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Darby's Rangerslccn-n80020642United StatesArmyRanger Battalion, 4thlccn-n50000988United StatesArmyRanger Battalion, 3rdlccn-n80008265Darby, William Orlandolccn-no2009051273Mullaney, Craig M.lccn-n2006013608United StatesArmyInfantry Regiment, 87thlccn-n79063202United StatesArmylccn-n79074300United States Military Academync-united states$armyUnited StatesArmylccn-n90662716Black, Robert W.lccn-n50072605Great BritainCombined Operations CommandUnited StatesArmyRanger Battalion, 1stHistoryUnited States.--Army.--Ranger Battalion, 1stUnited StatesWorld War (1939-1945)Regimental historiesUnited States.--Army.--Ranger Battalion, 4thUnited States.--Army.--Ranger Battalion, 3rdUnited States.--ArmyMilitary campaignsDarby, William OrlandoAfrica, NorthSoldiersMullaney, Craig MAfghanistanAfghan War (2001-)War on Terrorism (2001-2009)Armed Forces--OfficersUnited States.--Army.--Infantry Regiment, 87thUnited States Military AcademyTeachersItalyGeneralsGreat BritainGreat Britain.--Combined Operations CommandMediterranean RegionDieppe Raid (1942)United States.--Army.--Infantry Regiment, 168thUnited States.--Army Air Forces.--Fighter Group, 33rdArmed ForcesWilderness survivalSurvivalUnited States.--Army.--Mountain Division, 10thArmed Forces (United States)Western Front (World War (1914-1918))Military doctrineHeroesTerrorism--Government policySeptember 11 Terrorist Attacks (2001)Military policyQaida (Organization)Altieri, JamesCommando troopsArmed Forces--Commando troopsUnited States.--Army.--Special ForcesGermanyPrisoners of warEscapesAnzio, Battle of (Italy : 1944)Evans, WarrenWar--Psychological aspectsHistory194419451960196119771978197919801981198219831984198519931997200120022003200620072008200920106535357211ocn033485826book1944Report of action, [First Ranger Bn, 22 Jan-5 Feb 44]History15934ocn310092446book20090.18Mullaney, Craig MThe unforgiving minute : a soldier's educationMilitary historyBiographyPersonal narratives AmericanA West Point grad, Rhodes scholar, and Army Ranger recounts his unparalleled education in the art of war and reckons with the hard wisdom that only battle itself can bestow+-+37575794067872ocn774392961file20090.33Black, Robert WThe Ranger Force Darby's Rangers in World War IIHistory+-+46705266353247223ocn003748935book19780.23Ladd, James DCommandos and rangers of World War IISpecial Styrker; Special Forces; Landing Crafts; Special Service Brigade(UK); Special Service Group(UK); Commando(UK); Royal Marine Commando(UK); Middle East Commando(UK); Chindits; Marine Raider Regiment(US); Marine Raider Battalion(US); Ranger Battalion(US); Darby's Rangers(US); Special Service Force(US); American Air Commando(US); Merrill's Marauders; Guerillakrigsførelse; Irregulær Krigsførelse; Ukonventionel Krigsførelse; Commando Fiji Guerillas; Landing Crafts Obstruction Clearance Units; Special Boat Section; Combined Operations Assault Pilotage Parties; COPPs; Sea Reconnaissance Unit; RM Boom Patrol Detachment; Small Scale Raiding Force; Special Raiding Squadron; Raiding Force Middle East; RM Detachment 385; Small Operation Group; RN Beach Commandos; Combined Operations Scout Units; RAF Servicing Commandos; Anzio; Arzew; Air Support; Dieppe Raid; Demolitions; Churchill; Clogstoun-Willmott; Bruneval; Camuflage; Darby; Dives River; Lauenburg; Komrower; Keyes, R.; Jellicoe; Hardy; Guadalcanal; Gustav Line; Durnford-Salter, J.; El Alamein; Garigliano River; Rhinen; Norge; Ouistreham; Parachute Troops; Phuket; Normandy; Naval Support; Myebon; Murray; Mountbatten; Manners, J.C.; Mills-Roberts; Montgomery; Maas River; Lovat; Laycock; Jugoslavien; Wingate; Weasel LVT; Weatherall; Tobruk; Sicilien; Schweningen; St.Honorine; St.Nazaire; Salerno; Singapore6044ocn073993959book20070.18Jeffers, H. PaulOnward we charge : the heroic story of Darby's Rangers in World War IIHistoryBiographyAwarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart, and posthumously promoted to Brigadier General by President Truman, Colonel William Darby was an indisputable hero. His elite battalion of Army Rangers paved the way for Ranger success in subsequent wars, and left an unforgettable legacy in its wake. This book takes readers from the beachheads of North Africa to the bloody campaigns of southern Italy, and to Darby's tragic death by German shrapnel just eight days before V-E Day. This is the true story of a man who held his own beside the greatest military figures in history.