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Community Services Administrationlccn-n80126133United StatesOffice of Management and Budgetlccn-n79034818United StatesGeneral Services Administrationlccn-n79056711Levitan, Sar, garda wBowman, Garda W.lccn-n79079306Bank Street College of Educationlccn-n50042351Klopf, Gordon John1917-lccn-n78083407Rand Corporationlccn-n81009444United StatesOffice of Educationlccn-n79038419United StatesDepartment of Justicelccn-n80144936Volunteers in Service to AmericaUnited StatesOffice of Economic OpportunityPeriodicalsConference proceedingsMapsInteractive multimediaUnited StatesEconomic assistance, DomesticGrants-in-aidGovernment lendingPublic contractsUnited States.--Office of Economic OpportunityPoorIncomeEconomic historySocial historyTeachers of children with social disabilities--Training ofPovertySchool employeesTeachers' assistantsLegal aidPublic welfarePublic welfare--Law and legislationLegal Services Program (U.S.)Poor--Services forVolunteers in Service to AmericaHead Start Program (U.S.)National Welfare Rights Organization (U.S.)OmbudspersonsFarmersIncome maintenance programsAgricultural laborersOld age assistanceOlder peopleHousing--Law and legislationLandlord and tenantLibraries and people with social disabilitiesPeople with social disabilities--Services forPanel analysisEconomic assistance, Domestic--Law and legislationChildren with social disabilities--EducationFederal aid to educationOld ageDay care centers--Licenses--U.S. statesUrban poorIncome distributionRace discriminationContractsGovernment purchasingHealth insurance--Mathematical modelsArchivesUnited States.--National Archives and Records ServiceExecutive powerPerformance contracts in educationRumsfeld, Donald,Federal aid to community health services196019611963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801982198319841986198819891990199119931994199519961998199920012008201120141504013781824338.973HC110.P63ocn18660114416769ocn002239457serial0.32United StatesCatalog of federal domestic assistancePeriodicalsInteractive multimediaIdentifies and describes specific government assistance opportunities such as loans, grants, counseling, and procurement contracts available under many agencies and programs3466ocn000190341book19660.63Klopf, Gordon JohnTeacher education in a social context; a study of the preparation of school personnel for working with disadvantaged children and youth30311ocn000319463book19700.70National Council on the AgingThe golden years ... a tarnished myth; the Project FIND report2953ocn000105818book19670.66Bowman, Garda WNew careers and roles in the American school2768ocn000249668book19650.86National Conference on Law and PovertyConference proceedingsConference proceedingsSpeakers include Arthur J. Goldberg and Hubert H. 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It emphasizes the dynamic aspects of economic and demographic behavior, but its content is broad, including sociological and psychological measures. As a consequence of low attrition rates and the success in following young adults as they form their own families and recontact efforts (of those declining an interview in prior years), the sample size has grown from 4,800 families in 1968 to more than 7,000 families in 2001. At the conclusion of 2003 data collection, the PSID will have collected information about more than 65,000 individuals spanning as much as 36 years of their lives. The study is conducted at the Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan1053ocn000795003book19650.84United StatesEducation : an answer to poverty : school programs which may be eligible for Federal aid975ocn000750631book19710.81Social and Administrative Services and Systems AssociationDay care licensing study : summary report on phase I, state and local day care licensing requirements952ocn001088944book19650.66United StatesCongressional presentation, April 1965923ocn005921034book19650.76United StatesCatalog of Federal programs for individual and community improvement : a description of governmental programs to help individuals and communities meet their own goals for economic and social development882ocn001497468book19730.92Phelps, Charles EDemand for health insurance: a theoretical and empirical investigation883ocn001322390book19700.88Wohlstetter, Albert JRace differences in income854ocn000008082book19670.37United StatesCatalog of Federal domestic assistance; a description of the Federal Government's domestic programs to assist the American people in furthering their social and economic progress11585ocn000016810book19690.56Levitan, Sar AThe Great Society's Poor law; a new approach to poverty3882ocn000173617book19680.53Scheibla, ShirleyPoverty is where the money is2894ocn034169612visu19950.56America's war on povertyHistoryExamines the extent of poverty in the U.S. in the prosperous 1960's and the federal anti-poverty programs created during the Johnson administration to promote education, job-training, community action, and basic health care, such as Legal Services, VISTA, and Head Start2442ocn000011477book19680.86Davidson, Roger HAntipoverty housekeeping; the administration of the Economic opportunity act1493ocn004688407serial0.79United StatesAnnual reportPeriodicals1123ocn000903717book19740.92United StatesProposed elimination of OEO and related legislation. 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