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Fri Mar 21 17:03:07 2014 UTClccn-n801598150.25Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence0.460.98Ōshima Nagisa : Ōshima Nagisa 1960 /109364179Nagisa_Oshiman 80159815539671Nagisa Ōshima.Nagisa,Ōshima, 1932-Nagisa, Ōshima, 1932-2013Oschima, Nagisa 1932-2013Oshima, NagisaŌshima, Nagisa, 1932-2013Oshima, Nagiza 1932-2013オオシマ, ナギサ, 1932-2013大島, 渚, 1932-2013大島渚, 1932-大島渚, 1932-2013lccn-n81002077Turim, Maureen Cheryn1951-lccn-n85268047松竹株式会社lccn-no98092622Criterion Collection (Firm)lccn-n50082448Argos Filmspblprolccn-n81112099Bowie, Davidothprfartactlccn-no2003010960大島渚プロダクションlccn-n80022754Sakamoto, Ryūichi1952-iveprflyrcndactitrcmplccn-n81083657Conti, Tomothiveprfartactlccn-no2008032504田村孟1933-1997auslccn-nr2004016891藤竜也1941-iveprfactŌshima, Nagisa1932-2013DramaCriticism, interpretation, etcFilm adaptationsHistoryBiographyErotic filmsFictionJapanŌshima, Nagisa,Motion picturesMan-woman relationshipsWorld War (1939-1945)Concentration campsPrisoners of warCriminalsIndonesia--JavaGreat BritainSexVan der Post, LaurensMurderWar--Psychological aspectsSoldiers--PsychologyAbe, Sada,ProstitutesAdulteryWomen murderersSamuraiMarried womenAi no korīda (Motion picture)ShinsengumiHomosexualityShiba, Ryōtarō,Ghost stories, JapaneseMurder--InvestigationStranglingSadomasochismJapan--TokyoApathyEmbezzlementMistaken identityHiding placesAnarchistsTakeda, Taijun,Bawdy songsRapeExtortionHigh school boysLustYamada, Fūtarō,Young menYoung adultsMotion pictures, JapaneseMotion picture producers and directorsSupernatural in motion picturesJapan--OsakaSlumsHigh school students19322013194119561959196019611963196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201375884671083791.4372PN1997ocn662735441ocn300092865ocn300092872ocn613424179ocn613422333ocn613422334ocn613414812ocn613414786ocn662735442ocn426170427ocn662735441ocn300092865ocn300092872ocn613414812ocn613414786ocn662735442ocn426170427ocn756591093ocn052847070ocn802300060ocn300092865ocn300092872ocn756591093ocn805407807ocn444323069ocn859429002ocn691486318ocn723801447ocn676504517ocn676312546ocn742681622ocn742860155ocn743014465ocn742857098ocn691673213ocn691456347ocn743072748ocn743086245ocn742681622ocn742860155ocn743014465ocn742857098ocn421829694ocn742929079ocn743085845ocn743086245ocn743155870ocn742928636ocn839349674ocn551898011ocn839306897ocn551898113ocn406002658ocn551897920ocn752611838ocn839317082ocn753620683ocn743120378ocn420709400ocn470511570ocn723801447ocn443869236ocn440095223ocn450393535ocn780543469ocn859147057ocn859148519ocn859147682ocn859149055ocn680367642ocn691557775ocn691459346ocn222397196ocn222397196ocn312705960ocn691996142ocn69167751278673ocn662735441visu19820.25Ōshima, NagisaMerry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceBiographyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIn a Japanese prison camp on Java in 1942, two British officers, John Lawrence and Jack Celliers, encounter camp commander Yonoi and his sergeant Hara. Things had been going pretty well, until charismatic, rebellious Celliers arrived. Yonoi is a devotee of the samurai ideal; neither he nor Hara can understand the stoic way in which the British prisoners accept their situation of defeat. Lawrence speaks Japanese, and ceaselessly tries to mediate between the prisoners and their overseers, translating both the words and the values of the two races. Celliers' attitude, however, is more comprehensible to Yonoi. He and Celliers arrive at a sort of détente, based on an admiration for the other, but this eventually turns into a contest of wills as the camp's carefully nurtured equilibrium is