--From publisher description+-+63767760955037ocn005992593book19790.23Darby, William OrlandoWe led the way : Darby's RangersHistoryPersonal narratives American"This is Darby?s own story of those climactic days, as dictated, just a few months before his death, to his friend General William H. Baumer. Baumer has added background information about the war and on Darby?s life, plus a summary of the exploits of other Ranger units"--Jacket+-+97496964354366ocn123119776book20080.18DeFelice, JimRangers at Dieppe : the first combat action of U.S. Army Rangers in World War IIA study of the early history of the U.S. Army Rangers describes the formation of the elite, specially trained commando teams and their first foray into combat, taking part in a combined Allied assault on the German-held French port of Dieppe+-+16746707953133ocn048038357book20020.47Kelly, OrrMeeting the Fox : the Allied invasion of Africa, from Operation Torch to Kasserine Pass to victory in TunisiaHistory"Before Normandy, before Anzio, a fledgling Allied army of inexperienced officers and undertrained, ill-equipped troops launched a perilous amphibious invasion of unprecedented size and scope. Their mission: to fight their way across 1,200 miles of mountain and desert and wrest control of North Africa from the battle-hardened veterans of the Nazis' vaunted Afrika Korps, commanded by legendary Field Marshal Erwin Rommel - the Desert Fox."+-+34796962952971ocn049864499book20030.08McNab, ChrisSurvive in the mountains with the U.S. Rangers and Army Mountain DivisionThe U.S. Army Rangers and 10th Mountain Division are experts in moutain survival. The secrets of their survival techniques are examined here+-+38559354062932ocn006649511book19810.70King, Michael JWilliam Orlando Darby, a military biographyHistoryBiography"Led by dauntless William O. Darby, the elite fighting unit commonly known as Darby's Rangers battled successfully in the World War II campaigns of North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. These units, originally modeled on the British Commandos, were trained in shock tactics, unconventional warfare, special weaponry, demolition operations behind enemy lines and the like ... [Michael] King has integrated the biography of a superb mid-level combat commander and the study of an elite military unit in action"--Jacket2383ocn001167388book19600.26Altieri, JamesThe spearheadersHistoryPersonal narratives American2381ocn005240297book19790.06Shapiro, Milton JRanger battalion : American Rangers in World War IIHistoryJuvenile worksDescribes the formation of the Rangers, a volunteer Army unit whose recruits were mostly outdoorsmen and sportsmen, and details the World War II campaigns in which they distinguished themselves1827ocn317630805rcrd20090.12Mullaney, Craig MThe unforgiving minute a soldier's educationMilitary historyBiographyPersonal narratives AmericanA West Point grad, Rhodes scholar, and Army Ranger recounts his unparalleled education in the art of war and reckons with the hard wisdom that only battle itself can bestow+-+5106665596832ocn005286271book19610.26Altieri, JamesThe spearheaders : a personal history of Darby's RangersHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives American721ocn430058555visu20090.19Darby's rangersDramaThe cold rain is relentless. Huddled in the mountains, the GIs are soaked, weary, miserable. One might say it was hell on Earth but these men know better. They already walked through hell when they spearheaded the invasions of North Africa and Sicily. Waiting next is something worse: the brutal nightmare of Anzio602ocn052982882rcrd20030.13Darby, William OrlandoDarby's Rangers we led the wayHistoryPersonal narratives American"From the moment they hit the beaches in North Africa to their last desperate struggle at Anzio, Darby's Rangers asked for only one thing in WWII--the chance to fight. Experts at amphibious landings, night attacks, and close combat, the Rangers were the spearhead for advancing U.S. forces. And at their helm was William O. Darby, a forceful, charismatic man who inspired, and was inspired by, his troops. Against overwhelming odds in Tunisia, through the concentrated hell at Gela, on to the final kill at Messina and the Italian mainland, Darby and his Rangers led the way."--Container+-+8721584825362ocn003328133book19450.29Altieri, JamesDarby's Rangers : an illustrated portrayal of the original Rangers, World War II, in training and in action161ocn037742541book19970.66Meltesen, Clarence RAfter the battle-- ranger evasion and escape131ocn052631078book20020.26Evans, WarrenHeroes cry too : a WWII ranger tells his story of love and warBiographyPersonal narratives American"Warren 'Bing' Evans started out life on the plains of South Dakota, but world events sent him off to Europe to fight in World War II. He became one of Colonel Darby's elite 1st Battalion Rangers and fought his way across Africa, Sicily, and Italy. Captured near Cisterna, Italy in 1944, he spent over a year in a German prison camp. This is the story of Captain Evans told in his own words."--P. [4] of cover133ocn010399016mix19820.74Haggerty, Jerome JA history of the Ranger Battalions in World War IIHistory121ocn226061956book20070.10DeFelice, JamesRangers at DieppeA study of the early history of the U.S. Army Rangers describes the formation of the elite, specially trained commando teams and their first foray into combat, taking part in a combined Allied assault on the German-held French port of Dieppe+-+1674670795+-+3757579406Thu Oct 16 15:05:34 EDT 2014batch18321