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Fri Mar 21 17:13:17 2014 UTClccn-n800572050.00The book of the saints of the Ethiopian church : a translation of the Ethiopic Synaxarium (Mashafa Senkesar) : made from the mss. Oriental 660 and 661 in the British Museum /0.361.00J.M. Dent & Sons records,73893806E._A._Wallis_Budgen 80057205438948Badj, Wālis, 1857-1934Badž, E. A. VolisBudǧ, Wālīs, 1857-1934Budge,Budge, E. A. 1857-1934Budge, E.A.W., 1857-1934Budge, E. A. WallisBudge, E. A. Wallis, 1857-1934Budge, E. A. Wallis (Ernest Alfred Wallis)Budge, E. A. Wallis (Ernest Alfred Wallis), 1857-1934Budge, E. A. Wallis (Ernest Alfred Wallis), SirBudge, E. A. Wallis, SirBudge, E. A. Wallis, Sir, 1857-1934Budge, Ed 1857-1934Budge, Ernest 1857-1934Budge, Ernest A. 1857-1934Budge, Ernest A. Wallis.Budge, Ernest A. Wallis, 1857-1934Budge, Ernest A. Wallis, Sir, 1857-1934Budge, Ernest Alfred 1857-1934Budge, Ernest Alfred T. Wallis 1857-1934Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis.Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis, 1857-1934Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis, Sir, 1857-1934Budge, Ernest Alfred Wallis.Budge, Ernest Alfred Wallis, 1857-1934Budge,Ernest Alfred Wallis SirBudge, Ernest Alfred Wallis, Sir, 1857-1934Budge, Sir E. A. Wallis, 1857-1934Budge, Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson WallisBudge, Wallis, 1857-1934Budge, Wallis, Sir, 1857-1934Thomson Wallis Budge, Ernest Alfred 1857-1934Wallis Budge, ... 1857-1934Wallis Budge, E.A.Wallis Budge, E.A., 1857-1934Wallis Budge, E. A. (Ernest Alfred), Sir, 1857-1934Wallis Budge, Ernest A. 1857-1934Wallis-Budge, Ernest Alfred 1857-1934Wallis Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson, Sir, 1857-1934Бадж, Уоллис (Эрнест Альфред Уоллис), 1857-1934Бадж, Э. А. У. (Эрнест Альфред Уоллис), 1857-1934Бадж, Э. А. Уоллес (Эрнест Альфред Уоллес), 1857-1934Бадж, Эрнест Уоллис, 1857-1934באדג׳, וואליס, Sirبدج,بدڄ، إ. أ. والس (إرنست ألفرد والس)، 1857-1934ܒܕܰܓ,バッジ, ウォリスlccn-n82112080British MuseumDepartment of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquitiesedtnp-tutankhamen$king of egyptTutankhamenKing of Egyptfast-1048701Osiris (Egyptian deity)lccn-n79004067Alexanderthe Great356 B.C.-323 B.C.lccn-n50048080King, L. W.(Leonard William)1869-1919edtlccn-n2002109039ʻAnân-Îshôʻactive 7th centurycomlccn-n79145591AthanasiusSaint, Patriarch of Alexandria-373np-mary$blessed virgin saintMaryBlessed Virgin, Saintlccn-n79124709JeromeSaint-419 or 420lccn-n82093718PalladiusBishop of Aspuna-approximately 430Budge, E. A. Wallis(Ernest Alfred Wallis)Sir1857-1934HistoryGuidebooksDictionariesSourcesCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCommentariesHandbooks, manuals, etcInscriptionsEgyptReligionFuture lifeIncantations, EgyptianMythology, EgyptianEgyptian language--Writing, HieroglyphicEgyptian languageAntiquitiesBook of the deadEschatology, EgyptianFuneral rites and ceremoniesMummiesEgyptian language--GrammarHymns, EgyptianPapyrus of AniInscriptions, EgyptianDeathHieroglyphicsOsiris (Egyptian deity)Rosetta stoneCivilizationMagic, EgyptianGods, EgyptianMiddle East--BabyloniaTutankhamen,--King of EgyptNile RiverAmuletsMagicSuperstitionIraqTravelReligious literature, EgyptianTombsMural painting and decoration, EgyptianBudge, E. A. Wallis--(Ernest Alfred Wallis),--Sir,TalismansGreat BritainEgyptian literatureEgyptologistsBritish MuseumEngland--LondonEgypt--CairoHistory, AncientEmployeesBritish Museum.