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Fri Mar 21 17:06:05 2014 UTClccn-n801566040.10Dr. Atkins' new diet revolution0.160.47The Atkins diet14765558Robert_Atkins_(nutritionist)n 80156604536527Atkins, Doctor 1931-2003Atkins, R. C., kardiologAtkins, R. C. (Robert Coleman), 1930-Atkins, Robert, 1930-2003Atkins, Robert Coleman 1930-2003Atkinss, RobertsColeman Atkins, Robert 1930-2003אטקינס, רוברט סיアトキンス, ロバートlccn-n83068656Gare, Franclbcrelccn-n96107470Atkins, Veronica C.lccn-n2004007360Eberstein, Jacqueline A.lccn-n2004007361Vernon, Mary C.lccn-n88119831Buff, Sheilaothctrlccn-n79078601Linde, Shirley Motternp-conger, ericConger, Ericnrtlccn-no2009119748Monica, Helenclbcrelccn-n91125085Rogak, Lisa1962-nc-umvd visual entertainment firmUMVD/Visual Entertainment (Firm)Atkins, Robert C.RecipesCase studiesMenusPopular worksLow-carbohydrate dietReducing dietsInsulin resistanceObesityAging--Nutritional aspectsHealthLongevity--Nutritional aspectsDiabetes--Diet therapyGlycemic indexNon-insulin-dependent diabetesDiet therapyVitamin therapyDietary supplements--Therapeutic useOrthomolecular therapyCookingAtkins, Robert CUnited StatesPhysiciansFood--Carbohydrate contentCarbohydratesFood portionsDietersPhysical fitnessHealth behaviorSugar-free dietDiabetes--PreventionAging--PreventionWeight lossDietMinerals--Therapeutic useLongevityDiet in diseaseNon-insulin-dependent diabetes--Diet therapySound recordingsFormulas, recipes, etcMenusInsulinDiseases--Alternative treatmentFatty acidsAlternative medicineAmino acids--Therapeutic useMedicine, PreventiveDietary supplementsHerbs--Therapeutic usePhysical fitness--Health aspectsReducing diets--Health aspectsObesity--Genetic aspectsDIET (Event)Obesity--SurgeryDeceptive advertising193020031972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201328251153600613.25RM222.2ocn074206800ocn074648206ocn074246741ocn074343673ocn075162043ocn074531322ocn075363226ocn075073525ocn075582226ocn074756641ocn074369709ocn075020348ocn074864675ocn074619904ocn074623704ocn074648420ocn075176346ocn720770515ocn074529248737487ocn000532358book19720.17Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' diet revolution; the high calorie way to stay thin foreverPopular worksMenusRecipesExpanded edition with new recipes, diet tips, and research. Updated information on Atkins' safe, easy and effective method for lasting weight-loss. Over 250 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list--Cover+-+K857655155416443ocn053287695book19940.14Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' quick & easy new diet cookbook : companion to Dr. Atkins new diet revolutionRecipesThe cookbook companion to Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution suggests meal plans and shares updated recipes for appetizers, soups, meat, pasta, sauces, and desserts, and has been revised to include fifty new recipes and Net Carbs nutritional information+-+2555178925365315ocn051454534book20030.16Atkins, Robert CAtkins for life : the complete controlled carb program for permanent weight loss and good healthMenusRecipesOutlines a low-carbohydrate eating program designed to encourage weight loss and improve health and provides two hundred menu plans with controlled carbohydrate counts and more than one hundred recipes+-+377068768517957ocn054931660book20040.13Vernon, Mary CAtkins diabetes revolution : the groundbreaking approach to preventing and controlling type 2 diabetesPopular worksPresents a comprehensive food, exercise, and nutritional supplement program designed to help people at risk for diabetes, and includes meal plans, recipes, and practical advice+-+235590515517049ocn042726295book20000.15Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' age-defying diet revolutionDiet revolutionary Dr. Atkins explains how the Atkins process can help reverse the aging process, and offers advice on how to optimize nutrition, idealize hormone levels, and rejuvenate aging organs+-+543607768510398ocn037870648book19980.15Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' vita-nutrient solution : nature's answers to drugsA guide to the medical benefits of vitamins and minerals includes a section on medical conditions that can be healed or improved through nutritional therapy+-+849363931593710ocn007007087book19810.19Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' nutrition breakthrough : how to treat your medical condition without drugs6306ocn002373009book19770.19Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' superenergy diet : the diet revolution answer