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They made the '50s a child-oriented society, the '60s a period of stormy adolescence, and now their adult concerns have become national obsessions. Their shared experience has shaped them like no other generation. They have transformed the way America looks at work, women, divorce, and parenting (nearly one-half of their children are expected to grow up in single-parent households). But today they are a generation of uncertainty, unsure about their role in society and marriage, unsure even about reproducing themselves. Great Expectations is the story of a generation whose numbers are at once its greatest strength and its tragic limitation, and of a society unprepared to meet the demands of the explosion in its midst+-+711841469615176ocn053987025book20040.23Jones, Landon YWilliam Clark and the shaping of the WestBiography"Between 1803 and 1806, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark co-captained the most famous expedition in American history. But while Lewis ended his life just three years later, Clark, as the highest-ranking federal official in the West, spent three decades overseeing the expedition's consequences: Indian removal and the destruction of Native America. In a combination of story-telling and scholarship, author Landon Y. Jones presents Clark's life and career in their full complexity."--Jacket+-+669585453510015ocn043115047book20000.20Lewis, MeriwetherThe essential Lewis and ClarkHistoryExcerpts from the journals of Lewis and Clark chronicle their historic journey across the American continent+-+45514651553756ocn052513824rcrd20030.14Lewis, MeriwetherThe essential Lewis and ClarkHistory"The journals of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark remain the single most important document in the history of American exploration. Through these tales of adventure, edited by American Book Award nominee Landon Jones, we see the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and western rivers the way Lewis and Clark first observed them, majestic, pristine, uncharted, and awe-inspiring. Landon Jones has selected the most memorable journal entries left behind by Lewis and Clark, and edited them for all readers, those steeped in the lore of the expedition, as well as newcomers to the unforgettable journey."+-+0184005155351ocn740169983book20110.23Lewis, MeriwetherThe journals of Lewis and ClarkHistoryDiariesGenealogyPrimiary source+-+9336806095141ocn224249191book19810.94Jones, Landon YGreat expectations : America and the baby boom generation /Landon Y. Jones21ocn180031725art20070.47Jones, Landon YBabe in the woods : F. 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