--Department of Egyptian AntiquitiesMuseum curatorsAssyriologistsEgyptologyIllustration of booksAuthors and publishers185719341880188118831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351938193919401943194519491950195119531955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144465913084348299.31PJ1555.E5ocn008233454ocn000754113ocn002735192ocn000546298ocn001178690ocn000739640ocn003118198ocn000802085ocn001444691ocn000539960ocn001102367ocn000577921ocn001028944ocn004632692ocn003950290ocn004397797ocn003337577ocn002001401ocn028082061ocn681902206ocn004632668ocn681818745ocn457180935ocn186673834ocn457181342ocn460393192ocn458957975ocn460393237ocn460404425ocn460393184ocn836438630ocn836438652ocn834554843ocn834554898ocn862232429ocn862233059ocn862232598ocn7985426964903230ocn000245036book18940.31Budge, E. A. WallisThe Book of the dead : the papyrus of Ani in the British MuseumHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCommentariesSourcesComplete reproduction of Ani's papyrus, finest ever found. Full hieroglyphic text, interlinear transliteration, word-for-word translation, smooth translation+-+24166902263241698109ocn009532718book18990.28Budge, E. A. WallisEgyptian language : easy lessons in Egyptian hieroglyphics+-+8948671395147960ocn000374850book18990.35Budge, E. A. WallisEgyptian ideas of the future life, Egyptian religionHistorySir E. A. Wallis Budge (1857-1934) was Keeper of the British Museum's department of oriental antiquities from 1894 until his retirement in 1924. Carrying out many missions to Egypt in search of ancient objects, Budge was hugely successful in collecting papyri, statues and other artefacts for the trustees of the British Museum: numbering into the thousands and of great cultural and historical significance. Budge published well over 100 monographs, which shaped the development of future scholarship and are still of great academic value today, dealing with subjects such as Egyptian religion, h+-+1477601535142234ocn000097634book19040.31Budge, E. A. WallisThe gods of the Egyptians : or, Studies in Egyptian mythology+-+2105771395127571ocn000324285book18990.37Budge, E. A. WallisEgyptian magicPresents a study of ancient Egyptian magic, examining the role of magic in Egyptian religion, discussing the tools, rituals, and formulas of the practice, and including excerpts from magical texts and tomb inscriptions+-+1631771395114350ocn003347089book18850.35Budge, E. A. WallisThe dwellers on the Nile : the life, history, religion and literature of the ancient EgyptiansHistory+-+265087139596282ocn019671130book19130.37Budge, E. A. WallisThe Rosetta StoneInscriptionsGreat Egyptologist's fascinating account of the discovery of the linguistic keystone that enabled scholars to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Work of Young, Champollion, other scholars; implications for biblical scholarship, history of ancient Near East, much more. Clear, concise, accessible to layman. 23 photographs. Bibliography+-+381617139592351ocn002421115book18560.47Budge, E. A. WallisBabylonian life and historyHistoryA history of Mesopotamia including Khammurabis' Code of Laws, and the mythology of Gilgamesh, the Story of the Flood, and the Legend of Etana. Includes the history of their writing, astrology, divination, the wearing of spells, reading omens, and other magic+-+449012512580822ocn000161528book19230.27Budge, E. A. WallisTutānkhamen, Amenism, Atenism and Egyptian monotheism; with hieroglyphic texts of hymns to Ȧmen and Ȧten, translations, and illustrationsHistory+-+8195685625806100ocn000158132book18900.76Budge, E. A. WallisThe Nile. Notes for travellers in Egypt and in the Egyptian SudanGuidebooks78629ocn000721067book19010.37Budge, E. A. WallisOsiris and the Egyptian resurrectionVolume 1 of the most comprehensive, scholarly work on Osiris. Includes translations of numerous texts, reproductions of classical Egyptian art -- iconography, the Heaven of Osiris, liturgy, shrines and mysteries, funeral and burial practices, human sacrifice, judge of the dead, links between Osiris worship and African religions, much more+-+953277139576827ocn001095129book18930.28Budge, E. A. WallisThe mummyMuseum officials tell us that mummies get more attention from museum-goers than any other ancient objects. Although many Egyptian customs and practices were to be found in other parts of Africa, mummification is unique to Egypt, and the scale on which it was practiced is found nowhere else in the world. Its uniqueness is only the beginning of its fascinating story. It was