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Fri Mar 21 17:03:21 2014 UTClccn-n800327120.37India in colour. 70 colour photos. by Suzanne Hausammann0.730.95The Novels of Mulk Raj Anand /109309949Mulk_Raj_Anandn 80032712414901Amand, Mulk Raj, 1905-2004An-na-tê, ... 1905-2004Ānaṃda, Mulkarāja, 1905-2004AnandAnand 1905-2004Anand, Milk Radž 1905-2004Anand, Mulk R. 1905-2004Anand, Mulk Radsch 1905-2004Anand, Mul'k Radž.Anand, Mulk Radž 1905-2004Anand, Mulk Rah.Anand, Mulk Raj.Anand, Mulk Raj, 1905-Anand, Mulk Raj, 1905-2004Anand, Mulkraj.Anand, Mulkraj, 1905-2004Anand, Muluk Chand.Anand, Muluk Chand, 1905-2004Ānanda, Mulka Rāja, 1905-2004Anands, Mulks Radžs, 1905-2004Ān̲ant, Mulk Rāj, 1905-2004Āṉant, MulkrājĀn̲ant, Mulkrāj, 1905-2004Mulk Radž AnandMulk, Radzh AnandMulk Radzh Anand, 1905-2004Mulk RajMulk Raj 1905-2004Mulk-raj, AnandMulk-raj Anand, 1905-2004Mulk Rāj ĀṉantMulk Rāj Ān̲ant, 1905-2004Mulkarāja Ānaṃda, 1905-2004Mulkraj AnandMulkraj Anand, 1905-2004Mulkrāj ĀṉantMulkrāj Ān̲ant, 1905-2004Muluk Chand Anand.Muluk Chand Anand, 1905-2004Narad MuniNarad Muni 1905-2004Râj Anand, MulkАнанд, Мулк Радж, 1905-2004アーナンダ, ムルク・ラジアナンド, M. Rviaf-92598526Sinha, Krishna Nandan1924-lccn-n50017104Cowasjee, Sarosedtlccn-n50027765Gill, Eric1882-1940illlccn-n50026565Naik, M. K.edtlccn-n79058639Orwell, George1903-1950lccn-n96027939Bluemel, Kristinlccn-n89643083Holden, Inez1906-1974lccn-n50013400Smith, Stevie1902-1971lccn-no97050115Hausammann, Suzannepbdilllccn-n79091231Forster, E. M.(Edward Morgan)1879-1970auiAnand, Mulk Raj1905-2004FictionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPictorial worksFolkloreRecords and correspondenceHistoryIndiaAnand, Mulk Raj,LiteratureManners and customsDalitsIntellectual lifeTheaterIndic dramaArtEngland--LondonHindu philosophyHindu sculptureChildrenAuthors, IndicAuthors, English--Homes and hauntsModernism (Literature)English literatureRadicalism in literatureEccentrics and eccentricitiesCivilizationHolden, Inez,Smith, Stevie,Orwell, George,India--PunjabHindu artBloomsbury groupAuthors, EnglishFriendshipErotic artWorld War (1914-1918)Indic fiction (English)Novelists, IndicSexErotic sculpturePolitical scienceFolk dancingWorld War (1939-1945)College studentsTalesPanjabis (South Asian people)Indic literatureEngland--London--BloomsburyHumanismPrincesPeriodical editorsArt criticsShort stories, Indic (English)Cowasjee, SarosKings and rulersShort story190520041930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014147995831659823PR9499.3.A5ocn004646446ocn003219253ocn174125977ocn084874781ocn144657010ocn144657014ocn610591923ocn078574480ocn077623084ocn312482619ocn000035799ocn001228509ocn000084546ocn000614626ocn000515864ocn001395178ocn050386503ocn669316030ocn074573611ocn247931404ocn310944937ocn073650949ocn723841835ocn438988090ocn46927835696085ocn022686185book19330.47Anand, Mulk RajUntouchableFictionIn Mulk Raj Anand's finest and most controversial novel he conveys precisely, with urgency and barely disguised fury, what it might feel like to be one of India's Untouchables. Bakha is a young man, a proud and even an attractive young man, but none the less he is an outcast in a system that is now only slowly changing and was then as cruel and debilitating as that of apartheid. Into this re-creation of one day in the life of Bakha, sweeper and latrine-cleaner, Anand poured a vitality, fire and richness of detail that have caused him to be acclaimed as his country's Charles Dickens as well as this century's greatest revealer of the 'other' India.--Publisher description+-+204836596554270ocn003682917book19000.63Anand, Mulk RajCoolieFiction+-+353136596549114ocn001633690book19500.66Anand, Mulk RajThe Indian theatreHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc40225ocn000832403book19580.73Anand, Mulk RajKama kala; some notes on the philosophical basis of Hindu erotic sculpture39829ocn001984532book19330.76Anand, Mulk RajThe Hindu view of art29010ocn000221052book19630.73Anand, Mulk RajIs there a contemporary Indian civilisation ?26726ocn004096686book19370.84Anand, Mulk RajTwo leaves and a budFiction23630ocn000110572book19530.76Anand, Mulk RajPrivate life of an Indian princeFiction22021ocn001212702book19440.84Anand, Mulk RajThe barber's trade union and other storiesFiction20824ocn004513599book19400.81Anand, Mulk RajAcross the black watersFiction+-+330757776332419525ocn002994746book19000.84Anand, Mulk RajThe villageHistoryFiction18618ocn002161395book19610.90Anand, Mulk RajThe road; a novelFiction16315ocn004427701book19420.90Anand, Mulk RajThe sword and the sickleFiction15410ocn002467851book19760.84Anand, Mulk RajConfession of a lover : a novelFiction14911ocn000112472book19680.79Anand, Mulk RajMorning face; a novelFiction1471ocn001098139book19580.37Anand, Mulk RajIndia in colour. 