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Fri Mar 21 17:13:16 2014 UTClccn-n800327590.06Pocahontas II journey to a new world /0.310.93The sea-mans grammar and dictionary explaining all the difficult terms in navigation : and the practical navigator and gunner : in two parts /4952029John_Smith_(explorer)n 80032759414948Captain John SmithJohn Smith of Jamestown, 1580-1631Schmid, Johann 1580-1631Schmiden, JohannSchmiden, Johann, 1580-1631Schmidt, Johann, 1580-1631Schmidt, JohannesSchmidt, Johannes, 1580-1631Smit, John, 1580-1631Smith, Iohn, 1580-1631Smith, Johan, 1580-1631Smith, Johnlccn-n82158405Pocahontas-1617lccn-nr00029543Rolfe, John1585-1622lccn-n80101360Means, Russell1939-2012actlccn-n88601481Connolly, Billyactlccn-no98100755Bedard, Irene1967-actlccn-no95014815Kuhn, Judysngvoclccn-no98084726Stiers, David Ogdenactlccn-n85197476Gibson, Melactlccn-no2004105583Binder, Carlauslccn-n81057075Barbour, Philip L.othedtSmith, John1580-1631HistoryHandbooks, manuals, etcSourcesBiographySmith, John,VirginiaPocahontas,Virginia--JamestownPowhatan IndiansIndians of North America--First contact with EuropeansNew EnglandAmericaIndians of North AmericaRolfe, John,Powhatan womenMan-woman relationshipsExplorersTravelGreat BritainBermuda IslandsUnited StatesDiscovery and exploration, BritishJamestown SettlementColonistsYoung womenTriangles (Interpersonal relations)CourtshipWomen--Conduct of lifeFathers and daughtersErie Railroad CompanyHistory, ModernRailroadsFinanceLegal tenderDiscoveries in geographyFrontier and pioneer lifeNaval art and scienceEscapesNavigationMassachusettsCommerceVoyages and travelsGunneryErie RailwayYoung adult literaturePlantationsOrdnance, NavalIndian womenEnglandEnglish dramaColonizationSailingShip handlingMassachusetts--Boston--Charlestown158016311593160016061608161216161617161816191620162216241625162616271628162916301631163216331635163616371640164116431649165016521653165416551658166616711673167816911692169917021704170517061707171417271728173017321734174417521766178217831790179117921793179417951796180318051806180818121813181718191821182218231825182918331834183618371838183918401842184318441845184618471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186218631864186518661867186818701871187318751877187918801881188218831884188618871888188918901891189318941895189618971898189919011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519171919192319241925192619271928192919301931193319341935193619371938193919411943194419451946194719491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013675829262301975.502F229ocn463702941ocn494962484ocn866276380ocn866240263Explorers120547ocn000958135book16240.50Smith, JohnThe generall historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer IslesHistory+-+371845200610628ocn070823327book19840.28Smith, JohnWritings : with other narratives of Roanoke, Jamestown, and the first English settlement of AmericaHistory"One of the truly legendary figures of American history, the soldier, explorer, and colonist Captain John Smith was a chronicler of the beginnings of English settlement in the New World. This volume brings together seven of his works, along with 16 additional narratives by 13 other writers, that recount firsthand the events of the settlement of Roanoke and Jamestown."--BOOK JACKET+-+66558034066199ocn007572310book19860.53Smith, JohnThe complete works of Captain John Smith (1580-1631)History5905ocn000958075book19670.47Smith, JohnCaptain John Smith's America; selections from his writingsHistory56623ocn001674238book18820.70Boteler, NathanielThe Historye of the Bermudaes or Summer IslandsHistory+-+32066535665506ocn000113129book16240.37Smith, JohnCaptain John Smith's history of Virginia; a selectionHistory44220ocn000362062book18950.59Smith, JohnTravels and works of Captain John SmithHistory42213ocn000826071book19100.66Smith, JohnTravels and works of Captain John Smith : President of Virginia and Admiral of New England, 1580-1631HistoryBiographySources+-+644086390538421ocn001816314file16310.81Smith, JohnAdvertisements for the unexperienced planters of New-England, or anywhere. Or, the path-way to experience to erect a plantation. With the yearely proceedings of this country in fishing and planting, since the yeare 1614. to the yeare 1630. and their present estate. Also how to prevent the greatest inconveniences, by their proceedings in Virginia, and other plantations, by approved examples. With the countries armes, a description of the coast, harbours, habitations, land-markes, latitude and longitude: with the map, allowed by our royall King CharlesHistory33728ocn008714472book16240.63Smith, JohnThe generall historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles; with the names of the adventurers, planters, and governours from their first beginning, ano. 1584 to this present 1624. With