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Thu Oct 16 17:53:12 2014 UTClccn-n801322240.12The phantom of the opera0.500.95Histoire du théâtre de l'Académie royale de musique en France /159951728n 801322245125814216195Académie de musique (Paris, France)Académie de musique (Parīze, Francija)Académie impériale de musique (France)Académie impériale de musique (Francija)Académie nationale de musique et de danse (France)Académie nationale de musique et de danse (Francija)Académie nationale de musique (France)Académie nationale de musique (Francija)Académie royale de musique (France)Académie royale de musique (Francija)France. Ministére de la maison du roi. Académie royale de musiqueFrance. Opéra de ParisGrand OpéraOpéraOpéra de Paris GarnierOpéra de Paris Garnier StaatsoperOpéra GarnierOpéra NationalOpéra national de ParisOpéra national de Paris. Palais GarnierOpéra National (Paris)Opéra ParisOpéra (Paris, France)Opéra (Parīze, Francija)Palais Garnier (Paris)Palais Garnier (Paris, France)Palais Garnier (Parīze, Francija)Paris National OperaParis. OpéraParis. Theatre National de L'operaRoyal Academy of Music (France)Royal Academy of Music (Francija)Théâtre de l’Opéra (Parīze, Francija)Théâtre de la république et des arts (France)Théâtre de l'OpéraThéâtre de l'Opéra (Paris, France)Théâtre des arts (1794-1797 : Paris, France)Théâtre national de l’Opéra de ParisThéâtre national de l’Opéra (France)Théâtre national de l'OpéraThéâtre national de l'Opéra de ParisThéâtre national de l'Opéra (France)Theatre National de L'opera (Paris)Théâtre national Opéra de ParisThéâtre nationale de l'Opéra, PariscontainsVIAFID/128548486Opéra national de Parislccn-n79107989Gounod, Charles1818-1893lccn-n81126807Lloyd Webber, Andrew1948-ausprolccn-no2004047824Butler, Gerard1969-actlccn-no2003094708Wilson, Patrick1973-actlccn-n81016944Freni, Mirella1935-sngprflccn-n80019664Barbier, Jules1825-1901lbtlccn-n84132579Carré, Michel1819-1872lbtlccn-no99084058Really Useful Filmslccn-n80158410Dam, José vanprfvoclccn-no97011138McNally, KevinactOpéra de ParisDramaMusical settingsFilm adaptationsHistoryOperasCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsMusicFilm and video adaptationsFictionOperasOperaOpéra de ParisFrance--ParisPhantom of the Opera (Fictitious character)Don Juan (Legendary character)ComposersOperas--ExcerptsFranceMan-woman relationshipsLeroux, Gaston,Prima donnas (Singers)Büchner, Georg,Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus,Faust,Francis,--of Assisi, Saint,France, Anatole,Bernanos, Georges,BalletsLive sound recordingsOpera--Production and directionOpera--Political aspectsOperas--Excerpts, ArrangedSopranos (Singers)Revolution (France : 1789-1799)Unrequited loveDisfigured personsOperas--LibrettosCarmen (Bizet, Georges)Spain--SevilleIndiaBalletTragedyDancersTriangles (Interpersonal relations)String quartets, ArrangedNew York (State)--New YorkString orchestra musicWind octetsMusic--Computer network resourcesMusiciansCultural policyOperas--Analysis, appreciationMotion picture music--ExcerptsBrook, Peter,Music videosCambert, Robert,SeductionRevengeFilm adaptations167916811685168716881689170317071709171117131716172617321733174317521753175417571775177717791780178217831784178817891790179117951797180018061821182218301840185118541857186418671868187518771878188418861905190719081913191419171918192119241925193219371938194819501952195319541955195719581959196119621963196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201314954274660782.1M1500ocn015714217ocn018040574ocn002993847ocn037733712ocn020359184ocn030586739ocn000836458ocn004956266ocn819762325ocn003941113ocn417360949ocn419769212ocn417475870ocn419741381ocn417462130ocn078715707ocn370650366ocn417451535ocn079090175ocn077711316ocn724899847ocn401800759ocn69198389389726ocn018040574rcrd19570.53Poulenc, FrancisDialogues des CarmélitesHistoryMusical settingsMusicDramaOperasThe tragic fate of the nuns of the Carmelite convent at Copiègne during the French Revolution inspired one of Francis Poulenc's most personal works, and one of the most profoundly moving operas in the repertoire. At its center is Isabel Leonard as Blanche de la Force, a shy young aristocratic woman who joins the order on the eve of the Revolution, flees when the sisters, forced to leave their convent, take a vow of martyrdom, and is finally reunited with them as they face death by the guillotine. Felicity Palmer is Madame de Croissy, Patricia Racette is Madame Lidoine, and Elizabeth Bishop is Mother Marie. Paul Appleby and David Pittsinger co-star as Blanche's brother and father82040ocn030586739rcrd19590.37Gounod, CharlesFaustMusical settingsDramaAn account of the Afghan guerrillas in 1986-1987, including a discussion between the author and Col. Danis Turlais, Commander of the Latvian Defence Forces, who served in the Soviet Army Headquarters in Kabul72323ocn049333690visu19780.33Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDon Giovanni dramma giocosoFictionInterviewsDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsPresents Mozart's opera, a turbulent comedy of disguise and masquerade about the Don Juan who boasts of his conquest of 2073 