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Fri Mar 21 17:14:32 2014 UTClccn-n801381820.00Anniversary dinner at Monticello, April 14, 1974, in memory of Thomas Jefferson /0.521.00Papers of the University Librarian7624382n 80138182518433Bear, James A.Bear, James A. (James Adam)Bear, James A. Jrlccn-n79089957Jefferson, Thomas1743-1826lccn-sh85069865Jefferson familylccn-n85220112Betts, Edwin Morris1892-1958edtlccn-n81149762Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, Inclccn-n92025994Stanton, Lucia C.edtnc-monticello vaMonticello (Va.)lccn-n80149700Tracy W. McGregor Librarylccn-n50003810Nichols, Frederick Dovetonlccn-n80138185Jefferson, Randolph1755-1815lccn-n50007341Mayo, Bernard1902-1979Bear, James AdamRecords and correspondenceBibliographyCase studiesPictorial worksGuidebooksPhotographsHistoryMusicJefferson, Thomas,Virginia--MonticelloJefferson familyVirginiaUnited StatesFinance, PersonalPresidentsJefferson, Randolph,Manners and customsFamiliesAlmanacs, AmericanHemings, SallyRelations with slavesRelations with womenPaternity testingPrivate librariesVirginia--Albemarle CountyHomesBooks--Owners' marksHemings familyLibrariesBookmarksChildren--Books and readingChildren's literatureBear, James AdamAntiques in interior decorationThomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, IncAntiquitiesFurnitureLibrary financeAcademic libraries--Relations with faculty and curriculumClark, William,AskosUniversity of Virginia.--LibraryRare booksAcademic libraries--AdministrationUniversity of Virginia.--University LibrarianDalton, Jack,Library employeesRandolph, Thomas M.--(Thomas Mann),Printing--Societies, etcLibrary planningLibrariansMicrocardsAcademic libraries--Collection developmentAcademic libraries--Departmental librariesBibliography--Societies, etcWyllie, John Cook,Levy, Uriah Phillips,Shackelford, George Green1919194219441952195419551956195719581959196119621963196419661967196819691970197119721973197419761978197919801981198219841985198619901992199319951997200320053176110159BE332ocn000425171ocn470299797ocn5590684208457ocn000425171book19660.39Jefferson, ThomasThe family letters of Thomas JeffersonRecords and correspondence+-+81456486353246307ocn000948979book19670.50Bear, James AdamJefferson at Monticello+-+87755486353244888ocn025629653book19920.59Jefferson, ThomasJefferson's memorandum books : accounts, with legal records and miscellany, 1767-1826"Among the Second Series of The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, this volume has the most detailed coverage of his day-to-day life. These disciplined records of personal expenditures, and of various other daily observations, furnish valuable information about prices and availability of commodities of the period and provide abundant evidence of Jefferson's devotion to a systematic way of living and of his insatiable curiosity."--Publisher's description+-+246295641537010ocn000663875book19670.39Nichols, Frederick DovetonMonticelloHistoryGuidebooks3133ocn006889506book19420.73Jefferson, ThomasThomas Jefferson and his unknown brotherRecords and correspondence1696ocn000986558book19620.81Bear, James AdamA checklist of Virginia almanacs, 1732-1850Bibliography762ocn005884050book19580.93Bear, James AdamThomas Jefferson's book-marks742ocn061298377book20050.29Burton, Cynthia HJefferson vindicated : fallacies, omissions, and contradictions in the Hemings genealogical searchCase studiesRe-examines the controversy over the nature of Thomas Jefferson's relationship with his slave Sally Hemings by looking at the DNA evidence, written accounts, oral histories, and other sources in an attempt to resolve ambiguities and speculations, and determine their relevance and credibility. Includes 20 pages on Jefferson's brother, Randolph Jefferson and his sons471ocn006583099book19570.79Bear, James AdamOld pictures of Monticello : an essay in historical iconographyBibliographyPictorial works202ocn016686273book19790.27Bear, James AdamThe