the proceedings of those severall colonies and the accidents that befell them in all their journyes and discoveries. Also the maps and descriptions of all those countryes, their commodities, people, government, customes, and religion yet knowne. Divided into sixe bookesHistory33617ocn006717976book16000.86Smith, JohnA trve relation of such occurrences and accidents of noate as hath hapned in Virginia since the first planting of that Collony which is now resident in the south part thereof, till the last returne from thenceHistory2689ocn016974258book16910.93Smith, JohnThe sea-mans grammar and dictionary explaining all the difficult terms in navigation : and the practical navigator and gunner : in two partsHandbooks, manuals, etc26317ocn000277255book16200.79Smith, JohnNew England's trialsHistory2556ocn085797031file16220.81Smith, JohnNew England trials declaring the successe of 80 ships employed thither within these eight yeares and the benefit of that countrey by sea and land : with the present estate of that happie plantation, begun but by 60 weake men in the yeare 1620 : and how to build a fleete of good shippes to make a little navie royallHistory25313ocn795890065book18660.81Smith, JohnA true relation of VirginiaHistory23310ocn012187114file16520.86Smith, JohnThe sea-mans grammar containing most plain and easie directions, how to build, rigge, yard, and mast any ship whatsoever : with the plain exposition of all such terms as are used in a navie and fight at sea : whereunto is added a table of the weight, charge, shot, powder, and the dimensions of all other appurtenances belonging to all sorts of great ordnance : with divers practicall experiments in the art of gunnery : also the charge and duty of every officer in a ship and their shares : with the use of the petty tally22115ocn606514857file16260.73Smith, JohnAn accidence or The path-way to experience Necessary for all young sea-men, or those that are desirous to goe to sea, briefly shewing the phrases, offices, and words of command, belonging to the building, ridging, and sayling, a man of warre; and how to manage a fight at sea. Together with the charge and duty of every officer, and their shares: also the names, vveight, charge, shot, and powder, of all sorts of great ordnance. With the vse of the petty tally. Written by Captaine Iohn Smith sometimes governour of Virginia, and admirall of New England19814ocn001827202book16310.76Smith, JohnAdvertisements for the unexperienced planters of New England or anywhere. or, The pathway to erect a plantationHistory18914ocn000118342file16270.70Smith, JohnA sea grammar, with the plaine exposition of Smiths accidence for young sea-men, enlarged1853ocn001475892book18190.84Smith, JohnThe trve travels, adventvres and observations of Captaine Iohn Smith, in Europe, Asia, Africke, and America : beginning about the yeere 1593, and continued to this present 1629373826ocn057560307visu19950.08Disney, WaltPocahontasHistoryJuvenile worksCaricatures and cartoonsFictionBiography Caricatures and cartoonsMusicDramaIn 1607, a group of British adventurers, including John Smith, led by the greedy Virginia Company governor Ratcliffe, set sail for the New World, seeking gold and other treasures. In Virginia, Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan's daughter, ponders her life as she is faced with marriage to the stern warrior, Kocoum. The British establish the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia and dig up the countryside for gold. Smith meets Pocahontas and they overcome their initial conflicts. She teaches him about her world. Relations between the British and the Indians deteriorate. Powhatan captures Smith and is about to execute him, but Pocahontas intervenes and Powhatan sets him free. When Ratcliffe tries to kill Powhatan, Smith saves him but is seriously wounded. He must return to England and Pocahontas must stay219022ocn064282455visu20050.19Malick, TerrenceThe new worldHistoryDramaHistorical filmsDocumentary television programsAt the beginning of the 17th century, three ships arrive in "The New World," to found the settlement of Jamestown, in what will become the colony of Virginia. The English see a pristine Eden, and the inhabitants of the great native civilization see invaders. Captain John Smith--sent on a reconnaissance mission to scope out "the Naturals'" fortifications--is quickly captured and sentenced to death by the chief. At the last moment the chief's favorite daughter, Pocahontas, throws herself upon Smith and begs her father to spare his life. The passionate and noble young native woman and the ambitious soldier of fortune find themselves torn between the undeniable requirements of civic duty and the inescapable demands of the heart. Love, loss, and discovery animate the story, an elegiac celebration of the America that