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Fri Mar 21 17:02:28 2014 UTClccn-n800328060.10The Story of John Nichols, first fleeter and five generations of his family /0.721.00Brief memoirs of John Nichols; with a list of his publications100250810John_Nichols_(printer)n 80032806414992J. N. (John Nichols), 1745-1826N., J. (John Nichols), 1745-1826Nichols, J.Nichols, J. 1745-1826Nichols, J. (John), 1745-1826Urban, SylvanusUrban, Sylvanus, 1745-1826lccn-n80126106Hogarth, William1697-1764artlccn-n50042880Bowyer, William1699-1777prtedtlccn-n80044843Steele, RichardSir1672-1729lccn-n79081709ElizabethIQueen of England1533-1603lccn-n78096912Swift, Jonathan1667-1745lccn-n80035841JamesIKing of England1566-1625lccn-n50023062Sheridan, Thomas1719-1788arredtlccn-n79058512Hart, Edward L.(Edward LeRoy)1916-2008edtlccn-n88087191Nichols, J. B.(John Bowyer)1779-1863bslprtlccn-nr90022102Bentley, Samuel1785-1868prtNichols, John1745-1826BiographyHistoryLocal historyCriticism, interpretation, etcAnecdotesSourcesBibliographyPeriodicalsCatalogsPortraitsGreat BritainEnglandEnglish literatureTravelAuthors, EnglishHogarth, William,Eighteenth centuryManners and customsNichols, John,Bowyer, William,PrintersElizabeth--I,--Queen of England,Courts and courtiersCivilizationPricesAntiquitiesKings and rulersCarriera, Rosalba,Angoulême, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte,--duchesse d',Hill, Aaron,PageantsBooksellers and booksellingStationers' Company (London, England)Spalding Club (Aberdeen, Scotland)English newspapersWillsJames--I,--King of England,ProcessionsVisits of stateSwift, Jonathan,English poetryWalesSocietiesEngland--LondonEngraving, EnglishHayley, William,MonarchyArtistsRites and ceremoniesIreland, John,PrintingClergy--Salaries, etcChurch of ScotlandLearned institutions and societiesSteele, Richard,--Sir,Publishers and publishingEngravingPrincessesQueensPrinces174518261759176017631764176517681769177017711772177317741775177617771778177917801781178217831784178517861787178817891790179117921793179417951796179717981799180018011802180318041805180618071808180918101811181218131814181518161817181818191821182218231824182518261827182818301831183218331835183718381839184018431848184918581860186118721874187518781880188318851891190019091913191519231924192619331935195019521959196019611964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751977197819791980198319841985198819901992199319961997199820032005200720082009201020122014141787691636920.042PR443ocn000734097ocn000610101ocn008478097ocn008790040ocn008560633ocn003097928ocn000507209ocn004574993ocn008565979ocn000606015ocn002031285ocn006902729ocn819901166ocn002053076ocn003216602ocn022153774ocn031958812ocn009562443ocn006102315ocn017751319ocn000534411ocn000692321ocn023631346ocn002709343ocn005802237ocn012265354ocn669195196ocn023624647ocn024579885ocn024580138ocn465185729ocn025452990ocn465270648ocn457407594ocn465186710ocn465283223ocn458871395ocn470277762ocn465187751ocn458965503ocn866507364ocn866086318ocn866694736ocn866591137ocn456831685ocn214505403ocn47240989055846ocn000027025book17780.73Nichols, JohnThe progresses and public processions of Queen Elizabeth. Among which are interspersed other solemnities, public expenditures, and remarkable events during the reign of that illustrious princessHistorySources55527ocn000349160book18120.59Nichols, JohnLiterary anecdotes of the eighteenth centuryHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcAnecdotes54236ocn297291609com17810.79Nichols, JohnBiographical anecdotes of William Hogarth with a catalogue of his works chronologically arranged ; and occasional remarksHistoryBiographyCatalogsAnecdotes5133ocn000136791book19710.63Nichols, JohnMinor lives; a collection of biographies. Annotated and with an introd. on John Nichols and the antiquarian and anecdotal movements of the late eighteenth centuryBiography48120ocn010350561book18170.70Nichols, JohnIllustrations of the literary history of the eighteenth century. : Consisting of authentic memoirs and original letters of eminent persons; and intended as a sequel to the Literary anecdotesCriticism, interpretation, etcPortraits45324ocn642696518file17970.86Nichols, JohnIllustrations of the manners and expences of antient times in England, in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries, deduced from the accompts of churchwardens, and other authentic documents, Collected from Various Parts of the Kingdom, with explanatory notesHistory40213ocn060719259file18110.79Fuller, ThomasThe history of the worthies of EnglandHistoryLocal historyBiographyArranged by counties, with the commodities, manufactures, etc., of each, followed by brief biographies of its "worthies."35826ocn000397846book17800.81Nichols, JohnA Collection of all the wills, now known to be extant, of the kings and queens of England, princes and princesses of Wales, and every branch of the blood royal : from the reign of William the Conqueror to that of Henry the Seventh exclusiveHistorySources3277ocn001138961book19660.76Nichols, JohnLiterary