencia de las ciencias naturales sobre las ciencias sociales - Problema y método en las ciencias naturales. El carácter subjetivo de los datos del as ciencias sociales - El objetivismo del enfoque científico - El colectivismo del enfoque cuentista - El historicismo del enfoque cuentista - Formaciones sociales intencionadas - La fuente de la hybris científica: l'ecole polytechnique - Física social: Saint-simon y comte - La región de los ingenieros: enfantin y los sansimoniana - La influencia sansimoniana - Sociología: comte y sus sucesores
Prices and production by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

107 editions published between 1900 and 1995 in 6 languages and held by 1,181 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The fatal conceit : the errors of socialism by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

59 editions published between 1988 and 2014 in 4 languages and held by 1,157 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Resource added for the Economics "10-809-195" courses
Studies in philosophy, politics and economics by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

62 editions published between 1967 and 2017 in 4 languages and held by 1,041 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"El presente volumen contiene diversos ensayos escritos por Friedrich A. Hayek entre los años 1944 y 1967, en una selección realizada por el propio Autor. Algunos de estos ensayos -como "La teoría de los fenómenos complejos" o "Los resultados de la acción del hombre pero no de un plan humano"--Tratan temas particularmente decisivos en la evolución intelectual de Hayek y en la articulación de su rico y complejo sistema. Otros -como "Los historiadores y el futuro de Europa" y el "Discurso inaugural de una conferencia en Mont Pélèrin"--revelan su meritoria labor histórica en el restablecimiento del liberalismo, reuniendo a intelectuales de diversos países, que culminó en la creación de la Mont Pélèrin Society. A pesar de la enorme variedad de los asuntos tratados, se percibe una profunda unidad nacida de la propia metodología de Hayek. En el Prólogo al volumen escribe el Autor: "Los problemas de filosofía de la ciencia y de filosofía moral que aquí se discuten surgieron todos ellos del tratamiento anterior de problemas de teoría económica, de psicología y de política social; y los estudios de los problemas de política y de economía están ligados más a cuestiones en las que se cruzan distintas ramas del conocimiento que a temas pertenecientes a una sola disciplina". Es decir, es la necesidad de una más profunda comprensión de los problemas de política y de economía la que le conduce perentoriamente al terreno de la filosofía y la que da esa unidad interior al volumen. En el Prólogo a la edición española, el Profesor Lorenzo Infantino, buen conocedor de la obra de Hayek, destaca algunos pilares básicos del pensamiento hayekiano dentro de los cuales se encuadran temas recurrentes y definitorios del gran sistema de uno de los pensadores más profundos del siglo XX. Así, la crítica del "constructivismo", la contraposición entre el racionalismo cartesiano y el racionalismo crítico, las implicaciones éticas y políticas."--Cubierta
New studies in philosophy, politics, economics and the history of ideas by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

74 editions published between 1977 and 2021 in 4 languages and held by 1,000 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Capitalism and the historians by Friedrich A. von Hayek( )

11 editions published between 1954 and 2013 in English and Undetermined and held by 978 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A book that will disturb the sleep of a good many scholars"" Max Eastman F.A. Hayek's Introduction lays the groundwork for this study of the rise of the factory system in Great Britain. It also examines why historians have been so critical of capitalism and the factory system. The subsequent essays discuss why intellectuals have usually been antagonistic to capitalism and what effect these historical misconceptions have had on the world's attitude toward business enterprise. * Papers by distinguished British, American and European economic historians including T.S. Ashton, L.M. Hacker an
Collectivist economic planning : critical studies on the possibilities of socialism by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

81 editions published between 1935 and 2015 in 3 languages and held by 927 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Selected bibliography": pages 291-293
Monetary theory and the trade cycle by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

40 editions published between 1929 and 2012 in 3 languages and held by 876 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The mirage of social justice by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

23 editions published between 1976 and 2007 in English and Undetermined and held by 783 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Money, capital, and fluctuations : early essays by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

29 editions published between 1984 and 2011 in English and Undetermined and held by 766 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Roads to freedom : essays in honour of Friedrich A. von Hayek by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

24 editions published between 1969 and 2003 in English and French and held by 720 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

