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Thu Oct 16 17:59:03 2014 UTClccn-n801502580.06Eskimos /0.060.07Farewell the Little People40684065n 80150258lccn-n79043467Wilson, Maurice Charles John1914-lccn-n79089529Pluckrose, Henry1931-lccn-n90705973Pohl, VictorHeath, JaneJuvenile worksFictionIndians of North AmericaGreat PlainsEskimosAfricaSan (African people)South African fiction (English)Inuit1968197219801992516310978.00497E78.G73ocn3170869832102ocn007203064book19800.06Hughes, JillEskimosJuvenile worksGeneral account of the life of an Eskimo. Suitable for children in grades 3 and up1883ocn007107042book19800.06Hughes, JillPlains IndiansJuvenile worksDescribes life among the various Indian tribes living on the Great Plains1185ocn000046714book19680.07Pohl, VictorFarewell the Little PeopleFictionTwo related tales on the life of the Bushmen and how they came to live in the region of the Kalahari desertThu Oct 16 15:45:47 EDT 2014batch2280