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Fri Mar 21 17:04:00 2014 UTClccn-n800170090.20Short history of the United States /0.280.50The legacy of Andrew Jackson : essays on democracy, Indian removal, and slavery /109029099Robert_V._Reminin 80017009399431Remini, Robert V.Remini, Robert V. 1921-Remini, Robert V. (Robert Vincent), 1921-Remini, Robert Vincent, 1921-lccn-n79088888Jackson, Andrew1767-1845lccn-n50041909Clay, Henry1777-1852lccn-n79006865United StatesCongresslccn-n79140988Adams, John Quincy1767-1848lccn-n50060578Laffite, Jeanlccn-n80034929Webster, Daniel1782-1852lccn-n79022161United StatesCongressSenatelccn-n79006976Smith, JosephJr1805-1844lccn-n80057180Van Buren, Martin1782-1862lccn-n79054058Democratic Party (U.S.)Remini, Robert V.(Robert Vincent)1921-2013BiographyHistoryCase studiesMilitary historyUnited StatesPolitical scienceJackson, Andrew,PresidentsTerritorial expansionLegislatorsClay, Henry,Indians of North America--WarsSlaveryIndian Removal (1813-1903)Relations with IndiansRace relationsIndians of North America--Government relationsLouisiana--New OrleansNew Orleans, Battle of (Louisiana : 1815)United States.--CongressAdams, John Quincy,United States.--Congress.--SenateWebster, Daniel,Presidents--ElectionSmith, Joseph,--Jr.,MormonsDemocratic Party (U.S.)Van Buren, Martin,Executive powerBiddle, Nicholas,Bank of the United States (1816-1836)Compromise of 1850Command of troopsGeneralsMilitary leadershipTennessee.--MilitiaUnited States.--ArmyIndians of North America--RelocationWar of 1812United States.--Congress.--HouseRemini, Robert V.--(Robert Vincent),Clay, Henry192120131947195119591961196319651966196719681969197019721973197519761977197819791980198119821984198519861987198819891990199119921994199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201334262107396BE382ocn000544632ocn002407037ocn654148766ocn000424678ocn494500049ocn860833620ocn470954319ocn310575322ocn299467814ocn654549710ocn580439401287739ocn000424667book19660.29Remini, Robert VAndrew JacksonHistoryMilitary historyBiographyCase studiesReveals why Jackson's bold leadership as a general cemented "Old Hickory"'s reputation for being tough and ultimately led to his election as President of the United States in 1828+-+3065515875186911ocn003119769book19770.28Remini, Robert VAndrew Jackson and the course of American empire, 1767-1821BiographyDiscusses the role Jackson played in America's territorial expansion186113ocn046401762book20010.24Remini, Robert VAndrew Jackson & his Indian wars"Andrew Jackson was fearless -- some would say ruthless -- in his single-minded focus on the security of the United States ...." --- inside cover+-+7075645215178810ocn040813487book19990.23Remini, Robert VThe Battle of New OrleansThe proud, reckless British general Pakenham - certain that it will be only a matter of days before America is reduced once more to colonial status - finds himself forced to ferry his miserable troops across a Louisiana lake in a Gulf storm, and then discovers to his gentlemanly dismay that agile Choctaw and Tennessee "dirty shirt" sharpshooters make a sport of picking off his sentries by night. The city's Creoles, somewhat suspicious of the enterprise and only recently American citizens, after all, draw the line at blacking out their street lamps+-+260033521517674ocn023140589book19910.27Remini, Robert VHenry Clay : statesman for the UnionBiographyAmong nineteenth-century Americans, few commanded the reverence and respect accorded to Henry Clay of Kentucky. As orator and as Speaker of the House for longer than any man in the century, he wielded great power, a compelling presence in Congress who helped preserve the Union in the antebellum period. Remini portrays both the statesman and the private man, a man whose family life was painfully torn and who burned with ambition for the office he could not reach, the presidency.--From publisher description+-+933568848516632ocn049386416book20020.22Remini, Robert VJohn Quincy AdamsBiographyA portrait of the early nineteenth-century president documents his career with the House of Representatives, efforts to create a consolidated national government, role as a diplomat, contributions to foreign policy, and antislavery campaigns+-+4484150535152214ocn000254290book19630.35Remini, Robert VThe election of Andrew JacksonThe bitter election campaign that evolved modern party machinery and organized mass propaganda methods15182ocn037109201book19970.28Remini, Robert VDaniel Webster : the man and his timeBiographyIn this monumental new biography, Robert V. Remini gives us a full life of Webster from his birth, early schooling, and rapid rise as a lawyer and politician in New Hampshire to his equally successful career in Massachusetts where he moved in 1816. Remini treats both the man and his time as they tangle in issues such as westward expansion, growth of democracy, market revolution, slavery and abolitionism, the National Bank, and tariff issues. Webster's famous speeches are fully discussed as are his relations with the other two of the "great triumvirate", Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun. Throughout, Remini pays close attention to Webster's personal life - perhaps more than Webster would have liked - his relationships with family and friends, and his murky