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Thu Oct 16 17:56:58 2014 UTClccn-n800572040.13The bookman's promise0.370.74The Kasîdah of Hâjî Abdû el-Yezdî /29832058Richard_Francis_Burtonn 80057204438947A. F. R. G. S. 1821-1890Abdû el-Yezdî, Hâjî 1821-1890al-Yazdi, Haji AbduB. F.B., F. 1821-1890B., F. (Burton, Francis), 1821-1890Baker, FrankBaker, Frank 1821-1890Burṭan, Ār. EF. 1821-1890Burton, R. F.Burton, R. F. 1821-1890Burton, R. F. 1821-1890 SirBurton, R. F. (Richard F.), 1821-1890Burton, R. F. (Richard F.), Sir, 1821-1890Burton , RichardBurton Richard 1821-1890Burton, Richard 1821-1890 SirBurton , Richard F.Burton, Richard F. 1821-1890Burton, Richard F. 1821-1890 SirBurton, Richard F. (Richard Francis), 1821-1890Burton, Richard F. (Richard Francis), Sir, 1821-1890Burton, Richard F. SirBurton, Richard FrancisBurton, Richard Francis 1821-1890Burton, Richard Francis 1821-1890 SirBurton, Richard Francis, Sir, 1821-1890Burton, Richard SirBurton, Richard Sir 1821-1890Capitaine Burton.F. B 1821-1890F. B. (i.e. Burton, Richard Francis, Sir)F.R.G.S., a, 1821-1890Hâjî Abdű al-Yazdi.Hâjî Abdû al-Yazdi 1821-1890Hâjî Abdű el-Yezdî.Hâjî Abdû ĕl-Yezdî 1821-1890Yezdî, Abdû El 1821-1890 HâjîYezdî, Abdû El, Hâjî, 1821-1890Yezdi, Haji Abdu el- 1821-1890بيرتون، رتشارد فرنسيس، 1821-1890 سير،بيرتون، رتشارد فرنسيس، سير، 1821-1890ريتشارد فرنسيس بورتون، 1821-1890 سير،ريتشارد فرنسيس بورتون، سير، 1821-1890バートンバートン, リチャードバートン, リチャード・Flccn-n86121769Burton, IsabelLady1831-1896lseedtlccn-n79072958Speke, John Hanning1827-1864antlccn-n79060453Dunning, John1942-fast-981334Janeway, Cliff (Fictitious character)lccn-n50016741Vātsyāyanalccn-n79047585Swinburne, Algernon Charles1837-1909lccn-n2010031915Hodder, Mark1962-lccn-n78058211Rice, Edwardlccn-n50041428Brodie, Fawn McKay1915-1981lccn-n50034324Cerf, Bennett1898-1971edtBurton, Richard FrancisSir1821-1890BiographyFolkloreFictionHistoryBibliographyPersonal narrativesHandbooks, manuals, etcBurton, Richard Francis,--Sir,ExplorersTravelGreat BritainScholarsTalesBooksellers and booksellingJaneway, Cliff (Fictitious character)Antiquarian booksellersEx-police officersFirst editionsArabian PeninsulaColorado--DenverNile RiverArab countriesArabsOverland journeys to the PacificUtahLoveDiscoveries in geographyAfrica, CentralSpeke, John Hanning,Nile River ValleyUtah--Salt Lake CityFairy talesIndiaArabic literatureSwinburne, Algernon Charles,Criminal investigationSocial historyEngland--LondonHarari languageExplorers' spousesFolk literature, ArabicSexBurton, Isabel,--Lady,MarriageSaudi Arabia--MeccaArabian nightsAfricaTravelersEthnologyVampiresSaudi Arabia--MedinaMuslim pilgrims and pilgrimagesRoss, James Clark,--Sir,Humboldt, Alexander von,Fawcett, Percy Harrison,Livingstone, David,Clark, William,18211890182418301832183518501851185218531855185618571858185918601861186218631864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320147022614034043910.92G246.B8ocn000322981ocn002814853ocn013965170ocn006592959ocn001984037ocn000013085ocn001947533ocn005398396ocn002969022ocn001929350ocn004896575ocn003977044ocn003633761ocn601950285ocn464020841ocn317068361ocn464410611ocn794260163ocn003283220ocn779180052ocn831933785ocn831933526ocn831933591ocn831933571ocn831933756ocn831933502ocn831933457ocn831933809ocn831933738ocn831933616ocn688476117ocn723650756ocn073904899ocn072262994ocn724371057ocn781377506ocn419818910ocn029856946ocn866586555ocn866020073ocn459011855ocn310812325ocn464898491ocn441324598ScholarsExplorers1763132ocn002052708book18800.74Burton, Richard FrancisThe Kasîdah of Hâjî Abdû el-YezdîBibliography+-+1615958135167743ocn049294819file18850.25Burton, Richard FrancisThe Arabian nightsFolkloreFictionThey are ancient stories, but they still enchant our imaginations today: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves-Sinbad the Sailor-Aladdin. These and the other Middle Eastern stories collected in Arabian Nights are delightful, fascinating, and fun for fans and first-time readers alike+-+K148819546162381ocn000490450book18610.47Burton, Richard