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Fri Mar 21 17:05:45 2014 UTClccn-n800216440.35The centenary celebration of American Methodist missions the 1919 world's fair of evangelical Americanism /0.720.94The Methodist pocket hymn-book, revised and improved designed as a constant companion for the pious of all denominations /151868818n 8002164420186764039932018673Bischöfliche MethodistenkircheBischöfliche Methodistenkirche Methodist Episcopal ChurchÉglise méthodiste épiscopaleEpiskopālā metodistu baznīca AmerikāIglesia Metodista EpiscopalMECMetodistu Episkopālā baznīcaMi Kamni KyohoePuk Kamni KyohoePuk KamnihoecontainsVIAFID/305104831Methodist Church (U.S.)lccn-n82097730Asbury, Francis1745-1816auiedtlccn-n50031181Coke, Thomas1747-1814auiedtadplccn-n79060434Wesley, John1703-1791comtrledtlccn-n80021641Methodist Episcopal Church, Southlccn-no90004122Finley, James B.(James Bradley)1781-1856lccn-n90635653Strickland, W. P.(William Peter)1809-1884edtlccn-n85092216Stevens, Abel1815-1897lccn-nr90026776Bangs, Nathan1778-1862bkppblcomedtauilccn-n85170606Lee, Jason1803-1845lccn-n85024068Dow, Lorenzo1777-1834Methodist Episcopal ChurchHymnsPeriodicalsNewspapersControversial literaturePrayersPortraitsHandbooks, manuals, etcPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etcChurch historyHistoryMethodist Episcopal ChurchHymns, EnglishDevotional exercisesUnited StatesMethodist ChurchDisciplineClergyMedicineTheology, DoctrinalMissionsFrontier and pioneer lifeMethodistsMedicine, PopularJesus ChristOregonJesus Christ as an example to be followedAsbury, Francis,OhioTheologyChristian lifeCanadaMethodist Episcopal Church, SouthTemperance and religionGrape juicePolitical scienceIndians of North America--MissionsMethodist Church (U.S.)TravelFinley, James B.--(James Bradley),Christian biographyReformed Church in AmericaAssociate Reformed Presbyterian Church (1802-1822)MeditationsBaptists--ClergyEpiscopal ChurchMissouriAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)BishopsCongregational churches--ClergyUnitarian Universalist churches--ClergyLutheran Church--ClergyAssociate Presbyterian Church of North AmericaNew York (State)--New YorkLake SuperiorReconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)Southern StatesYoung womenNew York (State)--New York CountyChinook Indians--MissionsLee, Jason,1738173917431751175617601764177317781780178217841785178617871788178917901791179217931794179517961797179817991800180118021803180418051806180718081809181018111812181318141815181618171818181918201821182218231824182518261827182818291830183118321833183418351836183718381839184018411842184318441845184618471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013107119736413595205Z1215ocn811465290ocn811506018ocn866209391ocn866034420120689ocn062835230com17900.79Wesley, JohnA Pocket hymn-book designed as a constant companion for the pious. Collected from various authorsHymnsCompiled by Robert Spence. With the 10th edition, 1790, this work became the official hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The preface is signed by Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury68220ocn005370570serial0.81The Methodist quarterly reviewPeriodicals41625ocn010317853serial0.88Christian advocate and journalPeriodicalsNewspapers37811ocn005396815serial0.79The Methodist magazinePeriodicals33955ocn026168547book18490.76Methodist Episcopal ChurchHymns for the use of the Methodist Episcopal ChurchJuvenile worksHymnsHymns Texts32673ocn002523885book18210.81Methodist Episcopal ChurchA collection of hymns for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church : principally from the collection of the Rev. John WesleyHymnsHymns TextsA new edition: Containing an index to the hymns, with the names of the authors; an index to every verse of each hymn; and a new table of scripture texts29844ocn010221728score18780.73Methodist Episcopal ChurchHymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church : with tunesHymns28819ocn010317665serial0.88The Christian advocatePeriodicalsNewspapers28312ocn010256510serial0.86The Western Christian advocatePeriodicalsNewspapers"This Methodist weekly established in 1834 in Cincinnati published articles on literature, agriculture and the home, as well as poetry, Bible lessons, religious news items and articles on varied religious topics" Cf. American periodicals, 1741-19002209ocn002018038score19050.59Methodist Episcopal ChurchThe Methodist hymnal : official hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, SouthHymns+-+956669953320316ocn062830550com17940.84ThomasAn extract of the Christian's pattern: or a treatise of the imitation of Christ. Written in Latin by Thomas à Kempis. Publish'd by John Wesley, M.AMeditations19915ocn062836229file17920.90Rowe, Elizabeth SingerDevout exercises of the heart in meditation and soliloquy, prayer and praise.PortraitsPrayers1939ocn192107532file0.79Southwestern Christian AdvocatePeriodicalsNewspapers18514ocn062840963file17890.79Wesley, JohnPrimitive physic or, an easy and natural method of curing most diseases. By John Wesley, M.APopular worksHandbooks, manuals, etcPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etc1822ocn010549859book19840.53Methodist Episcopal ChurchJohn Wesley's Sunday service of the Methodists in North AmericaSermons1505ocn062832596file17950.81Methodist Episcopal ChurchMinutes of the Methodist conferences, annually held in America, from 1773 to 1794, inclusiveConference proceedings13811ocn062826127book17920.86Burroughs, JeremiahThe causes, evils, and cures of heart and church divisions12116ocn006674477serial0.73Methodist Episcopal ChurchChristian advocatePeriodicalsNewspapersHas special issue for May 19, 1938: Aldersgate-Unification ed., issued in place of the regular ed. jointly with other regional editions of the Christian advocate1215ocn015569068book18180.93Merritt, TimothyAnabaptism disapproved, and the validity and sufficiency of infant baptism asserted, in two