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Thu Oct 16 17:55:20 2014 UTClccn-n800358450.07As others see you creating a reputation /0.490.74Neurologic System cranial nerves and sensory system /261171571n 80035845417995lccn-n80037020J.B. Lippincott Companylccn-n87103676Ethics Resource Center (U.S.)lccn-no97034541Storm, Dorisdrtlccn-n80044838Sunburst Communications (Firm)lccn-no97034543Jacoby, Frankdrtedtlccn-n86115549Dunn, Vincent1935-lccn-n91049836Rainbow Educational Video (Firm)lccn-n83045925Jacoby, Brucelccn-n50025794Bates, Barbara1928-2002nc-fire engineering firmFire Engineering (Firm)Jacoby/Storm ProductionsHistoryJuvenile worksCase studiesPhysical diagnosisPeriodic health examinationsBusiness ethicsRectum--ExaminationAnus--ExaminationGenerative organs, Female--ExaminationHeart--ExaminationNeurologic examinationLungsChestNervous systemSensory receptorsProfessional ethicsGenerative organs, Male--ExaminationNerves, CranialUnited StatesInternational business enterprises--Moral and ethical aspectsEye--ExaminationNose--ExaminationEar--ExaminationNeck--ExaminationPoliceFireCardiovascular system--ExaminationSelf-examination, MedicalFire extinctionFire departmentsMedical screeningAbdomen--ExaminationYouth--Suicidal behavior--PreventionYouth--Suicidal behaviorChest--ExaminationHead--ExaminationLungs--ExaminationMouth--ExaminationManagerial accountingSubstance abuseWorkCommunicationJob satisfactionFire extinction--Safety measuresIdentity (Psychology)Interpersonal relationsDeviant behavior--Labeling theorySocial controlNerves, Cranial--ExaminationTeenagers--Drug useOld ageFriendship in childrenFriendship1972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199519961997199819992000200120022006200820091437177286616.07RC76ocn670774015946ocn014364294visu19860.59A Matter of judgmentCase studiesPresents five scenarios revolving around everyday challenges to the independence of judgement in the business world. Employees at various levels of management and in a variety of functions are shown in situations where the integrity of their judgement is at risk734ocn026940803visu19920.53Beyond borders ethics in international businessDramatized case studies in ethics are presented which illustrate conflicts encountered by those involved in international business situations and relations with business executives from other countries736ocn025125775visu19810.66Eyes, ears and noseDemonstrates the physical examination of the eyes, ears, and nose, showing necessary procedures, manipulations, pacing, positions, and patient-examiner interaction634ocn076826976visu19880.37Dunn, VincentFlashover!Firefighter, Vincent Dunn explains flashover and how to prevent it for fire service training+-+8545528406474ocn009018064visu19810.63AbdomenDemonstrates the physical examination of the abdomen, showing neccessary procedures, manipulations, pacing, positions, and patient-examiner interaction474ocn013385937visu19800.12Did Jenny have to die? preventing teen suicidePresents a case of teenage suicide and analyzes some of the causes, warning signs, and means of prevention414ocn009045030visu19810.66Head, face, mouth, and neckDemonstrates the physical examination of the head, face, mouth, and neck, showing necessary procedures, manipulation, pacing, positions, and patient-examiner interaction386ocn009045026visu19810.66Cardiovascular neck vessels and heartDemonstrates the physical examination of the neck vessels and the heart, showing necessary procedures, manipulations, pacing, positions, and patient-examiner interaction353ocn019526630visu19870.59It's up to you a management accountant's decisionsShows several sketches exploring ethical decisions management accountant's may encounter341ocn041152347visu19980.23Trouble at work"Trouble at Work focuses on those things nobody tells you when you go to work: what can go wrong."342ocn009045028visu19820.70Female genitalia, anus & rectumDemonstrates the physical examination of the female genitalia, anus, and rectum, showing necessary procedures, manipulations, pacing, positions and patient-examiner interaction322ocn008687412visu19810.07As others see you creating a reputationShows how reputations are acquired and examines their effects on schoolwork, social life, and self-esteem. Gives suggestions for modifying a reputation and tells how an individual may contribute to the reputations of others323ocn029862342visu19910.37Dunn, VincentBackdraft smoke explosionsAn overview of backdraft smoke explosions (explosion of smoke) and why it happens, what the warning signs are, and what you can do to avoid getting seriously hurt314ocn009045035visu19810.66Bates, BarbaraThorax and lungsDemonstrates the physical examination of the thorax and lungs, showing necessary procedures, manipulations, pacing, positions, and patient-examiner interaction281ocn031471516visu19820.70Bates, BarbaraA visual guide to physical examinationA series of twelve videotapes demonstrating the procedures, pacing, positions and examiner/patient interaction necessary to perform the physical examination282ocn044025571visu20000.59The History of policing in America all in a day's workHistoryExamines the history of American police, including sheriffs, the FBI, and military police, from the first organized police departments in the 1800s through the present. Shows how police training has developed over the years in an effort to turn out carefully trained professionals242ocn018016874visu19860.08How can I tell if I'm hooked?Offers a working definition of addiction and addresses questions that need to be asked, including how to recognize when someone is addicted. Describes various kinds of addictions, identifies who is at risk, and asks students to evaluate their own drug use202ocn019135657visu19850.07Friends how they help ... how they hurtJuvenile worksThrough vignettes, young people depict friendship dilemmas faced by youths201ocn006170915visu19800.23OK to be old--approaches to agingPart 1 notes that most definitions of old age are arbitrary and subjective, part 2 focuses on options that may be available to the elderly, and part 3 notes the values of spending time with older people and examines our own attitudes and expectations of old age183ocn009045034visu19810.74Bates, BarbaraNeurologic System cranial nerves and sensory systemDemonstrates the physical examination of the cranial nerves and sensory system, showing necessary procedures, manipulations, pacing, positions, and patient-examiner interaction+-+8545528406+-+8545528406Thu Oct 16 15:30:21 EDT 2014batch16072