to fatigue and depression6054ocn017953680book19880.17Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' health revolution : how complementary medicine can extend your lifeCase studiesWith illustrative case histories, Dr. Atkins details his low-carbohydrate diet, which is combined with nutritional supplements, biological medicines, medical breakthroughs, and the patient-oriented focus of such health care+-+K5183780054918ocn045595082book20000.16Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' age-defying dietA health regimen combines nutritious foods, exercise, vitamin supplements, and herbs to help people fight such age-related illnesses as heart disease, arthritis, and cancer+-+365224768542624ocn048779180book19930.13Atkins, Robert CLa nueva revolución dietéticaRecipesExplica la dieta Atkins baja en hidratos de carbono, con recetas+-+762658119340615ocn039392501rcrd19980.10Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' new diet revolutionA revolutionary plan that eliminates fat-producing carbohydrates, allowing you to eat more calories and consume protein and fat while losing weight+-+765570941535833ocn000932075book19740.19Gare, FranDr. Atkins' diet cook bookRecipes2897ocn056220836visu19990.12Atkins, Robert CAtkins complete fast, easy & healthyDr. Atkins teaches you how to drop the pounds safely and quickly while eating foods you love. This easy to follow video contains everything you need to know to finally get on track, including how to loss weight on a long term basis and how to get and stay healthy2674ocn057557689book20040.12Vernon, Mary CLa revolución diabética del Dr. Atkins : el innovador programa para prevenir y controlar la diabetes de tipo 2Presents a comprehensive food, exercise, and nutritional supplement program designed to help people at risk for diabetes, and includes meal plans, recipes, and practical advice+-+40188251552633ocn036457449book19960.15Atkins, Robert CDr. Atkins' New carbohydrate gram counter : more than 1200 brand-name and generic foods listed with carbohydrate, protein, and fat contentsLists carbohydrate content for hundreds of foods+-+10636862352266ocn051750458rcrd20030.12Atkins, Robert CAtkins for life [the complete controlled-carb program for permanent weight loss and good health]RecipesFilled with advice and tips on navigating the everyday challenges that come with eating low carb in a high carb world, this audiobook provides a simple and straightforward lifetime program that anyone can follow. With "Atkins for life," finding your ideal weight and staying there has never been so easy or so good! The text CD-ROM includes menu plans, recipes, and self-tests and quizes to help you meet and stay with your goals+-+076427400620633ocn032463628book19740.16Atkins, Robert CLa revolución dietética del Dr. Atkins : el único y revolucionario método, rico en calorías, que permite mantenerse siempre esbelto+-+K7585055241944ocn059272566book20040.13Atkins, Robert CThe illustrated Atkins new diet cookbook : 200 mouthwatering recipes to help you follow the international number one bestselling dietRecipes+-+75294364553241903ocn057415701book20050.12Atkins, Robert CLo esencial de Atkins : un programa de dos semanas para comenzar un estilo de vida bajo en carbohidratosAn introduction to the Atkins diet plan outlines a two-week beginning program, lists acceptable and unacceptable foods, and answers common questions about the plan+-+67879251554142ocn056956419book20050.18Rogak, LisaDr. Robert Atkins : the true story of the man behind the war on carbohydratesBiographyProfiles the medical revolutionary who transformed the field of diet and nutrition, discussing Atkins's relationship with the medical establishment, the controversy over his low-carbohydrate regimen, and his lasting influence+-+838545140661ocn057403697book20040.18Holt, StephenEnhancing low carb diets : how can we make low carbohydrate diets more effective and healthier?+-+949779624551ocn156391316visu20040.47The Atkins dietPuts Dr Robert Atkins' controversial high-protein, high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet to the test, investigating why it can be effective. Results of scientific experiments. Researchers and dieters contribute11ocn051845305visu20020.47A lot to loseThe program presents 5 approaches to weight loss: change in life style through nutrition as presented by Hermien Lee; gastric bypass; medications for controlling obsessive eating due to genetics; the Atkins Diet, and; diet scams+-+3770687685+-+3770687685Fri Mar 21 16:05:59 EDT 2014batch25539