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Fri Mar 21 17:15:03 2014 UTClccn-n800488260.06Beauty /0.060.47Teacher's guide to books by Bill Wallace /8681495n 80048826430724lccn-n00145412Wallace, Carol1948-lccn-no96028826Slonim, Davidilllccn-n82067239McCue, Lisailllccn-n79059304Morrill, Leslie H.illlccn-n85037346Gurney, John Steven1962-illlccn-n2007032635Rogers, Jacqueline1958-illlccn-n99042897Wolf, Jasonilllccn-n50016500Geronimo1829-1909lccn-n99832155Wallace, Nikkilccn-no99025211Ganser, L. J.Wallace, Bill1947-2012FictionJuvenile worksHistoryChristmas storiesDetective and mystery storiesDogsGrandfathersCatsFarm lifeTreasure trovesOklahomaFamiliesCourageHorsesAnimalsSchoolsBrothers and sistersFrontier and pioneer lifeWyomingSwampsCoyoteBoysCountry lifeLettersKittensMothers and daughtersAmerican bisonUnited States, WestLouisianaBloodhoundCoal mines and miningClumsinessWagersMontanaGrizzly bearProphecyDetective and mystery storiesChristmasPanthersChildren's stories, AmericanConduct of lifeDogs--TrainingPointer (Dog breed)BlizzardsDivorceChristmas storiesFearHuman-animal relationshipsManners and customsDeathGriefWallace, Bill,Rees, DouglasLewin, BetsyDavis, Donald,19472012198019821984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920103892265251[FIC]PZ7.W15473243820ocn006304880book19800.07Wallace, BillA dog called KittyJuvenile worksFictionBook Description: Afraid of dogs since he was attacked by a mad one, Ricky resists taking in a homeless pup that shows up at the farm+-+4128598735219414ocn017649147book19820.06Wallace, BillBeautyJuvenile worksFictionUnhappy about his parents splitting up and moving with his mother to Grandpa's farm, eleven-year-old Luke finds comfort in riding and caring for a horse named Beauty+-+7062598735212416ocn038290915book19980.07Wallace, BillUpchuck and the Rotten WillyJuvenile worksFictionHis happy life disintegrating when his human goes to college and his best friend moves away, Chuck the cat ventures farther and farther into the neighborhood and meets Rotten Willy, a monster-sized and big-hearted dog+-+806965621518579ocn014718764book19870.06Wallace, BillRed dogJuvenile worksFictionLiving with his family in the rugged, often dangerous, Wyoming mountains in the 1860's, twelve-year-old Adam finds his courage put to the test when he is left in charge of the household during his stepfather's absence+-+9501598735183913ocn010146716book19840.06Wallace, BillTrapped in Death CaveJuvenile worksFictionDetective and mystery storiesA posthumous letter referring to buried treasure convinces Gary that his grandfather did not die a natural death and, with his friend, Brian, he sets out to find both the treasure and his grandfather's killer+-+316059873517758ocn018624024book19890.06Wallace, BillSnot stewJuvenile worksFictionBrother and sister cats are taken in by a family and learn the pleasures and dangers of living alongside humans+-+708841621517667ocn012582701book19860.06Wallace, BillFerret in the bedroom, lizards in the fridgeJuvenile worksFictionLiz tells her zoologist father he must get rid of all the homeless animals he keeps at their house or she'll never win the sixth-grade class presidency, but when they're gone she misses them and learns there are more important things than winning+-+355159873513704ocn019516384book19890.06Wallace, BillDanger in Quicksand SwampJuvenile worksFictionBen and Jake battle alligators, quicksand, and a murderer when they search for buried treasure on an island in a swamp+-+613259873513066ocn043607258book20000.06Wallace, BillCoyote autumnJuvenile worksFictionAfter moving to the country, thirteen-year-old Brad, who has always wanted a dog, adopts a motherless coyote+-+837169873512757ocn055801233book20050.06Wallace, BillThe pick of the litterJuvenile worksFictionTwelve-year-old Tom learns first-hand about honor, first when he is wrongly accused of lying at school, then when he faces the risk of losing a puppy he has come to love while helping his grandfather train hunting dogs, but writing to a new friend helps him sort his feelings and do the right