practiced in Egpyt for the four thousand years of the Dynastic Period. For four thousand years the preservation of the embalmed body, or mummy, was the chief end and aim of every Egyptian! The greater part of the wealth of Egypt during this time was devoted to mummification and what went along with it. - Jacket flap72823ocn010642528book19230.25Budge, E. A. WallisTutānkhamen, Amenism, Atenism and Egyptian monotheism : with hieroglyphic texts of hymns to Ȧmen and ȦtenA study of the time of the Amen and Aten cults in ancient Egypt. With hieroglyphic texts of hymns to Amen and Aten, translations and illustrations. Contents: Reign of Tutankhamen; Tutankhamen and the cult of Amen; Hymn to Amen and Aten; Cult of Aten, the God and Disk of the Sun, its origin, development and decline; Development of the Cult of Aten under Amenhetep IV; Hymns to Aten; Hymn to Aten by the King; Hymn to Aten by Ai, Overseer of the Horse; Hymns to the Sun-god; Egyptian Monotheism+-+250417139569112ocn004136637book19200.25Budge, E. A. WallisAn Egyptian hieroglyphic dictionary : with an index of English words, king list, and geographical list with indexes, list of hieroglyphic characters, Coptic and Semitic alphabets, etc. in two volumesDictionaries+-+616187139560830ocn672026678file18990.37Budge, E. A. WallisEgyptian ideas of the future lifeA fascinating look at the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians by renowned Egyptologist, Orientalist, and philologist E. A. Wallis Budge, who worked for the world famous British Museum+-+450869022632453930ocn000402545book19340.59Budge, E. A. WallisFrom fetish to God in ancient EgyptHistory+-+885307139550023ocn018683207book19250.32Budge, E. A. WallisThe mummy : a handbook of Egyptian funerary archaeologyHandbooks, manuals, etcA discussion of funerary procedures in ancient Egypt, covering mummification, burial practices, ritual texts, tombs and coffins, and other topics, and including background on Egyptian history and religion, a chart of the hieroglyphic alphabet, and other resources+-+03740713954966ocn000217994book19610.47Budge, E. A. WallisAmulets and talismans4853ocn000374844book19610.50Budge, E. A. WallisOsiris4758ocn019125247book19740.20Budge, E. A. WallisThe mummy : a history of the extraordinary practices of ancient EgyptDiscusses the history and culture that led to the practice of mummification in ancient Egypt311ocn747950444book20110.88Ismail, Matthew DjunWallis Budge : magic and mummies in London and CairoHistoryBiographySir E.A. Wallis Budge (1857-1934) is today mostly known as the author of such books as The Egyptian Book of the Dead (1895), The Gods of Egypt (1904), and An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary (1920). Born an impoverished and illegitimate child in rural Cornwall, Budge bit and clawed his way through the barriers of Victorian and Edwardian class prejudice to a knighthood in 1920. As Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities in the British Museum from 1894 to 1924, Budge's career was entwined with the great issues of his day: the rise of the European Empires in the Middle East and the decline of the Ottoman Empire; the French and British struggle to control Egypt and its antiquities; the conflicts between Ottoman and European antiquarian interests in the Ottoman province of Iraq; and the British invasion and colonization of the Sudan. Budge was both a proponent of a liberalized Christianity and a believer in the reality of the occult world, and his books were viewed by many as a primary source for alternative religious inspiration. More than an account of the professional conflicts and the controversial smuggling of antiquities for which Budge is now remembered in academic circles, this is an intriguing story of antiquities and empire - and of how one man's life was saturated with both141ocn051195554book20020.86Morrell, Robert"Budgie ..." : the life of Sir E.A.T. Wallace Budge, Egyptologist - Assyriologist - Keeper of the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum, 