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Thu Oct 16 17:51:59 2014 UTClccn-n800157790.15Fresh air the best of stage & screen /0.320.95Lektionen in Herzog : Neues über Deutschlands verlorenen Filmautor Werner Herzog und sein Werk /111607089Werner_Herzogn 80015779398214Chercog, Verner 1942-Chertsogk, Berner 1942-Hersōg, Verṇar, 1942-Herzog Stipetić, Werner 1942-Herzog, WernerStipetić, Werner.Stipetič, Werner 1942-Stipetic, Werner H.Stipetic, Werner H. 1942-Stipetić, Werner Herzog, 1942-ヘルツォーク, ヴェルナーlccn-no95044142Werner Herzog Filmproduktionprolccn-n88081698Kinski, Klausivecstprfadpactlccn-no96047264Anchor Bay Entertainment, Incviaf-290631579Nelson, Erikpronp-zeitlinger, peterZeitlinger, Petercngprfphtviaf-255507559Stipetić, Luckiprdprolccn-nr97020029Popol Vuh (Musical group)cmplccn-no2009000441Mauch, Thomas1937-cngillprfphtlccn-n85093613Duvall, Robertactlccn-n96121177Treadwell, Timothy1957-2003Herzog, Werner1942-DramaAnecdotesInterviewsFictionFilm adaptationsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDiariesBiographyPortraitsHerzog, Werner,GermanyMotion picture producers and directorsFalse arrestCrimeTreadwell, Timothy,Grizzly bearAlaskaBear watchingHuman-animal relationshipsGrizzly bear--BehaviorBear attacksReacher, Jack (Fictitious character)France--Chauvet CaveCave paintingsFrance--Vallon-Pont-d'ArcArt, PrehistoricMurderMiddle WestManners and customsInsanity (Law)TravelFitzcarraldo (Motion picture)Dengler, DieterVietnam War (1961-1975)AntarcticaEscaped prisoners of warLaosHuman beings--Effect of environment onHuman beings--Effect of climate onDrug addictsResearchAntarctica--McMurdo StationResearch teamsSocial isolation--Psychological aspectsEl DoradoMan-woman relationshipsCriminal behaviorLouisiana--New OrleansPolice misconductDetectivesAmazon River RegionMotion picturesTheatersPeruPeru--IquitosIndians of South AmericaOperaRubber industry and tradeEuropeans194219671968197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014299442691642791.4372PN1997ocn062083818ocn754635772ocn248719120ocn489550572ocn052982640ocn649734943ocn050601742ocn050601740ocn030346055ocn050601745ocn754635772ocn248719120ocn052982640ocn649734943ocn050601742ocn050601740ocn050601745ocn050601741ocn022601700ocn059133354ocn062083818ocn754635772ocn248719120ocn050601744ocn758483111ocn051863504ocn069698300ocn587706313ocn856016010ocn435975090ocn052982640ocn050601742ocn022601700ocn059133354ocn058915626ocn059133241ocn056833436ocn069698300ocn173151834ocn744575879ocn046569743ocn841489231ocn843760070ocn850829688ocn691816263ocn050601745ocn040658391ocn040999168ocn846445995ocn754042211ocn753599873ocn836004124ocn550696332ocn838132717ocn838122787ocn753709057ocn838133477ocn838127959ocn838133100ocn420087541ocn878664420ocn674157124ocn691594093ocn813931138ocn674133511ocn691829732ocn449753175ocn691919657ocn779685772ocn063061779ocn762442321ocn767407250ocn691679469ocn812502894ocn724969566ocn724532150ocn723090579ocn722756428ocn723667515ocn723771938ocn743018587ocn742644613ocn742744303ocn407497501ocn416036079ocn421800384ocn742704578ocn417021391ocn416120584ocn742791295ocn869009359ocn454307188204743ocn062083818visu20050.21Herzog, WernerGrizzly manBiographyInterviewsAnecdotesFilmmaker Werner Herzog investigates the death of preservationist and former television actor Timothy Treadwell, who was killed in the Alaskan wilderness, along with his girlfriend Amie Huguenard, by the bears he lived among and dedicated his life to protecting191310ocn834144401visu20120.16McQuarrie, ChristopherJack ReacherFictionDramaFilm adaptationsEx-military investigator Jack Reacher leaps off the pages of Lee Child's bestselling novel and onto the big screen in this explosive thriller. When an unspeakable crime is committed, all evidence points to the suspect in custody who offers up a single note in defense: Get Jack Reacher! The law has its limits, but Reacher does not when his fight for the truth pits him against an unexpected enemy with a skill for violence and a secret to keep1678170ocn042950116visu19800.27Herzog, WernerFitzcarraldoFictionDramaDe Ierse avonturier Fitzgeraldo, bewonderaar van Caruso, heeft het in zijn hoofd gezet om in Peru een operahuis te bouwen. Om het geld voor deze spectaculaire plannen bij elkaar te krijgen, koopt hij van de Peruaanse staat in het