FrancisThe City of the Saints, and across the Rocky Mountains to CaliforniaHistoryThe author went overland to California in 1860, stopping en route in Salt Lake City+-+7548100796160190ocn000413446book18830.30VātsyāyanaThe Kama sutra: the classic Hindu treatise on love and social conductHandbooks, manuals, etcThis famous classical Hindu manuel of physical love is one of the high points in all erotic literature. It is frank and explicit in its descriptions, and is beautifully peotic in its manner of expression. For long a forbidden work, it is undoubtedly a classic of world literature+-+K518465965157234ocn000322981book19270.27Burton, Richard FrancisThe Arabian nights' entertainments : or, The book of a thousand nights and a nightA selection of the most famous and representative of these tales from the plain and literal translations by Richard F. Burton; the stories have been chosen and arranged by Bennett A. Cerf and are printed complete and unabridged with many of Burton's notes; introductory essay by Ben Ray Redman+-+1087514215140080ocn002814853book18740.37Burton, Richard FrancisThe book of The Thousand Nights and a NightFolkloreSheherezade, daughter of King Shahryar's advisor, tells her husband a different story every night to keep the king from killing her+-+4779861125120279ocn000179551book18560.56Burton, Richard FrancisFirst footsteps in East AfricaIn this book, first published in 1856, Burton recounts his travels to Harar, a city in East Africa notorious for its slave trade activity. His plan was a challenging one, as it was believed that no European had been there before; upon arrival he claimed to be an agent of the British government and presented himself to the ruler of Harar. Burton was allowed to spend ten days there, and his account give a fascinating glimpse into a then unknown city and culture+-+00290713959538ocn679723464file18700.26Burton, Richard FrancisVikram and the vampire classi Hindu tales of adventure, magic and romanceFolkloreFictionYou may think that the vampire story is a genre that has its roots in nineteenth-century Europe, but in truth, virtually every culture has its own version of undead creatures who feed upon the living. This fascinating collection presents several vampire stories from the South Asian subcontinent that blend supernatural elements with Hindu mysticism and mythology+-+707369022632488316ocn671647926file19630.33Nafzāwī, ʻUmar ibn MuḥammadThe perfumed gardenHistoryThe Perfumed Garden is a sex manual written in erotic prose. It gives advice on bodily appearance, sexual technique, and also on the symptoms and remedies for sexual diseases. Al-Nafzawi also describes the sex of animals and interprets dreams. The advice and technical descriptions are interspersed with stories which should give the manual context and amuse the reader+-+402969022632485419ocn000413231book18640.53Burton, Richard FrancisThe Nile basin73640ocn000244350book18640.66Burton, Richard FrancisA mission to Gelele, King of Dahome69764ocn001358001book18560.50Burton, Richard FrancisPersonal narrative of a pilgrimage to al-Madinah & MeccahPersonal narrativesBurton's account of traveling to Mecca in disguise in 1853. The trip was extremely dangerous, and several times he was close to being discovered; he had to learn a great deal of particular social customs, Islamic ritual, and etiquette+-+826767139567017ocn003966298book19770.19Burton, Richard FrancisTales from the Arabian nights : selected from the book of the thousand nights and a nightFolkloreOver 50 tales from the Arabian nights, including "Sinbad the seaman," "Ali Baba and the forty thieves," and "Aladdin, or the wonderful lamp."