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Thu Oct 16 17:54:15 2014 UTClccn-n800063230.00Hamilton Bell carrying a vintner's boy on his back from Edinburgh to Musselburgh, accompanied by John Rae, a pair of fishwives walk in the other direction. Coloured etching by J. Kay, 1792, after himself0.540.86Essays introductory to the study of English constitutional history27096611Charles_Omann 80006323388925Chadwick Oman, Charles William 1860-1946Oman 1860-1946 professorOman, C.Oman, C. 1860-1946Oman, C. 1860-1946 SirOman, C. (Charles), 1860-1946Oman, C. (Charles), Sir, 1860-1946Oman, C. W.Oman, C. W. 1860-1946Oman, C. W. C.Oman, C.W.C. 1860-1946Oman, C. W. C. 1860-1946 SirOman, C. W. C. (Charles William Chadwick), 1860-1946Oman, C. W. C. (Charles William Chadwick), Sir, 1860-1946Oman, CharlesOman Charles 1860-1946Oman, Charles W.Oman, Charles W. 1860-1946Oman, Charles W.C. 1860-1946Oman, Charles William ChadwickOman, Charles William Chadwick 1860-1946Oman, Charles William Chadwick 1860-1946 SirOman, Charles William Chadwick, Sir, 1860-1946Oman, professor, 1860-1946lccn-n2001019506Beeler, Johnedtlccn-n79021400Caesar, Juliuslccn-n80013395Pompeythe Great106 B.C.-48, lucius corneliusSulla, Lucius Corneliuslccn-n82155077Cato, Marcus Porcius95 B.C.-46 B.C.lccn-n81098243Gracchus, Gaius Sempronius154 B.C.-121 B.C.lccn-n86028327Crassus, Marcus Liciniusnp-gracchus, tiberius semproniusGracchus, Tiberius Semproniuslccn-n50025810Hassall, Arthur1853-1930lccn-n82152752Warwick, Richard NevilleEarl of1428-1471Oman, Charles1860-1946HistoryGuidebooksLocal historyMilitary historyBiographyGreat BritainMilitary art and scienceMilitary history, MedievalEuropeEnglandCastlesWalesTyler's Insurrection (1381)Peasant uprisingsRome (Empire)Peninsular WarMilitary history, ModernCaesar, JuliusPompey,--the Great,Sulla, Lucius CorneliusCato, Marcus Porcius,Gracchus, Gaius Sempronius,HistoriographyCrassus, Marcus LiciniusGracchus, Tiberius SemproniusPolitical scienceByzantine EmpireSixteenth centuryWars of the Roses (Great Britain : 1455-1485)Warwick, Richard Neville,--Earl of,GreeceConstitutional historyWellington, Arthur Wellesley,--Duke of,Military leadershipStatesmenGreat Britain.--ArmyArmed Forces--OfficersNapoleonic Wars (1800-1815)Military campaignsUniversity of OxfordNapoleon--I,--Emperor of the French,Kings and rulers--SuccessionNobilityMilitary campaigns--Participation, BritishCivilizationMilitary history, AncientOman, Charles,Middle AgesMilitary participation--BritishMacedonian Expansion (Greece : 359-323 B.C.)Alexander,--the Great,SoldiersFuller, J. F. C.--(John Frederick Charles),Fortescue, J. W.--(John William),--Sir,Military art and science--Medieval1860194618851887189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391941194219441945194619471948194919501952195319541955195719581959196019611962196319651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801982198319841986198719881989199119931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200820092010201120122013194864031626942.038U37ocn000479376ocn002873086ocn000240177ocn002364825ocn010553251ocn001352189ocn011626850ocn008317577ocn004278025ocn001336581ocn186830853ocn186830871ocn186830862ocn186830846ocn712244819ocn459857582149024ocn004496687book19260.23Oman, CharlesCastlesMilitary historyLocal historyGuidebooksSurronded by moats, graced with towers reaching towards the heavens, casltle represent the ultimante in privacy, elegance, and power139854ocn000027885book19000.53Oman, CharlesThe Great Revolt of 1381HistoryIn this 1906 volume, Oman details the Peasant's Revolt a series of revolts in late medieval Europe and the most widespread rebellion in English history. Oman provides a detailed discussion of the state of England immediately preceding the rebellion, the outbreak and spread of the revolt, the suppression of the uprising by boy-king Richard II, and the aftermath131060ocn000271704book18850.47Oman, CharlesThe art of war in the Middle Ages, A.D. 378-1515HistoryForkortet udgave af: A History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages Volume I. 378-1278 AD og Volume II 1278-1485. Bogen begynder med slaget ved Adrianople, som var det første slag under hvilket kavaleriet bekæmpede infanteriet. Andre slag omtales, herunder slaget ved Hastings