destroyed+-+11176593253243758ocn021600151book19910.70Ōshima, NagisaCinema, censorship, and the state : the writings of Nagisa Oshima, 1956-1978+-+359506717532433917ocn300092872visu19760.37Dans l'empire des sens In the realm of the sensesDramaBased on one of Japan's most notorious scandals, this erotic masterpiece is the story of an ex-prostitute who becomes involved in an obsessive love affair with the master of the household where she is employed as a servant+-+147870720632425111ocn050473377visu20010.32Gohatto TabooHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsA handsome new recruit, Kano, causes sexual tension in a traditional samurai militia group called Shinsengumi in Kyoto, at the end of the Shōgunate era in Japan2373ocn300092865visu20080.27L'empire de la passion Empire of passionDrama1895, a small Japanese village. Part-time barmaid Seki is married to Gisaburo, a hardworking rickshaw man. Toyoji is a younger man at loose ends since leaving the army. Toyoji seduces Seki, and they embark on a desultory affair. Later, an impetuous action of Toyoji's prompts the lovers to murder Gisaburo. Three years later, Gisaburo's ghost appears, a sad and confused lost soul whose vague desperation drives his murderers to anguished guilt. This film was director Oshima's venture into the kaidan (Japanese ghost story), and was highly acclaimed on its release in 197820014ocn613424179visu19660.50Hakuchū no tōrimaDramaFilm adaptationsThe wife and a former victim of a murderer/rapist protect him in his horrific rape and murder spree+-+494701951632417127ocn045039836visu19760.59Ōshima, NagisaL'empire des sens In the realm of the sensesDramaErotic filmsBased on one of Japan's most notorious scandals, this erotic masterpiece is the story of an ex-prostitute who becomes involved in an obsessive love affair with the master of the household where she is employed as a servant+-+388370720632416812ocn027310862visu19600.59Ōshima, NagisaSeishun zankoku monogatari Cruel story of youthDramaA teenage girl and her criminal boyfriend perform sexual shakedowns on well-to-do middle-aged men+-+73955821063241618ocn613414812visu19650.47Ōshima, NagisaEtsurakuDramaFilm adaptationsAtsushi is blackmailed into watching over a convict's suitcase full of money while he serves his time. Knowing the consequences, Atsushi decides to spend all of the money in one libidinous rush+-+49470195163241576ocn613422333visu19670.39Soeda, TomomichiNihon shunka kōDramaWhen four sexually-hungry high school boys meet up with their drunk teacher, they are sent down a less-than-academic path+-+49470195163241476ocn613422334visu19680.37Kaette kita yopparaiDramaA trio of young men are mistaken for undocumented Koreans in Japan and find themselves on the run+-+49470195163241444ocn613414786visu20060.37Muri shinjū Nihon no natsuDramaA group of oddball anarchists find themselves trapped in an underground hideaway together+-+49470195163241156ocn044431666visu19910.59L'empire de la passion In the realm of passionDramaFilm adaptationsBased on a true story, the film tells of a pair of lovers and the ghost of her betrayed and murdered husband. Guilt over the affair brings the lovers to the scene of the crime, where the husband's ghost and their consciences finally get revenge+-+4563707206324886ocn031441816visu19600.70Taiyō no hakaba The sun's burialDramaProbes the underworld of Osaka's biggest slum, a hellhole where teenage gangs, prostitutes and a cruel femme-fatale vie for control of the area's most impoverished dockworkers821ocn611239785visu20100.37Oshima's outlaw sixtiesDramaCollection includes: Pleasures of the Flesh (Etsuraku, 1965, color); Violence