English or French. "Bibliography of the writings of Friedrich A. von Hayek": pages 309-315. Bibliographical footnotes. Introduction, by E. Steissler.--Laudatio: un message pour le siècle, by J. Rueff.--Development economics: the spurious consenus and its background, by P.T. Bauer.--Is economics the science of choice? by J.M. Buchanan.--Wage-push inflation once more, by G. Haberler.--Will market economies and planned economies converge? by G.N. Halm.--Methodological individualism and the market economy, by L.M. Lachmann.--On neutral money, by F.A. Lutz.--Liberalism and the choice of freedoms, by F. Machlup.--The control of demand, by F.W. Paish.--The determinants of social action, by M. Polanyi.--A pluralist approach to the philosophy of history, by K.R. Popper.--A behavioral approach to monetary theory, by G. Schmölders.--Hayek on growth: a reconsideration of his early theoretical work, by E. Streissler.--The new theory of corporations, by G. Tullock
John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor, their correspondence [i.e. friendship] and subsequent marriage by John Stuart Mill( Book )

25 editions published between 1933 and 2019 in English and Spanish and held by 693 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Wer das geschrieben hat, ist kein Geringerer als einer der wichtigsten Vordenker der liberalen Philosophie und der klassischen Nationalökonomie. Neben seinen zahlreichen bekannten Schriften zum Verhältnis von Staat und Individuum ist auch sein Privatleben höchst interessant und prägend für die Freiheitsphilosophie: John Stuart Mill lernt 1830, im Alter von 24 Jahren, die verheiratete Harriet Taylor kennen, die zunächst seine 'sSeelenfreundin', dann seine Geliebte wird, bis die beiden schliesslich 1851, nach dem Tod ihres Mannes, heiraten. Gemeinsam setzten sie sich vehement für Freiheits- und Frauenrechte ein, die Zusammenarbeit mündete in einigen gemeinsamen Werken - ein Skandal im viktorianischen England! Das rebellische Paar war in seinem Denken und Leben unerhört modern. Diese Ausgabe versammelt zum ersten Mal seit über 120 Jahren die wichtigsten Schriften des grossen Nationalökonomen, Freiheitsdenkers und Kämpfers für die Gleichberechtigung der Frau. Zahlreiche Texte der auf fünf Bände angelegten Ausgabe mit insgesamt über 5000 Seiten werden hier zum ersten Mal auf Deutsch vorgelegt. Im Mittelpunkt steht Mills Freiheitsphilosophie. Im ersten Band ist gleichzeitig auch sein grosser Einsatz für die Gleichberechtigung der Frauen dokumentiert. Denn John Stuart Mill forderte ebenso das Frauenwahlrecht wie das Scheidungsrecht und gilt heute als einer der ersten Feministen
The essence of Hayek by Friedrich A. von Hayek( Book )

14 editions published between 1984 and 1999 in English and Undetermined and held by 687 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The twenty-one essays in this book provide an overview of the contributions of Nobel laureate Hayek to the fields of economics, political theory, history and philosophy. A leading member of the Austrian School of Economics and a defender of the free market and the liberal social and economic order, Hayek has written on such diverse subjects as the business cycle, monetary theory, capital, economic and social organization, law history, epistemology, the theory of science and government. His writings in various fields are unified by two fundamental ideas -- the limitation of knowledge and the spontaneous formation of systems. ISBN 0-8179-8011-3 : $27.50
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The constitution of libertyThe pure theory of capitalIndividualism and economic order. [Essays]The sensory order : an inquiry into the foundations of theoretical psychologyCapitalism and the historians : essaysLaw, legislation and liberty : a new statement of the liberal principles of justice and political economyThe counter-revolution of science : studies on the abuse of reasonThe fatal conceit : the errors of socialism
Alternative Names
Chajek, F. 1899-1992