Amazonegebied een rubberplantage. Omdat de jungle geen andere mogelijkheden tot transport biedt, moet het schip waarmee men de Amazone afvaart over land naar een onbereikbare zijrivier gebracht worden. Een uiterst riskante onderneming die gedoemd is te mislukken+-+7255061138324167725ocn754635772visu20100.21Cave of forgotten dreamsNonfiction filmsHistorical filmsDocumentary filmsOvercoming considerable technical challenges, iconic director Werner Herzog takes viewers into the interior of Chauvet Cave in southern France where the world's oldest cave paintings--hundreds in number--were discovered in 1994. These 32,000-year-old artworks--pristine and astonishingly realistic drawings of horses, cattle, and lions--come alive in the torchlight, as Herzog muses on this extraordinary place, the nature and purpose of Paleolithic art, and its creators. For Herzog, these paintings present perhaps the earliest manifestation of our primal desire to communicate and represent the world around us, which leads him to wider metaphysical contemplations on evolution and our place within it, and ultimately on what it means to be human136028ocn173319614visu20070.18Herzog, WernerRescue dawnDramaWhen U.S. fighter pilot Dieter Dengler escapes death after being shot down over one of the most intense front lines in the Vietnam War, his troubles were just beginning. He is taken captive by the Vietnamese Army and is forced to endure a harrowing stint in a Vietnamese prison camp. Dengler and a small band of his fellow captives stage a death-defying escape. Based on a true story129418ocn248719120visu20070.20Encounters at the end of the worldInterviewsThis film, like many from director Werner Herzog, is a poem of oddness and beauty. Investigating the lives of the "professional dreamers" who conduct research at the bottom of the world in Antarctica, he finds a happily cynical lot, who regard climate change and the potential extinction of Homo sapiens in rather a different light than most people. They study penguins, seals, volcanoes, miniscule underwater creatures, and the shifting ice patterns. In this harsh yet beautiful place, where compasses are useless, and the climate is negative 70 degrees Fahrenheit, Herzog finds the scenery splendid, and McMurdo Station research center repellent. For viewers who have wondered why anyone would go to Antarctica, Herzog's film provides some interesting answers, and many scenes capturing the natural beauty of the ice continent1292100ocn045616950visu19720.29Herzog, WernerAguirre, the wrath of GodFictionDramaA band of Spanish conquistadors, led by Aguirre, self-styled "Wrath of God," go up the Amazon in search of gold, but Aguirre's megalomania turns the expedition into a death trip110322ocn489550572visu20090.16Herzog, WernerThe bad lieutenant port of call New OrleansFictionDramaCrime filmsSgt. Terence McDonagh of the New Orleans PD has been promoted to lieutenant, thanks to an act of bravery just after Hurricane Katrina. He jumped into the murky, rising waters of a flooded jail to save a prisoner, injured his back in the process, and now he's addicted to painkillers. That's OK, though, because McDonagh is also addicted to every drug on the planet, and helps himself by raiding the evidence room after drug busts. The slaughter of a Senegalese family--parents, grandmother, and two young children--lands in his lap. The prime suspect is drug dealer Big Fate, who causes Big Fear in the locals, so it's going to be almost impossible to find anyone to connect him to the crime. What with his constant search for drugs, his high-maintenance call girl girlfriend, and a father who's drinking himself to death, is it any wonder the Lieutenant's gone bad?78272ocn044901921visu19760.39Büchner, GeorgWoyzeckDramaFilm adaptationsFranz Woyzeck is a hapless, hopeless soldier, alone and powerless in society, assaulted from all sides by forces he cannot control. Abused and tortured, both physically and psychologically by commanding officers, doctors and his unfaithful wife, Marie, Woyzeck struggles to hold on to his humanity and his fragile sanity. In the film's shattering climax, he is finally driven over the brink into madness and murder+-+274565912532478052ocn048800078visu19770.31Herzog, WernerStroszekDramaMelodramaThis tragicomedy