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Fri Mar 21 17:03:52 2014 UTClccn-n800227540.00N/Y : no or yes /0.241.00Sōtokushū Sakamoto Ryūichi108580815Ryuichi_Sakamoton 80022754405082Ryuichi Sakamoto.Sakamoto, Lyūichi.Sakamoto, Lyūichi, 1952-Sakamoto, Riuichi, 1952-....Sakamoto, Ruychi, 1952-....Sakamoto, RyūichiSakamoto, Ryūichi, 1952-Sakamoto, Ryuichi, 20e E.Sakamoto, Yuichi falsche Namensform 1952-サカモト, リュウイチサカモト, リュウイチ, 1952-坂本, 龍一坂本, 龍一, 1952-....坂本龍一, 1952-viaf-163008592Thomas, Jeremyiveprolccn-n86041256Peploe, Marksceausprflccn-n92078556Chen, Joan1961-prfactviaf-92975920Dun, Dennisprfactlccn-nr98011327Recorded Picture Companylccn-no98092622Criterion Collection (Firm)lccn-n94029775Ying, Ruochengprfactlccn-n50009086Bertolucci, Bernardosceausflmdrtccplccn-n93031346Su, Cong1957-sngprfitrmuscmplccn-n80159815Ōshima, Nagisa1932-2013sceausflmdrtSakamoto, Ryūichi1952-DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryInterviewsBiographyFolklorePiano musicPiano music, ArrangedJuvenile worksFictionChinaPuyi,Qing Dynasty (China)Man-woman relationshipsKings and rulersEngland--YorkshireManners and customsEnglandJapanBuddhismWuthering Heights (Brontë, Emily)LoveMisogynyAtwood, Margaret,Political scienceWorld War (1939-1945)PhotographyVoyeurismFemmes fatalesDerrida, JacquesPhilosophersPolitical prisonersGautama BuddhaConcentration campsPrisoners of warGreat BritainNationalistsCommunistsIdentity (Philosophical concept)SamuraiIndonesia--JavaMarried peopleBowles, Paul,ArtistsDystopiasLamasBhutanDeconstructionFranceInfertilityVan der Post, LaurensLove storiesWar--Psychological aspectsSoldiers--PsychologyBoxingSurrogate mothersAmericansMoroccoMothers and daughtersFolk literature, Japanese1952197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014107157081536791.4372PN1997ocn261599898ocn662735441ocn704292794ocn422723073ocn082458767ocn662735442ocn071226221ocn456104416ocn799753096ocn800074249ocn018445986ocn662735441ocn298344043ocn662735442ocn676312546ocn691673156ocn691981650ocn847576053ocn691771199ocn691673213ocn050953131ocn052641325ocn043935297ocn033267453ocn044992117ocn154829662ocn018482255ocn053875702ocn025472865ocn026697976ocn742640283ocn028504326ocn781048352ocn780979951ocn781196319ocn780999805ocn766731242ocn766731227ocn658934929ocn742823747ocn053344016ocn471383535ocn042247119ocn658340006ocn724885454ocn661481468ocn661481421ocn765252265ocn658599586ocn725802483ocn662735442ocn852718625ocn820629408ocn693837174ocn767238922ocn659196912ocn762742367ocn765035993ocn658599586ocn659271773ocn762084264ocn765154718ocn658488591ocn762808204ocn658810281ocn010218235ocn036238589ocn781063004ocn863234802ocn822833379ocn742816285ocn742942187ocn852718625ocn781063004ocn796703395ocn742892609ocn743149741189365ocn196527067visu19870.23Bertolucci, BernardoThe last emperorHistoryBiographyFictionDramaBiographical filmsEpic filmsHistorical films"The life of [Chinese] Emperor Pu Yi, who took the throne at age three, in 1908, before witnessing decades of cultural and political upheaval within and without the walls of the Forbidden City"--Container+-+22662930063248118ocn053295719visu19920.20Kosminsky, PeterEmily Brontë's Wuthering HeightsFictionDramaFilm adaptations"Heathcliff was to serve as both christian name and surname for the ragged, dark-skinned child who Mr. Earnshaw found abandoned in the streets of Liverpool and took home to live with his own children - Cathy and Hindley - at Wuthering Heights. The stormy life of the mysterious Heathcliff, his love for Cathy, and his relationship with the people who lived at Wuthering Heights and at the nearby Trushcross Grange make up Emily Bronte's classic novel."66053ocn662735441visu19820.25Ōshima, NagisaMerry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceBiographyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIn a Japanese prison camp on Java in 1942, two British officers, John Lawrence and Jack Celliers, encounter camp commander Yonoi and his sergeant Hara. Things had been going pretty well, until charismatic, rebellious Celliers arrived. Yonoi is a devotee of the samurai