financial dealings with men of wealth and influence+-+3700958485143710ocn048516070book20020.21Remini, Robert VJoseph SmithHistoryBiography"In Joseph Smith, Robert Remini explores one of the Jacksonian epoch's major figures. The most important reformer and innovator in American religious history, Joseph Smith has remained a fascinating enigma to many both inside and outside the Mormon Church, which he founded." "Born in 1805, Smith grew up during the Second Great Awakening, when secular tumult had spawned radical religious fervor and countless new sects. His contemplative nature and soaring imagination - the first of his many visions occurred at the age of fourteen - were nurtured in the close, loving family created by his deeply devout parents. His need to lead and be recognized was met by his mission as God's vehicle for a new faith and by the multitudes who, mesmerized by his charm and charismatic preaching, flocked to the Mormon Church. Remini brings Smith into unprecedented focus and contextualizes his enduring contributions to American life and culture within the distinctive characteristics of an extraordinary age."--Jacket+-+K835855215141416ocn000265377book19510.47Remini, Robert VMartin Van Buren and the making of the Democratic PartyHistoryA biography of Van Buren for the years 1821-1828 and a political history of the nation and of New York for the same years. This study reveals the conscious effort made by Van Buren through a network of alliances to construct the Democratic Party14116ocn010099076book19840.27Remini, Robert VAndrew Jackson and the course of American democracy, 1833-1845Biography"Volume III" of the author's biography of Andrew Jackson. Old Hickory averts disunion and war+-+686403653513986ocn067347513book20060.24Remini, Robert VThe House : the history of the House of RepresentativesHistoryAn official, narrative history of the U.S. House of Representatives takes a close-up look at the influence of this important political body throughout American history, profiling some of the high-profile figures who have played important roles in the political process+-+2989335155135618ocn017296114book19880.23Remini, Robert VThe life of Andrew JacksonBiographyCondensation of the author's threevol. biography: of Andrew Jackson+-+3217865965129114ocn002110428book19760.24Remini, Robert VThe revolutionary age of Andrew Jackson12799ocn001016750book19670.37Remini, Robert VAndrew Jackson and the bank war; a study in the growth of presidential powerHistoryChronicles the political-economic struggle between President Jackson and Nicholas Biddle in the Second Bank war+-+4202458485124712ocn213307834book20100.27Remini, Robert VAt the edge of the precipice : Henry Clay and the compromise that saved the UnionHistory"At the Edge of the Precipice" is historian Robert V. Remini's fascinating recounting of the Compromise of 1850, a titanic act of political will that only a skillful statesman like Clay could broker. Although the Compromise would collapse ten years later, plunging the nation into civil war, Clay's victory in 1850 ultimately saved the Union by giving the North an extra decade to industrialize and prepare+-+9337650195115810ocn167504400book20080.20Remini, Robert VShort history of the United StatesHistoryIn Short History of the United States, Robert V. Remini explores the arrival and migration of Native Americans throughout the Western Hemisphere and their achievements; the discovery of the New World by Europeans and the establishment of colonies by the Spanish, French, English, and Dutch; the causes of the American Revolution; the founding of a republic under the Constitution; the formation of political parties; the War of 1812 and the resulting economic and cultural changes; the democratic impetus during the Jacksonian era; westward expansion and the Mexican War; the struggle over slavery, which led to the Civil War; Reconstruction and the rise of big business; the emergence of the United States as a world power; the descent into the Great Depression; the global conflicts of the twentieth century; the rise of conservatism; and the outbreak of terrorism here and abroad. In addition, Remini illustrates how former English subjects slowly transformed themselves into Americans, and shows how a collection of sovereign, independent colonies united to create a workable, constantly evolving republican government whose democratic principles reflect the changing mores and attitudes of the citizens it represents. He explains the reasons for the nation's unique and enduring strengths, its artistic and cultural accomplishments, its genius in developing new products to sell to the world, and its abiding commitment to individual freedoms--From publisher description+-+109683515511407ocn007717431book19810.27Remini, Robert VAndrew Jackson and the course of American freedom, 1822-1832BiographyTraces Jackson's senatorial career, his presidential campaigns, and his first administration as president8599ocn016685223book19880.50Remini, Robert VThe legacy of Andrew Jackson : essays on democracy, Indian removal, and slavery7904ocn018559219book19890.35Remini, Robert VThe Jacksonian eraHistory+-+K68404733511ocn726769868book0.47Remini, Robert VMiscellaneous papers+-+9335688485+-+9335688485Fri Mar 21 16:02:06 EDT 2014batch23478