features remarkable cast and one of the most bizarre, memorable endings in film history70313ocn059717257visu19820.29Blank, LesBurden of dreamsCriticism, interpretation, etcDocuments German film director Werner Herzog's production of Fitzcarraldo in the Amazon jungle. Disaster after disaster befalls Herzog, including torrential rains, attacks by armed Indians, and the loss of his leading actors. It is a chronicle of an obsessed artist who is willing to sacrifice almost anything to realize his cinematic vision66819ocn052982640visu19720.26Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes Aguirre, wrath of GodDrama"A band of Spanish conquistadors led by Aguirre, self-styled "Wrath of God," go up the Amazon in search of gold, but Aguirre's megalomania turns the expedition into a death trip."--Container55237ocn050620288visu19790.29Herzog, WernerNosferatu the vampyreDramaJonathan Harker, against the wishes of his wife, departs on a journey over the Carpathian Mountains to arrange a real estate transaction for Count Dracula, with tragic results54264ocn050601745visu19780.21Herzog, WernerNosferatu Phantom der NachtDramaFilm adaptationsJonathan Harker, against the wishes of his wife, departs on a journey over the Carpathian Mountains to arrange a real estate transaction for Count Dracula, with tragic results52533ocn048863517visu19740.28Herzog, WernerThe enigma of Kaspar HauserHistoryBiographyDramaBased on the story of 19th century Kaspar Hauser. Appearing mysteriously in a Nuremburg square, 18-year-old Kaspar is a 'wild' boy who is unable to talk or to dress himself. He is taken into the home of a local doctor who ties to civilize him49335ocn070144959visu19840.26Herzog, WernerWo die grünen Ameisen traümenDramaAs long as the holy site known as 'where the green ants dream' is safe, the aboriginal natives believe that their culture, and Earth itself, will be safe. When a major corporation plans to mine the site, it sparks a revolt46347ocn045398388visu19870.33Herzog, WernerCobra VerdeHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsBased on "The viceroy of Ouidah" by Bruce Chatwin. The destructive life of the bandit Cobra Verde in Dahomey, Africa. during the dark age of slavery38618ocn052415046visu20010.22Herzog, WernerInvincibleDramaBased on a true story, an extraordinary tale of a simple Jewish man who rises from a life of obscurity to defend his heritage. With Hitler on the brink of power and the world on the road to war. A journey from a humble village in Poland to the giddy excesses of 1930s Berlin and the risks he took to fight for his people34612ocn044616925visu19900.47Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen Even dwarfs started smallDramaThe film is a brutal, uncrompomising allegory about the consequences of imprisonment and rebellion34610ocn051051333visu19990.35Herzog, WernerMy best fiend Klaus KinskiBiographyGerman director Werner Herzog explores his relationship with actor Klaus Kinski, with whom he made five films5295ocn013580403book19860.56Corrigan, TimothyThe Films of Werner Herzog : between mirage and historyCriticism, interpretation, etcGiven Herzog's own pronouncement that 'film is not the art of scholars, but of illiterates,' it is not surprising that his work has aroused ambivalent and contradictory responses. Visually and philosophically ambitious and at the same time provocatively eccentric, Herzog's films have been greeted equally by extreme adulation and extreme condemnation.Even as Herzog's rebellious images have gained him a reputation as a master of the German New Wave, he has been attacked for indulging in a romantic naiveté and wilful self-absorption. To his hardest critics, Herzog's films appear as litt5185ocn262884183book20090.24Herzog, WernerConquest of the useless : reflections from the making of FitzcarraldoDiariesOne of the most revered filmmakers of our time, Werner Herzog wrote this diary during the making of <Fitzcarraldo</, the lavish 1982 film that tells the story of a would-be rubber baron who pulls a steamship over a hill in order to access a rich rubber territory. Later, Herzog spoke of his difficulties when making the film, including casting problems, reshoots, language barriers, epic clashes with the star, and the logistics of moving a 320-ton steamship over a hill without the use of special effects.