was ... and the America that was yet to come+-+K42901532519789ocn051306054book20030.23Price, David ALove and hate in Jamestown : John Smith, Pocahontas, and the heart of a new nationHistoryBiography"Drawing on period letters and chroniclers, and on the papers of the Virginia Company - which financed the settlement of Jamestown - David A. Price tells a tale of cowardice and courage, stupidity and brilliance, tragedy and costly triumph. He takes us into the day-to-day existence of the British men and women whose charge was to find gold and route to the Orient, and who instead found hardship and wretched misery. Death, in fact, became the settlers' most faithful companion, and their infighting was ceaseless." "Price offers a rare balanced view of the relationship between the settlers and the native. He unravels the crucial role of Pocahontas, a young woman whose reality has been obscured by centuries of legend and misinformation (and, more recently, animation). He paints indelible portraits of Chief Powhatan, the aged monarch who came close to ending the colony's existence, and Captain John Smith, the former mercenary and slave, whose disdain for class distinctions infuriated many around him - even as his resourcefulness made him essential to the colony's success."--BOOK JACKET+-+169069028516337ocn045055019visu19980.06Pocahontas II journey to a new worldHistoryJuvenile worksFictionDramaPocahontas travels to England as an ambassador of peace, where she must convince the King of England that her people are truly civilized in order to stop an armada moving against them+-+055663332532415647ocn000210473book19710.39Emerson, Everett HCaptain John SmithCriticism, interpretation, etcCaptain John Smith (1580-1631), famed for saving the young Virginia colony and for his lucky rescue by Pocahontas, was the quintessential Great Elizabethan Adventurer. He traveled throughout the world, including the entire eastern coast of America, writing eloquently and at length about his experiences. With publication of A True Relation of such occurrences and accidents of noate as hath hapned in virginia since the first planting of that Collony (1608), Smith became author of the first American book in English, and his canon includes the well-known Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles, as well as the autobiographical ramble, Advertisements. Yet few scholars have approached the Captain's many books and pamphlets as literary achievements. In this welcome revision of his successful 1971 study, Everett Emerson does this expertly, showing Smith's canon to be thick with influences, embedded in a well-formed tradition and stylishly self-reflexive. Modernizing Smith's language for contemporary readers, Emerson illuminates his radically secular vision of the meaning of America (expressed at a time when most believed colonization was the work of God); his promotion of Virginia's cause; the objective descriptions of the native peoples and English colonists alike; his unique attempt to define a distinctively American identity; and especially his self-portrait as an individualist, soldier, and dreamer. Analyzing each of Smith's works, Emerson reveals the rich connections among the author's life, principles, and letters, and shows us how, more than any of his colleagues - from Sir Walter Raleigh to Richard Hakluyt - Smith successfully advanced the colonization and character of the "New" World. Occasioned by the 1986 publication of all Smith's texts in their authoritative editions, this updated study is especially timely15606ocn001155965book19750.29Vaughan, Alden TAmerican genesis : Captain John Smith and the founding of VirginiaHistoryRecounts the life and career of the Elizabethan soldier of fortune, adventurer, and cartographer-publicist of the New World as they reflect his nation's expanding imperial enterprise and the beginnings of American settlement15506ocn000260100book19640.29Barbour, Philip LThe three worlds of Captain John Smith13016ocn010777415book19850.06Gleiter, JanPocahontasHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the Powhatan Indian woman who befriended the English settlers at Jamestown, Virginia, and helped maintain peace between her tribe and the colonists+-+950849663510864ocn001276187book19530.29Smith, BradfordCaptain John Smith, his life & legend10736ocn052455559book20030.25Allen, Paula GunnPocahontas : medicine woman, spy, entrepreneur, diplomatHistoryBiographySourcesIn striking contrast to conventional accounts, Pocahontas is a bold and daring biography that attempts to tell the extraordinary story of the beloved Indian maiden from the Native American perspective. Drawing from sources often overlooked by Western historians, Dr. Paula Gunn Allen offers remarkable new insights into the adventurous life and sacred role of this foremost American