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Fri Mar 21 17:15:07 2014 UTClccn-n801532850.00Portrait of Doctor Ross Terrill0.310.73China profile; a symposium71513309Ross_Terrilln 80153285533269Tʻan, No-ssuTan, NuosiTʻe-li-erhTʻe-li-erh, Lo-ssuTeli'er, Luosiテリル, ロスlccn-n78087649Mao, Zedong1893-1976lccn-n81120140Jiang, Qing1914-1991lccn-n50008661Tawney, R. H.(Richard Henry)1880-1962lccn-n85373397Douglass, R. Bruceedtlccn-n88063217Fok, Patphtlccn-nr91006712胡为雄lccn-n2007068431郑玉臣lccn-no96037384History Channel (Television network)lccn-n83151837Nathan, Andrew J.(Andrew James)lccn-no95029668A & E Home Video (Firm)Terrill, RossHistoryBiographyBibliographyPictorial worksJuvenile worksMiscellaneaMilitary historyChinaTravelMao, Zedong,Heads of stateSpouses of heads of stateJiang, Qing,StateswomenManners and customsAustraliaSocial historyUnited StatesTerrill, RossCivilizationPolitical scienceInternational relationsTawney, R. H.--(Richard Henry),RelationsBiological weaponsChemical weaponsStatesmenGangsComputer securityComputer crimes--PreventionComputer hackersHistory, ModernGang preventionTobacco industryTelevision broadcasting of newsWhistle blowingMitnick, Kevin D.--(Kevin David),Cities and townsDrug controlAIDS (Disease)Drug abuse and crimeDrug abusePoliomyelitisInfluenzaEpidemicsDrinking of alcoholic beveragesAlcoholismProhibitionDrunk drivingTiananmen Square Incident (China : 1989)Gun controlGun control--Public opinionFirearms ownershipPersian Gulf War (1991)Pacific Ocean--El Niño CurrentEarthquakesIran-Contra Affair (1985-1990)193819681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120131646097359BDS711ocn000080632ocn000018633ocn832718340ocn582382499ocn299450785ocn582116921216124ocn005563428book19800.24Terrill, RossMao : a biographyHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the Chinese revolutionary who became the leader of the communist People's Republic of China+-+7674729535183433ocn000286185book19710.28Terrill, Ross800,000,000: the real ChinaHistoryThis work is the complete report by Ross Terrill - the most sensitive and informed eyewitness study yet written of the people, government and leaders of China. It is the product of Terrill's 1971 trip to China, as one of the first correspondents for an American publication (The Atlantic Monthly) to be admitted after Peking opened its doors. The journey lasted forty days and took him 7,000 miles161019ocn009757798book19840.27Terrill, RossThe white-boned demon : a biography of Madame Mao ZedongBiography+-+9939926215144410ocn005316467book19720.32Terrill, RossThe China differenceA portrait of life today inside the country of one billion126612ocn025368830book19920.25Terrill, RossChina in our time : the epic saga of the People's Republic from the Communist victory to Tiananmen Square and beyondHistoryThe epic saga of the People's Republic from the Communist victory to Tinanmen Square and beyond.Includes bibliographical references and index110618ocn003669488book19780.31Terrill, RossThe future of China : after Mao103115ocn050866940book20030.28Terrill, RossThe new Chinese empire, and what it means for the United StatesHistory"Terrill's fascinating political history shows why China remains, in the words of Lucien Pye, "a civilization masquerading as a nation." Drawing on years of study and observation as well as new research, Terrill brings dynastic China to life while illuminating the remnants of the old empire that still underscore China's domestic and foreign policies. The Chinese dynastic state's blend of idealism and realism, attachment to doctrine, paternalism, and obsession with unity continue to shadow today's China. The New Chinese Empire exposes the anachronism of this imperial-Leninist state in the modern world, and forecasts startling scenarios for the fate of the world's last multi-ethnic empire. Political crisis lies ahead, Terrill says, yet he depicts China's longer-term future, not in terms of a clash of civilizations, but of the universals of human nature and social change."--BOOK JACKET+-+076935019599412ocn001502495book19750.33Terrill, RossFlowers on an iron tree : five cities of China92217ocn000736854book19730.53Terrill, RossR.H. Tawney and his times : socialism as fellowshipBibliography+-+12289292156828ocn000080632book19700.59China and ourselves; explorations and revisions by a new generation51419ocn040331133book19840.50Terrill, RossMadame Mao : the white boned demonBiography+-+57747295352026ocn001341751book19740.27Fok, PatFaces of China : tomorrow, today, yesterdayPictorial works17613ocn015163572book19870.21Terrill, RossThe AustraliansHistoryRace relations and land rights from conversations with prominent people in travels around Australia1757ocn000018633book19690.73Terrill, RossChina profile; a symposium762ocn044892000book19870.23Terrill, RossThe Australians : the way we live nowHistory7311ocn070874348book19900.63Terrill, RossMao Zedong zhuan = Mao : a biographyBiography725ocn429415329book20070.28Terrill, RossMao ze dongBiography712ocn044952550visu19960.2420th century with Mike Wallace chemical and biological weaponsHistoryMilitary historyMiscellaneaChronicles the events in China after the death of Mao in 1977651ocn057134241book20030.20Terrill, RossThe new Chinese empire : and what it means for the worldHistory423ocn036347555book19840.24Terrill, RossMadame MaoBiography15026ocn015366806book19870.21Terrill, RossThe AustraliansHistoryA history of Australia focusing on how Australians really live from the cosmopolitan cities to the rowdy frontier towns111ocn020820000book19890.59Terrill, RossŌsutorariajinHistory21ocn317796042rcrd19890.10Terrill, RossThe AustraliansHistoryA former Australian explains the Australians' lack of work ethic and love of leisure and how this has affected the development of the nation. Terrill also traces the background of each major city, weaving together history and sociology11ocn221765479visu1995Tidy, GrahamPortrait of Doctor Ross TerrillPortraits12ocn711962412file2001Terrill, RossThe Australians the way we live nowHistoryThis is a lively, personal, accessible snapshot of the Australian people at the start of the 21st century: the nation, economy, society, culture and values; the cities, the outback; and the evolution of our national identity+-+0769350195+-+0769350195Fri Mar 21 15:18:56 EDT 2014batch19470