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Burroughs /111183750Victor_Bockrisn 80135017515330Bockris, Victorボクリス, ヴィクターlccn-n79122680Warhol, Andy1928-1987artdtelccn-n81127048Richards, Keith1943-lccn-n85093496Velvet Underground (Musical group)lccn-n79026862Burroughs, William S.1914-1997lccn-n80123108Rolling Stoneslccn-n91053113Reed, Loulccn-n84095418Smith, Pattilccn-n2001064906Buell, Bebelccn-n50044356Malanga, Gerardphtlccn-no90014768Cale, JohnBockris, Victor1949-BiographyInterviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcAnecdotesHistoryUnited StatesRock musiciansWarhol, Andy,ArtistsRichards, Keith,EnglandVelvet Underground (Musical group)Burroughs, William S.,Novelists, AmericanRolling StonesGuitaristsFiction--AuthorshipRock groupsBeat generationSmith, PattiReed, LouGroupiesBuell, BebeCale, JohnComposersGreat BritainBlondie (Musical group)Boxers (Sports)Ali, Muhammad,Andy Warhol's Factory (New York, N.Y.)Artists' studiosNew York (State)Punk culturePunk rock musicWomen singersSingersWomen rock musiciansRock musicHarry, DebbieAfrican American boxersBockris, Victor,New York (State)--New YorkFoye, Raymond,Ginsberg, Allen,Goldberg, JeffGrauerholz, JamesWylie, AndrewGiorno, JohnBeck, Julian,FriendshipBeach, Mary,Pivano, FernandaSouthern, TerryHomesAmerican literature19491972197319741975197819791980198119821983198519871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320146747123321BN6537.W28ocn799534889ocn001307818ocn055875941ocn722535758ocn760545960123913ocn019631216book19890.23Bockris, VictorThe life and death of Andy WarholBiographyThe only major biography of Andy Warhol, reissued to coincide with his 75th birthday. Artist, filmmaker, magazine publisher, instigator of Pop Art, Andy Warhol (1928-1987) used his canvasses of dollar bills, soup cans, and celebrities to subvert distinctions between high and popular culture. His spectacular career encompassed the underground scene as well as the equally deviant worlds of politics, show business, and high society. Warhol is the definitive chronicle of Warhol's storied life86117ocn052935247book19890.30Bockris, VictorWarhol : the biographyBiographyThe only major biography of Andy Warhol, reissued to coincide with his 75th birthday+-+K72763158574220ocn026053777book19920.19Bockris, VictorKeith Richards : the biographyBiographyHere is the only definitive biography of Keith Richards. For thirty years Keith Richards stood in the shadow of Mick Jagger. Now, for the first time, Richards is put in the spotlight and emerges as the power behind the throne, the creator, the backbone, and the soul of the Rolling Stones. From his poverty-stricken roots in postwar England to his apotheosis on the 1989-90 world tour and beyond, this no-holds-barred investigation chronicles Richards's embattled rise to the top as the archetypal bad boy of the sixties, his epic struggle with heroin as the rock star most expected to die in the 1970s, and his rebirth as the model paterfamilias of the 1980s. Bockris has gone beyond anything ever written about the Rolling Stones to explore the true story behind their music: how Richards's creative battles with his demons - women, drugs, and a love-hate relationship with Jagger - gave birth to the sound track of our times, from "Ruby Tuesday" to "Gimme Shelter" to "Slipping Away." This unauthorized account of a life that mirrors the zeitgeist of the second half of the twentieth century finally puts this primary rock artist, and rock itself, in political, cultural, and spiritual perspective, and establishes Richards as one of the most important guitar players and greatest songwriters in the history of rock and roll+-+806353158554210ocn006863539book19810.56Burroughs, William SWith William Burroughs : a report from the bunkerInterviewsBurroughs, the eccentric, brilliant artist who burned the bridge with logic and wrote the classic Naked Lunch, has a court recorder in Victor Bockris. Bockris has collected into a cogent whole the man's most brilliant moments of conversation, thinking, and interview repartee. This fascinating material, gleaned from the fertile time at Burroughs's New York headquarters, the Bunker (which was located on the Bowery, three blocks from CBGB), encompasses the years 1974 to 1980, and also includes a 1991 Burroughs interview from Interview magazine. The Beats' devotion to subjective experience has left readers with a profound amount of objective material to analyze and debate. Choice public and private utterances, hallucinatory and prescient diatribes such as these, remain rich sources of literary history. As Americans we find the Beats' approach to life romantic, even heroic. Tearing the walls down in the name of freedom and spirituality strikes a particularly pilgrimesque