women42815ocn073835003rcrd19700.33Bizet, GeorgesCarmenCriticism, interpretation, etcMusical settingsDramaAs a hot-blooded young corporal in the Spanish cavalry stationed near Seville, Don Jose is ordered to arrest Carmen, a young, flirtatious Gypsy woman, for assaulting a co-worker. Greatly charmed by her, Jose allows her to escape. He deserts the army, kills two men on Carmen's account, and takes up a life as a robber and smuggler. He is insanely jealous of Carmen, who is unfaithful to him, and when she refuses to change on his behalf, he kills her and surrenders himself to the authorities+-+463773933641218ocn002993847rcrd19540.37Gounod, CharlesRoméo et JulietteMusical settingsInterviewsNo one ever doubted the handsome, charismatic Italian tenor Franco Corelli was the personification of the romantic hero. So what better role for him than Roméo, the impetuous youth who defies his family, and his city, to follow where his heart leads? Corelli's ardor knows no bounds in his quest for Juliette (the sparkling Judith Blegen). This performance leaves no doubt that even though Roméo and Juliette are young, they are truly, profoundly in love3183ocn037733712rcrd19940.50Gounod, CharlesRomeo & Juliet29717ocn006204678rcrd19790.47Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDon GiovanniMusicDramaOperasHighlights from the original soundtrack of the Joseph Losey film2353ocn042967174rcrd19990.56Stravinsky, IgorLe rossignol RenardRenard.. 4 voix d'hommes et orchestre de chambre. Stravinski, Igor42302191ocn015714217rcrd19860.27Gounod, CharlesFaust21512ocn000836458rcrd19670.53Berg, AlbanWozzeckMusical settingsJames Levine, a longtime champion of this groundbreaking work, has conducted every Met performance of Wozzeck since 1974. He brings Berg's revolutionary score to dramatic life in this broadcast, leading an extraordinary cast headed by Christian Boesch and Hildegard Behrens. Boesch gives a heartbreaking performance as the poor, abused soldier of the title, and Behrens is stunning as his faithless and conflicted wife, Marie. Richard Cassilly sings the vain Drum Major who seduces her, and Ragnar Ulfung and Franz Mazura are the Captain and the Doctor, who mock and torture Wozzeck2087ocn003941113rcrd19770.53Charpentier, GustaveLouiseLouise: Roman musical en quatre actes19710ocn007869416rcrd19810.66Rameau, Jean-PhilippeDardanus1866ocn020359184rcrd19830.47Messiaen, OlivierSaint François d'AssiseDramaSaint François d'Assise: Opéra en trois actes1371ocn004956266rcrd19620.50Gounod, CharlesFaust [An opera in 5 acts1355ocn002101086rcrd19520.50Massenet, JulesThaïsMusical settingsDramaTake one ascetic monk named Athanaël and one ravishingly beautiful courtesan named Thaïs, add Massenet's sensual, melodious music, with equal dashes of eroticism and religious fervor--and you have a powerful opera that is at once a celebration of the sacred and the profane, of flesh and soul. This rarity had not been heard at the Met for almost 40 years when it was brought back as a vehicle for the great soprano Beverly Sills and the magnetic singing actor Sherrill Milnes. Together, they masterfully bring to life the searing conflict at the heart of the drama1352ocn005462750rcrd19660.77Berlioz, HectorThe Trojans Highlights from parts I & II1301ocn056016958visu20040.26Minkus, LLa bayadère ballet de l'Opéra de ParisDramaExotic and mysterious India serves as the backdrop to this story of doomed love between the warrior Solor and the bayadere (or temple dancer) Nikiya, who is killed by her jealous rival, Gamzatti, daughter of the Rajah. The Nureyev production of the ballet was created in 1992, the last production before his death, and restaged in 1994. The ballet is preceeded by a short excerpt from the 1997 documentary, Dancing through darkness1262ocn061269421visu20050.50Stravinsky, IgorLe rossignol"Getting into his grandfather's pottery workshop at night, a little boy finds an unusually large vase. Fascinated, the child feels the still-warm material, which - whether by a miracle or the hand of a magician, who knows? - at once changes into a magnificent piece of Chinese porcelain. Presently, from behind the great blue-enamelled trees, there appears a fisherman in his sampan ... That's how the story of The nightingale, told all in music, begins, as the waking dream of a child in the land of Chinese art - and of mobile phones and webcams"--Conteneur1101ocn840331604file20030.77Bizet, GeorgesCarmen1101ocn840327783file19890.77Gounod, CharlesFaustDrama168318ocn057673698visu20040.18Lloyd Webber, AndrewThe Phantom of the OperaFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA disfigured musical genius haunts the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera, waging a reign of terror over its occupants. When he falls in love with Christine, the Phantom devotes himself to creating a new star for the Opera, exerting a strange sense of control over the soprano as he nurtures her extraordinary talents6699ocn000608910book19480.59Crosten, William LFrench grand opera, an art and a businessHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc5073ocn009081672book0.63Pitou, SpireThe Paris Opéra : an encyclopedia of operas, ballets, composers, and