heroine. We have all heard about the love-struck Pocahontas saving the dashing Captain John Smith from execution by the Chief of the Powhatans, but what if the whole event was a staged ritual of his death as a foreigner and his rebirth as an adopted member of the Powhatan Nation? Settlers at Jamestown report a young, cartwheeling Pocahontas frequently at their fort, but could the innocent-looking visitor actually have been a spy -- reporting back to her elders what she saw there? Was Pocahontas willingly kidnapped by the British settlers in exchange for corn and other ransom from her tribe, or was this a part of her more elaborate plan? We have been taught that this amazing woman was later baptized a Christian and married in the church at Jamestown, yet she helped her husband, John Rolfe, grow and export tobacco -- a powerful, indigenous herb to which the Native Americans attributed shamanic powers. Finally, the "Indian Princess," now known as Lady Rebecca Rolfe, traveled to England for an audience with King James I and Queen Anne. Was this a publicity stunt orchestrated by the English backers of the Virginia colony, or was Pocahontas fulfilling her role as a "Beloved Woman," an honor designated to a female of great spiritual power who was to be trained from birth in the diplomatic and political ways of her tribe? Pocahontas became an extraordinary ambassador, forming groundbreaking relations between the Indians, the American colonists, and the British. Dr. Gunn Allen convincingly argues that through all of this, Pocahontas fulfilled a crucial and essential role in the birth of a New World. This stunning portrait presents the fascinating, untold story of one of the most romantic and beloved figures in American history, and reveals why so many have revered Pocahontas as the female counterpart to George Washington, the true "Mother of Our Nation."+-+K23180515510526ocn049874705book20030.07Bruchac, JosephPocahontasHistoryJuvenile worksFictionTold from the viewpoints of Pocahontas and John Smith, describes their lives in the context of the encounter between the Powhatan Indians and the English colonists of seventeenth-century Jamestown, Virginia+-+9282167065102710ocn000391797book19590.07Foster, GenevieveThe world of Captain John Smith, 1580-1631Juvenile worksA historical survey of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, examining the people, places, and events that gave color to the seventeenth century during the lifetime of the Englishman who helped map, chart and settle the New World84419ocn000370958book18710.70Adams, Charles FrancisChapters of ErieHistory8304ocn060742011book20050.24Hoobler, DorothyCaptain John Smith : Jamestown and the birth of the American dreamHistoryBiography"Using newly discovered material, historians Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler present a well-rounded portrait of the Jamestown colony and Smith's accomplishments there, as well as new information on the Native Americans Smith and the other colonists encountered. The famous tale of Smith and Pocahontas carried down through history has distorted and even falsified their actual lives, turning them into colonial America's Romeo and Juliet. The Hooblers demythologize Smith's relationship with Pocahontas - who in reality was a preadolescent child - and examine the truth behind her efforts to rescue Smith from death, possibly more than once."--Jacket+-+35737652958241ocn070867018book20070.06Krull, KathleenPocahontas : princess of the New WorldHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyAn illustrated introduction to the life of the Indian princess Pocahontas and her contact with English settlers, especially John Smith+-+990042753582439ocn002143907book18460.76Simms, William GilmoreThe life of Captain John Smith, the founder of VirginiaHistoryBiography+-+40889007967732ocn000958139book19660.24Lewis, PaulThe great rogue; a biography of Captain John Smith7146ocn000466611book19500.15Lawson, Marie APocahontas and Captain John Smith : the story of the Virginia colony / by Marie Lawson ; illustrated by William SharpHistoryJuvenile worksFictionThe story of the Virginia colony6971ocn063178767book20060.06Schanzer, RosalynJohn Smith escapes again!HistoryJuvenile worksBiographyRecounts the full details of John Smith's eventful life such as escaping from prison, ambushes by Indians, attacks by ruthless sea pirates, and many other escapes+-+55840774256961ocn017877014book19880.06Greene, CarolPocahontas : daughter of a chiefHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyA brief biography of the American Indian princess who as a young girl befriended John Smith, saving him from death at the hands of her father, and later was very helpful to the colonists at Jamestown+-+8857951605+-+6655803406+-+6655803406Fri Mar 21 16:09:28 EDT 2014batch68273