ideal; neither he nor Hara can understand the stoic way in which the British prisoners accept their situation of defeat. Lawrence speaks Japanese, and ceaselessly tries to mediate between the prisoners and their overseers, translating both the words and the values of the two races. Celliers' attitude, however, is more comprehensible to Yonoi. He and Celliers arrive at a sort of détente, based on an admiration for the other, but this eventually turns into a contest of wills as the camp's carefully nurtured equilibrium is destroyed+-+111765932532460325ocn051769550visu20020.18De Palma, BrianFemme fataleDramaAn alluring seductress is suddenly exposed to the world, including her enemies, by a voyeuristic photographer who becomes ensnared in her surreal quest for revenge48916ocn054038578visu20020.39Dick, KirbyDerridaBiographyInterviewsCombines rare private footage of Derrida with his reflections on violence, love and death and investigates the concept of biography, exploring the relationship between the public and the private4826ocn048787402visu19900.28Atwood, MargaretThe handmaid's taleFictionDramaFilm adaptationsSet in the near future, the handmaids of the title are women who can still bear children after the ravages of war caused wide-spread sterility. One of the handmaids, Kate, is caught trying to escape the Republic of Gilead and sent to the prison-like training center. She is sent from there to the home of the commander to bear his child, but revolutionary forces have other plans for her!3986ocn023887383visu19910.08Metaxas, EricPeachboyJuvenile worksFolkloreJapanese folktale in which a peasant couple discovers a little boy inside a giant peach. In time, Momotaro the Peachboy becomes a great warrior who sets off on an epic journey to deliver his people from an evil band of ogres36226ocn050727381visu19900.27Bertolucci, BernardoThe sheltering skyDramaFilm adaptationsAn American artist couple, drawn by desire to the Sahara, travel there shortly after World War II in order to follow their passionate obsessions in an attempt to recapture the love they once shared28815ocn040808437visu19980.17De Palma, BrianSnake EyesDrama"Le secrétaire d'Etat à la Défense est abattu pendant un match de boxe au Palais des Sports d'Atlantic City. La police boucle aussitôt les lieux pour tenter de laisser le moins de chance possible au coupable de s'enfuir2561ocn824815225visu20130.18Hara-kiri Death of a samuraiHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptations"An tale of revenge, honor and disgrace, centering on a poverty-stricken samurai who discovers the fate of his ronin son-in-law, setting in motion a tense showdown of vengeance against the house of a feudal lord."--IMDb.com24141ocn742640283visu19930.24Bertolucci, BernardoLittle BuddhaFictionDrama"In a big American city, a boy and his family discover a prince in a land of miracles. But the miracle becomes real when Tibetan monks appear, searching for their leader's reincarnation- who they believe has been reborn in the boy. Suddenly, their worlds meet, leading the Americans on an extraordinary adventure."--Container2362ocn050473377visu20020.32Gohatto TabooHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsA handsome new recruit, Kano, causes sexual tension in a traditional samurai militia group called Shinsengumi in Kyoto, at the end of the Shōgunate era in Japan2051ocn704292794visu20110.47Women without men Zanān bidūn-i mardanHistoryDramaFilm adaptations"Set against the political turmoil of Iran's 1953 coup d'etat, 'Women without men' tells the story of four disparate women whose lives converge in a mystical orchard on the outskirts of Tehran"-- Container1891ocn422723073visu20090.25Gondry, MichelTokyo!FictionDramaFilm adaptationsDe M.Gondry, un jeune couple s'installe à Tokyo... "Merde" de L.Carax, une ignoble créature apparaît dans les rues de Tokyo.... "Shaking Tokyo" de Bong Joon-ho : un hikikomori tombe amoureux1429ocn033267453rcrd19910.06Metaxas, EricPeachboyJuvenile worksFeatures Sigourney Weaver reading the Japanese folktale of Peachboy. After Momotaro is found