performersHistoryEncyclopediasDictionaries+-+75796786853244292ocn030894349book19950.63Barbier, PatrickOpera in Paris, 1800-1850 : a lively historyA dazzling artistic climate reigned in Paris in the first half of the 19th century. Musically, the city was the capital of the world, attracting composers and singers of many nationalities to the great stages of the Opera and the Theatre-Italien. Among the composers who chose Paris as a second home were Rossini, Meyerbeer, Bellini, Donizetti, Liszt, and Chopin. This book explores every facet of Parisian musical life in those glorious days, from tragedie lyrique to opera seria, from the high drama of grand opera to the uproarious parodies of vaudeville. In the process we meet such luminaries as Rossini and Berlioz, the castrato Crescentini, and the diva Maria Malibran+-+28359868452925ocn720635049book20120.74Darlow, MarkStaging the French Revolution : cultural politics and the Paris Opéra, 1789-1794History"Over the last decade, the theatre and opera of the French Revolution have been the subject of intense scholarly reassessment, both in terms of the relationship between theatrical works and politics or ideology in this period and on the question of longer-scale structures of continuity or rupture in aesthetics. Staging the French Revolution: Cultural Politics and the Paris Opera, 1789-1794 moves these discussions boldly forward, focusing on the Paris Opéra (Académie Royale de Musique) in the cultural and political context of the early French Revolution. Both institutional history and cultural study, this is the first ever full-scale study of the Revolution and lyric theatre. The book concentrates on three aspects of how a royally-protected theatre negotiates the transition to national theatre: the external dimension, such as questions of ownership and governance and the institution's relationship with State institutions and popular assemblies; the internal management, finances, selection and preparation of works; and the cultural and aesthetic study of the works themselves and of their reception. In Staging the French Revolution, author Mark Darlow offers an unprecedented view of the material context of opera production, combining in-depth archival research with a study of the works themselves. He argues that a mixture of popular and State interventions created a repressive system in which cultural institutions retained agency, compelling individuals to follow and contribute to a shifting culture. Theatre thereby emerged as a locus for competing discourses on patriotism, society, the role of the arts in the Republic, and the articulation of the Revolution's relation with the 'Old Regime', and is thus an essential key to the understanding of public opinion and publicity at this crucial historical moment. Combining recent approaches to institutions, sociability, and authors' rights with cultural studies of opera, Staging the French Revolution takes a historically grounded and methodologically innovative cross-disciplinary approach to opera and persuasively re-evaluates the long-standing, but rather sterile, concept of propaganda."--Publisher's website1942ocn017767272book19870.63Moatti, JacquesThe Paris OpéraHistoryPictorial works18211ocn002875383book18860.84Nuitter, CharlesLes origines de l'Opéra françaisHistory1453ocn028291678book19920.90La Gorce, Jérôme deL'opéra à Paris au temps de Louis XIV : histoire d'un théâtreHistory1369ocn000424076book18780.90Opéra de ParisBibliothèque musicale du Théâtre de l'opéra. Catalogue historique, chronologique, anecdotiqueHistoryBibliography CatalogsBibliography13011ocn003351382book19250.93Prod'homme, J.-GL'Opéra (1669-1925)History1031ocn012134181book19840.90Dupêchez, CharlesHistoire de l'Opéra de Paris : un siècle au palais Garnier, 1875-1980992ocn024567742book19910.92Patureau, FrédériqueLe Palais Garnier dans la société parisienne : 1875-1914History8914ocn001121401book17570.95Durey de Noinville, Jacques BernardHistoire du théâtre de l'Académie royale de musique en FranceHistory851ocn025393105book19920.74Saint-Geours, Jean-PhilippeLe Théâtre national de l'Opéra de Paris844ocn007068320book19620.93Wolff, StéphaneL'opéra au Palais Garnier, 1875-1962; Les œuvres, les interprètes811ocn017329275book19870.92Barbier, PatrickLa vie quotidienne à l'Opéra au temps de Rossini et de Balzac, Paris, 1800-1850793ocn758621798book20110.86Serre, SolveigL'opéra de Paris, 1749-1790 politique culturelle au temps des LumièresHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc714ocn000978843book18840.86Campardon, ÉmileL'Académie royale de musique au XVIIIe siècle; documents inédits découverts aux Archives nationalesHistory664ocn000407781book18570.93Boigne, CharlesPetits mémoires de l'OpéraHistory668ocn040424295rcrd19880.12Leroux, GastonThe phantom of the operaHistoryFictionAudio adaptationsHorror talesMusical fictionPresents the story of an elusive and grotesque "phantom" who abducts a beautifal opera singer into the labyrinthine bowels of the Paris Opera. A dramatic search for the missing girl leads to the truth about her strange captor+-+6366981714+-+4637739336+-+4637739336Thu Oct 16 15:23:22 EDT 2014batch39269