chord. With William Burroughs: A Report from the Bunker is a fascinating compendium of Burroughs-speak, so complete it can be considered a credo+-+32129676853724ocn045917105book20010.16Buell, BebeRebel heart : an American rock 'n' roll journeyBiographyAnecdotesExmodel's ride through the rock scene during the 1970s and 1980s+-+99411776853324ocn041185169book19990.19Bockris, VictorPatti Smith : an unauthorized biographyBiography+-+78187393153116ocn043468904book19990.24Cale, JohnWhat's Welsh for Zen : the autobiography of John CaleBiography+-+93159873062987ocn032275594book19940.22Bockris, VictorTransformer : the Lou Reed storyBiographyLou Reed emerges from the pages of Victor Bockris's internationally acclaimed biography as a brilliant lyrical innovator. It is as a writer that Reed has been able to traverse the various terrains of his career decade by decade. And it is from his position as a writer that he stands alongside his peers, Bob Dylan and Neil Young+-+111853931525219ocn012118037book19830.26Bockris, VictorUp-tight : the Velvet Underground storyBiographyInterviewsHistorien om Velvet Underground og deres samarbejde med andre amerikanske kunstnere som Andy Warhol og Nico, baseret på interviews med gruppens medlemmer+-+60376906352078ocn027432471book19920.18Bockris, VictorKeith Richards : the unauthorised biographyBiographyEt omfattende og detaljerigt billede af den legendariske og myteomspundne rockstjerne Keith Richards' (f. 1943) liv fra barndommen henover årtusindskiftet. Bogen er baseret på interviews med Richards selv og med de mange, der har spillet, festet og levet med ham gennem et halvt århundredes op- og nedture+-+37394519361733ocn038590705book19980.21Bockris, VictorMuhammad Ali in fighter's heavenBiography+-+80465364553241696ocn008425459book19820.22Harry, DebbieMaking tracks : the rise of BlondieBiography+-+23035315851207ocn031608396book19940.21Bockris, VictorLou Reed : the biographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography1183ocn671756442visu20100.88Andy Warhol's "Factory people" inside the 60's Silver FactoryHistoryInterviewsA documentary look inside Andy Warhol's Silver Factory in New York during the 1960s, concentrating on the personalities involved at the time and at some of Warhol's artwork created there. Includes interviews with many of the regulars, including extensive segments with Ultra Violet, Taylor Mead, Mary Woronov, Billy Name, Gerard Malanga, Victor Bockris and others11510ocn042834081book19980.21Bockris, VictorPatti SmithBiography+-+93297520363241143ocn045617790book19980.37Bockris, VictorBeat punks+-+248453158510523ocn074990994book19890.39Bockris, VictorAndy WarholBiographyBiografie van de Amerikaanse beeldend kunstenaar (1928-1987)+-+K727631585576ocn035327068book19960.28Bockris, VictorUp-tight : the story of the Velvet UndergroundBiography+-+K877046625441ocn050778252book20020.39Blondie, from punk to the present : a pictorial historyA collection of articles and photographs about the pop/new wave rock band, Blondie, and its lead singer, Deborah Harry+-+3872297436442ocn038350909book19810.24Burroughs, William SWith William BurroughsInterviews11ocn855047325book20021.00Victor Borkis : Frankenstein and the third mindInterviewsInterview with Victor Bockris, by Romy Ashby11ocn061662827visu1.00Bockris, VictorCollection of photographs of William S. BurroughsPortraitsTwo hundred and twelve portrait photographs of William S. Burroughs taken by Victor Bockris from 1977 to 199111ocn061662839visu1.00Miles, BarryCollection of photographs of William S. BurroughsPortraitsAnnotated portrait photographs of Burroughs taken by Miles in 1972 and in 198411ocn429426712mix1.00Burroughs, William SWilliam S. Burroughs papersAuthor, artist, spoken word performer, and founding member of the Beat Generation. The William S. Burroughs Papers contain manuscripts and galley proofs of some of Burroughs's novels, as well as biographical material on Burroughs11ocn884732491mix0.47Goldberg, JeffJeff Goldberg papersThe collection contains correspondence, photographs, newspapers, clippings, and ephemera produced by influential members of the "Electric Generation." Prominent among these materials is a set of correspondence between Jeff Goldberg and Victor Bokris dating from 1973 to 197401ocn122514889mixBurroughs, William SManuscript and galley proofs for the revised edition of THE SOFT MACHINE (Grove Press, 1965) and the galley proofs for THE NAKED LUNCH (1964); miscellaneous correspondence; other Burroughs manuscripts including his unpublished experimental prose; early version of THE YAGE LETTERS; and correspondence, manuscripts, and printed material relating to Victor Bockris' writings about Burroughs+-+9941177685+-+9941177685Thu Oct 16 16:00:56 EDT 2014batch22618