</ Hailed by critics around the globe, the film went on to win Herzog the 1982 Outstanding Director Prize at Cannes. <Conquest of the Useless</, Werner Herzog's diary on his fever dream in the Amazon jungle, is an extraordinary glimpse into the mind of a genius during the making of one of his greatest achievements.</+-+98002061554353ocn788270090book20120.66Ames, EricFerocious reality : documentary according to Werner HerzogCriticism, interpretation, etcOver the course of his career Werner Herzog, known for such visionary masterpieces as Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972) and The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (1974), has directed almost sixty films, roughly half of which are documentaries. And yet, in a statement delivered during a public appearance in 1999, the filmmaker declared: "There are deeper strata of truth in cinema, and there is such a thing as poetic, ecstatic truth. It is mysterious and elusive, and can be reached only through fabrication and imagination and stylization." Ferocious Reality is the first book to3495ocn084151568book20070.70Prager, BradThe cinema of Werner Herzog : aesthetic ecstasy and truthCriticism, interpretation, etcMore than any other director, Werner Herzog is renowned for pushing the boundaries of conventional cinema, especially those between the fictional and the factual, the fantastic and the real. Drawing on over 35 films, this book explores his continuing search for what he has described as the 'ecstatic truth'+-+62692105463492ocn050581849book20020.63Herzog, WernerHerzog on HerzogInterviews+-+63525762053197ocn055592372book20040.79Prawer, S. SNosferatu--Phantom der NachtHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+76852099363124ocn796088211file20120.70Prager, BradA companion to Werner HerzogCriticism, interpretation, etcA Companion to Werner Herzog showcases over two dozen original scholarly essays examining nearly five decades of filmmaking by one of the most acclaimed and innovative figures in world cinema. - First collection in twenty years dedicated to examining Herzog's expansive career - Features essays by international scholars and Herzog specialists - Addresses a broad spectrum of the director's films, from his earliest works such as Signs of Life and Fata Morgana to such recent films as The Bad Lieutenant and Encounters at the End of the World - Offers creative, innovative approaches guided by film history, art history, and philosophy - Includes a comprehensive filmography that also features a list of the director's acting appearances and opera productions - Explores the director's engagement with music and the arts, his self-stylization as a global filmmaker, his Bavarian origins, and even his love-hate relationship with the actor Klaus Kinski2893ocn008111828book19800.70Herzog, WernerOf walking in ice : Munich-Paris, 11/23 to 12/14, 1974+-+65676142451524ocn006197400book19790.77Herzog, WernerImages at the horizon : a workshop with Werner HerzogInterviews1431ocn062204570rcrd20050.15Fresh air the best of stage & screenInterviewsTerry Gross interviews seventeen stars of stage and screen+-+46346601061332ocn003070796book19760.79Schütte, WolframHerzog, Kluge, Straub1233ocn006201867book19790.82Werner Herzog962ocn056425650book20040.88Herzog, WernerEroberung des NutzlosenDiaries945ocn005775789book19790.70Herzog, WernerVom Gehen im Eis : München, Paris, 23.11. bis 14.12.1974BiographyDiaries485ocn010403065visu19820.29Blank, LesBurden of dreamsCriticism, interpretation, etcDocumentary of the filming of Fitzcarraldo in the Peruvian Amazon. Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale, Jason Robards and Mick Jagger are featured483ocn870211390file20020.86Herzog, WernerWerner HerzogBiographyPortraitsInterviews+-+9689681848462ocn017239090book19860.93Gabrea, RaduWerner Herzog et la mystique rhénane411ocn009270075book19820.82Carrère, EmmanuelWerner Herzog352ocn748265607book20110.95Lektionen in Herzog : Neues über Deutschlands verlorenen Filmautor Werner Herzog und sein WerkCriticism, interpretation, etc343ocn877244526book19910.50Herzog, WernerOf walking in ice : Munich-Paris, 23 November-14 December, 1974Diaries+-+6567614245+-+9689681848+-+9689681848Thu Oct 16 15:14:05 EDT 2014batch52864