floating on the river inside a giant peach, the young boy matures into a great warrior who fights the evil demons who terrorize his village. Includes eight musical selections written and performed by Ryūichi Sakamoto+-+574653431513924ocn019273742rcrd19870.20Sakamoto, RyūichiThe last emperor original motion picture soundtrack13443ocn812193336visu19910.53Almodóvar, PedroHigh heels Tacones lejanosDramaDaughter of singing star Becky del Paramo, Rebecca Giner has got a lot to live up to - and even live down ... Abandoned by her mother and mentor 15 years before, Rebecca has made it big in Madrid by marrying top TV executive - and her mother's ex-lover - Manuel12618ocn654333715rcrd20090.18Sakamoto, RyūichiPlaying the pianoPiano musicPiano music, ArrangedEin Solo-Pianoalbum des herausragenden japanischen Pianisten Ryuichi Sakamoto. Der umtriebige Musiker war Teil des Yellow Magic Orchestra, das als sehr einflussreiche Gruppe in etwa mit Kraftwerk in Europa vergleichbar ist. Sakamoto ist ein Multitalent, das sich im Avantgarde-Pop, in der Neo-Klassik, bei Kunstperformances und im Jazz gleichermassen heimisch fühlt. Ausserdem ist er ein sehr gefragter Filmmusikkomponist (Der letzte Kaiser, Babel u.v.a.). äDer ganze Duktus dieses Piano-Albums ist so sensibel und leise, dass man schnell dazu übergeht, die Musik als Hintergrund zu sehen. Das ist natürlich gemein. Aber der jazzige Ansatz vieler Songs ... den Sakamoto mit seinen Kenntnissen über die meditativen Wiederholungsstrukturen der Minimal Music kombiniert, versetzen den Hörer an eine Hotelbar. Sakamotos Affinität zu Romantikern wie Chopin und Postromantikern und Impressionisten wie Debussy oder Satie verleiten zum sanften Abdriften in Träume über Nebel, Herbst, Wasser oder andere romantische Bilder. Auf seiner Tournee wird sein Pianospiel sicher intim und reizvoll seinä ( MarkRed hot + Rio pure listening pleasure1119ocn050953131rcrd20010.21Jobim, Antonio CarlosCasa142ocn311847509book20090.66Sakamoto, RyūichiOngaku wa jiyū ni suruBiography91ocn527366033book19970.33Contemporary musicians. profiles of the people in musicBiographyProvides comprehensive information on musicians and groups from around the world. Entries include a detailed biographical essay, selected discographies, contact information, and a list of sources91ocn527366025book19970.33Contemporary musicians. profiles of the people in musicBiographyProvides comprehensive information on musicians and groups from around the world. Entries include a detailed biographical essay, selected discographies, contact information, and a list of sources81ocn815900635book20120.92Āto to ongaku : arata na kyōkankaku o motomete Tōkyō Āto Mītingu "dai 3-kai"InterviewsExhibition catalogs51ocn030079870book19920.76Sakamoto, RyūichiTomo yo, mata aōRecords and correspondence31ocn034966334book19930.97Sakamoto, RyūichiSakamoto Ryūichi ongakushi = History of a music, Ryuichi SakamotoNotebooks, sketchbooks, etc21ocn711824941book20100.47Sakamoto, RyūichiYin yue shi ren zi youBiography21ocn037578806book19891.00Sakamoto, RyūichiSeldom illegal = Toki ni wa ihō21ocn236053772book20080.47Yamashita, KunihikoSakamoto ryūichi no ongakuCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn319500721book20091.00Sakamoto, RyūichiSōtokushū Sakamoto RyūichiInterviews11ocn063069314book0.10Tendō, ArataSakamoto Ryūichi : shōnen to Afurika11ocn033088239visu19840.95All star videoA Paik video collage featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto with Laurie Anderson, Joseph Beuys, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Allen Ginsberg, Sun Ock Lee, Living Theatre, Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik. Includes historic Paik video sculptures Robot K456, TV Garden, TV Bra, and TV Cello11ocn212860059book20000.92Daen to gaikotsu : Komuro tetsuya no jiishiki sakamoto ryūichi no muishikiCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn271569967book1995Tajima, KazunaliN/Y : no or yesA reportage in photographs of Ryuichi Sakamoto by Tajima Kazunali+-+2266293006324+-+2266293006324Fri Mar 21 16:03:59 EDT 2014batch44621