thing+-+067469873512398ocn022511951book19910.06Wallace, BillTotally disgusting!Juvenile worksFictionDespite his uncourageous name, Mewkiss proves to be a strong and brave kitten during a crisis in which his mistress's life is threatened+-+182359873512063ocn024246370book19920.06Wallace, BillBuffalo galJuvenile worksFictionFifteen-year-old Amanda's refined life in early twentieth-century San Francisco is disrupted when she grudgingly accompanies her mother to the Oklahoma Territory on a crusade to save the buffalo+-+589459873511214ocn028888662book19940.06Wallace, BillBlackwater SwampJuvenile worksFictionHaving discovered the true nature of the old woman known as the Witch of Blackwater Swamp, fifth grader Ted must decide whether to come to her aid when she is accused of the thefts plaguing his small Louisiana town+-+157669873511096ocn053186603book20040.06Wallace, BillNo dogs allowed!Juvenile worksFictionTwelve-year-old Kristina, still struggling to come to terms with the death of her beloved horse, finds it difficult to accept the new dog she receives for her birthday+-+436369873510956ocn048951530book20020.06Wallace, BillGoosed!Juvenile worksFictionWhen Jeff's girlfriend leaves a Labrador retriever puppy with his family for a week, his dog T.P. and cat Cord hope the energetic puppy does not stay any longer+-+820269873510887ocn148722625book20070.06Wallace, BillThe dog who thought he was SantaHistoryJuvenile worksFictionChristmas storiesIn 1957, problems at the mine threaten to ruin Christmas for fifth-grader Don, his family, and the rest of their Oklahoma coal town, but Don's bloodhound, Frank, is determined to do whatever it takes to make the holiday special for Don and his six-year-old sister, Susan. Alternate chapters are told from the human and canine points of view+-+296679873510805ocn032985102book19950.06Wallace, BillWatchdog and the coyotesJuvenile worksFictionSome dogs have a bark bigger than their bite. But Sweetie, the Great Dane, can't afford to bark or bite. After three nips and three masters, the next stop is the pound. So when the burglar comes calling, he wags his tail. When the coyotes come prowling, he tries to make peace. Now how can Sweetie outfox 12 coyotes without sinking his teeth into trouble?+-+602543621510695ocn025410587book19920.06Wallace, BillThe biggest klutz in fifth gradeJuvenile worksFictionTired of being taunted for his clumsiness, Pat makes a bet that he can get through the summer and start sixth grade without breaking any bones or having to get stitches+-+65241362159796ocn040781609book19990.06Wallace, BillEye of the great bearJuvenile worksFictionEleven-year-old Bailey has a reputation for being a coward until the prophecy given him by an Indian medicine man in 1899 in Texas comes true when Bailey encounters a bear in the mountains of Montana+-+K9507562159445ocn011468556book19850.06Wallace, BillShadow on the snowJuvenile worksFictionWhen his grandfather is injured, a young boy must go get help even though there is a panther prowling in the neighborhood. There hadn't been a panther on Panther Peak in decades. But the year the Burkes move to their grandfather's ranch, something begins killing off the livestock. Tom shudders. Could his grandfather's tales about panthers be true? Then one winter morning, Tom sees a dark shape move silently through the fog, spooking the animals in the barn. Later that day, a blizzard hits and Tom's grandfather is injured in an accident. With the phone lines dead, Tom must take his horse and ride for help-- by himself-- through the panther's territory. Can he reach safety in time to save his grandfather before the panther strikes one more time?+-+0200598735371ocn507358000com20060.29Something about the authorBiographyBibliographyCovers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+184231232511ocn048548929visu19910.47[William Allen White Children's Book Award 39th annual luncheon, Saturday, October 26, 1991.]11ocn032232322book19890.47Pillar, Arlene MTeacher's guide to books by Bill Wallace+-+7088416215+-+7088416215Fri Mar 21 15:52:17 EDT 2014batch20516