at Noon (Hakuchu No Torima, 1966, B & W); Sing a Song of Sex (Nihon Shunka-Ko, 1967, color); Japanese Summer: Double Suicide (Muri Shin Ju: Nihon No Natsu, 1967, B & W); and Three Resurrected Drunkards (Kaette Kita Yopparai, 1968, color)+-+49470195163247713ocn054356286visu19950.88Nihon no yoru to kiriHistoryDramaIn 1950 the confrontation of student movement activists toward the Japan-United States Security Treaty, Anpo, happen dramatically at a friend's wedding ceremony and how the confrontation becomes a violent and case of murder, etc5616ocn184908508visu19860.66Ōshima, NagisaMax mon amour Max my loveDramaWhen a British diplomat in France suspects his wife is having an affair, he is totally unprepared when he realizes her secret lover is a chimpanzee called Max531ocn070180961visu20060.39Fukasaku, KinjiYakuza graveyardDramaA rogue cop is assigned to look into the Nishida branch of the yakuza by his corrupt bosses. He gets to know one of the criminals and finds him more honorable than his superiors in the police force5219ocn245179003visu19600.86Seishun zankoku monogatariDramaA teenage girl and her criminal boyfriend perform sexual shakedowns on well-to-do middle-aged men. Story portrays the disillusionment of the young generation in Japan following World War II4712ocn426170427visu19760.32Ōshima, NagisaDans l'empire des sensDramaBased on the real incident of Abe Sada. An ex-prostitute becomes involved in an obsessive love affair with the master of the household where she is employed as a servant which culminates in murder and mutilation17925ocn044958052com19970.37Turim, Maureen CherynThe films of Oshima Nagisa images of a Japanese iconoclastCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+0111575705984ocn231855478book19860.76Danvers, LouisNagisa OshimaCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyLa vie et la carrière du cinéaste à travers l'analyse de ses principaux films. En annexe: une biographie sommaire rédigée par Oshima, une filmographie, des notices biographiques de ses proches et un tableau chronologique comparé du 16e siècle à nos jours. [SDM]763ocn007813857book19800.93Ōshima, NagisaÉcrits, 1956-1978 : dissolution et jaillissement381ocn061457021book20040.81Mellen, JoanIn the realm of the senses = [Ai no corrida]+-+2985209936303ocn017888217book19730.95Satō, TadaoŌshima Nagisa no sekaiCriticism, interpretation, etc281ocn566990259book20100.97Yomota, InuhikoŌshima Nagisa to NihonCriticism, interpretation, etc254ocn048483511book20010.98Ōshima, NagisaŌshima Nagisa : Ōshima Nagisa 1960Biography242ocn265806067book0.98Ōshima, NagisaŌshima Nagisa chosakushūHistoryBiography231ocn005939787book19790.97Arecco, SergioNagisa Ōshima191ocn013215865book19840.97Il Rito, la rivolta : il cinema di Nagisa ŌshimaExhibition catalogs181ocn021575755book19820.50Ōshima, NagisaDie Ahnung der Freiheit : Schriften172ocn056765404book20040.97Ōshima, NagisaŌshima Nagisa 1968Biography172ocn029034284book19930.97Ōshima, NagisaŌshima Nagisa 1960Biography142ocn051261263book20020.96Higuchi, NaofumiŌshima Nagisa no subeteCriticism, interpretation, etc102ocn029965392book19810.96Shirai, YoshioKantoku no isuHistoryInterviews102ocn047276220book19990.97Ōshima, NagisaBoku no ryūgi91ocn044766301book19990.96Oshima NagisaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc92ocn029035649book19660.97Ōshima, NagisaMa to zankoku no hassō93ocn038729677book19720.96Ōshima, NagisaWaga Nihon seishin kaizō keikaku : ikyō kara no hassakuteki repōto81ocn640927890book20090.97Nagisa OshimaCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+4947019516324+-+4947019516324Fri Mar 21 16:11:02 EDT 2014batch38543