anecdotes of the eighteenth century : comprizing biographical memoirs of William Bowyer, printer, F.S.A. and many of his learned friends; an incidental view of the progress and advancement of literature in this kingdom during the last century; and biographical anecdotes of a considerable number of eminent writers and ingenious artists; with a very copious indexHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcPortraitsAnecdotesSources31828ocn001932911book17820.73Nichols, JohnBiographical and literary anecdotes of William Bowyer, printer, F.S.A., and of many of his learned friends. Containing an incidental view of the progress and advancement of literature in this kingdom, from the beginning of the present century to the end of the year MDCCLXXVIIHistoryBiographyBibliography29428ocn000032257book18280.66Nichols, JohnThe progresses, processions, and magnificent festivities of King James the First, his royal consort, family, and court; collected from original manuscripts, scarce pamphlets, corporation records, parochial registers, &c., &c. ... Illustrated with notes, historical, topographical, biographical, and bibliographicalHistoryBiography+-+078881789627115ocn002872033book18030.88Swift, JonathanThe works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. ... : with notes, historical and critical26311ocn007898058serial0.56Urban, SylvanusThe gentleman's magazineHistoryPeriodicalsThe Gentleman's Magazine: and historical review: Vol. 200 is omitted in number only. Vol. 207: pgs. 331-32 are missing in number only23512ocn002813211book18740.73Ireland, JohnHogarth's works : with life and anecdotal descriptions of his pictures22923ocn003313487book18330.73Hogarth, WilliamThe works of William Hogarth : in a series of engravings : with descriptions, and a comment on their moral tendencyCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+395222159622116ocn000610101book17800.81Nichols, JohnBibliotheca topographica BritannicaLocal history19338ocn004339517book18000.76Hogarth, WilliamThe works of William Hogarth from the original plates restored by James Heath, with the additions of many subjects not before collected, to which are prefixed a biographical essay on the genius and production of Hogarth and explanations of the subjects of the platesCriticism, interpretation, etc16010ocn000692321book17800.81Nichols, JohnA select collection of poems: with notes, biographical and historical15713ocn006772664book18010.73Swift, JonathanThe works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D., dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin1547ocn008560633book18090.73Steele, RichardThe epistolary corespondence of Sir Richard Steele including his familiar letters to his wife and daughters; to which are prefixed, fragments of three plays; two of them undoubtedly Steele's, the third supposed to be Addison'sRecords and correspondence2636ocn083509389com17900.70Pindar, PeterA benevolent epistle to Sylvanus Urban alias Master John Nichols, printer, Common-councilman of Farringdon ward, and censor general of literature: ... By Peter Pindar, Esquire2046ocn002065699book19150.37Dobson, AustinRosalba's journal and other papersRosalba's journal and other papers (1915) is a collection of essays devoted to the eighteenth century. The first essay is an in-depth study of Horace Walpole's collection of the works of Venetian painter, Rosalba Carriera, as well as notes on her actual journal. In addition to Rosalba, there are essays on other figures of the period such as Marie-Th r se-Charlotte de France, the eldest child of Louis XVI; John Nichols, writer and printer; and Aaron Hill, poet and dramatist1653ocn001867414book19150.63Dobson, AustinRosalba's journal, and other papers912ocn001009572book19740.93Nichols, JohnBiographical and literary anecdotes of William Bowyer. With two memoirs of John NicholsHistoryBiography488ocn034838695book17900.95Pindar, PeterA benevolent epistle to Sylvanus Urban, alias Master John Nichols, printer, Common-Councilman of Farringdon Ward, and censor general of literature : not forgetting Master William Hayley ; to which is added, An elegy to Apollo ; also, Sir Joseph Banks and the boiled fleas : an odePoetry391ocn000432479book19680.90Kuist, James MThe works of John Nichols, and introductionHistory162ocn004844088book17900.96Pindar, PeterA benevolent epistle to Sylvanus Urban, alias Master John Nichols, printer ... Not forgetting Master William Hayley. To which is added An elegy to Apollo; also Sir Joseph Banks and the boiled fleas, an ode131ocn027572581book19880.10The Story of John Nichols, first fleeter and five generations of his familyGenealogy122ocn609510825file18580.90Nichols, J. BMemoirs of John Nichols ... with tributes of respect to his memoryBiographyPublication consists of a compilation of extracts from larger articles, as well as various engraved plates (mostly portraits), which had originally appeared in various of Nichols' publications, with the majority taken from the annals of the Gentleman's