Hemings family of Monticello101ocn005986070book19670.47Bear, James AdamJefferson's advice to his children and grandchildren on their reading : an address delivered during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Tracy W. McGregor Library, 1939-1964Bibliography84ocn016639211book19720.73Bear, James AdamThe furniture and furnishings of monticelloMusic31ocn833140884book19970.47Jefferson, ThomasThe papers of Thomas Jefferson : second series+-+246295641532ocn049348340book19710.47Shenkir, William GThomas Jefferson : accountant31ocn833140867book19970.47Jefferson, ThomasThe papers of Thomas Jefferson : second series+-+246295641531ocn557561410book19670.47Bear, James AdamJefferson at Monticello. Memoirs of a Monticello slave as dictated to Charles Campbell by Isaac. Jefferson at Monticello: the private life of Thomas Jefferson. By Rev. Hamilton Wilcox Pierson. Edited, with an introduction, by James A. Bear, Jr21ocn028279547book1974Anniversary dinner at Monticello, April 14, 1974, in memory of Thomas Jefferson22ocn647837063book19661.00Bear, James AdamAn appraisement of the books of Thomas M. Randolph, ca. 1828Bear copied this list of titles owned by Thomas M. Randolph, and their values from records in the Albemarle County Courthouse21ocn647814724mix1.00University of VirginiaPapers of the University LibrarianRecords and correspondenceThere is correspondence with fellow librarians, dealers, bibliophiles and scholars including many University of Virginia professors as well as Reginald Allen, Lady Astor, Stringfellow Barr, Clifton Waller Barrett, William J. Barrow, James A. Bear, Ben Belitt, Julian Boyd, Irving Brant, Harry F. Byrd, Jr., James Branch Cabell, Erskine Caldwell, John Canaday, Warren Chappell, Virginius Dabney, Richard Beale Davis, Clifford Dowdey, Frances Fink, Louis Halle, Ralph Happell, Frances Parkinson Keyes, James Jackson Kilpatrick, Hellmut Lehmann-Haupt, Marcus McCorison, Linton Massey, Harry Meacham, Robert Metzdorf, Michael Papantonio, Carrol Quenzel, Millicent Sowerby, G. Thomas Tanselle, and Beverley Tucker21ocn647826941mix18181.00Jefferson, ThomasPapers of Thomas JeffersonPhotographsIn an August 15, 1818, letter of introduction, Jefferson recomends Edmund Bacon, his Monticello farm manager, who is removing to the Missouri as an "honest, correct man...worthy of confidence," and particularly desires Governor William Clark to aid him if possible21ocn036242853book19840.47Monticello's Jim Bear : biography and remarks21ocn049348398book19841.00Fall dinner at Monticello, November 2, 1984, in honor of James A. Bear, Jr.11ocn867162921mix1944Thomas Jefferson's art collection : Life Portraits, compiled by James A. Bear, Jr., 1944ArtPortraitsInventoriesFolder includes facsimile copies of a paper by James A. Bear, Jr., about the 27 life portraits of Thomas Jefferson11ocn648015794mix1.00Papers relating to University of Virginia footballPortraits1949 packet on U.Va. Football Ticket information. 1949 Football schedule11ocn864757799mixBear, James AHistoryFolder includes research notes and other material such as journal articles, and copies of and extracts from Jefferson-related correspondence. James A. Bear, Jr. died September 24, 201311ocn647952201book1.00Bear, James AdamJames Adam Bear papersh[manuscript]Correspondence, reports, bids for construction, etc. while Bear was a member of the Virginia State Highway Commission. Principle correspondent is George Preston Coleman11ocn808047488art1982Boles, John BThomas Jefferson and his unknown brother11ocn802048387book19841.00Thomas Jefferson: his times and his contemporaries : an exhibition in honor of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation and James Adam Bear, Jr. on his retirement as resident director of "Monticello" October-December, 1984Posters11ocn808047501art1981Robertson, JamesMaster of Monticello : Malone, Dabney enhance knowledge of Thomas Jefferson+-+2462956415+-+2462956415Fri Mar 21 15:34:03 EDT 2014batch17886