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Fri Mar 21 17:13:07 2014 UTClccn-n800315590.00Sigmund Freud e le sue donne /0.500.96For all the saints! : an outline history and guide [to] the Cathedral Church of All Saints, Wakefield /61556737John_Forrester_(historian)n 80031559413770Forrester, J.lccn-n79043849Freud, Sigmund1856-1939lccn-n50023936Appignanesi, Lisalccn-n80022983Lacan, Jacques1901-1981lccn-n79092610Derrida, Jacqueslccn-n85192469Miller, Jacques-Alainedtnp-wegener, maiWegener, Maictblccn-n98109680Binczek, Nataliectblccn-nb2001051579Meier, Mariettactblccn-no99036951Pethes, Nicolasedtlccn-n94098116Jureit, UlrikectbForrester, John1949-HistoryGuidebooksBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcPsychoanalysisFreud, Sigmund,Relations with womenWomen and psychoanalysisWomen psychoanalystsPsychoanalytic interpretationMedicineSciencePsycholinguisticsPhilologySymbolism (Psychology)WomenSpain--ToledoLacan, Jacques,Derrida, JacquesPsychoanalystsAnalysandsEgo (Psychology)Truthfulness and falsehoodTravelPsychosesTransference (Psychology)Great BritainStrikes and lockoutsCathedralsChurch of England.--Diocese of WakefieldChurch of All-Saints (Wakefield, England)Unemployment19491952195819591960196119621963196719711972197319761978198019811984198519881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200320052006200720112014353942164150.195BF175ocn755165506ocn451963622ocn762545934ocn781418582ocn725610388ocn725779107ocn724997858ocn725779100ocn451963622ocn865144113ocn725779100127939ocn026551820book19920.33Appignanesi, LisaFreud's womenHistoryBiography"No modern writer has affected our views on women as powerfully as Sigmund Freud. And none has been so virulently attacked both for his theories of the feminine and for his alleged elevation of personal prejudice to the height of universal pronouncement. Libertarian, old-fashioned moralist, Victorian patriarch, prophet of polymorphous perversity - these are only some of the contradictory epithets Freud has borne." "True, the women in Freud's domestic life, with the exception of Anna, his Antigone, were conventional enough, as were many of his views on their role in society. Yet Freud's closest women friends were anything but conventional. From the writer and turn-of-the-century femme fatale Lou Andreas-Salome, to the socialist feminist Helene Deutsch, early theorist of femininity, to Princess Marie Bonaparte who moved from couch to royal court with amazing facility and became head of the French psychoanalytic movement, Freud's female friends and "pupils" were extraordinary. And then there were his patients - the famous and infamous cases of women crucial to his theories and his method of analytic investigation. In many ways psychoanalysis is as much their creation as that of the young Viennese doctor."--BOOK JACKET+-+590137596532466226ocn019553319book19890.63Forrester, JohnThe seductions of psychoanalysis : Freud, Lacan, and Derrida+-+111979670549411ocn035559023book19970.50Forrester, JohnDispatches from the Freud wars : psychoanalysis and its passionsHistoryIn this challenging collection of essays, the noted historian and philosopher of science John Forrester delves into the disputes over Freud's dead body. With wit and erudition, he tackles questions central to our psychoanalytic century's ways of thinking and living, including the following: Can one speak of a morality of the psychoanalytic life? Are the lives of both analysts and patients doomed to repeat the incestuous patterns they uncover? What and why did Freud+-+051480921547216ocn006196641book19800.70Forrester, JohnLanguage and the origins of psychoanalysis4128ocn037024129book19970.59Forrester, JohnTruth games : lies, money, and psychoanalysis+-+6714809215835ocn299383296book19800.59Forrester, JohnLe langage aux origines de la psychanalyse354ocn034901892book19910.66Lacan, JacquesThe seminar of Jacques Lacan+-+9043658485132ocn868489713file20140.47Binczek, NatalieFall - Fallgeschichte - Fallstudie Theorie und Geschichte einer WissensformSusanne Düwell, Dr. phil., ist wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Institut für Germanistik in Bochum, Nicolas Pethes ist dort Professor für Neugermanistik. Inhaltsverzeichnis Inhalt Einleitung Fall, Wissen, Repräsentation - Epistemologie und Darstellungsästhetik von Fallnarrativen in den Wissenschaften vom Menschen Susanne Düwell/Nicolas Pethes 9 Medizin Observatio und Casus: Status und Funktion der medizinischen Fallgeschichte Volker Hess 34 Geschichten aus der Klinik Marietta Meier 60 Recht<b125ocn769241837book19880.47Lacan, JacquesThe seminar of Jacques LacanCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+124158848591ocn469960522book20050.47Fernel, JeanJean Fernel's On the hidden causes of things forms, souls, and occult diseases in Renaissance medicineHistoryAn annotated translation of Jean Fernel's On the Hidden Causes of Things (1542). A major innovatory work in Renaissance natural philosophy and medicine, and a crucially important source for understanding the notion of occult qualities, with a scholarly introduction+-+137696955491ocn043808779book19890.33Forrester, JohnEl lenguaje y los orígenes del psicoanálisis+-+705781631483ocn229910197book19880.32Lacan, JacquesThe seminar of Jacques Lacan+-+845258848566ocn432079023book19590.56Gómez de la Serna, GasparToledoGuidebooks61ocn799556173book2007Appignanesi, LisaSigmund Freud e le sue donne53ocn797590184book19840.47Forrester, JohnIl linguaggio e le origini della psicanalisi43ocn749001122book19880.70Lacan, JacquesFreud's papers on technique, 1953-1954+-+904365848521ocn797733329book1999Forrester, JohnDispacci dalle guerre di Freud : la psicoanalisi e le sue passioni22ocn807466124art20050.47Geographic information systems for participation22ocn558971436book19080.47Forrester, JohnCure for Unemployment, Strikes, and Lock-outs22ocn655329117book19760.96Speak, HaroldFor all the saints! : an outline history and guide [to] the Cathedral Church of All Saints, WakefieldHistory11ocn779840475bookDrug advertising ephemeraBox file containing items of ephemera in acid free sleeves. Includes Paracodol (pain relief), Resiston One (hay fever), Rynacrom (hayfever), G. Fleming (128 Strand, London)'s patent air-tight corks, Fleming Brothers (of Pittsburgh)'s Dr. C. McLane's Vermifuge (for worms), Boldolaxine (laxative), Fletcher, Fletcher & Co.'s enemas, expectorant linctus, cough syrup Vibrona Tonic Wine and Effico Tonic (Holloway, London), Forestine Blood Bitters (tonic), Forestine Cough Syrup (1891), Forrester's Neuralgic Mixture (toothache and neuralgia), Forrester's Balsam of Linseed and Honey (coughs, colds and bronchitis), Foster, Milburn & Co.'s Burdock Blood Bitters (for indigestion and constipation) and Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil (coughs, colds, asthma, diphtheria and croup)+-+1119796705+-+1119796705Fri Mar 21 15:49:37 EDT 2014batch15426