magazine61ocn031101598book17940.98Pindar, PeterA benevolent epistle to Sylvanus Urban, alias John Nichols, not forgetting William Hayley; to which is added: An elegy to Apollo; also, Sir Joseph Banks and the boiled fleas, an odePoetry41ocn042352524book19980.66Kendig, L. TamaraDreaming of home : magic realism in William Faulkner, Gabriel García Márquez, Toni Morrison and John NicholsCriticism, interpretation, etcThis dissertation defines magic realism as a product of the colonized imagination that constructs alternative "spaces" in the local landscape as a means of cultural survival. These spaces become the site of transcendent mythical experiences, linking the local population to a strong cultural ancestry predating the colonial event. While the term "magic realism" is often confined to certain modernist and postmodern Latin American writers, reading it as a product of colonial experience broadens its definition, making feasible its application to other marginalized populations, such as Faulkner's postbellum South, Morrison's Midwestern African American communities, and the Chicano Southwest described by John Nichols. These works transcribe an impulse toward the creation of a sense of indigenousness, source of the marvelousness at the core of culture that I term "vernacular magic." These writers, in the act of describing their homesite as marvelous, participate in constructing home for the marginalized groups for whom they write. Using Deleuze and Guattari's term "becoming-minor," I show how Faulkner articulates not the position of minority groups, i.e. the African Americans that lurk in the shadows of many of his novels (though, conspicuously, not The Hamlet), but the position of the marginalized southerner victimized by the encroaching Northern industrialized economic system. We see in Faulkner the beginnings of a magical landscape, one that speaks to the strength of the community and its ancestral culture. Gabriel Garcia Maquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude amplifies Faulkner's efforts through a similar use of marvelous landscape. The focus of Morrison's Sula is the community of the Bottom, itself a marginalized location on the outskirts of Medallion, Ohio. Toni Morrison's Sula follows what has developed into magic realist pattern: articulations of a borderland where community "difference" signifies solidarity in the face of situational colonization. John Nichols' The Milagro Beanfield War depicts a battle for natural resources between Chicano peasants in New Mexico and Yankee land developers. The myths of the "native" community, including the particular cosmology and sense of indigenousness, inspire the marvelous victory41ocn013339207book18041.00Brief memoirs of John Nichols; with a list of his publications31ocn048449445book18430.92Tate, JamesLetters on the Analogia linguæ græcæ, &c. which first appeared in the Gentleman's magazine for 183232ocn001954648book19750.96Maner, Martin WallaceJohn Nichols's career as printer, editor and scholarBiography32ocn265033301mix0.96Nichols familyNichols family papersCorrespondence, manuscripts, and documents relating to the printing firm of John Nichols and Son, covering a period from 1713, when the original firm of William Bowyer, the Elder (1663-1737), was burned, until the death of John Gough Nichols in 1873. The correspondence concerns primarily the social and domestic affairs of John Nichols (1745-1826) and of his family from 1766 to 1812. Scattered letters from business associates and minor authors are included, among them a group of letters from John Pridden (1758-1825), author and antiquary. The correspondence of John Bowyer Nichols (1779-1863) concerns the Nichols firm from 1799 to 1855. There are also several letters of, and relating to, William Bowyer (1699-1777), the senior partner of John Nichols. The collection also contains a volume of letters of condolence written at the time of John Nichols' death. The manuscripts in the collection consist primarily of the poetry of John Nichols, much of which was published in newspapers of the late 18th century. The manuscripts of John Bowyer Nichols concern his father and family. There are also contracts, bills, receipts, accounts, pamphlets, broadsides, engravings, and a group of 277 portraits22ocn551655182book19500.47Hart, Edward LA study of the biographical works of John Nichols21ocn702326608book19690.47Hilles, Frederick WJohnson's correspondence with Nichols : some facts and a queryRecords and correspondence21ocn264076944book18270.47Chalmers, AlexanderMemoir of John Nichols11ocn221216936book17900.47Pindar, PeterA benevolent epistle to Sylvanus Urban, alias Master John Nichols, printer, Common-councilman of Farringdon ward, and censor general of literature ... : To which is added, An elegy to Apollo : also Sir Joseph Banks and the boiled fleas, an ode11ocn031897022book19851.00Sherbo, ArthurLetters to Mr. Urban of the Gentleman's magazine, 1751-1824+-+0788817896+-+0788817896Fri Mar 21 15:47:26 EDT 2014batch50435