Chajek, F. A. 1899-1992

Chajek, Fridrich 1899-1992

Chajek, Fridrich A. fon 1899-1992

Chajek, Fridrich Avgust fon 1899-1992

F.A. Hayek

Fon Hajek, Fridrih

Fon Hajekas Frydrichas Augustas

Fridericus Hayek

Frīdrihs Hajeks

Fridrix Avgust fon Xayek

Fridrix fon Hayek

Friedrich A. von Hayek

Friedrich August Hayek

Friedrich August Hayek österreichischer und britischer Ökonom und Sozialphilosoph

Friedrich August von Hayek

Friedrich August von Hayek economista i filòsof britànic

Friedrich August von Hayek ekonomista austriacki, noblista

Friedrich August von Hayek Nobel-díjas osztrák-brit közgazdász, morálfilozófus

Friedrich August von Hayek österreichischer Ökonom und Sozialphilosoph

Friedrich August von Hayek rakouský ekonom, nositel Nobelovy ceny, politolog a sociolog

Friedrich Hayek

Friedrich Hayek Austrian and British economist

Friedrich Hayek economista e filósofo britânico

Friedrich Hayek economista premio nobel per l'economia britannico

Friedrich Hayek economista y filósofo austríaco

Friedrich Hayek economista y y filósofo británico

Friedrich Hayek ekonomista austriacki, noblista

Friedrich Hayek Filosofu è Ecunumistu britannicu

Friedrich Hayek Filozof dhe ekonomist austriak

Friedrich Hayek philosophe et économiste autrichien

Friedrich von Hayek

Friedrich von Hayek economista premio Nobel per l'economia britannico

Friedrich von Hayek Itävaltalais-brittiläinen Nobel-palkinnon saanut taloustieteilijä

Friedrich von Hayek Oostenrijks auteur

Friedrich von Hayek österrikisk-brittisk nationalekonom och politisk filosof

Haek, Fridrih A. 1899-1992


Hai-yeh-kʻo 1899-1992

Haiekʿŭ, Pʿŭridŭrihi A.

Haiekʻŭ, Pʻŭridŭrihi A 1899-1992

Hajek, F. A.

Hajek, Fridrih A.

Hajek, Fridrih August

Hajek, Fridrih fon

Hajekas F.A. fon

Hajekas Frydrichas Augustas fon

Hajekas Frydrichas fon


Hayek 1899-1992

Hayek, A.

Hayek, August von 1899-1992

Hayek F.

Hayek F.A.

Hayek, F.A. 1899-1992

Hayek, F. A. (Friedrich August), 1899-1992

Hayek, F. A. (Friedrich August von), 1899-1992

Hayek, F. A. v.

Hayek F.A. von

Hayek F. A. von 1899-1992

Hayek, F. A. von, 1899-1992 (Friedrich August)

Hayek, F. A. von (Friedrich August)

Hayek, F. A. von (Friedrich August), 1899-1992

Hayek Frederich August von

Hayek Frederich August von (1899-1992)

Hayek Frederick A.

Hayek, Frederick A. 1899-1992

Hayek, Frederick A. von

Hayek, Friederich A.

Hayek Friedrich

Hayek Friedrich 1899-1992

Hayek Friedrich A.

Hayek, Friedrich A. 1899-1992

Hayek, Friedrich A. (Friedrich August), 1899-1992

Hayek, Friedrich A. v.

Hayek, Friedrich A. v. 1899-1992

Hayek Friedrich A. von

Hayek, Friedrich A. von 1899-

Hayek, Friedrich A. von 1899-1992

Hayek, Friedrich A. von (Friedrich August)

Hayek, Friedrich A. von (Friedrich August), 1899-

Hayek, Friedrich A. von (Friedrich August), 1899-1992

Hayek Friedrich August

Hayek (Friedrich August), 1899-1992

Hayek, Friedrich August v. 1899-1992

Hayek Friedrich August von

Hayek, Friedrich August von 1899-

Hayek Friedrich August von 1899-1992

Hayek Friedrich Augustus

Hayek Friedrich von

Hayek, Friedrich von 1899-1992

Hayek, Fryderyk A. von 1899-1992

Hayek, Fryderyk August von.

Hayek von 1899-1992

Hayekas F.

Hayekas F.A.

Hayeke 1899-1992

Khaiek F.A.

Khaĭek, F. A 1899-1992

Social and political philosophy

Von Hayek, F. A.

