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Thu Oct 16 17:56:49 2014 UTClccn-n800504560.07Terrorism worldwide--is anybody safe?0.130.21Violence in the home : an American tragedy268328605n 80050456432328Key Productions, inc. Current Affairs Films DivisioncontainsVIAFID/158277587Current Affairs (Firm)lccn-n79131215Mark Twain Medialccn-n78073869Center for Literary Reviewlccn-n80050460Eye Gate Medialccn-n80035845Jacoby/Storm Productionslccn-n79044482Fearon-Pitman Publisherslccn-n50031192Colby, Curtisnc-contemporary issues programContemporary issues programlccn-n50048377Rosenberg, Ethel1915-1953lccn-n50048380Rosenberg, Julius1918-1953lccn-n79056304Johnson, Andrew1808-1875Current Affairs Films (Firm)Criticism, interpretation, etcHistoryJuvenile worksUnited StatesReligionCultsChild abuseTerminal careDeathWife abuseEuthanasiaSocial changeOlder peopleFamiliesCapital punishment--U.S. statesReparation (Criminal justice)Stress (Psychology)Teenage girlsTeenage mothersNuclear power plants--Safety measuresSocial psychologyNuclear power plants--Environmental aspectsPregnancyRefugees, ArabCriminal justice, Administration ofCorrectionsCriminals--RehabilitationPalestinian ArabsCivil rightsHuman rightsRace relationsApartheidChemicals--Safety measuresSouth AfricaTo kill a mockingbird (Lee, Harper)TerrorismRosenberg, Julius,Rosenberg, Ethel,Firearms--Law and legislationAgingOld ageGuerrilla warfareMiddle EastNuclear power plantsNuclear energyRight to die1951195819611962196319671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198819901250344446362.8BL2530.U242ocn005893869visu19790.18Cults, the appeal, the dangerExamines the phenomenon of modern-day religious cults such as Scientology, followers of Sun Myung Moon, Hare Krishna, and followers of Jim Jones. Shows how they differ from other religious groups and discusses their appeal and their danger221ocn005614331visu19770.16The Right to dieExplores moral, legal, and practical implications involved in the issue concerning the right to die201ocn005643755visu19770.21Violence in the home : an American tragedyExamines the problems of child abuse and wife beating, explores their causes and ramifications, and discusses methods of preventing their occurrence191ocn005643752visu19770.15Today's family--a changing conceptExamines the personal and social effects of changes in the concept and function of the American family181ocn005893871visu19800.08The Death penalty cruel or just punishment?Examines the effort by various states to create laws which provide for capital punishment acceptable to the Supreme Court on constitutional grounds. Surveys the public response to capital punishment162ocn005579749visu19790.10Nuclear energy, too hot to handleJuvenile worksDiscusses the issues in the current debate over the safety of nuclear energy plants162ocn005646819visu19790.17Crime : what about the victim?Examines the question of compensation for victims of crime. Describes victim compensation systems employed in earlier societies, and considers the requirements for a workable system in contemporary society151ocn005646829visu19780.08Pregnancy a teenage epidemic?Presents statistics relating to teenage pregnancies and examines their social and individual implications. Considers possible methods of decreasing the enormity of this problem151ocn005643749visu19780.17Stress, sanity, and survivalDiscusses the problems of stress in modern society, reasons for its widespread occurrence, and possible cures141ocn004706562visu19790.21The Penal system : why isn't it working?Examines the failures and successes of today's penal system, and suggests areas in need of reform. Asks whether the entire concept of criminal rehabilitation should be rethought141ocn005612949visu19760.08The Palestinians: problem people of the Middle EastHistoryExplains that the Palestinians who were displaced from their homeland during the 1948 war and scattered in refugee camps throughout several Arab countries, constitute today an open wound which must be healed before there is a hope for any lasting peace in the Middle East141ocn005643738visu19780.10Criminal justice : trial and errorExamines the American criminal justice system, weighing the frequent criticisms made against its inefficiency, unfairness, and ineffectiveness. Presents the viewpoints of both the average citizen and of those involved in the system132ocn005893870visu19790.14Deadly chemicals : who's minding the store?Juvenile worksExamines the danger posed by the use, transportation, and disposal of highly toxic industrial chemicals and poses questions about their regulation131ocn005095297visu19780.08To kill a mockingbird review, analysis and background of the novel.Criticism, interpretation, etcCombines a critical review of the novel with background information relevant to an understanding of what the author attempted to accomplish132ocn005614334visu19760.07Terrorism worldwide--is anybody safe?Examines terrorism and terrorists. Explores who terrorists are and what aspirations and effect they have, pointing out what has and can be done to check these people131ocn003674971visu19780.14Human rights : who speaks for man?Explores the general issue of human rights, discusses the meaning of human rights in the modern world, and examines various measures that can be implemented internationally to safeguard human rights131ocn005612938visu19750.08America's aged: the forgotten manyExamines how and why elderly people in American society are segregated, neglected, and even exploited. Focuses on social attitudes, health, and many problems of the aged. Tells what old people have to offer society and describes their changing outlook133ocn002483823visu19750.08South Africa the issue of white supremacyShows the differences in the standard of living of whites and blacks, the political, economic, and social restrictions, and the prospects for change in South Africa121ocn005614327visu19770.07Gun control--the right to bear armsDiscusses pro and con arguments on the issue of gun control. Examines the effectiveness of present laws and raises questions of future problems122ocn005643106visu19770.07The Rosenbergs--the crime worse than murderUsing the same pictorial representations for two different narrations, depicts the Rosenberg espionage trial from the standpoint of both the prosecution and the defenseThu Oct 16 15:27:06 EDT 2014batch17076