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Fri Mar 21 17:03:26 2014 UTClccn-n800407450.15The Mayan mystery0.430.70Bali the mask of Rangda /124329960n 80040745422810containsVIAFID/141889801Hartley Film Foundationlccn-n50026752Hartley, Eldaprolccn-n80041252Hartley Film Foundationdstviaf-93135418Hartley, Irvingprolccn-n50014013Smith, Hustonlccn-n79130268Crommie and Crommielccn-n80060431Centron Corporationlccn-n97800292Douglas Film Industriesnc-film producers guild firmFilm Producers Guild (Firm)nc-crisco firmCrisco (Firm)lccn-n79022921Brigham Young UniversityHartley ProductionsBiographyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcUnited StatesHinduismBuddhismHindu philosophySufismIslamic countriesTravelGirlsGirls--Conduct of lifeMoral educationGirls--EducationGirls--PsychologyChild rearingMysticism--IslamBhagavadgītāReligionGautama BuddhaIndiaBiofeedback trainingBuddhistsShrinesRites and ceremoniesIndonesia--Bali IslandIndonesia--Bali (Province)Manners and customsViolence--Religious aspectsTranceKrieger, DoloresMental healingEnergy medicineHolistic medicineCivilizationSick--PsychologyBuddhism--DoctrinesBuddha (The concept)Buddhism--Social aspectsBuddhism--RitualsReligionsReligions--RelationsReligious adherentsChina--Tibet Autonomous RegionIndians of MexicoMind and bodyTaoismDeath, ApparentFuture lifeZen BuddhismMayasImmortalityRam Dass194119451949195519611966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919811985198719901994199719992006200998081158649.133HQ777ocn2493909591692ocn456574502visu20090.28How to be a woman instructions for proper female behavior from classroom films of the 1940s-'80sAs the daughters of the baby boom reached adolescence, the American school system struggled to educate them on matters of sexual and social development. For teachers, classroom films about such topics were considered a godsend. They depicted the reproductive system in anatomical detail or through puzzling symbolism. Beyond sex education, classroom films addressed a wide array of social issues, from the importance of cooking skills to self-defense and how to appear more pleasing to others1563ocn038245965visu19970.35Smith, HustonIslamic mysticism the Sufi wayTraces the history of Islam and shows ruins of its empire which stretched from India to Spain. Presents the rituals, dance, art, music, and philosophy of Sufism, which some consider the heart of Islam642ocn029994326visu19780.53Hartley, EldaBuddhism the path to enlightenmentHistoryBiographyTraces the life of the Buddha from his birth, through his years as a wandering mendicant, to his later years as a religious leader465ocn018373521visu19740.39Biofeedback the yoga of the WestShows how researchers use biofeedback techniques in helping patients overcome disease, in giving prisoners a sense of self-mastery, and in providing ordinary people with a deeper insight into their subconscious461ocn027636448visu19750.70Bali the mask of RangdaShows the elaborate ceremonies and dramatic performances in Bali which demonstrate the link between man and God344ocn034971369visu19780.50Hartley, EldaHinduism and the Song of GodCriticism, interpretation, etcThis film brings to life the Bhagavad Gita; holy shrines in India are visited, and self-realization within the Hindu faith is revealed331ocn093832039visu20060.50World religions"Elda Hartley invites you to travel the globe and view through her camera lens the endlessly varied and vibrant pastiche of religious rituals practiced throughout the world. During the 1970s and 1980s, this award-winning filmmaker created documentaries on a number of the world's great religions that will open your eyes to the extraordinary differences and the striking similarities among individuals of different faiths"--Container, v. 1324ocn003808665visu19680.59Requiem for a faithSurveys Buddhist practices and explains the role of Tibetan lamas in developing the extremely religious nature of Tibetan culture292ocn021426189visu19710.17Mexico before CortezThe art and architecture of the Aztecs, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, and Toltecs, combined with the murals of the modern Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, are used to reconstruct a picture of the life of the original inhabitants of the Americas254ocn010473172visu19730.50Flowing with the taoExplores Taoist philosophy and the nature of reality as illustrated in the flowing forms of water and recommends patterning one's life on this eternal ebb and flow245ocn006521477visu19770.59Holistic health the new medicineOffers a look at holistic health care, which treats not only the physical being but the emotional and spiritual as well. Shows doctors in this field at work and demonstrates their methods for controlling pain, healing cancer, and promoting optimum health212ocn003883372visu19670.35The mood of ZenAlan Watts discusses the philosophy of Zen and presents aspects of the Japanese countryside, set against chanting by Buddhist monks and koto music214ocn011228339visu19780.50Life after deathDr. Lawrence LeShan and Robert Monroe discuss their views on the question of continuing to live after biological death. Also includes interviews with individuals who have experienced clinical death and been revived212ocn005548513visu19720.63The Sufi way: Islamic mysticismTraces the history of Islam and shows ruins of their empire which stretched from India to Spain. Presents the rituals, dance, art, music, and philosophy of Sufism, the heart of Islam192ocn012127472visu19690.56Zen and NowDiscusses the Zen philosophy of living for the present, developing sensory awareness and appreciating the beauty of nature193ocn005893547visu19790.47The Therapeutic touch healing in the new ageFocuses on the work of Dr. Dolores Krieger, specialist in hemoglobin research and professor of nursing at New York University. Shows her teaching a seminar, doing research in the laboratory, and utilizing the special techniques involved in her "therapeutic touch" method while working with patients. Also deals briefly with the work of some of Dr. Krieger's colleagues184ocn005597876visu19750.53Hartley, EldaHinduism--the song of GodCriticism, interpretation, etcIntroduces the philosophy and religion of Hinduism, emphasizing the concepts of self-realization as expressed in the Bhagavad gita. Deals with purpose in life, the four yogas, the law of Karma, and the four stages of life183ocn025255936visu19700.15The Mayan mysteryReflects on the ancient Mayan civilization, the mystery of its loss and the cultural, social and vocational skills which are still practiced by the descendants of the Maya154ocn016151010visu19700.70Evolution of a yogiBiography"This film, shot when Ram Dass first returned from India in '69, gives insight into his past, the events leading to his metamorphosis, the concepts of Raga Yoga and practical suggestions for its practice."--Container123ocn005603977visu19750.56Bali: the mask of RangdaShows the elaborate ceremonies and dramatic performances in Bali which demonstrate the link between man and GodFri Mar 21 15:16:49 EDT 2014batch14706