+-+802017260565159ocn011751014book18850.70Burton, R. FA plain and literal translation of the Arabian nights' entertainments, now entituled The book of the thousand nights and a night : with introduction explanatory notes on the manners and customs of Moslem men and a terminal essay upon the history of the nightsFolklore60725ocn015631895book18830.26Burton, Richard FrancisThe book of the swordHistoryThis book traces the origin of the sword from prehistory to its full growth during the early Roman Empire. The author discusses the earliest weapons of stone, bone, horn and wood as well as variations. The swords covered include the sabre, broadsword, cutlass, scimitar, foil, and rapier as well as a host of other arms, including dirks, daggers, throwing knives, flails, and more. The text is enhanced by nearly 300 line drawings+-+398907139557710ocn045015306book20010.19Burton, Richard FrancisThe Arabian nights : tales from a Thousand and one nightsFolkloreRobert Louis Stevenson called it a "a book that captivates in childhood and delights in age"+-+702102028556923ocn010651869book19000.21Burton, Richard FrancisSelections from the Arabian nightsFolkloreFictionA selection of the tales told by Shahrazad in an attempt to save her life include "The Story of the Merchant and the Jinnee," and "The Story of Es-Sindibbad of the Sea."+-+191212223652727ocn000926504book18510.66Burton, Richard FrancisSindh and the races that inhabit the Valley of the IndusHistory52126ocn000954054book18720.74Burton, Richard FrancisZanzibar; city, island, and coast+-+679957569650026ocn070768030book18510.70Burton, Richard FrancisGoa, and the blue mountains, or, Six months of sick leaveHistoryAnnotation+-+2661255705210116ocn052478460book20040.16Dunning, JohnThe bookman's promise : a Cliff Janeway novelFictionDetective and mystery storiesWhen Cliff Janeway investigates the provenance of a signed first edition of a memoir by nineteenth-century explorer Sir Richard Burton, he becomes embroiled in a mystery involving a lost library of rare Burton material+-+0744978925203011ocn020296326book19900.23Rice, EdwardCaptain Sir Richard Francis Burton : the secret agent who made the pilgrimage to Mecca, discovered the Kama Sutra, and brought the Arabian nights to the WestBiographyDescribes the life of Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, who explored India, the Near East, and Africa, went to Mecca, and discovered the Kama Sutra+-+K375631585163118ocn000900405book19670.28Brodie, Fawn McKayThe devil drives; a life of Sir Richard BurtonBiographyThis biography of Sir Richard Francis Burton attempts to explain what drove the famous African explorer throughout his restless life+-+9116588485129918ocn000487158book19630.30Farwell, ByronBurton; a biography of Sir Richard Francis BurtonBiographyBiography of English adventurer Sir Richard Burton, who was a linguist, scholar, Orientalist, collector of erotica, secret agent, and explorer of the Nile+-+331576596512854ocn077008205file20060.39Carnochan, W. BThe sad story of Burton, Speke, and the Nile ; or, was John Hanning Speke a cad? looking at the evidenceHistory+-+807802953511026ocn039335566book19980.23Lovell, Mary SA rage to live : a biography of Richard and Isabel BurtonBiographyDescribes the accomplishments of the British explorer and scholar, and the relationship between him and his unconventional wife+-+472195848598916ocn057495196rcrd20040.13Dunning, JohnThe bookman's promiseHistoryFictionCliff Janeway, a Denver ex-cop-turned bookman, buys a signed first edition of a travelogue written by legendary explorer Richard Francis Burton. He is then confronted by an elderly woman, who claims that the book rightfully belongs to her and is convinced that crooked dealers swindled her family out of a large collection of works by the famous adventurer. After her sudden death, Janeway vows to restore the collection, but he finds himself up against murderous thugs, desperate authors, and unscrupulous businessmen+-+K3308089259774ocn759402328file20090.37Newman, James LPaths without glory Richard Francis Burton in AfricaBiographyThis volume presents the African journeys of English geographer, explorer, and diplomat Sir Richard Burton (1821-1890). Burton was known for his travels and explorations within Asia, Africa and the Americas, as well as his extraordinary knowledge of languages and cultures and his translations