i 1066, hvor infantariet gjorde et sidste forsøg på at forsvare sig imod kavaleriet+-+1715496535113652ocn000336313book18930.56Oman, CharlesThe Dark Ages, 476-918History95851ocn000921727book19020.47Oman, CharlesSeven Roman Statesmen of the later republic: The Gracchi. Sulla. Crassus. Cato. Pompey. CæsarHistoryBiography95158ocn003157976book19050.63Oman, CharlesEngland before the Norman conquest, being a history of the Celtic, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon periods down to the year A.D. 1066History87850ocn000173094book19230.59Oman, CharlesA History of the art of war in the Middle AgesHistory"Each section deals with the characteristic strategy, tactics, and military organisation of a period and illustrates them by detailed accounts of typical battles and campaigns."+-+068821803680533ocn000875571book19060.56Oman, CharlesThe history of England, from the accession of Richard II to the death of Richard III (1377-1485)History74121ocn000017243book19390.59Oman, CharlesOn the writing of history67226ocn003217500book19370.59Oman, CharlesA history of the art of war in the sixteenth centuryHistoryVærket er opdelt i 7 afsnit omhandlende den militære geografi under de store krige i perioden 1494-1559 samt strategi og taktik. Afsnit to omhandler de store slag under de Italienske krige med en vurdering af den taktiske betydning. Afsnit III omhandler perioden 1527-59, afsnit IV den Engelske militærhistorie under Tudors, afsnit V religionskrigene i Frankrig i perioden 1562-98. Bog VI beskæftiger sig med Holland og den Hollanske uafhængighedskrig 1568-1609 og endelig handler afsnit VII om det Tyrkiske angreb på kristendommen i perioden 1520-1606+-+193821803662918ocn001115302book19360.56Oman, CharlesThe Sixteenth centuryHistory62546ocn000558279book18920.66Oman, CharlesThe story of the Byzantine empireHistory+-+642516940655986ocn828931523book18510.53Oman, CharlesA history of EnglandHistoryOman wrote this 1895 history out of a conviction, as he writes in his introduction, that there may still be room for a single-volume history . . . which neither cramps the earlier annals of our island . . . nor expands the last two centuries into an unmanageable bulk. The New York Times called his effort extremely satisfactory55847ocn001539767book19020.56Oman, CharlesA History of the peninsular warHistory+-+387721803653837ocn001376953book18910.59Oman, CharlesWarwick, the kingmakerHistoryBiography52368ocn003720054book18900.70Oman, CharlesA history of Greece from the earliest times to the death of Alexander the GreatHistory47045ocn000626852book18990.63Oman, CharlesEngland in the nineteenth centuryHistory43036ocn828936803book19120.33Oman, CharlesWellington's army, 1809-1814HistoryMilitary historyBiographyPublished in 1912, this indispensable history of the British field army in the Iberian Peninsula under the legendary command of Wellington is filled with tactical insights and fascinating period details. Interesting aspects of day-to-day life and the mental states of the soldiers are enhanced by writings from the actual soldiers+-+722121803640614ocn060730508file18870.86Wakeman, Henry OffleyEssays introductory to the study of English constitutional history29523ocn001851703book19290.70Oman, CharlesStudies in the Napoleonic warsHistoryMilitary history443ocn009806254book19410.82Oman, CharlesMemories of Victorian Oxford and of some early yearsBiography83ocn003474334book19660.47Bailey, Benjamin FWarfare and history as interpreted by three twentieth century British military historiansMilitary historyBiography71ocn019364581book19460.47Robertson, Charles GrantSir Charles Oman, 1860-194611ocn779593711visu1792Kay, JohnHamilton Bell carrying a vintner's boy on his back from Edinburgh to Musselburgh, accompanied by John Rae, a pair of fishwives walk in the other direction. Coloured etching by J. Kay, 1792, after himselfThe publication of this print caused the subject, a lawyer, to issue a writ of suppression, which was unsuccessful11ocn772457679book1947Francis Edwards (Firm)A catalogue of books on a large variety of subjects including English books printed before 1700, Roxburghe Club publications, military library of the late Sir Charles Oman, etcHistoryCatalogs+-+1715496535+-+1715496535Thu Oct 16 15:04:45 EDT 2014batch40924