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Suggested level: primary, intermediate+-+26782770363242233ocn022183967book19900.18Milligan, SpikeIt ends with magic : a Milligan family storyBiography+-+476486596532421311ocn001704374book19740.31Milligan, SpikeThe book of the Goons : incorporating a new selection of Spike Milligan's Goon Show scripts and, by courtesy of Whacklow, Futtle & Crun (Commissioners, for Oaths threats issued), the authentic, unexpurgated inter-Goonal correspondence of certain naughty gentlemen and sundry others, alias Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan+-+K1376051352099ocn003206817book19730.35Milligan, SpikeMore Goon Show scripts2015ocn059181779book20040.17Milligan, SpikeThe compulsive Spike Milligan+-+788846255532419817ocn002620814book19740.21Milligan, Spike"Rommel?"-"Gunner who?" : a confrontation in the desertBiographyCaricatures and cartoonsHumorPersonal narratives BritishPersonal narratives EnglishAn account of Milligan's march to war in the desert, a saga of bawdy farce mixed with introspection and the day-to-day reportage of a group of gunners+-+62569559653241887ocn030509713book19940.18Milligan, SpikeLady Chatterley's loverFiction+-+244797596532418515ocn000763895book19730.06Milligan, SpikeBad Jelly the witch: a fairy story; [written in his own handwriting]Juvenile worksFictionRose and Tim encounter Badjelly the with who can turn children into sausages or chop them into boy-girl soup, but they are rescued by Jim the Giant Eagle. Suggested level: primary+-+219328596532418410ocn000591232book19720.28Milligan, SpikeSmall dreams of a scorpion:1834ocn059397185book19990.17Milligan, SpikeA mad medley of Milligan+-+24225080253241825ocn026130178book19910.76Graves, RobertDear Robert, Dear Spike : the Graves-Milligan correspondenceBiographyRecords and correspondence1752ocn043969403book20000.16Milligan, SpikeThe MurphyFiction+-+89705080253241694ocn028710795book19930.21Milligan, SpikeHidden words : collected poems+-+833230596532456911ocn003630106book19710.24Milligan, SpikeAdolf Hitler : my part in his downfallHistoryBiographyHumorPersonal narrativesPersonal narratives BritishPersonal narratives English+-+45708559653244965ocn052324785book20030.20Carpenter, HumphreySpike Milligan : the biographyBiography+-+46617359853244084ocn052738571book20030.18Farnes, NormaSpike : an intimate memoirBiography+-+72320669362997ocn005354866book19780.20Milligan, SpikeMussolini : his part in my downfallBiographyHumorPersonal narratives BritishPersonal narratives EnglishIn this, the fourth volume of his war memoirs, Lance- Bombardier Milligan continues his saga of World War Two. He remembers such shattering experiences as the outbreak of crabs in Monkey 2 and the unfortunate ack-acking of an American Kittyhawk, amongst many others+-+91460559653242805ocn144783798book20060.19McCann, GrahamSpike & co : inside the house of fun with Milligan, Sykes, Galton & SimpsonHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcAnecdotesThis Book is about four people come together and their journey as to how they brought about a new era in British comedy+-+43534359852676ocn014099306book19850.19Milligan, SpikeWhere have all the bullets gone?BiographyHumorPersonal narratives British+-+77433559653242667ocn751724663book20110.17Milligan, SpikeMilligan's meaning of life : an autobiography of sortsBiographyWith his lightning-quick wit, unbridled creativity and his ear for the absurd, Milligan revolutionised British comedy, leaving a legacy of influence that stretches from Monty Python's "Flying Circus" to the work of self-confessed acolytes such as Eddie Izzard and Stephen Fry today. This is his autobiography2548ocn018192535book19860.19Milligan, SpikeGoodbye soldierBiographyHumorPersonal narratives BritishBIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY: GENERAL. In "Goodbye Soldier" the central pool of artists, now rechristened the combined services entertainment, complete with Gunner Miligan, now rechristened Lance-Bambardier, makes its way across Europe, via romantic Rome and verneral Venice, to Vienna where Spike continues to demoralize the troops from the stage despite frenzied protests from Eisenhower, Churchill and Stalin. Hastily discharged from the army in Austria, he returnes to naughty Naples for an interval of connubial bliss on Capri with Balerina. Maria Antoinette Fontana: 'All except for Eva Maria who I was keeping in reserve'. Finally, farewell to Rome, goodbye soldier and the prospect of return to dreary deptford where 'fortune, overdraft, income tax, mortgages, accounts, solicitors, house agents' awaited+-+53885659653242497ocn024737632book19910.18Milligan, SpikePeace workHistoryBiography+-+35249659653242267ocn175282894book20060.17Milligan, SpikeBox 18 : the unpublished Spike MilliganDiariesRecords and correspondence+-+32796725552227ocn002005548book19740.21Milligan, Spike"Rommel?"-"Gunner who?" : a confrontation in the desertBiographyCaricatures and cartoonsHumorPersonal narratives BritishPersonal narratives EnglishAn account of Milligan's march to war in the desert, a saga of bawdy farce mixed with introspection and the day-to-day reportage of a group of gunners2093ocn014360232book19850.28Scudamore, PaulineSpike Milligan : a biographyBiography1826ocn640077976book20100.21Farnes, NormaMemories of MilliganBiographyInterviewsCreative, inspirational, and at times doggedly loyal, yet famously tempestuous and fickle, Spike was many things to many people. In Memories of Milligan, Norma Farnes sets out to interview those who knew him best amassing an array of personal memories from fellow performers and others both professional and personal+-+13810825553241593ocn050216013book20020.21Spike Milligan : his part in our livesBiographyAnecdotes+-+25800561361491ocn027379398book19930.19Milligan, SpikeDepression and how to survive itBiography1171ocn045888510book19990.17Milligan, SpikeThe family album : an illustrated autobiographyBiography1144ocn004856644book19770.25Milligan, SpikeThe Spike Milligan lettersRecords and correspondence1034ocn012613763book19840.21Milligan, SpikeMore Spike Milligan lettersBiographyRecords and correspondence992ocn052167251book20030.35Scudamore, PaulineSpike : a biographyBiographySpike Milligan was one of the most gifted and creative individuals of our time, and is remembered as a true comic genius. However, many people are unaware that he battled throughout his adult life against anxiety and depression, neither of which he was able to conquer. He allowed his biographer and close friend, Pauline Scudamore, complete and unfettered access to all his files and correspondence, as well as to his home and family. She also interviewed scores of his friends and colleagues to be able to present a full and well-rounded picture of a greatly misunderstood but hugely popular m+-+1907845025891ocn050404097book20020.29Antrobus, JohnSurviving Spike Milligan : a journey through the mind & mirth of the master GoonAnecdotes+-+9910056136324+-+3654594006324+-+3654594006324Fri Mar 21 15:30:20 EDT 2014batch43784