of the Kama Sutra and Arabian Nights. The author provides a portrait of Burton through examination of his journals and other biographers' analysis. He pinpoints the thematic mainstays of his career as a diplomat and explorer, namely his strong advocacy of aggressive imperial policies and his belief that race explained crucial human differences+-+323724240692420ocn000186144book18930.50Burton, Richard FrancisPersonal narrative of a pilgrimage to al-Madinah & MeccahPersonal narrativesVolume 1 of classic work. Posing as a wandering dervish, Burton gained admittance to the holy Kaabah and to the tomb of the prophet at Medina and participated in all the rituals of the Hadj (pilgrimage). A treasury of material on Arab life, beliefs, manners and morals, and much more+-+63676713958761ocn005101603book19790.17Pennington, PiersThe great explorersHistoryBiographyEach chapter covers an era of exploration - from the ancient world and the Middle Ages to the quest for the poles, as told through the careers of over fifty explorers85512ocn232978198book20080.20Trojanow, IlijaThe collector of worldsFictionBiographical fictionThis fictionalized account imagines the life of Sir Richard Francis Burton--a 19th-century British colonial officer and translator with a rare ability to assimilate into indigenous cultures+-+38460861557735ocn057434338book20050.47Kennedy, Dane KeithThe highly civilized man : Richard Burton and the Victorian worldBiography"One of the great challenges confronting the British in the nineteenth century was to make sense of the multiplicity of peoples and cultures they encountered in their imperial march around the globe. Burton played an important role in this mission. Drawing on his wide-ranging experiences in other lands and intense curiosity about their inhabitants, he conducted an intellectually ambitious, highly provocative inquiry into racial, religious, and sexual differences that exposed his own society's norms to scrutiny."+-+67136592157713ocn624556044book20100.14Hodder, MarkThe strange affair of Spring Heeled JackHistoryFictionSir Richard Francis Burton investigates a strange apparition called Spring Heeled Jack that has been assaulting young women around London+-+05979616166803ocn003844775book19780.26Hastings, MichaelSir Richard Burton : a biographyBiographyBiografie van de avonturier en ontdekkingsreiziger Sir Richard Burton (1821-1890)64713ocn567808176book18630.53Burton, Richard FrancisWanderings in West Africa from Liverpool to Fernando Po grom Liverpool to Fernando PoHistory+-+716612430664710ocn000413524book18600.56Burton, Richard FrancisThe lake regions of Central Africa : a picture of explorationSir Richard Burton's journal of his journey through Africa+-+03768535665543ocn679931654book20110.13Hodder, MarkThe curious case of the clockwork manHistoryFictionWhen Burton and Swinburne discover an abandoned brass man in Trafalgar Square, they find themselves on the trail of stolen black diamonds and embroiled in a plot involving the Tichborne Claimant and mysterious steam wraiths+-+740896161652310ocn000399929book19290.56Abdullah, AchmedDreamers of empire5043ocn862348066book20140.17Dugard, MartinThe explorers : a story of fearless outcasts, blundering geniuses, and impossible successHistoryBiographyExamines "the saga of the [Richard Francis] Burton and [John Hanning] Speke expedition. To better understand their motivations and ultimate success, Dugard guides readers through the seven vital traits that Burton and Speke, as well as many of history's legendary explorers, called upon to see their impossible journeys through to the end: curiosity, hope, passion, courage, independence, self-discipline, and perserverence. In doing so, Dugard demonstrates that we are all explorers, and that these traits have a most practical application in everyday life"--Amazon.com4832ocn012051235book19850.59Burne, Glenn SRichard F. BurtonCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+7073690226324+-+7073690226324Thu Oct 16 16:01:33 EDT 2014batch87927