1892 to 1924Biography52ocn427704451book20090.70Budge, E. A. WallisBy Nile and Tigris, a narrative of journeys in Egypt and Mesopotamia on behalf of the British museum between the years 1886 and 1913Biography31ocn221108645book1928The book of the saints of the Ethiopian church : a translation of the Ethiopic Synaxarium (Mashafa Senkesar) : made from the mss. Oriental 660 and 661 in the British Museum22ocn857497899visu20100.17The Egyptian book of the deadThis video provides a fascinating piece of history that dates back over 4,000 years. It reveals the reason why the Egyptians built the pyramids and is the likely source of the Ten Commandments. Follows the ancient scroll from its creation to its rediscovery in 1887 AD. Find out why Biblical scholars agree that portions of the Old Testament are directly descended from the Egyptian text, and why some archaeologists argue that Moses must have read and carried a copy of it with him when he fled Egypt21ocn054413783book19860.47Smith, H. SSir Wallis Budge and his fellowsHistory21ocn056507207book20020.47Morrell, Robert"Budgie--" : the life of Sir E.A.T. Wallis Budge : Egyptologist, Assyriologist, Keeper of the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum, 1892-192411ocn041364264book19960.47Budge, E. A. WallisThe Sir E.A. Wallis Budge manuscript collection : [finding aid]ManuscriptsCollection consists of 6.5 linear feet of bound manuscripts (1909-1915) and unbound manuscripts (1923-1935) plus seven wooden crates containing 10,000 index cards for Budge's Egyptian dictionary (1920)11ocn750153191book1923Budge, E. A. WallisE.A. Wallis Budge letters to Walter A. RoselleRecords and correspondence12ocn215379066book1.00Ethiopian manuscript (a book of prayers)Ethiopic Manuscript on vellum (late 18th or 19th century) composed of seven strips, folded in concertina form to give 55 leaves, 24-31 lines to the page, written in a small script in black and red in single and double columns, twenty full-page coloured drawings, a few drawings with titles supplied, name of first owner Asqa Gigorgis replaced by that of Batra, name of third owner W Ida Maryam also occurs, water-stained, pull-off case11ocn083314902book1935Thompson, R. CampbellErnest Alfred Wallis Budge, 1857-193411ocn502438573book19240.47Erman, Adolf[Review of] Facsimiles of Egyptian Hieratic papyri in the British Museum by E.A. Wallis Budge [and] En ny visdomsbog fra det gamle Aegypten by H.O. LangeReviews11ocn230469703book1902Budge, E. A. WallisTypescript letter signed from Sir Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge to Frederick Gard Fleay11ocn031966205mix1.00J.M. Dent & SonsJ.M. Dent & Sons recordsAuthor files Bi-By: Author files include correspondence with editorial department staff and with the directors of J.M. Dent & Sons that discusses manuscript proposals and submissions, book acceptance and rejection, editorial recommendations, contracts, copyright agreements, sales figures, royalty payments, legal problems, reprints, and successive editions. Author files also include correspondence regarding illustrations used in Dent publications, correspondence with illustrators, rough drafts of manuscripts, synopses of manuscripts, and photographs of selected authors and illustrators. Note that files are incomplete, since many items of significant commercial value were sold piecemeal in the 1980s and some files from later years are held by Weidenfeld and Nicholson, which took over the Dent firm in 198611ocn077950187book1995Wilkinson, Toby A. HBudge and his legacy : Egyptology at Christ's College, CambridgeBiography11ocn037340733art19961.00Adams, William YewdaleSudanology : the noble salvageHistory11ocn039764192book19140.79British MuseumWall decorations of Egyptian tombs : illustrated from examples in the British Museum01ocn171532560book1911Sotheby, Wilkinson & HodgeBy order of the executors of the late Lady Henry Bruce Meux, Theobald's Park, Herts+-+4005771395+-+4005771395Fri Mar 21 16:03:22 EDT 2014batch87046