Von Hayek, Friedrich

Von Hayek Friedrich A.

Von Hayek Friedrich A. (1899-1992)

Von Hayek, Friedrich A. (Friedrich August), 1899-1992

Von Hayek, Friedrich August

Von Hayek, Friedrich August 1899-1992

VonHayek, Friedrich A. 1899-1992

Φρίντριχ Άουγκουστ φον Χάγιεκ

Фон Хайек Фридрих

Фридрих Август фон Хайек австрийский экономист и философ

Фридрих Хаек

Фридрих Хайек

Фридрих Хајек

Фридрих Хајек британски економист и нобеловец

Фрыдрых Аўгуст фон Хаек

Фрідріх Гаєк австрійський економіст, теоретик неолібералізму та лауреат Нобелівської премії з економіки (1974)

Фрідріх фон Гаєк Австрійський економіст, теоретик нелібералізму та лауреат Нобелівської премії

Хайек 1899-1992

Хайек Ф.

Хайек Ф. А

Хайек Ф. А. 1899-1992

Хайек Ф. А. ван

Хайек Ф. А. ван 1899-1992

Хайек Ф. А. фон

Хайек, Ф. А. фон 1899-1992

Хайек Ф. фон

Хайек Ф. фон 1899-1992

Хайек, Фридрих 1899-1992

Хайек Фридрих А.

Хайек, Фридрих А 1899-1992

Хайек Фридрих А. фон

Хайек, Фридрих А. фон 1899-1992

Хайек, Фридрих А. фон (Фридрих Август), 1899-1992

Хайек, Фридрих А. (Фридрих Август), 1899-1992

Хайек (Фридрих Август), 1899-1992

Хайек, Фридрих Август фон 1899-1992

Хайек Фридрих фон

Хайек Фридрих фон Август

Хайек, Фридрих (Фридрих Август), 1899-1992

Ֆրիդրիխ Հայեկ տնտեսագետ

Ֆրիդրիխ ֆոն Հայեկ

האייק, פרידריך אוגוסט 1899-1992

האיק, פרידריך א.

היק, פ. א. פון

היק, פרידריך אוגוסט 1899-1992

פרידריך האייק

ف. أ. هايك، 1899-1992

فريدريش فون هايك

فريدريک هايک

فریدریش آوگوست فون هایک تاریخ‌نگار، اقتصاددان، نویسنده، و فیلسوف اتریشی

فریدریش آوگوست فون هایک فیلسوف و اقتصاددان

فریدریش فون هایک

فریدریش ھایێک

فریڈرش ہایاک

فریڈریک ہایک

هايك، فريدرك، 1899-1992

फ्रेडरिक हायेक

ফ্রিড রিশ ফন হায়ক

ফ্রিড‌রিশ ফন হায়ক

பிரீட்ரிக் கையக்

ფრიდრიხ ჰაიეკი

ფრიდრიხ ჰაიეკი ავსტრიელი ეკონომისტი

프리드리히 하이에크

하예크, 프리드리히 아우구스트 폰 1899-1992

하이에그, F. A. V. 1899-1992

하이에크 1899-1992

하이에크, F.A

하이에크, F. A. 1899-1992

하이에크, F. A. v. 1899-1992

하이에크, 프리드리히 A. 1899-1992

하이에크, 프리드리히 아우구스트 폰 1899-1992

하이에크, 프리드리히 폰 1899-1992

하이예크 1899-1992

하이예크, 프리드리히 아우구스트 폰 1899-1992

합야극 1899-1992

ハイエク, F.A.

ハイエク, フリードリヒ

ハイエク, フリードリヒ 1899-1992

ハイエク, フリードリヒ・A.

ハイエク, フリードリヒ・オーガスト・フォン


フリードリヒ・ハイエク オーストリア生まれの経済学者、哲学者

哈葉克 1899-1992

哈耶克, F.A. 冯 1899-1992

哈耶克, 弗雷徳里希・奥古斯徳・馮


弗里德里希·奧古斯特·馮·哈耶克 奧地利和英國經濟學家和諾貝爾經濟學獎獲得者


海耶克 1899-1992