lettersApologetic worksControversial literature1205ocn795891585file18190.59Thayer, Caroline MatildaReligion recommended to youth in a series of letters addressed to a young lady to which are added poems on various occasions1583147ocn015568313book17910.88Methodist Episcopal ChurchThe doctrines and discipline of the Methodist Episcopal ChurchHistoryChurch historyHandbooks, manuals, etcCreedsControversial literature+-+9055624005102143ocn000088273book18540.66Finley, James BSketches of Western MethodismHistoryBiography+-+370861379692753ocn002809006book18530.70Finley, James BAutobiography of Rev. James B. Finley; or, Pioneer life in the WestHistoryBiographyAnecdotes+-+4505000796924138ocn003449005book18490.76Methodist Episcopal ChurchHymns for the use of the Methodist Episcopal ChurchJuvenile worksHymnsHymns Texts89757ocn015448964book18020.94Methodist Episcopal ChurchThe Methodist pocket hymn-book, revised and improved designed as a constant companion for the pious of all denominationsHymns8664ocn774035130com20110.50Tait, Jennifer L. WoodruffThe poisoned chalice Eucharistic grape juice and common-sense realism in Victorian MethodismHistoryChurch historyThis work examines the introduction of grape juice into the celebration of Holy Communion in the late 19th century Methodist Episcopal Church and reveals how a 1,800-year-old practice of using fermented communion wine became theologically incomprehensible in a mere forty years. Through study of denominational publications, influential exegetical works, popular fiction and songs, and didactic moral literature, Jennifer Woodruff Tait charts the development of opposing symbolic associations for wine and grape juice. She argues that 19th century Methodists, steeped in Baconian models of science a+-+34626826357924ocn243579955com19890.50Van Die, MargueriteAn evangelical mind Nathanael Burwash and the Methodist tradition in Canada, 1839-1918HistoryChurch historyBiographyThrough an in-depth study of the thought and intellectual formation of Nathanael Burwash (1839-1918), a little-known but highly influential Canadian educator and Methodist theologian, Marguerite Van Die presents a picture of one of the most unsettling periods in the Christian church. During Burwash's life, Canadian Methodist thought and education had to deal with the impact of biblical criticism, idealist thought, and the evolutionary theory of Darwin. Burwash saw himself as following in the footsteps of an earlier generation of Methodists, led by Edgar Ryerson. This vision was reflected in his views on childhood nurture and moral nationalism and his support of university federation in Ontario79175ocn011024793book18380.70Bangs, NathanA history of the Methodist Episcopal ChurchHistory+-+58373540963245652ocn000387432book19580.56Asbury, FrancisJournal and lettersHistoryChurch historyDiariesRecords and correspondence54616ocn000839292book18570.59Sprague, William BAnnals of the American pulpit : or, Commemorative notices of distinguished American clergymen of various denominations : from the early settlement of the country to the close of the year eighteen hundred and fifty-five : with historical introductionsBiography5299ocn304386078book20090.53Wigger, John HAmerican saint : Francis Asbury and the methodistsBiographyAsbury single-handedly guided the creation of the American Methodist church, which became the largest Protestant denomination in nineteenth-century America, and laid the foundation of the Holiness and Pentecostal movements that flourish today. John Wigger has written the definitive biography of Asbury and, by extension, a revealing interpretation of the early years of the Methodist movement in America. --from publisher description+-+053238046551418ocn004944163book18440.70Lee, DanielTen years in OregonHistoryA scrapbook of clippings from the Sunday Oregonian from October 11, 1903-January 10, 190551018ocn060722796book18700.81Leftwich, W. MMartyrdom in Missouri a history of religious proscription, the seizure of churches, and the persecution of ministers of the gospel in the state of Missouri during the late civil war, and under the "test oath" of the new constitutionHistoryChurch history+-+056390079648820ocn060722839book18850.76Merrill, Stephen MasonA digest of Methodist law, or, Helps in the administration of the discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church4632ocn815276659com20120.35Anderson, Christopher JThe centenary celebration of American Methodist missions the 1919 world's fair of evangelical AmericanismHistoryThe 1919 World?s Fair of Evangelical Americanism was used as a way to promote mission trips around the world. The fair functioned as a venue of exchange between the viewer and the viewed. On one level it educated visitors on the history of Methodist world missions. On another level it provided an opportunity to literally watch people from around the world in recreated native homes on the fairground pavilions. Visitors to the exposition could tour eight international pavilions and watch foreigners at work, cleaning up recreated homes, or simply eating native foods46038ocn011011669book18550.66Baker, Osmon CA guide-book in the administration of the discipline of the Methodist Episcopal ChurchHandbooks, manuals, etc45928ocn005592535book18600.70Stevens, AbelHistory of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of AmericaHistoryChurch history4583ocn000301551book19560.66Morrow, Ralph ErnestNorthern Methodism and reconstructionHistory41940ocn005511915book18570.79Pitezel, John HLights and shades of missionary life: containing travels, sketches, incidents, and missionary efforts, during nine years spent in the region of lake SuperiorHistoryBiographyA record of John H. Pitezel's missionary experiences beginning in 18434132ocn002212882book19760.63Loewenberg, Robert JEquality on the Oregon frontier : Jason Lee and the Methodist Mission, 1834-43History+-+9566699533+-+9566699533Fri Mar 21 15:30:54 EDT 2014batch209140