70 colour photos. by Suzanne HausammannPictorial works13610ocn002142851book19420.81Anand, Mulk RajLetters on India1359ocn004615976book19570.73Anand, Mulk RajThe dancing foot13010ocn002716283book19600.86Anand, Mulk RajThe old woman and the cowFiction12815ocn001839441book19740.73Anand, Mulk RajFolk tales of PunjabFolkloreA collection of fourteen folktales from Punjab, a state in northern India4732ocn000601533book19720.59Sinha, Krishna NandanMulk Raj AnandCriticism, interpretation, etc2753ocn054774750book20040.81Bluemel, KristinGeorge Orwell and the radical eccentrics : intermodernism in literary LondonCriticism, interpretation, etc"George Orwell and the Radical Eccentrics examines the lives, literature, and politics of a group of four writers working in London during the 1930s and 1940s - the suburban satirist Stevie Smith, the Marxist Indian nationalist, Mulk Raj Anand, and the beautiful socialist bohemian Inez Holden - who formed a friendly circle around the famously radical and eccentric George Orwell. Demonstrating that Smith, Anand, and Holden matter for literary history just as they mattered for Orwell, this book gives name and shape to a neglected movement, inter-modernism, within interwar and wartime English writing."--BOOK JACKET+-+75601485962585ocn034176226book19810.84Anand, Mulk RajConversations in BloomsburyBiographyReminiscences of the Indic (English) author of his association with his friends and other 20th century English authors whom he met at the residence of Virginia Woolf, English author1983ocn004068452book19770.81Cowasjee, SarosSo many freedoms : a study of the major fiction of Mulk Raj AnandCriticism, interpretation, etc1975ocn000696786book19730.76Naik, M. KMulk Raj AnandCriticism, interpretation, etc1242ocn000212784book19710.81Berry, MargaretMulk Raj Anand; the man and the novelistBiography1146ocn002958004book19570.88Anand, Mulk RajApology for heroism : a brief autobiography of ideasHistoryBiography1094ocn003739179book19510.81Anand, Mulk RajSeven summers : the story of an Indian childhood1056ocn000707185book19510.81Anand, Mulk RajSeven summersFiction912ocn012978403book19850.93Fisher, MarleneThe wisdom of the heart : a study of the works of Mulk Raj AnandCriticism, interpretation, etc893ocn061731742book20050.93Mulk Raj Anand, shaping the Indian modernBiographyOn the life and work of Mulk Raj Anand, b. 1905, Indian art critic and novelist; contributed articles by his associates on his contribution to Indian cultural traditions and Mārg̲, Indian serial+-+K521750363692ocn026885482book19920.95The Novels of Mulk Raj AnandCriticism, interpretation, etcContributed articles684ocn005413979book19780.94Perspectives on Mulk Raj AnandCriticism, interpretation, etc602ocn005897236book19780.95Niven, AlastairThe yoke of pity : a study in the fictional writings of Mulk Raj AnandCriticism, interpretation, etc602ocn001676108book19730.92Anand, Mulk RajAuthor to critic : the letters of Mulk Raj AnandRecords and correspondence542ocn024277938book19900.93Sethi, Vijay MohanMulk Raj Anand, the short story writerCriticism, interpretation, etc532ocn010322795book19830.95Paul, PremilaThe novels of Mulk Raj Anand : a thematic studyCriticism, interpretation, etc532ocn015223291book19860.93Rajan, P. KStudies in Mulk Raj AnandCriticism, interpretation, etc533ocn029387824book19840.95Agnihotri, G. NIndian life and problems in the novels of Mulk Raj Anand, Raja Rao, and R.K. NarayanCriticism, interpretation, etc473ocn001637792book19740.92Balarama Gupta, G. SMulk Raj Anand : a study of his fiction in humanist perspectiveCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+2048365965+-+2048365965Fri Mar 21 16:01:04 EDT 2014batch44013